Saturday, March 24, 2007

Okay, That's It!!

Okay, That’s It!: Look, When I Was a Kid..

The last straw is pocket scientist, Al Bore’s crusade which amounts to nothing more than, ‘Save the Weather’.

I’ve put up with the lead paint, lead solder, mercury fish and fillings, DDT, second hand smoke, thrift store odours and grandma bath-skipping dollar- store fragrant powders, (check that, I’ll give you grandma) shoulder strap, side bag, helmeted head, beach closing, play- ground dismantling, poop scooping, garbage sorting, blah blah blah girly man, fun destroying, job sucking, weasel lawyer- cash-registering, crisis du jour!

I can’t take it anymore, I tell ya! Oh, why couldn’t Kniky the Kommy, Kruschov just have dropped one bomb... ground zero... right there... on my freaking College Hill Public School desk, if this, and oh, so much more..... is all I’ve been spared for?

One thing’s for certain, either I, and legions (somewhat) like me are superhuman supreme or today’s cultures, obsessions and paranoias are all one bad dream of hooey . In fact, nobody would ever believe the new millennium in a nightmare. ...Not, if you sat them down and actually put today’s world to words by foolishly attempting to connect all the dots and especially the dashes.

Toxins? You don’t know squat about toxins!

As a kid in a family with five siblings, we used ‘Raid’ or ‘Black Flag’ like air-freshener... in the same rooms and as we ate Ricearoni or stared endlessly into the old black and white x-ray gun, that is, before solid Vapona no pest air fresheners decorated the ceilings with a sweet lemony smell and a new flesh soft texture (to the squeeze). Neighbours who escaped old Europe for the free life, (and whose children detoured to the border at report card homecomings, if they slipped under the 90's) made their own home-blended concentrations that could roll over an elephant at 100 paces.

Our old man even used Raid on Big Red’s flea infested back in just one of the many family legendary, near- death experiences for one or more, per incident. Big Red was much loved and would take a bullet for us kids. Of course, he was never called upon to do that at least on our behalf though economical doggynasia. Ah well, the Setter was like 105 in human years at that point and never strayed far from equally decrepit Blacky, the last forced- gravity coal shovelled furnace in Oshawa, (aka, General Motors of Can.)

In Oshawa, of that era, anyone who didn’t work at the ‘Motors’ was considered not only second class, but employment, if not mentally, challenged. Dad worked at Duplate (UAW Int. Loc. 222's, bastardy sons.)....God Bless his soul, chock-full of character..... and his pickled heart.

Actually, there were some Global cooling days when we never strayed from the bulb-less basement, and loving pot belly of old Blacky the multi-tentacle and tasking furnace, either. During our occasional hydro ‘house mast cut-offs, as opposed to system outages, caused by between weekly- cheque, Woodbine track, no-lady- luck downturns, you could always micro up a jumbo can of Libby’s baked fatty- thing and beans in a pinch.

Just pre- check the coat hanger hinges and gingerly swing the cast iron door to enter the recesses of the white-hot belly of Blackie. Set the timer anywhere from arm-hair vaporization to carbon monoxide, lightheadedness and presto.

Yup, back to Red....he was only one- half procession lap around the ol’ Gordon house for a final sniff of Black Forrestry type fresh and heady rich top soil, made just so from Red’s animal kin forebearers. It was the one pit, he never dug himself. We never owned a 22, so it was merely a courtesy service for the asking from the neighbourhood, ‘pleasure’s all mine...all the time’.(if you get my drift)... Mr. Helpful.

Toxins? Rain, Snow or Shine, the regular Fuller-Brush travelling sales- guy lugged around a 100 lb/ something kilo., veritable ‘toxic bomb’, enclosed in a odoriferous soft brown leather suitcase you couldn’t pass the Libyan border with, if you had an Arab accent.

A la, (a Canadian) Sheldon Leonard, of the gangster genre, Mr. Fuller Brush, would pull you aside from the boulevard, Red Rover You’ll Be Pushing Up Clover bruise and blood sport. "Psst, hey, kid. Take a whiff of this! There’s a free comb in it for ya, if you can talk mom into cleaning her oven with it. Whatda ya say, eh?."

Toxins? You could always tell when the City Rec. kids opened the outside pool for all comers at Rotary Park by the yellow cloud of dizzying chlorine gas arising from the poor district centre about two miles away. If that wasn’t enough the ever-wet and dripping creosote coated landscape ties and change room benches were a nasal affirmation of one of the kid’s seven summer wonders

After a big sisterly push, and lightening dip in temperatures that never rose above James Bay northerly currents, one stretched out to heal the eyeballs, with the lids set on high speed, while vaporizing the skin on hot asphalt, occasionally flap jacking to stare squint-eyed at worms in fried solidarity.

After a full day of fun in the sun and finally granted door clearance back into the house, one could walk home to the light of heat lamp projected body glow and could always be retraced by the trail of old blistered skin sheets stripped from brag contested peel-offs.

During pool closings, the Oshawa creek served as a warmer source of water where faecal counts were floating ‘visuals’ a kid could quickly submerge under. Neighbourhood teen girls used black-shingled roof slopes no greater than 1:4 slopes as the poor girl’s tanning spas, not to mention neck- strained boy, attention grabbers. Believe me, it was not unusual (at least in my neighbourhood) to play on rooftops and at no greater time than Fire-cracker Day, in traditional fare of lobbing ‘cannon’ crackers on un-suspecting real-life ‘Peanuts’ characters

Lead Poisoning?
Prior to carbon cored pencils, no fibre kept a school- kid more regular than lead cored sweet British Columbian cedar. No boy left grade eight without 3 or four pencil points permanently lodged under the skin, primarily, though not exclusively, self-inflicted as boredom medallions. Ritalin had not been invented. (okay smartalecky bloggers, so sue me if they were graphite cores)

Speaking of narcotics, one would be hard-pressed to find anyone older than forty-five still jingling a set of tonsils. I guess it was the one historical slouch time for surgeons of Canuck Tommy (the Commie) Douglass, socialized health care, still close to the Marxist narrow tip of the pyramid never-never scheme.

