Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope Francis Needs To Pick a Lock

Pope Needs To Pick a Lock The Holy Father needs to learn that although a priest can live inside his own world inside a slum in Argentina and be as humble and do things the way he sees fit… without detriment to anyone, in fact exactly what a parish of that nature might need assuming a papal role in the Roman Catholic Church is another matter. His off the cuff, ‘one of the boys’ comments to the press of the world….helloo ‘of the world’ was hardly a mature way to look at the papal role. The Pope is not in Argentina where only Argentinians are likely to tread, anymore. Pope Francis undid much of the good the last two Popes accomplished with comments that had to have been premeditated in that, he could not assume that he would not have been asked these exact kind of questions. The last time a Pope wanted to come across as just one of the people, was with John 23 and while he was busy trying to ‘come across as simple’ Vatican II… or major poop happened. Yes, what the Pope said was not out of line with modern Catholic doctrine but it was who he said it to that makes all the difference in the ‘World’. The American press favorite homosexual priest favored commentators are having orgasms over the airwaves with this one…and why wouldn’t they? If he thought that by mentioning that he didn’t approve of homosexual activists was going to separate homosexual activists from homosexuals, or homosexuals from homosexual activists… it had the exact opposite effect in giving politically correct legitimacy to both. While the last two Popes were rightfully tried to purge homosexual priests.. from the pulpit, who caused the present day church irreparable harm because guess what…in truth… disordered homosexuality still owns male pedophilia by anyone’s ‘study’, homosexual activists took and used his irresponsible comments to a group who would use any comment against the Church let alone such a gift as he handed them. I’m sure all the future abused young boys will be appreciative this Pope wanted to come 'clean' with ‘the World’ press. Or that western dioecses will be appreciative of being continually sued with this new revolving door of priestly homo hugging. There’s a good reason why past Popes would only take written questions from the World Press. They didn’t seem themselves as individuals as ‘clever’ as Christ to be dining or dealing, not just with the sinners but with the Devil. If the Holy Father has nothing bad to say about ‘judging evil’, particularly about the evil that homosexuality spawns… and havoc it racks on children, physically, mentally and spiritually…. he need say nothing at all. He is the ‘Shepherd’ of the Roman Catholic Church not a person looking to be loved by everyone… a feat our Lord could not achieve in the battle of ultimate good against ultimate evil. Paul Gordon

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