Thursday, August 15, 2013

Allah, Great Satan, Marxist Allie Don't Pee On My Leg

Allah, Great Satan, Don’t Dare Pee On Me and Tell Me Its Raining (I'm no great scholar...don't even have an official grade 12 of the education of the day.. but I still like to think about how everything in the world should be... comparing sacrifice to real oppression without any consideration for personal narcissism.. and sleep well at tell me where I'm wrong..) So In the official nations of Islam, as opposed to the peaceful CBC and PBS Muslim infiltrated liberal nations of mush, what do they have over the Nazis wherein there were also large numbers of citizenry (German in this case) who didn’t buy into, or idolize Hitler, especially Catholics, yet the western world had no problem with indiscriminate carpet bombing them into total submission… particularly, after Hitler bombed London residential areas? Both Islamic, and Nazis believe(d) in an Aryan-like dogmatic supremacy, only Islam believes all non-members or ‘infidels’ need to be executed while the Nazis would at least, settle for non- Aryan slaves. Both Islam and Nazis would have members of the Jewish faith attend the same fate and as slowly and painfully as possible when speed wasn’t a consideration in dealing with larger volumes of victims. But official Islam of the official Quran of the official Prophet (the kind terrorists dutifully adhere to… and ‘moderates’ ignore) also exceeds Nazism in evil and propaganda! Take Iran, Afghanistan, and both sides of the Syrian and Egyptian deadly disputes for just a ‘few’ common examples that Islamic nations have in common. Even the ‘good’ terrorists (good and not evil by anyone’s political standards I don’t get). Equal to Nazism Islamists have executed children on more than one occasion as witnessed on Blazingcatfur’s blog when two early teens boys were shot after a propaganda speech was read out over their heads and kneeling bodies by a masked Islamist. Of course, above and beyond Nazism, loyal and factually ‘true’ to the culture, Islamists mutilate their own female children, abuse their spouses and families and off-handedly murder their non adult males for so called honor killings. Above and beyond Nazism Islamists in the homelands also target and murder Christians and burn Christian churches whereas Nazis confined such behavior principally to Jews and Catholic Priests over the laity except when the laity was found to be aiding and hiding Jewish citizens. So in the name of all things Holy, why on earth is Canada and the United States picking, choosing and aiding terrorists by any national name, simply on the basis of political causes within these Islamic Nations all the while these loosey goosey ever unappreciative ‘allies’ are behaving worse than Nazis… before there very eyes. Why is the very morality of such ‘aid’ to terror up for any impossible bullshit excuse of evil validation? Oil..? I don’t believe it, but were it just oil, of course North America can easily be independent from increasingly evil Arab oil, but for what… domestic Marxist anarchists who believe the environment should be pristine and utopian preserved even from geography proportioned miniscule X millions , pipelines at the expense of the poor and middle income citizenry at home and at the expense of depending on evil foreign nations who don’t give a damn about the environment in their piece of the earth…. any more than the daily morning beheadings? And at the demand of the same Marxist anarchist idiots who maxed out on racism, unions, garbage recycling, fish, trees and now looking for innocent useful idiot animals like caribou and people eating grizzlies. No... more than oil, which the west is never going to be ‘given’ from nations of Islam.. its about illogical political correctness that panders to political and mob populism of the day counting on dumbed down Marxist taught and inspired new generations and to include the modern murdering of Christians and their faith! Paul Gordon

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