Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling As Cheeky and as Caring as a Pregnant Feminazi

Feeling Cheeky And As Fuzzy and Caring As a Pregnant Feminazi So a seventy something lady in Toronto gets her nose cut off over the wknd in a parking garage loaded with public cameras and yet the press give no suspect description beyond scantily clad political correctness. Maybe it was the ghost of ‘Sammy’ ( thought- to- be) put down two fisted knife and schlong wielding Syrian- born staple homeland of Muslim mental sanity. Or, nine bullets with a Taser topper turned out to actually not put down this one- off Friday night, streetcar stalker and his offspring, a level visual challenge, like a midget…Toronto deserving, ‘Son of Sammy’. There is a silver lining to the lady’s misfortunate, however, that could only happen in Canada, in that short of a state (it’s all a boot the kids) school teacher. Grandma is one of the few Ontarian citizens who can have OHIP pull back the curtain of the rich and famous government tier and golden world of highly paid medical workers, and allow for long but by no means last… delisted ‘free’ service of a nose job on the liberal Ponzi house of cards. Or in her case benefitting socialism at its Marxist bumble beginnings and on the way out, (the public health scheme.. not her) Item 2 Annette Funicello (and Walt) mercifully checked out before the teen boy rise of X (XX) Disney child star, bow legged Miley used Cyphilis who can now boast that the mere invocation of her name would land a sex harassment in any kindergarten like monitored work- place in liberal skitzo- established Ontario whose only Value, purchased on clearance at a village Value Mart is that 'no' values are to be publicly defended…. that'valueless' parades are to be paid for, and to be celebrated by all taxpayers.. are always welcome. For those talk show call in parents who claim their kids didn’t watch the latest pop idol slut masturbate on stage with a giant foam finger. .. just hold that thought until the next free ‘socialization’ moment at school, on the team or on face book and twitter. Is there any place an army of lawyers could get any richer, than a liberal three generation narcissist valueless nation? Ecstasy raved out and loaded male producers and shareholders of MTV use Smiley like a used condom as much as any feminist should be free to do. .. as whatever abuse or self abuse fancy’s them for the moment.. up to and including hooking up with Islamist boy friends. Boy.. they’re sure showing us how growed up they are. Item 3 Obama and his Democrat buds who criticized an, at least.. well meaning, George W for sending a slow aircraft carrier of bottled water to Katrina (God and Democrat -made victims) are okay if it is alleged saran gassed, dead kids (and only in an Islamic nation could ‘alleged’ use of sarin gas be staged or cause du tribe, self- inflicted). I mean isn't less than a week to dissipate gas or bury the dead or bring in the Islamic ‘men in white’ with the memory blocker incentives. Item 4 I ‘ve come to the conclusion that the best approach to take to Islamic nations is the applied WW II Japanese philosophy that more dead now saves more dead later. Only no one has to drop at atomic bomb on an Islamic nation…yet. Just don’t help the blood thirsty bastards in whatever size and form they take. It’s not like these Arab Christian killing tribal nomadic gypsies appreciate Western aid…even when they demand it. Or that American liberals would demand or gain cheaper oil in exchange for being Mo- to family black sheep despots and desert raised royalty hit men Item 5 Ever the clever complicated Quebec fresh French.. they are now using the ‘Christian heritage factor’ to back their equally contorted racist natural inclinations of protecting old Quebec ‘values’ and snow creature as only politicians, university profs, and collaborators could spin. Only problem is that the current Quebec government is in competition to be the most narcissistic faggot loving ‘secular’ free loading society in the world, and no chip off the (just now promising) French homeland ‘getting it’ in terms of decades wasted on liberal social experimentation Paul Gordon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hu Da heckK Cares About 3rd Liberal Party

Hu da hecK Cares About 3rd Lib Party

It's been fun to see red progressive conservatives like Bill Carroll having nowhere to progress while caught in the headlights of voters....can't go forward..can't go backward!

For the many who don't know the old or 'new' Bill Carroll, picture Robin Williams on politics when he was never good at humour for those older than twelve best titillated by fart humor.. and girls locker room movies. 

