Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope Francis Needs To Pick a Lock

Pope Needs To Pick a Lock The Holy Father needs to learn that although a priest can live inside his own world inside a slum in Argentina and be as humble and do things the way he sees fit… without detriment to anyone, in fact exactly what a parish of that nature might need assuming a papal role in the Roman Catholic Church is another matter. His off the cuff, ‘one of the boys’ comments to the press of the world….helloo ‘of the world’ was hardly a mature way to look at the papal role. The Pope is not in Argentina where only Argentinians are likely to tread, anymore. Pope Francis undid much of the good the last two Popes accomplished with comments that had to have been premeditated in that, he could not assume that he would not have been asked these exact kind of questions. The last time a Pope wanted to come across as just one of the people, was with John 23 and while he was busy trying to ‘come across as simple’ Vatican II… or major poop happened. Yes, what the Pope said was not out of line with modern Catholic doctrine but it was who he said it to that makes all the difference in the ‘World’. The American press favorite homosexual priest favored commentators are having orgasms over the airwaves with this one…and why wouldn’t they? If he thought that by mentioning that he didn’t approve of homosexual activists was going to separate homosexual activists from homosexuals, or homosexuals from homosexual activists… it had the exact opposite effect in giving politically correct legitimacy to both. While the last two Popes were rightfully tried to purge homosexual priests.. from the pulpit, who caused the present day church irreparable harm because guess what…in truth… disordered homosexuality still owns male pedophilia by anyone’s ‘study’, homosexual activists took and used his irresponsible comments to a group who would use any comment against the Church let alone such a gift as he handed them. I’m sure all the future abused young boys will be appreciative this Pope wanted to come 'clean' with ‘the World’ press. Or that western dioecses will be appreciative of being continually sued with this new revolving door of priestly homo hugging. There’s a good reason why past Popes would only take written questions from the World Press. They didn’t seem themselves as individuals as ‘clever’ as Christ to be dining or dealing, not just with the sinners but with the Devil. If the Holy Father has nothing bad to say about ‘judging evil’, particularly about the evil that homosexuality spawns… and havoc it racks on children, physically, mentally and spiritually…. he need say nothing at all. He is the ‘Shepherd’ of the Roman Catholic Church not a person looking to be loved by everyone… a feat our Lord could not achieve in the battle of ultimate good against ultimate evil. Paul Gordon

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saint Trayvon Martin Day

ST. Trayvon Martin Day

What better tribute, other than a government encouraged Zimmerman Sharia- style lynching, could there be to 17 year old, ( that's 40 in street wise years) Trayvon Martin's bad-ass stoned hoodie legacy than a national black day and black pride week of anarchy and shoplifting.

The Grand Marshall of this perversely bizarre dream, not without believability or media and government supported precedence, could be Piers Moron, England's re-gifted Americana expert

Sharing the front seat of the front convertible could be Martin's 'brilliant' girlfriend and celebrity Obama I-pad graduate of Louisiana style education for 3 point nutin honey (of any worth, any more) backwoods University of Flying Catfish...

..Or Democrat joke of a wasted 'pork barrel' tax theft for union votes, and small idea of advanced union education.... for blacks especially, and poor whites by collateral damage.

The same school of lowest learning, where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharky bought their Masters of Divinity 'Cash for Anger' Diplomas.... in exchange for helping the ass-cracker Democrats and MSM 'keep- down- the- blacks', movement.

And, the location of the low bar where the Black Panther lawyer 'leader' (are any of these black leaders and spokesmen elected, or are they just destined for their victim fame and fortune lotteries?) who can neither spell or be bothered with spell check, was issued a license to kick whitey ass and be hero to the truly miserable like-reprobates for it.

Trayvon's main celebrity squeeze could bellow out, 'Ass-cracker!', in three languages or at least three different Mediterranean bastardized accents on the megaphone.

Stores along the parade route could kiss their windows goodbye and keep their best- before stamps dry, but at least, experience a lesser 'druther' over a forced bystander viewing of a gay pride parade down main street.

