Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hu Da heckK Cares About 3rd Liberal Party

Hu da hecK Cares About 3rd Lib Party

It's been fun to see red progressive conservatives like Bill Carroll having nowhere to progress while caught in the headlights of voters....can't go forward..can't go backward!

For the many who don't know the old or 'new' Bill Carroll, picture Robin Williams on politics when he was never good at humour for those older than twelve best titillated by fart humor.. and girls locker room movies. 

Yes, Carroll, who tells his audience on the hour that he has two, count em... two talk shows... one State side and the other gracing the entire sooo fortunate GTA and to infinity, has duo idiocy papers. Ontario needed another liberal talk show host like another Star owned 'Community This Week newspaper' or Ryerson journalism brat grad. 

However, he is awfully disappointed he has yet to make the Scarborough mall Walk of Fame.. that no one new or cared that Scarborough had. Most citizens of  diversely criminal Scarborough couldn't pronounce, Bill Carroll at least in a way that anyone could understand. 

The latest 649 like quick pick of talk radio,  640 Corus network won another blank in it's attempt to capture the present entirety of Ontario's political spectrum... of liberal and liberal light listeners.

Carroll needs to 'take calls' again because liberal talk show hosts run out of things to say about themselves quicker than a political party being honest about its own and getting tragically repetitive of what no one ever believed, or wanted to hear in the first place.

From cheerleader back to Hudak... the only 'promise' Timmy could come up with during the whole too sad too bland story of his reign was to government bootleg beer to future Grey Cups and every Mac's Milk in Ontario, but like beer and milk... Toronto's new demographics don't mix with progressive conservatism.

Hudak couldn't win the greatest protest vote against a sitting party in a general election or 4 of 5 by-elections. It's like he was the midget voters couldn't see when they looked around for any alternative. 

(The only thing that could possibly save Harper's equally bland liberal-lite ass is the total ineptitude of another poor party pick, Justin Trudeau. I'm giving odds Justin promises free university dorms and education for the next election)  

But if you really 'asked for' and want the whole enchilada that likes the full Monty parading down main street and on into elementary classrooms, why vote for the pretenders?

Mike Harris, the last Premier to win on a real conservative platform, that eventually caved in when he took his eye off the ball and family and onto cigars and blond bomb shells transitioned the Ontario conservatives into reds like Mulroney did to the federal conservative party.

Unlike Reagan, on air traffic controllers.. Harris balked on teacher unions and made them even stronger and then started the homosexual activist ball rolling on a number of fronts including heading up the (first I believe) HRC with a homosexual on the advice of party homosexual advisers.

Harris started strong particularly on social conservative 'promises' that brought Christian churches on board but went out ignominiously not liked or trusted by anyone and self destructing the whole party.... just like he did his family.

And so, no one to date trusts the Ontario conservative party or appreciates them...even liberals as Harris's predecessors found out when they went morally slumming for liberal votes in subsequent years. Aside from political principles, is there any greater oxymoron in North American politics than moral politicians? 

The end product of this transitioned red Tory party is liberal morals with fiscal beer tears. Whatever leader the party could pick would still be a John Tory or Tim Hudak frozen in time and place and in the headlights of voters.

And if social conservatives have to see Ontario go down the toilet who better not to vote for as good as anyone else as their former courter and political murderer.

At least watching the constipated conservative rodeo clowns of a whole party system of politically correct Obama's ... can still give us a smile while the end is nigh for all.

Have a great day!  

This is not news talk radio. 

Paul Gordon

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