Yes, Carroll, who tells his audience on the hour that he has two, count em... two talk shows... one State side and the other gracing the entire sooo fortunate GTA and to infinity, has duo idiocy papers. Ontario needed another liberal talk show host like another Star owned 'Community This Week newspaper' or Ryerson journalism brat grad. 

However, he is awfully disappointed he has yet to make the Scarborough mall Walk of Fame.. that no one new or cared that Scarborough had. Most citizens of  diversely criminal Scarborough couldn't pronounce, Bill Carroll at least in a way that anyone could understand. 

The latest 649 like quick pick of talk radio,  640 Corus network won another blank in it's attempt to capture the present entirety of Ontario's political spectrum... of liberal and liberal light listeners.

Carroll needs to 'take calls' again because liberal talk show hosts run out of things to say about themselves quicker than a political party being honest about its own and getting tragically repetitive of what no one ever believed, or wanted to hear in the first place.

From cheerleader back to Hudak... the only 'promise' Timmy could come up with during the whole too sad too bland story of his reign was to government bootleg beer to future Grey Cups and every Mac's Milk in Ontario, but like beer and milk... Toronto's new demographics don't mix with progressive conservatism.

Hudak couldn't win the greatest protest vote against a sitting party in a general election or 4 of 5 by-elections. It's like he was the midget voters couldn't see when they looked around for any alternative. 

(The only thing that could possibly save Harper's equally bland liberal-lite ass is the total ineptitude of another poor party pick, Justin Trudeau. I'm giving odds Justin promises free university dorms and education for the next election)  

But if you really 'asked for' and want the whole enchilada that likes the full Monty parading down main street and on into elementary classrooms, why vote for the pretenders?

Mike Harris, the last Premier to win on a real conservative platform, that eventually caved in when he took his eye off the ball and family and onto cigars and blond bomb shells transitioned the Ontario conservatives into reds like Mulroney did to the federal conservative party.

Unlike Reagan, on air traffic controllers.. Harris balked on teacher unions and made them even stronger and then started the homosexual activist ball rolling on a number of fronts including heading up the (first I believe) HRC with a homosexual on the advice of party homosexual advisers.

Harris started strong particularly on social conservative 'promises' that brought Christian churches on board but went out ignominiously not liked or trusted by anyone and self destructing the whole party.... just like he did his family.

And so, no one to date trusts the Ontario conservative party or appreciates them...even liberals as Harris's predecessors found out when they went morally slumming for liberal votes in subsequent years. Aside from political principles, is there any greater oxymoron in North American politics than moral politicians? 

The end product of this transitioned red Tory party is liberal morals with fiscal beer tears. Whatever leader the party could pick would still be a John Tory or Tim Hudak frozen in time and place and in the headlights of voters.

And if social conservatives have to see Ontario go down the toilet who better not to vote for as good as anyone else as their former courter and political murderer.

At least watching the constipated conservative rodeo clowns of a whole party system of politically correct Obama's ... can still give us a smile while the end is nigh for all.

Have a great day!  

This is not news talk radio. 

Paul Gordon

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Allah, Great Satan, Marxist Allie Don't Pee On My Leg

