Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rip Van Pope: Most Unholy Mush

Rip Van Pope Most Unholy crap! So the faithful are not to judge a homo and of course extrapolated a fag pedophile, but are to hug a Muslim. Pope Francis takes us back to the sixties or the last time he must have received a real newspaper in the slums of Argentina as a priest to his true, but fatally uncapped vocation. Gee, I wonder if the Coptic Christians or the martyred priests of the Middle East felt/feel all as warm and fuzzy about the evil of Islam. Born in evil…aged in evil…split in evil. Hugs and kisses conquer sinners at the dining table, but not evil Your, Holiness! Think World War II evil where hugs and kisses did nothing…but make link ups easier killing by evil. Chewing the fat with reporters ‘of the World’ on a plane like a giggling sleep-over with the boys…… not a good thing….. We get the idea… simple humble priest from Argentine… simple love of Christ, but does the Pope get the idea that we are not at the time of the first coming of Christ…we are on the verge of the second. Where homosexuality was not an issue at the dramatic beginnings of the Church it is certainly a curse to Church and youth now. Even Putin gets that! And too, perhaps the Holy Father could give us one official Islamic State and by example leave his security detail behind and wade into the adoring crowds ahead of us… to start the inter-morality heal- over for us….. where goodness will trump evil…apparently the easy way. The Church needs strong leaders, commitment, and sacrifice… ‘ultimate’ if necessary, from those called for the sake of the Church and Catholic youth not beauty queen contestant style wishful platitudes that mean nothing, other than to signal a rudderless ship open to all who wish to continue to destroy her. Is a Pope a mere figure head a la Queen, a benevolent ‘Santa Claus” loved by 3 million attending a South American beach Mass talking like a socialist politician, or a Shepherd of action descended from Peter sent by Christ? I truly am becoming to question if the Holy Ghost had any influence on this Papal pick… arrived at by the more typical, worldly politically selected current Cardinals not carrying the day. Tenets of the faith and morality (Christ owned Truth) are eternal but did not arise or were born from the sinning sixties ‘Love and Peace’…… are not achieved by, or open to… the ever encroaching and politically smothering evils of the World! ‘Holier than the Pope’ should not be set at a simple politically correct low bar forgiving of not only the sinner, but the sin too as it has come to be… or the World beloved easy way. Paul Gordon

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