Surgeons hard up for easy pocket cash, a la Dentist equivalent of X-Rays (like they ever filled or found cavities under the gums) found brat tonsils the solution to their hobby- day financial woes.
A) They were close...a quick finger walk down the tongue
B) They would never be missed unless of course, they were the logic centre or remote brain sensor. This is a hypothesis that would explain absolutely everything..forget distant planet probes.

The first liquid/gas, the much-vaunted and revered medical field came across that would drop a kid to near death, in his tracks was ether, so they didn’t look any farther. Now, the dosage of ether to be administered to an eight year old male, depended solely on the amount of adrenalin spiked fight he could muster up, or how close it was to surgeon lunch or cocktail time at Oshawa General Hospital, in the year of our Lord, 1962.

The experience of being blindfolded first, mouth and nosed cupped second, and all oxygen replaced with the equivalent of nail polish remover.. third, was a sure procedure to bring on a wild- cat fight from any kid with a ml. of Irish blood left in his veins, even if used a horse tranquillizer suppository to surprise him with, just prior to attempted execution.

All of this, must have been a memory blocking trauma for all kids, because it was the ‘one’ important thing kids should have shared or warned each other of, but didn’t.

I don’t know what parts of the surely mad Doctor I freed a leather strapped hand to grab, but suffice to say, I drank enough ether via my snifter, to wake up two and half nights later from two hour, in and out, day surgery.

Backseat baby encapsulated tots? We all piled into grampa’s Studebaker or whatever it was that didn’t even have a mouldy lap belt. There were eight of us, and gramma, though she didn’t take up much room as a Scottish midget, plus Big Red, and enough supplies for a week’s vacation at a cheap rented cottage on Lake Elbow in the Kingston/ Frontenac wilderness. It took me forty years to retrace the route to that mystery lake and let out a giant....yawn.

Little Johnny was bare butt, backed up against the front windshield as an unintentional, ahead of the curve, pre-blown air bag. Of course, the dashboard was big enough for a man to curl up on, and fronted with a windshield you could hang vertical blinds from.

Smoke detectors?
Apparently, the most precious warm fuzzy Brownie moments, held dearest, of being gathered around old Blacky, with Big Red’s love- seat long, bald and psoriasis- festering back, under our thawing tootsies... the mierky coal bin, to our backs..... were not shared by Blacky.

On more than one occasion, darned, if he didn’t try setting the house alight from the top on down. The Oshawa Fire Dept., Simcoe St. Branch was our late night smoke detector, and the only chimney sweep, albeit watery, that my dad ever gave his business to.
Back to school... The only thing Oshawa Board of Health checked school kids for, (and this would still be too much power if it was all they did today) was for head cooties and hernias, preferably at the same time.... tops and bottoms...

As grade threes, (my first tour of duty...don’t ask) we left such mandatory inspections and forced coughs with today’s equivalent expressions of, What the Hell was that about... a free grope? We didn’t know whether we were being groomed for auto kid sweat shops.... or the next Devil’s Brigade.

For the one school age vaccination, your mom was ordered to present you in the basement of City Hall on the appointed day where you lucked out if you had any sign real (or fake) of a disease or
infection. This I know first hand, and my Doctor to this day still looks, in disbelief, for the shoulder pin cushion scar that looks like someone plugged an audio jack in

By grade seven we were treated to the proverbial black lung biopsy/ smoker’s film, though we were anticipating such on pins and needles, since grade three when the sevens, some sporting whiskers, would communicate with us in assorted and sometimes physical ways.

Yeah, right. Absolutely, anyone in grade seven of my era who thought he could leisurely stroll home, don a Ricardo smoking jacket, and light up a cool refreshing cigarette as a kid- stage/ experimental-thing.... in front of the old man, wouldn’t have to worry about distant smoke related chronic ailments and chance of death.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Elevate Society From Gutter: Drop Heroes, All

Elevate Secular Society From Gutter: Drop ‘Heroes’, All

No, no, no, this is not Marxist mantra. If I’m Marxist, Ann Coulter is Hillary Clinton

In a week, when Churchill was outed as an anti-Semite, and documented details of RFK by people in the know at the time, proved ole’ Bobby didn’t fall far from the Joe’s fruit- of- the- loins tree, when it comes to Kennedy S&M (sex and murder), it’s as good as time as any to reflect on blind idolatry, seemingly about the only past-time of the modern world.

By the way, Churchill wasn’t the only leader in the Allied forces who had no love for Jews, when it came to good old populism, overtaking the better part of valour, en easy route to political office, like that’s changed since the big War, where Marxism was the biggest winner of all.

Canada’s own freakish (don’t ask what he was into) Preem, of the same period, Mackenzie King, turned back a boat-load of mostly Jewish children headed for Canada’s coast for refuge, ultimately, right to the Hell run by drooling Addy, you know, the guy sporting the eighth of a stash whom wiser- than- the- Kaiser, German intellectuals, media and populist oriented masses, elected.

By the way, King did this while young university student, and Fidel Castro’s only fan, Pierre Trudeau drove around Ottawa wearing a Nazi helmet and giving Spock- closed hand gestures, of ‘kill and conquer’, to pedestrians and unseen CBC cameras.

Castro of course, was best man/best commie at Pierre’s funeral, where future Preem. wannabe (as it turns out/ like there was a doubt) Turdeau, jr. began daddy Pierre’s eulogy, with Friends, Romans, Countrymen.....( no poop!)