Allah, Great Satan, Don’t Dare Pee On Me and Tell Me Its Raining (I'm no great scholar...don't even have an official grade 12 of the education of the day.. but I still like to think about how everything in the world should be... comparing sacrifice to real oppression without any consideration for personal narcissism.. and sleep well at tell me where I'm wrong..) So In the official nations of Islam, as opposed to the peaceful CBC and PBS Muslim infiltrated liberal nations of mush, what do they have over the Nazis wherein there were also large numbers of citizenry (German in this case) who didn’t buy into, or idolize Hitler, especially Catholics, yet the western world had no problem with indiscriminate carpet bombing them into total submission… particularly, after Hitler bombed London residential areas? Both Islamic, and Nazis believe(d) in an Aryan-like dogmatic supremacy, only Islam believes all non-members or ‘infidels’ need to be executed while the Nazis would at least, settle for non- Aryan slaves. Both Islam and Nazis would have members of the Jewish faith attend the same fate and as slowly and painfully as possible when speed wasn’t a consideration in dealing with larger volumes of victims. But official Islam of the official Quran of the official Prophet (the kind terrorists dutifully adhere to… and ‘moderates’ ignore) also exceeds Nazism in evil and propaganda! Take Iran, Afghanistan, and both sides of the Syrian and Egyptian deadly disputes for just a ‘few’ common examples that Islamic nations have in common. Even the ‘good’ terrorists (good and not evil by anyone’s political standards I don’t get). Equal to Nazism Islamists have executed children on more than one occasion as witnessed on Blazingcatfur’s blog when two early teens boys were shot after a propaganda speech was read out over their heads and kneeling bodies by a masked Islamist. Of course, above and beyond Nazism, loyal and factually ‘true’ to the culture, Islamists mutilate their own female children, abuse their spouses and families and off-handedly murder their non adult males for so called honor killings. Above and beyond Nazism Islamists in the homelands also target and murder Christians and burn Christian churches whereas Nazis confined such behavior principally to Jews and Catholic Priests over the laity except when the laity was found to be aiding and hiding Jewish citizens. So in the name of all things Holy, why on earth is Canada and the United States picking, choosing and aiding terrorists by any national name, simply on the basis of political causes within these Islamic Nations all the while these loosey goosey ever unappreciative ‘allies’ are behaving worse than Nazis… before there very eyes. Why is the very morality of such ‘aid’ to terror up for any impossible bullshit excuse of evil validation? Oil..? I don’t believe it, but were it just oil, of course North America can easily be independent from increasingly evil Arab oil, but for what… domestic Marxist anarchists who believe the environment should be pristine and utopian preserved even from geography proportioned miniscule X millions , pipelines at the expense of the poor and middle income citizenry at home and at the expense of depending on evil foreign nations who don’t give a damn about the environment in their piece of the earth…. any more than the daily morning beheadings? And at the demand of the same Marxist anarchist idiots who maxed out on racism, unions, garbage recycling, fish, trees and now looking for innocent useful idiot animals like caribou and people eating grizzlies. No... more than oil, which the west is never going to be ‘given’ from nations of Islam.. its about illogical political correctness that panders to political and mob populism of the day counting on dumbed down Marxist taught and inspired new generations and to include the modern murdering of Christians and their faith! Paul Gordon

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Open Letter To Pope Francis

Open Letter To Pope Francis Assessing the Church By The One Earthly Entity Greater Than Itself. There is one thing greater than the Catholic Church (at least the Catholic Church as it was instructed to continue on in good faith) and any Pope, by which to truly assess its value and diligence of stewardship by… that being, how it defends, protects and nurtures Catholic youth… entrusted, children of Christ It is a legitimate simple truth or short cut open to any and all who may not be skilled and trained in the art and interpretation of theology or on the other side, embracing of the philosophies of the World for that matter. Check the mushy, (rotten from within), ‘fruits’ of the modern Church and what is it doing for children in 2013.. or for those most ‘innocent’, and most precious of human entities to Him! ‘Bring the children onto me and woe to those who would cause harm to them’ When the Church ceases to talk or care about abortion… when the Church abdicates education, or schools of its children to the State complete with the names of historic Martyred Saints (those who would have their blood shed rather than deny Christ His domain), and blessings of the Bishops, therefore seal of the Roman Catholic Church…When the Church sacrifices children’s minds, souls and in some cases lives at the politically correct shrine and perverted narcissistic lusts of adult homosexuals.. It has separated itself from Jesus Christ and holds or speaks of nothing of value, but for a ‘performance’ of ‘nice’ for the World. The last two Popes, though far from perfect in the universal scope of their duty at least never succumbed to the rules of a game the World wants to play. Assessment of the new Pope and Church over… both failing badly. Yes the children of Christ are greater than the Church… entrusted to look after those same children. Paul Gordon

