Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saint Trayvon Martin Day

ST. Trayvon Martin Day

What better tribute, other than a government encouraged Zimmerman Sharia- style lynching, could there be to 17 year old, ( that's 40 in street wise years) Trayvon Martin's bad-ass stoned hoodie legacy than a national black day and black pride week of anarchy and shoplifting.

The Grand Marshall of this perversely bizarre dream, not without believability or media and government supported precedence, could be Piers Moron, England's re-gifted Americana expert

Sharing the front seat of the front convertible could be Martin's 'brilliant' girlfriend and celebrity Obama I-pad graduate of Louisiana style education for 3 point nutin honey (of any worth, any more) backwoods University of Flying Catfish...

..Or Democrat joke of a wasted 'pork barrel' tax theft for union votes, and small idea of advanced union education.... for blacks especially, and poor whites by collateral damage.

The same school of lowest learning, where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharky bought their Masters of Divinity 'Cash for Anger' Diplomas.... in exchange for helping the ass-cracker Democrats and MSM 'keep- down- the- blacks', movement.

And, the location of the low bar where the Black Panther lawyer 'leader' (are any of these black leaders and spokesmen elected, or are they just destined for their victim fame and fortune lotteries?) who can neither spell or be bothered with spell check, was issued a license to kick whitey ass and be hero to the truly miserable like-reprobates for it.

Trayvon's main celebrity squeeze could bellow out, 'Ass-cracker!', in three languages or at least three different Mediterranean bastardized accents on the megaphone.

Stores along the parade route could kiss their windows goodbye and keep their best- before stamps dry, but at least, experience a lesser 'druther' over a forced bystander viewing of a gay pride parade down main street.

Cops could be forced to take part, and forced to dance with a smile, to kill- the- pig, and rape their daughters, rap all down the Macy's route, complete with floating dirigibles of Oprah, numerous felony charged black mayors and sports stars, the Obamas and Sista Clinton power Cling-ons, bad... (before they hit the shelf) dates political tramp- stamped on their ass cracks.

Ahh, it's so liberating, to be able to lift ourselves from the taboo yoke of the new political Marxist establishment of victim-hood, and political correctness, and make fun of the totally asinine, now that real blacks of goodness and civility (MLK and prior|) have come to detest and rightfully be embarrassed about..... the antics of their children, as now made actually blatantly and patently just 'silly' by the very white Democrat and liberal establishment 'justice system' morons and self-proclaimed, 'champions of caring' and failures of 'social peace', that desire to keep blacks still slaves and still niggers of a different kind..... and handed off to the master of the World, Satan of a once Christian nation...

Criminal and immoral narcissistic family-abdicating cultures, ('worse' than historic preying gypsy cultures), only to eager to be taken advantage of by those who make a business of keeping victims down in the anti-Christ liberal culture of pretending to help blacks, just to keep the status quo alive, are to be made fun of ala 'smile when you feel like crying' for the never- to- be 'RIGHT' of a period of child innocence, and assured direction of many souls of the many new innocents born into that fatherless rewarded drug and party, culture.

Paul Gordon

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