Saturday, March 17, 2007

Elevate Society From Gutter: Drop Heroes, All

Elevate Secular Society From Gutter: Drop ‘Heroes’, All

No, no, no, this is not Marxist mantra. If I’m Marxist, Ann Coulter is Hillary Clinton

In a week, when Churchill was outed as an anti-Semite, and documented details of RFK by people in the know at the time, proved ole’ Bobby didn’t fall far from the Joe’s fruit- of- the- loins tree, when it comes to Kennedy S&M (sex and murder), it’s as good as time as any to reflect on blind idolatry, seemingly about the only past-time of the modern world.

By the way, Churchill wasn’t the only leader in the Allied forces who had no love for Jews, when it came to good old populism, overtaking the better part of valour, en easy route to political office, like that’s changed since the big War, where Marxism was the biggest winner of all.

Canada’s own freakish (don’t ask what he was into) Preem, of the same period, Mackenzie King, turned back a boat-load of mostly Jewish children headed for Canada’s coast for refuge, ultimately, right to the Hell run by drooling Addy, you know, the guy sporting the eighth of a stash whom wiser- than- the- Kaiser, German intellectuals, media and populist oriented masses, elected.

By the way, King did this while young university student, and Fidel Castro’s only fan, Pierre Trudeau drove around Ottawa wearing a Nazi helmet and giving Spock- closed hand gestures, of ‘kill and conquer’, to pedestrians and unseen CBC cameras.

Castro of course, was best man/best commie at Pierre’s funeral, where future Preem. wannabe (as it turns out/ like there was a doubt) Turdeau, jr. began daddy Pierre’s eulogy, with Friends, Romans, Countrymen.....( no poop!)

This, was only topped by Turdeau’s estranged wife (who put the strange in estranged), Maggie... (never marry a Canadian named Maggie, possibly any Maggie, or Peggy, for that matter) who according to straight-faced, Canuck newspapers, ‘felt’ Pierre rise within her on the third day of his death. I guess that’s a liberal thing.....and something way too heavy for me.
(Thanks, Calgary Sun, Gentleman- Paul Jackson, columnist, historian, and keeper of, ‘the Rest of the Story’, Canadian media’s, closeted secrets).

Of course, already common knowledge, the great Sir Winston (can’t you just close your eyes..... and smell this stodgy guy, ) that every conservative feels as a safe haven of sensibility type, hero... to quote, was pretty reliable at putting non-islander soldiers first.

That is, first.... on the test runs, first on the beaches, first as disposable U-boat detectors, and ‘after you mate’, mine sweepers.

What were the allies thinking anyway, when they exported soldiers like Canadian bacon for Winnie and Monty ( as in the sublime... Python) to use at their literal disposal to feed, stave off and sacrifice to the beast, while trying to think of a really, really good plan. With a friend like England to help out, what enemy did the Allies need, to fight?

Of course, Catholic Poland, at one point, (arguably maybe two, if you count John Paul II), about the only keeper of the faith in the world, became Winny’s soup line, soup bone to throw to Stalin the crazed pit bull, (who could eat Queensberry, British bulldogs for gummie bears) to keep him busy.

Unfortunately, Churchill neglected to tell Poland that he made that (not to wait up for him) decision, seemingly before it was even deemed required in his narrowly interested mind, while the fearless, but not bottomless Poles, kept holding and holding ..... and holding the fort with every last drop of their blood, meeting the Germans in dark and gassed city sewers, not on the land, sea or beaches, and in apparently false faith and pumped bravado of being rescued from the Nazis, by the allies, represented by Russia for their area.

Then of course the Poles were actually handed over to the clutches of the Russian Marxists’, themselves...... in an opportunistic evil twist of fate at a quaint little Churchill cigar, and tea party.

No flies on those Russian Marxists then.......and don’t kid

So whose left, Mahatma Ghandi? Well, he was the ultimate pacifist. Even Christ told us there were going to be times, of (now, historically defacto) Truth, when men will and did have to lay down their lives for the greatest of causes, love of fellow man, woman and child.

