Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Could Black Judgement Have Become So Skewed

How Could Black Judgement Possibly Have Become So Skewed Modern Decade after Decade

Short Answer.... Through white liberal culture...end of story

Longer Version as follows

So big city blacks mostly affected by big city MSM, big city entertainment, and big city revolutionary and anarchist Universities in full communion with their white liberal, democrat party, socialist masters arise and form mobs itching for an white ass-kicking from “pent-up” frustration injected by the the predominately white Democrat MSM and the first black President increasingly acting more bizarre as he blunders and plunders through his second term.. with the politically correct, Republicans showing nothing different than they did last election.

So what are some of the root causes for this ostensibly 'championing' and more important 'revenging' the now dead, inglorious street punk and thug, by any color shot in self defence during a brutal head thumping, face punching ambush of an armed less physically endowed security person whose fire arm would have otherwise been up for grabs by the reigning stoned survivor.

1) They can't believe that Mandela was a communist revolutionary, who embraced being used by communists and who blew up things above all his revisionist angelic attributions, or that his wife liked to 'necklace' disagreeable black kids with burning tires.

2) They believe Islam is actually a 'religion' of 'cool' not derived from the 'prophet' bully-lord of death and perversion no matter how you slice it today or retroactively. The reality of the whole history of Islam especially of official Islamic nations is not what is freshly presented and protected as Islam by Western world liberals..... and as has now come back to bite them all.

3) They believe they should have the right to murder any of their babies not convenient at the time as well as any bitter white (childless) feminist who tells them so, and uses them to promote their perverse narcissistic lifestyles.

4) Many (the only ones shown on entertainment and MSM social network talk-shows) believe that if one father of their children is good, multiple absentee immigrant fathers of their children must be better especially if you don't want a man in the house getting in the way of their rightful extended sex-life.

5) Or, getting in the way of their entitled extra government benefits and perqs that can keep them firmly planted in front of Oprah, Ellen, Rosie, Roseanne, Springer, or their spin-offs, or the latest homo family-hour 'sit-com' etc. etc. to get the education they never had, while checking out twitter and face book on their free Obama 'keep-em- occupied' I-Pads to compare notes of a similar lifestyle that would make gypsies envious, the only difference being that in America you have to sit your fat ass down in one place to get free money and benefits.

6) Though not directly guilty, and with their liberal union teacher masters laughing at them, and poor inner city whites, they're happy to have their children (equal to the best of any white child) go to schools perpetually keeping a foot on their black children's throats as to farm them out for future generations of inferior taught democrat trained voters... while their parents are forever happy to act the indignant proud 'part' of a chosen societal lifestyle, happy just for the government bones tossed their way.

They are indirectly guilty because they don't demand free choice in education and redirection of public education money to parental control or the rightful administrators of their child's education, 'to vote for' ....over States and their official's obvious married political relationship to inferior Marxist secular militant million man teacher unions.

7) Many, by their actions and ranting, especially, the black celebrity leaders, certainly not based in aesthetic intellectualism, like Jackson,Sharpton, Lee and the Black Panther leader or 'lawyer' by trade who amazingly not only can't spell but can't figure out how to use spell-check...while in the public eye.. (thanks to his move-along democrat socialist affirmative action.. education 'journey') are the perfect puppets for their white master immoral Democrats who put the value of civilized society down to the meaningless win of a basket ball game... “We won!”....but won what!... how to act like animals in the streets, how to reject and mock the Saviour of their enslaved forefathers for all manner of readily available narcissistic pleasure and respect from the mob mentality of populism, over their own family.

Of course, blacks have the right to embrace an evil they want to celebrate and take 'pride' in...to follow a Black Panther styled master black race approach in evil. They can do whatever they want. They can also not allowed their spirit and intellect to ever be imprisoned by Democrat whitey whose idea of polarization only demonstrates the Truth of good and evil.

And so far North American society has clearly embraced evil, family destruction, along with destruction of new life, the infirm and the innocence of children no matter what color your skin is.

The blacks of North America do sway the balance of power through white 'polarized' elections of what kind of society they want for their children and families and the same as anyone would want.

Paul Gordon

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