Cops could be forced to take part, and forced to dance with a smile, to kill- the- pig, and rape their daughters, rap all down the Macy's route, complete with floating dirigibles of Oprah, numerous felony charged black mayors and sports stars, the Obamas and Sista Clinton power Cling-ons, bad... (before they hit the shelf) dates political tramp- stamped on their ass cracks.

Ahh, it's so liberating, to be able to lift ourselves from the taboo yoke of the new political Marxist establishment of victim-hood, and political correctness, and make fun of the totally asinine, now that real blacks of goodness and civility (MLK and prior|) have come to detest and rightfully be embarrassed about..... the antics of their children, as now made actually blatantly and patently just 'silly' by the very white Democrat and liberal establishment 'justice system' morons and self-proclaimed, 'champions of caring' and failures of 'social peace', that desire to keep blacks still slaves and still niggers of a different kind..... and handed off to the master of the World, Satan of a once Christian nation...

Criminal and immoral narcissistic family-abdicating cultures, ('worse' than historic preying gypsy cultures), only to eager to be taken advantage of by those who make a business of keeping victims down in the anti-Christ liberal culture of pretending to help blacks, just to keep the status quo alive, are to be made fun of ala 'smile when you feel like crying' for the never- to- be 'RIGHT' of a period of child innocence, and assured direction of many souls of the many new innocents born into that fatherless rewarded drug and party, culture.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Larry Elder One of My Many Plain Thinking Heros


Larry Elder sure represented real black America (not the left wing bizzare fantasy black America), well and subsequently WND's support for real black America when he took on Piers Morgan at high noon.

Young blacks play perfectly into left wing (white) establishment hands by relishing in the punk/hoodie, culture ostensibly giving it to the Man but only hurting themselves.

In fact, being used and certainly abused by the teachers union preferred p.c. centred State education, as Larry, and other sensible black leaders try desperately to point out to them.

On Morgan's one 'stuck on stupid' pony trick:

It doesn't matter if the young lady graduated from Yale

All that says these days, is volumes about left wing establishment academia that can push along populist enamored intellectual follow the crowd zombies, such as Obama.

I really wish Larry or Allan Keyes would take a run at the GOP leadership or if given the bums rush like Santorum, be part of a third party... even Reaganite Celebrities are speaking of these days.

WND is no peepsqueak media player to have in your corner, to take such a leap.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Could Black Judgement Have Become So Skewed

How Could Black Judgement Possibly Have Become So Skewed Modern Decade after Decade

Short Answer.... Through white liberal culture...end of story

Longer Version as follows

So big city blacks mostly affected by big city MSM, big city entertainment, and big city revolutionary and anarchist Universities in full communion with their white liberal, democrat party, socialist masters arise and form mobs itching for an white ass-kicking from “pent-up” frustration injected by the the predominately white Democrat MSM and the first black President increasingly acting more bizarre as he blunders and plunders through his second term.. with the politically correct, Republicans showing nothing different than they did last election.

So what are some of the root causes for this ostensibly 'championing' and more important 'revenging' the now dead, inglorious street punk and thug, by any color shot in self defence during a brutal head thumping, face punching ambush of an armed less physically endowed security person whose fire arm would have otherwise been up for grabs by the reigning stoned survivor.

1) They can't believe that Mandela was a communist revolutionary, who embraced being used by communists and who blew up things above all his revisionist angelic attributions, or that his wife liked to 'necklace' disagreeable black kids with burning tires.

2) They believe Islam is actually a 'religion' of 'cool' not derived from the 'prophet' bully-lord of death and perversion no matter how you slice it today or retroactively. The reality of the whole history of Islam especially of official Islamic nations is not what is freshly presented and protected as Islam by Western world liberals..... and as has now come back to bite them all.

3) They believe they should have the right to murder any of their babies not convenient at the time as well as any bitter white (childless) feminist who tells them so, and uses them to promote their perverse narcissistic lifestyles.

