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Save Some Lives, LifeSite

To Show the Truth or Not To Show The Truth

The contribution- paid pro-life administrative workers at Canada’s non-denominational pro-life institution, based out of Toronto Ont. Canada has stated through a ‘group’( friends and family) full page letter to the editor in the Catholic Insight, (Canada’s most trusted and truest to the Magisterium, magazine) that they have had it with Show the Truth, pro-life witness signs.

Full disclosure: The letter which also attacked my family, was sent in response to a pro Show the Truth article, by columnist Amy Gordon one of my daughters. And too, I personally have not been overly impressed with Campaign Life Coalition’s Life-Site and its paper edition, The Interim, since, family Tunns replaced David Curtain at the helm.

Apparently, neither was Human Life International when they dumped Campaign Life Coalition a number of years ago.

I will not argue that Lifesite’s blog is useful in that they have the free time to search selected pro-life sites and media aggregators in the world in order to paste and copy interesting news bytes for subscribers, but they have effected little else, in the form of change in Canada on the pro-life scene.

It is a fact, that aside from national polls which suggest a positive change and trend in the attitudes of people, (more so in the U.S.) that more and more citizens are realizing abortion is not a ‘good or positive lifestyle choice’ and that yes, admittedly real babies are being killed in the process of too common, lifestyle choices of (factually apparent) irresponsible women.

However, other than this progress which I attribute to active, front line pro-life witnesses especially of the Show the Truth groups in the U.S. and Canada who give their free time and holidays from working and paying bills, to go on major city, sidewalk and highschool witnesses,
the banquet and chattering class, of groups like lifesite and in recent years, CLC.

While Show the Truth is constantly in the local and often national media when they take to the streets and receiving a fairer shake from the liberal media than Lifesite. CLC is arranging its next banquet of the same old speakers, pontificators, university philosophers, etc, who have never stood outside an abortuary.

By the way, which part of the name, ‘Show the Truth’ representative of the fact and intent of primarily Catholics and Christians, out making a difference, and changing opinions literally, on the spot, doesn’t LifeSite get...Duh?

Also by the way, can LifeSite bring us even one of these supposed damaged and ‘affected children’ at the hands of our Show the Truth signs, so we can apologize and make amends? If no one ever saw pictures and newsreels of Jews from the Nazi death camps, would anyone have believed that kind of evil ever existed?

Upon discovery of the Death Camps, General ‘Ike’ Eisenhower stopped all theatre military activities and brought in media crews and all area officers as witnesses, for the very reason, he knew no one would believe what the Nazis carried out and he did not want the world to quickly forget it.

What I have also long thought as harmful on the part of LifeSite (and proven, in fact to date,) as zero progress, in fact, continuing ‘deterioration’ on the all important, political and judicial pro-life Canadian fronts is CLC/LifeSite gushing praise and support of supposed pro-life liberal socialist politicians, who don’t make a Damn bit of difference, whatsoever, when their far left, parties are ‘officially’ pro-abortion, pro homosexual- activist and anti family and show not one inkling, one wavier.... from solidarity of leftist official ideology, and repetitive appointments of proud and like-minded, activist political party hack judges!!

What else do these leftist ‘pro-lifers’ find so compelling about being members in these parties that conservative (read, real) Christians or Catholics, would find so compellingly positive! That is other than the fact, that they have a better chance of attaining office in lies, over Truth.

Nothing like trying to beat the Devil by swelling the ranks of Hell!.... And getting too comfortable while you’re there!

What incentive does Dion’s liberals or worse, a traitor conservative party like Steven (the Pillsbury Dough Boy) Harper, who gave every Socon on board, the bum’s rush and to a CBC covered, Party chorus of boos and middle fingers, in Elsie Wayne’s case.... have to become pro-life or pro-family when thanks to groups like CLC (who run continual paid ads in their paper of some of these pro abortion party back- bench members) they get the pro-life credit and vote, in any case.

If you want change, you have to change something in the way you do things!.... Especially, in the case of the enormous built-up inertia of politically correct, small s sacraments like abortion, State favoured no-choice- Marxist union education, homosexuality activism.

You don’t give your vote away to everything you see in the show case. You keep your powder dry until political servant comes to you in a serious disposition and commitment of ‘working’ for you.. Your party of choice needs a phone call from you telling them to make the first move or forget about your vote. Their cheques are no longer good, just like their word!

Even Mahatma Ghandi (a bigger pacifist than Christ, of a country who arguably could have done better, certainly, economically, by staying with the Commonwealth...doh!) believed and practised ‘civil disruptive disobedience’ which is exactly how the left turned the world around and became the establishment.

In a down and dirty war, where the left is wrestling for more control of our own children than our influence and believes are allowed, where they infiltrate our churches with their Marxist and union propaganda, and all but criminalize our speech and beliefs, we are not winning or going to win by always playing wishful thinking, by playing nice or Queensberry rules, of what we think a perfect citizen or perfect Christian, should act.

Lets see, civil disobedience, or living Hell, partial birth abortions, public debauchery, and open season on our children and all God’s children.
Oh, let’s go with the latter, but make banquets and speeches about it, not forgetting to pat ourselves on the back every chance we get. Don’t tell us what your doing, give us results.

In closing, thanks, LifeSite, CLC, Interim whatever... Thanks for all your stellar aid to Ontario’s and Canada’s only officially pro-life and pro- family parties which doesn’t amount to a slim nickel compared to all the ink you gave away to the officially anti-life anti-family, equally liberal parties.

And thanks official Canada pro-life institution, for all the pro-life advances you’ve made in Canada, and babies you saved, since Morgentaler pled guilty as Canada’s premier baby killer, and an unelected court jury, declared Canada’s abortion law guilty, and Morgentaler innocent.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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