This, was only topped by Turdeau’s estranged wife (who put the strange in estranged), Maggie... (never marry a Canadian named Maggie, possibly any Maggie, or Peggy, for that matter) who according to straight-faced, Canuck newspapers, ‘felt’ Pierre rise within her on the third day of his death. I guess that’s a liberal thing.....and something way too heavy for me.
(Thanks, Calgary Sun, Gentleman- Paul Jackson, columnist, historian, and keeper of, ‘the Rest of the Story’, Canadian media’s, closeted secrets).

Of course, already common knowledge, the great Sir Winston (can’t you just close your eyes..... and smell this stodgy guy, ) that every conservative feels as a safe haven of sensibility type, hero... to quote, was pretty reliable at putting non-islander soldiers first.

That is, first.... on the test runs, first on the beaches, first as disposable U-boat detectors, and ‘after you mate’, mine sweepers.

What were the allies thinking anyway, when they exported soldiers like Canadian bacon for Winnie and Monty ( as in the sublime... Python) to use at their literal disposal to feed, stave off and sacrifice to the beast, while trying to think of a really, really good plan. With a friend like England to help out, what enemy did the Allies need, to fight?

Of course, Catholic Poland, at one point, (arguably maybe two, if you count John Paul II), about the only keeper of the faith in the world, became Winny’s soup line, soup bone to throw to Stalin the crazed pit bull, (who could eat Queensberry, British bulldogs for gummie bears) to keep him busy.

Unfortunately, Churchill neglected to tell Poland that he made that (not to wait up for him) decision, seemingly before it was even deemed required in his narrowly interested mind, while the fearless, but not bottomless Poles, kept holding and holding ..... and holding the fort with every last drop of their blood, meeting the Germans in dark and gassed city sewers, not on the land, sea or beaches, and in apparently false faith and pumped bravado of being rescued from the Nazis, by the allies, represented by Russia for their area.

Then of course the Poles were actually handed over to the clutches of the Russian Marxists’, themselves...... in an opportunistic evil twist of fate at a quaint little Churchill cigar, and tea party.

No flies on those Russian Marxists then.......and don’t kid

So whose left, Mahatma Ghandi? Well, he was the ultimate pacifist. Even Christ told us there were going to be times, of (now, historically defacto) Truth, when men will and did have to lay down their lives for the greatest of causes, love of fellow man, woman and child.

However, had India tuffed it out and stayed with the Commonwealth, for a ‘while’ longer, (not indefinitely, and not unlike Canada or Australia) how many East Indians would not have starved to death, in disease, poverty and squalor while Ghandi sat and rubbed salt where his pride or ego (apparently) met, the good of his people. People really should think in terms of reality and fact not legend, fairytale, or super human, or god-like, idolatry.

And trust me...even super humans and Saints had their ‘faggot’- word, moments, especially if they ever drove on any big- city, camel, carriage, buggy, bicycle or automobile rat ways. Ask the kids in the back seat. Like liberals and celebrity conservatives never ever think of, or use ‘politically’ bad words, yeah... right.

According to CBC ardent viewers, with way too much time on their hands, whom, of course represent all Canadians, Tommy (the Commie), Douglas, is Canada’s greatest Canadian, appropriately dead...Need anyone say anything more, on how Canada went from War warriors and heroes to dumb as Cod fish over night.

This CBC poll/contest/ratings death- clutch, whatever it was, and paid for by us regardless, does say a whole lot more about scary liberalized Canadians, than a two-bit red, control freak, exhumed by the Communist Broadcasting Company.

Few human heroes didn’t merely rest in the eye of the beholder. Ronald Reagan, may have been a legitimate hero, in the eyes of fiscal conservatives and libertarians, but he didn’t leave social conservatives feeling one bit better off, more to the point, American pre-born babies any better off. Reagan didn’t pass social conservative first rungs for anything he did, including appointing, two (apparently), anti-life, anti-family Justices... Supreme.

Invoking memories of another non Saintly, nationalist secular dead guy, (whose ‘legacy’ was as lasting, as the next bell- ringing Democratic majority and pervert Prez.), still doesn’t do anything for babies, the Terry Schiavo’s, or, hello! America’s future: American families and American children.

Of all the labour unions Ronnie, could have/should have.. sacked, air traffic controllers would be on the bottom of the list and teacher unions on the very top, with a lot of leftist broad spectrum, or full-Monty, activist unions in between.

And no.... two terms of Reagan, and one rootin tootin puttin, ‘one- liner’, were not the sole omega of the Russian Empire or Iron Curtain. Polish kick- ass rebellion and Marxist bite-ass economics, actually had a lot more to do with the USSR’s demise, cherished, precious, loving memories of celebrity Reaganites... aside.

Reagan was not the Man-God. Nor, did he hardly think, or act like One.
Reaganites, including conservative talk-show celebrities are happy with pro-abortion, anti-family, Republicans being elected, as long as they are plausible ‘winners’ and that a Republican is elected. Just ask them.

All of them have stated exactly such, in more ways, and more times, than one/once, over the past few years, and going strong as of today, though a little more sheepish in delivery

It doesn’t matter what they’ll do or what they believe or stand for, or how much poop Republican hopefuls are full of, just as long as they are wearing the Republican uniform and pointed in the general direction of due Reagan. By the way, nice to see Gingrich clear the air before he runs and before he gets caught while running.

The Reaganites also worship, Scalia, who doesn’t believe there is a right to life clause anywhere to be found in the Constitution, or Declaration of Rights, except maybe Mark Levine, (who has never said, or ever will use the word, faggot.. honest first nations and upon Hannity’s blood oath) who once stated, "...except maybe....." on this very subject, of a right to life for American babies and the defenceless, who cannot defend themselves.