4) Many (the only ones shown on entertainment and MSM social network talk-shows) believe that if one father of their children is good, multiple absentee immigrant fathers of their children must be better especially if you don't want a man in the house getting in the way of their rightful extended sex-life.

5) Or, getting in the way of their entitled extra government benefits and perqs that can keep them firmly planted in front of Oprah, Ellen, Rosie, Roseanne, Springer, or their spin-offs, or the latest homo family-hour 'sit-com' etc. etc. to get the education they never had, while checking out twitter and face book on their free Obama 'keep-em- occupied' I-Pads to compare notes of a similar lifestyle that would make gypsies envious, the only difference being that in America you have to sit your fat ass down in one place to get free money and benefits.

6) Though not directly guilty, and with their liberal union teacher masters laughing at them, and poor inner city whites, they're happy to have their children (equal to the best of any white child) go to schools perpetually keeping a foot on their black children's throats as to farm them out for future generations of inferior taught democrat trained voters... while their parents are forever happy to act the indignant proud 'part' of a chosen societal lifestyle, happy just for the government bones tossed their way.

They are indirectly guilty because they don't demand free choice in education and redirection of public education money to parental control or the rightful administrators of their child's education, 'to vote for' ....over States and their official's obvious married political relationship to inferior Marxist secular militant million man teacher unions.

7) Many, by their actions and ranting, especially, the black celebrity leaders, certainly not based in aesthetic intellectualism, like Jackson,Sharpton, Lee and the Black Panther leader or 'lawyer' by trade who amazingly not only can't spell but can't figure out how to use spell-check...while in the public eye.. (thanks to his move-along democrat socialist affirmative action.. education 'journey') are the perfect puppets for their white master immoral Democrats who put the value of civilized society down to the meaningless win of a basket ball game... “We won!”....but won what!... how to act like animals in the streets, how to reject and mock the Saviour of their enslaved forefathers for all manner of readily available narcissistic pleasure and respect from the mob mentality of populism, over their own family.

Of course, blacks have the right to embrace an evil they want to celebrate and take 'pride' in...to follow a Black Panther styled master black race approach in evil. They can do whatever they want. They can also not allowed their spirit and intellect to ever be imprisoned by Democrat whitey whose idea of polarization only demonstrates the Truth of good and evil.

And so far North American society has clearly embraced evil, family destruction, along with destruction of new life, the infirm and the innocence of children no matter what color your skin is.

The blacks of North America do sway the balance of power through white 'polarized' elections of what kind of society they want for their children and families and the same as anyone would want.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Top Ten Signs Your Embassy is in Trouble

Top Ten Signs Your Embassy’s In Trouble
10)The camels and livestock have left the street like women and kids in an old western.
9)A dump truck drops a crap load of palm sized stones on the pavement      where you just had them picked up yesterday
8)Afternoon prayers for peace and love are over and it’s Kick-Christian/Jewish and all Unbeliever Ass.. time.
7)The locals are smiling today, and they’re changing their sandals for steel -toed running shoes.
6)Two guys named Mo-Mo are toting pole- sized, pointed spits and there are    no BBQs in sight.
5)A dozen beat up pick-up trucks with AK47s mounted in the rear windows are given free parking next door at the Russian and Chinese Embassies.
4) Forty year-old men suddenly have baby bumps and barrel length stiff                    snakes silhouetted down their pajama pants.
3) The Secretary for Foreign Affairs swaps out your Army Seals security for 
3 oblivious grinning Walmart  greeters  in order to not raise suspicion the White House has been using your Embassy letterhead to channel arms to the brotherhood.
2) You think you’re the second last link on the last to know communication chain until you try the White House Hotline.
1) You get CNN to finally track down the President and he says, “Wow!, We have an Embassy in some place called Benghazi?