Rip Van Pope: Most Unholy Mush

Rip Van Pope Most Unholy crap! So the faithful are not to judge a homo and of course extrapolated a fag pedophile, but are to hug a Muslim. Pope Francis takes us back to the sixties or the last time he must have received a real newspaper in the slums of Argentina as a priest to his true, but fatally uncapped vocation. Gee, I wonder if the Coptic Christians or the martyred priests of the Middle East felt/feel all as warm and fuzzy about the evil of Islam. Born in evil…aged in evil…split in evil. Hugs and kisses conquer sinners at the dining table, but not evil Your, Holiness! Think World War II evil where hugs and kisses did nothing…but make link ups easier killing by evil. Chewing the fat with reporters ‘of the World’ on a plane like a giggling sleep-over with the boys…… not a good thing….. We get the idea… simple humble priest from Argentine… simple love of Christ, but does the Pope get the idea that we are not at the time of the first coming of Christ…we are on the verge of the second. Where homosexuality was not an issue at the dramatic beginnings of the Church it is certainly a curse to Church and youth now. Even Putin gets that! And too, perhaps the Holy Father could give us one official Islamic State and by example leave his security detail behind and wade into the adoring crowds ahead of us… to start the inter-morality heal- over for us….. where goodness will trump evil…apparently the easy way. The Church needs strong leaders, commitment, and sacrifice… ‘ultimate’ if necessary, from those called for the sake of the Church and Catholic youth not beauty queen contestant style wishful platitudes that mean nothing, other than to signal a rudderless ship open to all who wish to continue to destroy her. Is a Pope a mere figure head a la Queen, a benevolent ‘Santa Claus” loved by 3 million attending a South American beach Mass talking like a socialist politician, or a Shepherd of action descended from Peter sent by Christ? I truly am becoming to question if the Holy Ghost had any influence on this Papal pick… arrived at by the more typical, worldly politically selected current Cardinals not carrying the day. Tenets of the faith and morality (Christ owned Truth) are eternal but did not arise or were born from the sinning sixties ‘Love and Peace’…… are not achieved by, or open to… the ever encroaching and politically smothering evils of the World! ‘Holier than the Pope’ should not be set at a simple politically correct low bar forgiving of not only the sinner, but the sin too as it has come to be… or the World beloved easy way. Paul Gordon

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Hon. Opponent Ran A Tough Campaign.. But F Him..

My Opponent Ran A Tough Campaign.. But F Him We Won!! Yes.. We Will Represent All Voters....No F That Too.. We Won!! Those Losers Can Conform to Our Ways and 'Values' or Suck Eggs and Empty Their Pockets! Up here in the true north, where immigrants get everything free including jobs on a platter, there is no greater example of the party system ensuring the leftist establishment reigns like a Queen. Like a two term leader gone bad.. from becoming to used to his perqs and too familiar with his lobbyists the party system with essentially the same players since the birth of this nation has learned all the political nefarious ins and outs over the decades of two 'serious'party sole ruling. Like a retired leader accepting honorary drug company board memberships after extending patents on cancer drugs while in power... parties enact laws and government union politically influenced labor settlements, that both increase their quaffers and guarantee huge voting blocks. Weak kneed, with eyes a glaze they all adopt to the political correctness or populism only as it applies to the day whether that be killing babies, sprouting giant useless windmills all over the land like milkweeds, signing or canceling billion dollar contracts where 'brown envelopes' by some manner or definition, of equal value are sure to be passed to leaders and/or parties.. Or forcing p.c. social engineered whims of minorities, but loud and powerful activist groups onto their victims like homosexuality onto Catholic schools or dogs on delicious bones. However, the most egregious face tap dance to tax payers is the performed in the ritual 'humble' disingenuous acceptance 'rally'/speech ritual hot off the MSM broadcast right off from the last vote required. The on site banner and poster wavers are the cue to how disingenuously democracy played out. Everyone on the election floor is cheering at every sentence because they have something directly they are going to gain and because they did 'fight hard'... like in the cases of the teacher's unions, force membership automatic pay stub deductions for the liberal parties that put the taxpayer on the hook for future credit card payments that will have a payback to make their deductions be pennies on the dollar returned in contracts. Contracts paid more to the point 'owed' by the children now of real middle class that pays to put government workers in an exclusive government union class. Teachers are right.. It is about the kids! The kids not born yet that are paying their salaries now! Question.. What the Hell can subvert 'democracy' more than political parties being allowed to exceed money coming in from taxpayers by ever much they care to promise any particular special interest group and to keep piling on the debt.. like drunken perverts?? Your average hard working stiff may or may not have had time and energy to vote but he is certainly not on the acceptance speech floor waving and cheering on Mr. Or Mrs. Immoral sick ego maniac jackass at the podium. I can't see where desire to be a political leader would not be a mental illness going by the same game plan they all now have. Screw the party system over... even partly by electing as many independents as possible. Get true representation and true democracy where every vote is a 'free' vote and political correctness is viewed with a shrewder eye. Get your representative off the rubber stamp back bench and be courted by minority parties on close decisions for his views and your riding's needs. Democracy good... long in the tooth degenerating vote buying party 'experts' .. bad!