No, Scalia believes the right to life should not be the federal cement of a great Country that holds its foundation of stone of God’s grace and guidance, man’s courage and commitment, women’s nurture, love and compassion, and mere secured future in family and child...together as decent and strong, States in common.

No, he believes States who need only have the notion of Nationalism, for the blind obedient sake of Nationalism alone, no matter their belief, laws or practices should each decide fundamental morality or right and wrong, however they see fit, and democratically

Under such illogical legal moralities, if there is no collective notion of a fundamental right to life, why the right to other freedoms.

If a rogue State, felt justified in shooting Mexicans on sight, or of introducing slavery of Mexicans, surely, no morality or common culture binds the States as ‘one’ for all to be proud of.. or to die for, why not toss the federal Constitution and let States smoke em if they got em?
Canada is so anti-life, so anti-family, so anti- Christian religion, so pro Marxist and so ripe an environment for perversion and for criminals to flourish that I have nothing in common with her, nor am I proud of modern Canada whose motto is to stand solidly and boldly that nobody dare stand for anything unless it is against Christianity,

Nor, would I defend her, or live on her admittedly beautiful physical land, if I could afford to do otherwise .......after family crash and burn, mind numbing taxes, for better government control and dependancy.

Yet, we have our blind Nationalists too, for verbal defence and maybe bitch slapping, of a Country that stands for ‘great liberal values’ that no one in the entire Country can specifically come up with, and pen with a signature, or dares to pen (no poop..there either).

From the entertainment world, and aside from intellectual cult-ish empty- headed hate mongers like a Spiked Lee, or hatter Rappers who ooze talent not... let’s take a See-lean Die-on who would be typical of an entertainment ‘hero’ if not typical in fan numbers as compared to some others.

Here is a woman, who blustered and blithered on about, I forget.... was it New Orleans, winging it, on incoherent constipated points, tears and acted fears, like she honestly expected words to automatically fallout in greatness from the greatness and holiness and bigness of her mouth, like the above Maggie Turdeau only worse. And they were words that were supposed to be ideas, (I guess), that nobody, not even liberals could translate..yet she has loads of talent, (cool kids- young and old, will always deny) and a pleasant face, when not contorted in the Oscar stage shadows in order to hit those poignantly pure notes still.

She is also a brain free-fall whose chute hasn’t opened yet, who came from a Catholic family larger than mine, (somewhere between 10 and 20). Now Frenchy Mom decides she’s had enough, about the same time, Quebec had, had enough with Canada, and anything English, and not to mention, Catholic education, the Vatican, Jesus Christ, and John the Baptist.

The Saints of the big tourist Shrines...mais oui, they could stay.... as long as they can bring in a pay cheque.

Meres Dion decides she wants to abort Celine, but a trusted Catholic Priest talks her out of it. Meres Dion was no worse off, even I won’t go there. Anyway, this would logically lead to Celine’s adult liberal views and strong pro- abortion beliefs. Mais oui, perfect liberal sense, non?

Sports heroes? Hands- up, all modern professional sports players without daddies, who have not spent some (non-visiting) hours in jail osmosing (that’s the word) above Rapper loud and nauseating elementary sticks, Rhymes n’ Drums, while viewing too MuchMusic ho-downs and slutathon liberal party or save- the- weather, fun fund-raisers, on the big house, big screen. I thought as much.

So which is the lesson here?

It is okay to practice safe, Mrs. Clinton morally approved, ‘Mr. Clinton sex’, and otherwise be a same completely, leftist secular- righteous, self-centred humanist a-hole, like other great modern and past, man famous- made or man- infamous made, human heroes ( depending on where your coming from or going to).

Or because heroes are great, their bad behaviour, is cool, and all their populist decisions are good, and however they got to be where they are doesn’t matter. Too, that their major screw-ups and populist beliefs on having been proven factually poison possibly even causing innocent or needless harm and deaths, are not to be repeated once found out, or figured out.

Or, that we should learn from the past, not fixate on it, ingratiate it, or canonize it, and only improve on the ‘future’ never holding famous human ‘heros’ whoever they are, or whatever they do, in the fanatical high esteem we do, keeping our eyes, ears, thoughts and love on the true Son, Father, and Holy Ghost, alone, Who knows alone what the future holds, and Who alone knows what is in every man’s heart and soul, who does not willingly expose it himself, to the world.

And that we should hold all logic, behaviour, and wisdom, if not (to be) expected personal human failings (never to be publicly espoused or ‘celebrated’) up to the test, or light, of Their teachings, grace and love? So basically old and corny, because as always, so basically new and True.

It’s still St. Patrick’s Day, and a happy one it tis, I’ll, hope you’ve had.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Save Some Lives, LifeSite

To Show the Truth or Not To Show The Truth

The contribution- paid pro-life administrative workers at Canada’s non-denominational pro-life institution, based out of Toronto Ont. Canada has stated through a ‘group’( friends and family) full page letter to the editor in the Catholic Insight, (Canada’s most trusted and truest to the Magisterium, magazine) that they have had it with Show the Truth, pro-life witness signs.

Full disclosure: The letter which also attacked my family, was sent in response to a pro Show the Truth article, by columnist Amy Gordon one of my daughters. And too, I personally have not been overly impressed with Campaign Life Coalition’s Life-Site and its paper edition, The Interim, since, family Tunns replaced David Curtain at the helm.

Apparently, neither was Human Life International when they dumped Campaign Life Coalition a number of years ago.

I will not argue that Lifesite’s blog is useful in that they have the free time to search selected pro-life sites and media aggregators in the world in order to paste and copy interesting news bytes for subscribers, but they have effected little else, in the form of change in Canada on the pro-life scene.