Ever wonder, how is it, there is always an ample supply of stones right at the feet of Islamic protestors no matter where they are protesting?
I mean you couldn’t find a pebble at the parliament buildings or 24 Sussex. You would need an excavator at Queens Park to find one.  
Yet anywhere, anytime.. in an Islamic Nation there they are… “Oh look, Mo!
Here’s ensome stones we can warm up with before the AK47s and over the shoulder missle launchers".
I mean don’t they have public works to clean them up. They must play havoc on barrier running 80’s vehicles and camel hoofs.
Now pre- oil discovery I know they were standard weapons, but you would think they would be a tradition only brought out for national stoning and caning day.   
But, these guys have got to be good baseball pitcher and quarterback material for pro. scouting. Look at 7 footer, lanky Obama…oops.. Osama.
Oops, pardon my drunken ‘Ted Kennedy’, who probably both get together with Osama at the Kennedy family tub reunions in Hell.
Paul Gordon


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Imagine There's No Evil: Prepare To Die

Lay Homily To The Catholic Church

Listening to the new populist educators the talk shows, the other evening on the way home, there was a segment on this world distraction, the nerd man's spy..Snow Job, or whatever his name is.

So some retired hippie, probably a teacher imbibing in some early evening martinis or medical hooch taken in its most favored stinky state gets on the horn and comes up with this blast from the 'peaceful' past to the effect, 'Nation's ordinary people don't want war... don't want to kill each other... It's the cause of the 'government secrets' that cause wars. There should be no secrets! Love baby..not war! Cue the Hail Satan pro death feminist witches with capital Bs. Yeah, that's the ticket.

She had the emotion as do most of the modern taught and modern teachers but she didn't have a notion. Or as OJ's every man's lawyer might say, if you aint got a notion, better to check that emotion.

There may be a few ordinary people in the world depending on where you bracket evil on the ever rising ordinary moral fluid mercury of progressive year 2013, but I can assure you, Madam Feelings (and thanks for that telling anonymous call) and thank you, dead deceived and betrayed druggy, John Lennon, whose messages were as important as the Stones, Dylan, the Monkies, Elvis, Madonna, and all Rappers of grade school rhyme fame and fortune...( Hey...stay in school at least to grade 3)

...But, there were, almost never.... and certainly no more... 'ordinary nations', with majorities of 'ordinary' thinking and acting people, anymore than there are ordinary, but all the same 'elected' (by soul and brain dead Madam Feelings), 'Caesars'... that make the original look like Jesus.

Ah shucks, just when we took for granted we eliminated all evil in 1945 and it was a time for all around western societal self- improvement primarily through World gods of Marxism, in entertainment, in journalism, in narcissism with 'free sex' and harmless recreational drugs (entertainment showed us by brilliant example), in national socialist Satan cell phone detonated time- bomb economies, and in the field that really holds youth by our short hairs... hijacked academia, we found out we weren't victorious over evil at all.

Hell, there were 'evil' big, little and medium bonfires popping up immediately, here, there.... everywhere, at home and abroad. Two real big ones... were talking forest fires.... just from year- old former ally super powers, China being one, of two ... even rescued for (many peoples) sake by the western allies (and less thanked for it, than by a fanatically murderously fickle PMS.. Islamic nation), who would be just as happy to slit every western throat, post WWII as led and instructed by evil mad men beyond description, except to say... could arguably make Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and always crazy, but at this particular time, fascist Italy... look as good as a last drink date on a Saturday night.

There are only three kinds of people that empower bullies on this supreme nation leader level.. and I don\t exclude western nations.. Those, promised something nefariously, if not murderously, directly gained that can't last or morally be upheld without national consequence, those, that hope to be noticed and chosen for a proletariat-like beneficial personal part, pretty much the whole news media, and then there are those greater masses by far of those 'good ordinary' people, Madam Feelings refers to, who fall from being 'over-whelmed by it all'... whose persecution must exceed that of Christ, to be over-whelmed enough to toss their children into the spinning ball to have its way with them in every manner of mind, body and soul. Or as otherwise said, “A lot of good men doing a lot of nothing...”

So here's the thing for Priests and the Catholic Church and I'm sure that applies to not just the many Churches I've been in because if it wasn't.. I would have heard of homilies where the politically correct offended, were fleeing for the exits in indignant protest and insult to their generational brainwashed intellect.