However, had India tuffed it out and stayed with the Commonwealth, for a ‘while’ longer, (not indefinitely, and not unlike Canada or Australia) how many East Indians would not have starved to death, in disease, poverty and squalor while Ghandi sat and rubbed salt where his pride or ego (apparently) met, the good of his people. People really should think in terms of reality and fact not legend, fairytale, or super human, or god-like, idolatry.

And trust me...even super humans and Saints had their ‘faggot’- word, moments, especially if they ever drove on any big- city, camel, carriage, buggy, bicycle or automobile rat ways. Ask the kids in the back seat. Like liberals and celebrity conservatives never ever think of, or use ‘politically’ bad words, yeah... right.

According to CBC ardent viewers, with way too much time on their hands, whom, of course represent all Canadians, Tommy (the Commie), Douglas, is Canada’s greatest Canadian, appropriately dead...Need anyone say anything more, on how Canada went from War warriors and heroes to dumb as Cod fish over night.

This CBC poll/contest/ratings death- clutch, whatever it was, and paid for by us regardless, does say a whole lot more about scary liberalized Canadians, than a two-bit red, control freak, exhumed by the Communist Broadcasting Company.

Few human heroes didn’t merely rest in the eye of the beholder. Ronald Reagan, may have been a legitimate hero, in the eyes of fiscal conservatives and libertarians, but he didn’t leave social conservatives feeling one bit better off, more to the point, American pre-born babies any better off. Reagan didn’t pass social conservative first rungs for anything he did, including appointing, two (apparently), anti-life, anti-family Justices... Supreme.

Invoking memories of another non Saintly, nationalist secular dead guy, (whose ‘legacy’ was as lasting, as the next bell- ringing Democratic majority and pervert Prez.), still doesn’t do anything for babies, the Terry Schiavo’s, or, hello! America’s future: American families and American children.

Of all the labour unions Ronnie, could have/should have.. sacked, air traffic controllers would be on the bottom of the list and teacher unions on the very top, with a lot of leftist broad spectrum, or full-Monty, activist unions in between.

And no.... two terms of Reagan, and one rootin tootin puttin, ‘one- liner’, were not the sole omega of the Russian Empire or Iron Curtain. Polish kick- ass rebellion and Marxist bite-ass economics, actually had a lot more to do with the USSR’s demise, cherished, precious, loving memories of celebrity Reaganites... aside.

Reagan was not the Man-God. Nor, did he hardly think, or act like One.
Reaganites, including conservative talk-show celebrities are happy with pro-abortion, anti-family, Republicans being elected, as long as they are plausible ‘winners’ and that a Republican is elected. Just ask them.

All of them have stated exactly such, in more ways, and more times, than one/once, over the past few years, and going strong as of today, though a little more sheepish in delivery

It doesn’t matter what they’ll do or what they believe or stand for, or how much poop Republican hopefuls are full of, just as long as they are wearing the Republican uniform and pointed in the general direction of due Reagan. By the way, nice to see Gingrich clear the air before he runs and before he gets caught while running.

The Reaganites also worship, Scalia, who doesn’t believe there is a right to life clause anywhere to be found in the Constitution, or Declaration of Rights, except maybe Mark Levine, (who has never said, or ever will use the word, faggot.. honest first nations and upon Hannity’s blood oath) who once stated, "...except maybe....." on this very subject, of a right to life for American babies and the defenceless, who cannot defend themselves.

No, Scalia believes the right to life should not be the federal cement of a great Country that holds its foundation of stone of God’s grace and guidance, man’s courage and commitment, women’s nurture, love and compassion, and mere secured future in family and child...together as decent and strong, States in common.

No, he believes States who need only have the notion of Nationalism, for the blind obedient sake of Nationalism alone, no matter their belief, laws or practices should each decide fundamental morality or right and wrong, however they see fit, and democratically

Under such illogical legal moralities, if there is no collective notion of a fundamental right to life, why the right to other freedoms.