Democratic Representation Thy ONLY Name is Independent!!

 Paul Gordon .

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Piers Morgan Richer Than A Queen's Fart

Piers Morgan.. Richer Than A Queen’s Fart Irish born British journalist, Piers Morgan (if that’s even his real name) has some nerve lecturing American black conservatives on black America. In particular, on raising the intellectual halos of black- trash teen mob- mentality, individuals used by the leftist American elite to then be left on the curb with a bow, as the only party that lets itself be kept down and stupider than a liberal. Druggie, bad-ass Martin Travyon, and his 3.nothing three street- languages ass cracker girlfriend are commended into the leftist world as activist heroes, along with all the useful idiot abortionists, feminists, male pedophile owners, homosexuals and Marxist teachers and politicians. The Smithsonian wants Martin’s ‘hoodie’ ( and his girlfriend’s Piers’ worshipped brain I suppose) for notoriety display of cool of 2013. Look for schools, streets, ballads, and hooch causes put forward, in their names and in memory of. But, back to the British land of banal where leftists took a European lead in many aspects of European socialist idiocies and intricacies turning out the likes of journalists like Piers, and let’s just look at one shining star of Britannica older than the Union Jack itself…. Inbred Royalty. Her Majesty, herself has only two reasons to keep on living. One, to outlive her idiot son, and two.. thereafter, to pray for the onslaught of Alzheimer’s. We all unfortunately found out and never will forget where the bonnie Prince’s mind has been all these years even during his marriage to the Princess of drama… and no let’s not have any new activist groups for menstruation perverse sexual lifestyles, nouveau raison du marriages, and adoptions. We know where Charles mind has been, but his head as been firmly planted an inch or so, to the north in his long term matronly mistress. So the Queen gets 50 mil of taxpayer’s money per annum, but she does need it for (new) Royal head shrinks, good British dentists, and Crown & Castle polish. Can you imagine the royal holiday meal reunions of this bunch.. pool room peelers, to toe suckers, homo tell- all butlers, to throne in waiting human tampon wannabes. Even the newest, prince George… like if he wasn’t going to be a sore thumb in class to begin with, they name him ‘George’.. not exactly your top ten popular names of this decade. Anyone named George is only named so after some crazy uncle or great grandfather. Georgy Porgy is going to come out as about as normal as Elton John and his Canadian pool boy’s state awarded baby boys. It’s bad enough to think about these royal perverse figureheads, but Canada has official figureheads as representatives to these royal figureheads who like to kick up shit all by themselves. The last two of these governa generals were former leftist CBC reporters/news casters appointed by liberal Prime Ministers in payment for being kind to their parties and leaders on the tax payer ‘all the news you’re going to get’, front. The first one attended Canada’s first illegal homosexual wedding giving it some kind of back door government credence. The second was to take part in the awarding of Canada’s ‘high society’ civil medal to a thankfully now dead populist abortionist. Kind of makes an Anglais want to go French who at least know to trash a homo marriage when they see one. The sad thing about modern England is that the royal family is their highlight especially in comparison to their parliament.