It is a fact, that aside from national polls which suggest a positive change and trend in the attitudes of people, (more so in the U.S.) that more and more citizens are realizing abortion is not a ‘good or positive lifestyle choice’ and that yes, admittedly real babies are being killed in the process of too common, lifestyle choices of (factually apparent) irresponsible women.

However, other than this progress which I attribute to active, front line pro-life witnesses especially of the Show the Truth groups in the U.S. and Canada who give their free time and holidays from working and paying bills, to go on major city, sidewalk and highschool witnesses,
the banquet and chattering class, of groups like lifesite and in recent years, CLC.

While Show the Truth is constantly in the local and often national media when they take to the streets and receiving a fairer shake from the liberal media than Lifesite. CLC is arranging its next banquet of the same old speakers, pontificators, university philosophers, etc, who have never stood outside an abortuary.

By the way, which part of the name, ‘Show the Truth’ representative of the fact and intent of primarily Catholics and Christians, out making a difference, and changing opinions literally, on the spot, doesn’t LifeSite get...Duh?

Also by the way, can LifeSite bring us even one of these supposed damaged and ‘affected children’ at the hands of our Show the Truth signs, so we can apologize and make amends? If no one ever saw pictures and newsreels of Jews from the Nazi death camps, would anyone have believed that kind of evil ever existed?

Upon discovery of the Death Camps, General ‘Ike’ Eisenhower stopped all theatre military activities and brought in media crews and all area officers as witnesses, for the very reason, he knew no one would believe what the Nazis carried out and he did not want the world to quickly forget it.

What I have also long thought as harmful on the part of LifeSite (and proven, in fact to date,) as zero progress, in fact, continuing ‘deterioration’ on the all important, political and judicial pro-life Canadian fronts is CLC/LifeSite gushing praise and support of supposed pro-life liberal socialist politicians, who don’t make a Damn bit of difference, whatsoever, when their far left, parties are ‘officially’ pro-abortion, pro homosexual- activist and anti family and show not one inkling, one wavier.... from solidarity of leftist official ideology, and repetitive appointments of proud and like-minded, activist political party hack judges!!

What else do these leftist ‘pro-lifers’ find so compelling about being members in these parties that conservative (read, real) Christians or Catholics, would find so compellingly positive! That is other than the fact, that they have a better chance of attaining office in lies, over Truth.

Nothing like trying to beat the Devil by swelling the ranks of Hell!.... And getting too comfortable while you’re there!

What incentive does Dion’s liberals or worse, a traitor conservative party like Steven (the Pillsbury Dough Boy) Harper, who gave every Socon on board, the bum’s rush and to a CBC covered, Party chorus of boos and middle fingers, in Elsie Wayne’s case.... have to become pro-life or pro-family when thanks to groups like CLC (who run continual paid ads in their paper of some of these pro abortion party back- bench members) they get the pro-life credit and vote, in any case.

If you want change, you have to change something in the way you do things!.... Especially, in the case of the enormous built-up inertia of politically correct, small s sacraments like abortion, State favoured no-choice- Marxist union education, homosexuality activism.

You don’t give your vote away to everything you see in the show case. You keep your powder dry until political servant comes to you in a serious disposition and commitment of ‘working’ for you.. Your party of choice needs a phone call from you telling them to make the first move or forget about your vote. Their cheques are no longer good, just like their word!

Even Mahatma Ghandi (a bigger pacifist than Christ, of a country who arguably could have done better, certainly, economically, by staying with the Commonwealth...doh!) believed and practised ‘civil disruptive disobedience’ which is exactly how the left turned the world around and became the establishment.

In a down and dirty war, where the left is wrestling for more control of our own children than our influence and believes are allowed, where they infiltrate our churches with their Marxist and union propaganda, and all but criminalize our speech and beliefs, we are not winning or going to win by always playing wishful thinking, by playing nice or Queensberry rules, of what we think a perfect citizen or perfect Christian, should act.

Lets see, civil disobedience, or living Hell, partial birth abortions, public debauchery, and open season on our children and all God’s children.
Oh, let’s go with the latter, but make banquets and speeches about it, not forgetting to pat ourselves on the back every chance we get. Don’t tell us what your doing, give us results.

In closing, thanks, LifeSite, CLC, Interim whatever... Thanks for all your stellar aid to Ontario’s and Canada’s only officially pro-life and pro- family parties which doesn’t amount to a slim nickel compared to all the ink you gave away to the officially anti-life anti-family, equally liberal parties.

And thanks official Canada pro-life institution, for all the pro-life advances you’ve made in Canada, and babies you saved, since Morgentaler pled guilty as Canada’s premier baby killer, and an unelected court jury, declared Canada’s abortion law guilty, and Morgentaler innocent.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

No Bigger Anti-Christ Than Marx

No Bigger Anti-Christ Than Karl Marx
Can anyone point to a more powerful modern day, Anti-Christ than Karl Marx?

Certainly, there is no one in history who has had more effect
Marxism is the root of all the evil ism’s that fall on the dark side of the absolute prism:communism, socialism, unionism, and to a great extent feminism. Early and modern feminists were/are socialists by all means.

Unionism is the one saving grace that all liberals point to as the saving grace legitimacy for Marx, yet that illusion is easily popped in fact. (Marx founded the first union in 1864, The International Men’s Working Association, in ....where else, but France.)

Certainly, in North America the Marxist invasion appealed to the lowest denominator that dwelled in the greater, (and minor) masses, a narcissism, headlined by greed.

Whereas, the U.S.A. and Canada were free and democratic nations whom Marxist infiltrated academia, could have pointed to the obvious peaceful and aesthetic route of elevating all men simply by running politicians for office, who focussed on labour legislation such as factory safety, and working conditions (as advanced as they could be for the era,) not to mention minimum wage limits, they of course, chose a different route in point of fact, which has endured to the day.