I would have heard of well healed 'officially' anti-Catholic... Catholic Marxist teachers whose over-sized heads were never shrunk from sprinkled Holy Water or whose soles were ever lightened with Church threshold Holy Salt... hitting the news conferences to enrage, and enlighten their union (aka) World bros and sistas that the good gig may soon be nigh.

I would have heard of the extra collections to help private Catholic education by real teachers of real vocation continue to pass on the Word of Christ as opposed to the various perversions of the World.... and so wantingly the earlier all the better.

Now don't get me totally wrong, I have heard of some remarkably truly Holy Christ-inspired homilies on occasion from what I took to be nominally ordinary fallible priests and of course, were ordinary fallible priests off the Altar.

Even so, the time for truly inspired and proper self-improvement, being the 'total' extent of all homilies is not now.... no way(!) at this time, with the whole world amazingly slipping... accelerating into the sunset of the darkness and its Prince, for good.

I've heard sermons go to the wrong track, some of world socialist persuasion, some anti America, yet even others, ​(early-on), pro- Obama sermons so I know Priests, though not very often, can bring a modern example to the eternal teachings of Christ...duh!.

If you could find a WWII documentary piece/ movie with real footage that does 'not' show a chaplain-ized... real Catholic Priest celebrating Mass and distributing the Body of Christ close to harms way and offering the Last Rites directly in harms way... I'd like to see it.

Christ was ultimate good, not ultimate pacifist and the reality of existence is that good does battle with evil... maybe you heard that somewhere?

It is the bad guys that turn that battle into a physical one, from a spiritual one and Christ accentuates this with, “There is no greater love than to lay your life down for another” telling us that there is a time for war and a time for peace, seemingly in reality,   time for war always somewhere.

During his co- human state, of course, Christ didn't kill (as the Islamic prophet was only too happy to oblige) but he did fight evil on a number of occasions with supernatural intervention.

But anyone who believes Christ did not look down favorably on the then officially Christian Allies, and all their battles with nations that adopted and embraced world evil needs to form yet another Church du jour, maybe 'Just Another Church of Feelings'... sounds about right.

We aid brutal Islamic rebellions simply for regime change of the same evil that brutally murders Priests and burns Christian brothers, sisters and children, and their churches to the sand, and won't even mention this on the Altar of all that is good and Holy for all mankind in battle with the world, or even just to pray for these brutally murdered Catholic Priests whose crime is to represent our Saviour, or fallen soldiers victimized for political purposes handcuffed in the valley of death with political rules of engagement to destine waste of life and failure, is not just sad.

It is shameful and cowardly.

Against perverting the Holy Sacrament of marriage, for world populist learned feelings, a Priest gets kicked in the head for his part in vast French protests against morally corrupt populist laws but seemingly all he accomplished for his good efforts is to sure get the world bullying message across, as Priests are not only scarred to do likewise in enlightened North America, but also disinterested in even mentioning it but rather speak of the history of ancient oxen farming... or the history of the cross... for fear to know what side their parishioners and state turned educational  spies... are really on.

So to the Catholic Church... if you think you can ignore evil or tiptoe around it in 2013 of all times, forsaking the lives of babies and the souls of children, the Holy Sacraments, for parish peace, (not unlike supreme court long ruled union forced membership for sake of labour peace) political expediency or just plain cowardice there will be only a small number left of the true Church who defy the very 'Gates of Hell' when the Holy Trinity does rise and prevail in what must be the accelerated End... but I would caution you on what side you will be welcomed on..... individually..and in conference.

The Word has been spread to the four corners of the World...

The Gospels are plain enough in themselves to get what is essential across to all, able to read and reason... no matter what interpretation by who, is claimed of it.

It is now only a matter of who (at least) accepts it's aesthetic love and beauty, principally by their own journey through granted occasion and grace, or who steadfastly stays, and dies with the ugly attractions of the various screaming midways, freak shows, and arcades of the World.

