Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama Kokomo (Headliner at Toronto G8 2010)

Obama Kokomo

Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii proxy should fool ya
To make sure, I'll marry an American pretty mama

Couldn't pass the Oath test, Guess I'll need a telly prompta
Where there used to be the Florida Keys,
That's where everyone wants to be away from it all

Critters dead in the sand, BP has my safety award in hand
Catching on to us silly boobs in Washing-ton
Oh Kenya, Indonesia, oh they'd like to send me

I've screwed up so many times, not even the left will defend me
Forgetting my world apology tour, Kim Jong took me for a schmuck,
And sunk an allied ship, just to show I made America a shadow,
Of what it used to be,

Oh Islamics, and Commies, if only they would love me
I've gift wrapped America packed with all it's flags, and all its emblems
I took the health care dare and rhammed it through the Chicago way,
And with two years to go this will be my order of the day.

But, oh my goodness, from now on Canada will have to defend us
Who would have thunk only one communist loving socialist malcontent,
Allowed per continent,

And don't forget what I did and exemplified for youth
No couple should be burdened with a baby, happy homo papas
Can now brag they're in the Navy,
Acorn, activists, and lobbyists will still get all the gravy,

In terror wars abroad, I give medals if you do not shoot,
And if you do expect we'll prosecute, but that's the way
of the PC war,
Heroes die, with no defense, lessons, victories, and resolutions
not on anyone's page with solutions

So c'mon on liberal friends, and help me destroy A-meri-ca
Please don't balk, I only brought to reality all your incessant talk

Paul Gordon