The middle class, the poor, the huddled, clearly wielded the greatest voting block by far. In fact, it has been said, (in less words,) that the worst thing that could happen to long held political and cultural establishments is for the masses to actually get together, (free of Marxist, state education propaganda, and cross- media celebrities, presumably) and realize the actual power they do wield.

But Karl loving Bolshevik Marxists believed and practised the easiest and quickest way to popularity and their own ‘permanent’ absolute power attainment through ‘taking it’ and taking it by violence and extortion all the better, to show they meant business.

Throw in quotes from Karl Marx, like "Christianity is like lick-spittle" sad, but seemingly too prophetically true, and attack the richest industries, (without stopping short of cracking heads), to give selected groups at least, what they want, and you have a recipe for success. You have a heaven on earth all workers can now aspire to though impractically ever, ever attain.

"I will not only get you what you desire, there will be no moral rules or guilt to hinder you in attaining them" would be the Marxist ruby red rule to live by.

Unionism is sheer humanism, not exactly evenly applied or shared amongst all working brothers and sisters either.
And this is the very best Marxism has to offer! A slight of hand, a shell game, a deferred economy destined to come back and bite hard, as we have yet to see to full maturation.

As a Catholic I have full respect for the part of the Church that adheres to the Holy Father, I say ‘part’ because of course it is now factually seen that much of the Church in the world, and other institutions that wave the ‘Roman Catholic’ flag do not adhere or bow to the Holy Father’s beliefs never mind his leadership and authority.

Even so, the Vatican should never have yielded to Italian unions, who perform the public works, duties at the Vatican. The extremely fallible ideology of unionism is in fact just another fruit of the works of the Church’s solemn enemy, Karl Marx and his unworkable tentacles of socialism.

With this one move, all the socialist Priests, of which there are as many as there are homosexual Priests in North America, felt totally vindicated in taking the easy and populist route of siding with the many waylaid in their flocks who were/are liberals (the dominant culture and establishment of the day)

Who can argue with, common noble sentiments like, the poor shouldn’t be poor? Wealth should be equally shared by all (like anyone has ever been holding back the richer unions from giving to the less well off, and non-union labourers). Everyone should have free excellent health care, and free state of the art, up to the minute high- end treatments and expensive drugs? Everyone should have free housing, if necessary and free services.

None of this can be attainable to the extent the Marxist ideology says it can, nor is it the rich who will ever pay for it when they can move on. As the masses of society have at least come to be able to add, (more to the point, come to subtract) the socialist liberals have come to disguise taxes as anything but the name ‘tax’, in Ontario we even have pay- back- the- debt, end user fees on electricity bills.

Of course, it is the middle class and the poor (who do not get all their many hidden taxes rebated) who pay out more than 50 percent of their earnings in taxes and for the bulk of Government services that they come to need themselves, but only for the mostly hidden taxes they pay out.
It is the worst kept vicious socialist circle secret, you, will never hear from liberals or from the pulpit.

It is the Visa, never- never plan of running a society that keeps its citizens service and economically poor or crippled, like a 40 year mortgage pot-holed or riddled with second mortgages all along the way. Would a Priest ever advise you to max out your personal line of credit and owe all your working days to banks? Then why would he talk the same of societal debt through government like- minded foolishness?

Why would an otherwise conservative Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary personally go out and stand on picket lines with selected well- off unions, and believe that rich unions are never paid or further advanced by other workers, or future workers finding less jobs, or the middle class and p poor class ( heavily taxed) consumers?

Why would Catholic Churches in Canada, including Bishop Henry, solely support Government paid Catholic Teacher Unions who share few beliefs with the Vatican, not live lives of Catholics, including attending Sunday Mass, and allow these Marxist unions to be the sole teachers of Catholic youth??

What you will hear in many Catholic Churches in Canada is the same you will hear from Catholic union teachers. That is, how evil Bush and the Iraq war are, and how absolute pacifism rules, and is the saviour of all.

Of course, absolute pacifism was even rejected by Christ when He told us we can have no Greater love than to lay our lives down for another, presumably when called to do so, and not simply as accommodating tank track grindings or terrorist created Pizza wall coverings.

And to all the liberal socialists, nowhere, does Christ say in the Gospels or to anyone I’ve heard of, that you should go anywhere, to ‘take’ anything, though He does talk of the virtues of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay (paraphrased), of sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice and of charity, charity and oh yes charity.

I would think any semblance of Marxism would have been something important to include if Christ thought we should go out and do violence or steal for Marxism for the good of the community considering this Anti-Christ has been flourishing in one form or another into three centuries now.

I contend Karl Marx is proof of absolutes. He was absolute evil and the Church should not embrace any ideas or ideologies of this proud and forthright Anti-Christ who unlike all modern day liberals took a stand and was at least honest, if not happy in his place of distinction inHell.

As Christ told us we can always tell a tree by its fruits. Can anyone write anything good about anything that Karl Marx, his socialist ideologies or any of his millions and millions of followers gave us?
Here’s your chance!

President Bush Needs To Cut Libby's Carcass Down

The President Needs To Cut Libby’s Rotting Carcass Down.

In war, if you walk by one from your side, hanging from a tree, you cut him down.

In the longest day, the character played by John Wayne couldn’t stand to see American para-
troopers hanging from different parts of a Normandy village as his division passed through en
route to rout the Germans on D Day.

In anger, he shouted to his soldiers, who thought it best to keep moving, to cut them down now,
and to give them a good a burial as a war theatre could provide.

Certainly by the bad guys at least, it is a common war practice to display slain enemy soldiers in
hideous or grotesque fashion along paths they know enemy soldiers will be passing. This was
done purposely in order to dishearten, or put some sense of elevated fear into the enemy.

