Sunday, March 4, 2007

Truthfully, Ambivalent About Coulter's Faggot Joke

Truthfully Ambivalent About Ann Coulter’s Faggot Joke
Are any non-public figure conservatives going to lose any sleep over Ann Coulter’s use of the word faggot in a round and about humorous way of describing John Edwards?
I know they’re not!
It’s not exactly 1960 and a black civil rights issue, with a race being attacked. Not even close!
I know there aren’t any public figure conservatives who are going to lose any sleep over Ann’s comments, either, though some of them act more pious than Jesus, Himself, when it comes to tossing their own to the curb, over possibly losing listeners or readers over political correctness.
It’s like they sometimes say " If only Jesus knew what I know today, He might not have ticked anyone off at all".
So let’s get off the soapbox of pious indignation, to begin with, conservatives. That is the kind of girly men, the left would have us all transformed into
Ist, John Edwards is not a homosexual (that anyone publicly knows of), unless Ann forgot to tell us that part of her news break expose, so she wasn’t attacking a private homosexual to begin with.
Secondly, the act of homosexual sex is a most unholy secular celebrated unhealthy culture, and chosen lifestyle that is vile, disgusting, against nature, against Christianity, and specifically against Catholicism, and other mainstream religions.
Homosexuality is also very much a lifestyle and culture that keeps the rampant spread of A.I.D.S. in North America and other developed and prosperous regions, ongoing.
A.I.D.S. the ‘disease of participation’ was/is the same disease that waylaid most research dollars and treatment dollars from the nineties on, was/is also supposed to be a disease totally, and completely preventable by wearing condoms, or so goes the state- run academic and health education of our children!
After all, how could the ‘State’ under cover of academia, or ‘Health’ boards ever support a lifestyle that caused serious illness to its citizenry, hence A.I.D.S. is totally preventable by using condoms!
It was only when homosexual sex started killing people (by participation) that homosexuality received any attention at all that wasn’t laced with humorous innuendo by the left and the right.
Of course, the secular world took on this sudden seriousness with predictable humanist fever
and through the medium of feelings and misplaced sympathy, elevated the culture of homosexuality to special, or preferred status to occupy the world with such hand-wringing obsession (only since matched by Global Warming) that we should sacrifice our own children to show our commitment to their cause.
Strangely, equally deadly S.T.Ds.of the past never generated even such humanist sympathy. In fact, people who contracted and died from syphilis were never celebrated for their choices or lifestyle. Nor were such lifestyles ever considered ‘unavoidable’ or secularly acceptable in the free or communist worlds.
Certainly, there is no ‘righteousness’ attributed to the acts of homosexuality even remotely mentioned in the New Testament, considered the most flawless of passages of the Holy Bible.
‘Love one another’, was never broadened to include, ‘love and/or indulge in one another’s sins’. And lightening your neighbour’s burden never included whitewashing your neighbour’s sins as sins themselves, or including making them politically correct and child friendly.
In summary, I really don’t care how Ann describes homosexuality in seriousness, or in jest, nor is homosexual lust elevated to any special status in my book. Unfortunately, Ann Canada is even more politically correct, and less ‘accepting’ of conservatives than your Country.
Paul Gordon

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