We don't need Priests for socialism and violent acts of revolution... but Priests for Christ and His Truth we are sorely lacking when we need them most...east to west, and south to north.

We need Priests for peaceful civil disobedience so at a minimum of a beginning, confused and troubled youth who can find no truth in the lies of the world, will understand that though there might be a one world order of rule that there is not a one world 'think' or belief, and certainly that does not tresspass into the True House of God.

Paul Gordon

Matt Barber Quote Should Command Tweet Blitz

Tweet Blitz for SoCons or Real Conservatives

Christ told the followers through St. Paul that those most likely to convert were those that were hot or cold, but not luke warm (as about 95 percent of the N. American Catholic Church in 2013)

I believe that Matt's one paragraph could really change some extremists back to the light and he this paragraph needs to be re blogged re twitted and face booked through-out N. Armerica

*"Do you consider yourself “pro-choice”? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider. When “pro-choicers” find themselves shouting “hail Satan!” over a chorus of “Amazing Grace” at a gathering geared toward saving babies, maybe it’s time to dust off that ol’ worldview and give it a second look."
Matt Barber in a WND column.

He is referring to an incident at a pro-life battle around the Texas Legislature that was ultimately won by the good guys for Christ and life.

The protesters also enlisted toddlers to carry coat hanger signs and cheer on a death that spared them in greatest of ironies and despicable brainless feminist tattics.

Unfortunately, young people are trained by Marxist to be not only just rebelious but rebeliously wrong.   Maybe the hail Satan leftist incident can shock some youth into thinking differently with from a shock of reality.   Paul Gordon 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Look..Look Down On Your Screen! It's..It's Super Premier Wynne

Look, Look Down on Your Screen! It's Super Premier Wynne

Look down on your screen! It's an effeminate old guy.. no it's a square jawed, crop haired, not tooo handsome,  granny, it's the husband, it's the wife..it doesn't know what it is.

It's the perfect politician the Super Premier!
And who, disguised as an unelected bureaucratic- like p.c. enforcer fights for teacher butt kissing unions, and NDP budgets with bullshit, lies in the newest traditions of the liberal way.

And whose only kryptonite fears are general elections, people with mid-range memories, a refused tax-payer credit card, her party's last Premier, and voters outside the recent immigrant not so diverse taxi drivers, multi-cultural new government consultants and HRCs of the Greater Toronto electorate.

Yes, this 'courageous' old fast talking super whore of a politician of a bastardized, of the second worst of three mainstream parties was the first Ontario Premier to attend the pervert parade in (getting scarier every year)....Canada's pride and joy .... Fag Town.

Wait a minute, so Catholic (in a pig's eye) pope hating Premier McGoofy whose own kids attended private school and who disguised as a human being, forced socialist schemed homo kid cuss-ca-dears clubs onto Catholic schools (did I mention that, his or any political 'leaders' kids would ever be attending?) never ever attended a Fag Town pervert in every sense of the word, parade!

Sheesh, what a hypocrite first- class 'homophobe' with free passes all through his tyranny years. I guess he was only a proud pro-abortionist to his family and former extended butt kissing political family. Yes, off to Harvard with you, just like a Turdeau, you'll fit in great and fool the young and foolish of academia (and students too) with your purest of bullshit.

Obama has already warmed them up, especially in the Catholic hating department, for you.

Dump the three 'party' or 3/ 3rds liberal establishment vote... for real riding democracy next election. Vote independent, or for inexpensive and true freedom of education, socon parties.... everywhere!

Private unions reigned into reality, can no longer afford even the interest on taxing raising highly politically- favored all level.... government 'brother' unions.

Paul Gordon

God's Country... Ahhh

P.S.  Canada Day special message

So if your birth nation is everything worldly and absolutely nothing spiritual (going by your goverance by  comparatively small geographical centres chalked full of politically and nefariously inspired immigration who lay claim to your National values) what of anything is there to be 'proud' of over say, China, Russia or any atheist European nation?