The Romans of course did the same to political enemies of the State, along with common
criminals in order to act as a deterrent to anyone thinking they might copy their ‘crimes’.

Democrats and liberals do the same (politically) as do the Republicans and conservatives, though
the latter usually has a viable reason, (with evidence) to do so.

Well, as Ed Koch recently penned, America may not have declared war on Iran, but Iran sure has
declared war on America so it goes that although the Republicans (if not conservatives) have
declared war on liberals and the Democrats they have certainly long declared war on the

What is strange is that not only Republicans and Conservatives are saying it is safe, wise and
honourable to cut down Libby now, so are Democrats, liberals and I believe even Libby’s

So why is the President hesitating here?

Is it going to bring some sense of honour to the White House to win Libby back on appeal?
Just in order, to show that the White House was right!

People don’t understand politician hidden strategies and hidden political games and certainly
with good reason because politicians of any stripe can and have dropped their directions, balked
at intentions and adapted to whatever is politically expedient for the day.

Social conservatives are punch drunk from getting sucker punched by wink wink politicians who
are just waiting for the right moment to be our knight in shining armour.

What this looks more like, coming from the White House is, “ What... the guy was dirty? We
didn’t know he was dirty? Well justice will just have to be served....Hopefully, at some point
Libby can win escape punishment if not guilt on appeal” “But we didn’t know what he was doing
on his own”.

Nixon was furious at the Watergate crew who thought they were doing him some favours, while
not acting on his orders, yet he ultimately fell on the sword of responsibility.

The White House threw Harriet Miers to the curb (admittedly after not having done any
homework whatsoever on the woman for all seasons), and couldn’t afford enough political capital
for a warm cup of dignity to ol’ Rummy as he was closing the back fire exit door behind him.

But, c’mon, this time even the enemy is saying, we’re done with this poor bugger, you can cut
him down now.

President Bush, moves in strange and mysterious ways at times, (to say the least), but loyalty runs
both ways in politics, and apparently emotions only one.

There was only One Man who could dine with the sinners while leaving His flock at the shore
and still come out being loved by both. That Man of course, was also the Son of God, not son of
George deposed King of Washington, friend of the Clintons, whores to the applauding partial-
birth defending, cripple- murdering, jackal, left.

We, social-conservatives, don’t get that kind of Washington sociol-politico ambiance, or
Presidential- let bygones be bygones, afterglow where nothing mattered before, and don’t expect
or ask for much to matter today or tomorrow.

It is civil war in America (and Canada) and in modern history conservatives have always played
by Queensberry rules, (playing into the left’s hands) like it’s all some stupid cricket game, while
liberals and the entrenched left play Ultimate Fighting, No Rules war with our families, our
children, our soldiers, and our faith.

Like the left plays by free speech rules, by not name calling, by educational choice, by choice in
labour, by the Constitutional Right to Life and liberty, by not proselytising or perverting youth in
government schools and the public square through the public media and public air waves, by not
taking away parental rights like some Nazi Socialist State.

Like... tax cuts, political shin kicks and shindigs, and newly obsessed Mexican border paranoia
measured in months, apparently the number one priorities of the right.... are going to solve
anything that’s really important for North America.

If All’s fair in War otherwise said, Nothing’s fair in War, means nothing to the Right, they should
prepare to beaten into a memory, because this next Presidential election is that precipice.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Boston Mommy Dearest, Could Use Edwards

Boston Mommy Dearest Gets Shown the Money

According to the e- tabloid, Drudge Report, Boston woman, 45 yearr old. Jennifer Raper is suing Planned Parenthood and some abortioniists in a wrongful birth lawsuit of her child,

If John Edwards the slip -and- fall lawyer is not too busy, this is definitely his kind of case.

By the way, Jennifer, if I had the money I would give it to you if you would give up your daughter to one of the millions of couples in the world yearning to adopt or willing to adopt unwanted babies. Of course, we are also willing to take this.

If, and when you and your *lawyers* (who would sue Jews for not getting on the death trains) get over yourselves, perhaps you will at *least realize there is no way in Hell any child would want to be raised by the likes of a Mommy Dearest, like you.

On the silver lining side, even in sicko cases like this it’s nice to see evil fighting evil for a change.

Pin this one on the mommy fridge, will ya, Jennifer, and thank me for holding back what I really think.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Get Back To Being the Catholic Church of Christ

Get Back to Being the Catholic Church of Christ

There has recently been some writings in a National Catholic newspaper, gleefully espousing a need for the Church to be at ‘one’ with the secular world as to not be out of step with the times (paraphrased).
The truth is as far from this absurd falsehood, as it can possibly be and on every possible level.

Although the secular world is not far at all from where it was at the time of Christ, arguably worse, Christ, preceded by the rebel John the Baptist, was probably the most astonishing and effectual, rebel the world had/has ever seen no matter what people believe or don’t believe in Him, or not.

Truths and facts exist no matter and often contrary to popular or personal opinion. It makes no difference, opinion is opinion.

He did nothing in accordance with the ‘world’ or what a person of the world might expect from Him. In fact, He reminded us constantly how we could not both, be with the world, and with the ‘Father’ at the same time.

This, was/is the strongest statement of all, that the ‘meaning of life’ on earth, (both a Garden of Eden, and darkest Hell) was/is both a test to endure, not completely void of wondrous
rewards, including to love and be loved, along the way and a test to ‘finish’ with answers, before our time has runout. He even showed us the way to all the answers as the Truth, the Light and the Way.

He gave us refuge from the world in a Church to last forever, founded by his servant, Peter.

