Friday, November 13, 2009

West Can ILL- Afford Anymore Muslim 'Love and Peace'

Cartoon Protest Continues in Iraq

The West Can’t Afford Anymore Muslim ‘Love and Peace’

Okay, I get there are no doubt countless Muslims in the west who live out a non-violent lifestyle themselves, and do not publicly support violence.

I have come across a few myself who were gracious hosts and very kind and adapted to the private Canadian unique way of apologizing, just- in-case, and feeling guilty just- in-case in the casual-est of interactions.

But, it is also apparent that even within this group there is little ‘public protest’ when western Muslim terrorists, and fanatics, do.. carry out violent acts of terrorism on the general public and specific targeted sites in the U.S.A., do.. plot such acts in Canada, and do.. commit egregious acts of violence on their own female members of their society.

And if there were/are such public cries or displays of shame and guilt of such violent acts committed on innocent men women and children in the name of Islam the liberal MSM is not covering it.

(That said, with the crazy world of western main stream media being such politically self-serving as it is, I don’t ‘totally’ rule out that there may be Muslim protests against their own violent members, the liberal media might simply not be covering , i.e. North America deserves whatever hell of a punishment can be dished out for not being Marxist , cool academically anarchist, or culturally- perversity accepting enough, were that anymore possible. )

To be honest though, what I don’t get is personally embracing modern Islam.. as being a positive or genuine experience for anyone, based a number of facts, not the least being: the true history of Islam, the true nature of the fallible albeit poetic or not, human prophet, Mohamed, and the true requirements of Islam from the Koran... the bible, the constitution, the whole ball of Islam wax.

In definite contrast to Islam, the new testament is impeccable in being grounded in the peace, love, and non-violence of Christ, including His own ultimate sacrifice for the sins and forgiveness of man trumping even blind worship of the Father, which at once, ultimately.. ironically, beautifully, and not so mysteriously, legitimizes the humbled loving Father’s deserving singular attraction for worship by individual discerned loving choice, not by decree, order, or under threat of death, which certainly sounds not like the ‘Truth to set anyone free’.

To be brutally frank, Christ did not ‘marry’ little girls and was not affected or afflicted by sexuality in any way as in his forty days in the desert, nor was sexuality a prerequisite to have real love for man(kind). Of course, sexuality was a prerequisite for procreation, not a prerequisite for love. In modern times this fact lends a certain logical and philosophical strength to the concept that marriage is sacrosanct not just in its ties to love, but also to procreation.

In other words, to say that marriage is needed to legitimize love is wrong, but procreation, monogyny and the best interests of the family (modeled no less in the upcoming season of the Holy Family) and child in civilized healthy society is best accentuated and insulated in a societal protected singular reserved frame of ‘marriage’. Increasingly, what modern society certainly is not synonymous with... among other entities such as  measurable ‘healthly anything’.

Lastly, in my opinion, if one wanted to join, or was a member of a religion that espoused some modern truly positive ideals to strive for, I would want to separate it somehow from the chains of an historically nomadic tribally barbaric origin, based on enslavement, total disregard for females to spite themselves, and embraced and necessitated bully ideology of the times to be respected (read) feared by others.

To quote Mark Steyn, yet again, one can have the greatest half glass of a vanilla milkshake in the history of mankind, made from the finest ingredients and prepared perfectly, yet fill the other half of the glass with dog excretement and what will be the predominant taste and to what ultimate worth.

Drop the main ingredient, better yet... change the glass.

The Truth will set you Free.

Paul Gordon