If a rogue State, felt justified in shooting Mexicans on sight, or of introducing slavery of Mexicans, surely, no morality or common culture binds the States as ‘one’ for all to be proud of.. or to die for, why not toss the federal Constitution and let States smoke em if they got em?
Canada is so anti-life, so anti-family, so anti- Christian religion, so pro Marxist and so ripe an environment for perversion and for criminals to flourish that I have nothing in common with her, nor am I proud of modern Canada whose motto is to stand solidly and boldly that nobody dare stand for anything unless it is against Christianity,

Nor, would I defend her, or live on her admittedly beautiful physical land, if I could afford to do otherwise .......after family crash and burn, mind numbing taxes, for better government control and dependancy.

Yet, we have our blind Nationalists too, for verbal defence and maybe bitch slapping, of a Country that stands for ‘great liberal values’ that no one in the entire Country can specifically come up with, and pen with a signature, or dares to pen (no poop..there either).

From the entertainment world, and aside from intellectual cult-ish empty- headed hate mongers like a Spiked Lee, or hatter Rappers who ooze talent not... let’s take a See-lean Die-on who would be typical of an entertainment ‘hero’ if not typical in fan numbers as compared to some others.

Here is a woman, who blustered and blithered on about, I forget.... was it New Orleans, winging it, on incoherent constipated points, tears and acted fears, like she honestly expected words to automatically fallout in greatness from the greatness and holiness and bigness of her mouth, like the above Maggie Turdeau only worse. And they were words that were supposed to be ideas, (I guess), that nobody, not even liberals could translate..yet she has loads of talent, (cool kids- young and old, will always deny) and a pleasant face, when not contorted in the Oscar stage shadows in order to hit those poignantly pure notes still.

She is also a brain free-fall whose chute hasn’t opened yet, who came from a Catholic family larger than mine, (somewhere between 10 and 20). Now Frenchy Mom decides she’s had enough, about the same time, Quebec had, had enough with Canada, and anything English, and not to mention, Catholic education, the Vatican, Jesus Christ, and John the Baptist.

The Saints of the big tourist Shrines...mais oui, they could stay.... as long as they can bring in a pay cheque.

Meres Dion decides she wants to abort Celine, but a trusted Catholic Priest talks her out of it. Meres Dion was no worse off, even I won’t go there. Anyway, this would logically lead to Celine’s adult liberal views and strong pro- abortion beliefs. Mais oui, perfect liberal sense, non?

Sports heroes? Hands- up, all modern professional sports players without daddies, who have not spent some (non-visiting) hours in jail osmosing (that’s the word) above Rapper loud and nauseating elementary sticks, Rhymes n’ Drums, while viewing too MuchMusic ho-downs and slutathon liberal party or save- the- weather, fun fund-raisers, on the big house, big screen. I thought as much.

So which is the lesson here?

It is okay to practice safe, Mrs. Clinton morally approved, ‘Mr. Clinton sex’, and otherwise be a same completely, leftist secular- righteous, self-centred humanist a-hole, like other great modern and past, man famous- made or man- infamous made, human heroes ( depending on where your coming from or going to).

Or because heroes are great, their bad behaviour, is cool, and all their populist decisions are good, and however they got to be where they are doesn’t matter. Too, that their major screw-ups and populist beliefs on having been proven factually poison possibly even causing innocent or needless harm and deaths, are not to be repeated once found out, or figured out.

Or, that we should learn from the past, not fixate on it, ingratiate it, or canonize it, and only improve on the ‘future’ never holding famous human ‘heros’ whoever they are, or whatever they do, in the fanatical high esteem we do, keeping our eyes, ears, thoughts and love on the true Son, Father, and Holy Ghost, alone, Who knows alone what the future holds, and Who alone knows what is in every man’s heart and soul, who does not willingly expose it himself, to the world.

And that we should hold all logic, behaviour, and wisdom, if not (to be) expected personal human failings (never to be publicly espoused or ‘celebrated’) up to the test, or light, of Their teachings, grace and love? So basically old and corny, because as always, so basically new and True.

It’s still St. Patrick’s Day, and a happy one it tis, I’ll, hope you’ve had.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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