This has been the sole, or soul ‘job’ of all Peter’s successors. The duty to keep the Church as close to the teachings of Christ as though, He died for us just yesterday and didn’t He so. All our very births, were only exclaimed by the punctuation of His very Death and our souls claimed just yesterday, today, and this very second with only our approval and participation required.

We are never hurt by the Church as a force and fortress of Christ in general terms (in other words, individual world championed infiltrators not withstanding) but, the world has factually proven to be one human disaster after another, by plan, by force, by circumstance, by nature(s) of the world.

How can there be refuge from the world in a Church that would have anything basically in common with the world, or a Church that has grown so far from its roots, there is nothing substantial or dependable that can found within its doors?

Many people though not all, who come to Christ have been all but destroyed and devastated by the 'world' often at the hand or with aid of other ‘people of the world’. They have some understanding of Christ or they wouldn’t be there at all, and they have experienced first- hand an understanding of the 'world' the Father, competes with. It is not the 'world' they can find answers or lasting healing in.

If there are absolutes the universal and eternal Church should firmly grasp onto, and surely there are some, or nothing at all matters..... would they not include these...

Abortion or the murdering of babies is one of the greatest and most easily avoidable evils of the world, period....where no one is fought except oneself, sided by the world.

The secular idea of ‘taking’ substantial amounts of money from those better off, to give to those not so well off is stealing and wrong. Sacrifice and sharing were two of many themes in the Gospels, though ‘taking’, either by personal theft or proxy of electoral approval, is never mentioned in any suggestion, or hint of approval.

That the spirit should ever have to rely on monetary, or worldly goods is never put forth, and certainly not to Christ’s own servants, the Apostles.....and that it were, Ask and ye shall receive or ye shall be healed.

The secular choice of ‘keeping’ or hoarding vast amounts of money for the sole sake of personal attainment is an abhorrent, immoral act and crime against humanity....a point solidly and inexcusably, made more than once in the Gospels

That the secular Marxist-unionist practice of extortion and violence is not a Christian principle or practice of any kind to be condoned at any time.

That the laying down of one’s life ( "No greater love" to do so) is sometimes necessary and certainly came to be so, with the Great Wars of good vs. evil in which Christian Churches led by pastors, throughout the free world prayed feverishly for a quick and decisive victory over evil and the return of families to their homes, and peace time, state.

That the Body and Blood of Christ is the Body and Blood of Christ on the faith of His Word alone and such always be treated and regarded as such!
That worldly idolatries and obsessions such as worldly entertainment, socialism, Marxism, and especially modern idolatries such as environmentalism, have no place and are no substitution for anything in the Christian Church of the Eternal Living Son, Ghost and Father, Creator and Healer of all ‘environments’ and the universe, or they are nothing.

Paul Gordon

Truthfully, Ambivalent About Coulter's Faggot Joke

Truthfully Ambivalent About Ann Coulter’s Faggot Joke
Are any non-public figure conservatives going to lose any sleep over Ann Coulter’s use of the word faggot in a round and about humorous way of describing John Edwards?
I know they’re not!
It’s not exactly 1960 and a black civil rights issue, with a race being attacked. Not even close!
I know there aren’t any public figure conservatives who are going to lose any sleep over Ann’s comments, either, though some of them act more pious than Jesus, Himself, when it comes to tossing their own to the curb, over possibly losing listeners or readers over political correctness.
It’s like they sometimes say " If only Jesus knew what I know today, He might not have ticked anyone off at all".
So let’s get off the soapbox of pious indignation, to begin with, conservatives. That is the kind of girly men, the left would have us all transformed into
Ist, John Edwards is not a homosexual (that anyone publicly knows of), unless Ann forgot to tell us that part of her news break expose, so she wasn’t attacking a private homosexual to begin with.
Secondly, the act of homosexual sex is a most unholy secular celebrated unhealthy culture, and chosen lifestyle that is vile, disgusting, against nature, against Christianity, and specifically against Catholicism, and other mainstream religions.
Homosexuality is also very much a lifestyle and culture that keeps the rampant spread of A.I.D.S. in North America and other developed and prosperous regions, ongoing.
A.I.D.S. the ‘disease of participation’ was/is the same disease that waylaid most research dollars and treatment dollars from the nineties on, was/is also supposed to be a disease totally, and completely preventable by wearing condoms, or so goes the state- run academic and health education of our children!
After all, how could the ‘State’ under cover of academia, or ‘Health’ boards ever support a lifestyle that caused serious illness to its citizenry, hence A.I.D.S. is totally preventable by using condoms!
It was only when homosexual sex started killing people (by participation) that homosexuality received any attention at all that wasn’t laced with humorous innuendo by the left and the right.
Of course, the secular world took on this sudden seriousness with predictable humanist fever
and through the medium of feelings and misplaced sympathy, elevated the culture of homosexuality to special, or preferred status to occupy the world with such hand-wringing obsession (only since matched by Global Warming) that we should sacrifice our own children to show our commitment to their cause.
Strangely, equally deadly S.T.Ds.of the past never generated even such humanist sympathy. In fact, people who contracted and died from syphilis were never celebrated for their choices or lifestyle. Nor were such lifestyles ever considered ‘unavoidable’ or secularly acceptable in the free or communist worlds.
Certainly, there is no ‘righteousness’ attributed to the acts of homosexuality even remotely mentioned in the New Testament, considered the most flawless of passages of the Holy Bible.
‘Love one another’, was never broadened to include, ‘love and/or indulge in one another’s sins’. And lightening your neighbour’s burden never included whitewashing your neighbour’s sins as sins themselves, or including making them politically correct and child friendly.
In summary, I really don’t care how Ann describes homosexuality in seriousness, or in jest, nor is homosexual lust elevated to any special status in my book. Unfortunately, Ann Canada is even more politically correct, and less ‘accepting’ of conservatives than your Country.
Paul Gordon