Wednesday, March 14, 2007

President Bush Needs To Cut Libby's Carcass Down

The President Needs To Cut Libby’s Rotting Carcass Down.

In war, if you walk by one from your side, hanging from a tree, you cut him down.

In the longest day, the character played by John Wayne couldn’t stand to see American para-
troopers hanging from different parts of a Normandy village as his division passed through en
route to rout the Germans on D Day.

In anger, he shouted to his soldiers, who thought it best to keep moving, to cut them down now,
and to give them a good a burial as a war theatre could provide.

Certainly by the bad guys at least, it is a common war practice to display slain enemy soldiers in
hideous or grotesque fashion along paths they know enemy soldiers will be passing. This was
done purposely in order to dishearten, or put some sense of elevated fear into the enemy.

The Romans of course did the same to political enemies of the State, along with common
criminals in order to act as a deterrent to anyone thinking they might copy their ‘crimes’.

Democrats and liberals do the same (politically) as do the Republicans and conservatives, though
the latter usually has a viable reason, (with evidence) to do so.

Well, as Ed Koch recently penned, America may not have declared war on Iran, but Iran sure has
declared war on America so it goes that although the Republicans (if not conservatives) have
declared war on liberals and the Democrats they have certainly long declared war on the

What is strange is that not only Republicans and Conservatives are saying it is safe, wise and
honourable to cut down Libby now, so are Democrats, liberals and I believe even Libby’s

So why is the President hesitating here?

Is it going to bring some sense of honour to the White House to win Libby back on appeal?
Just in order, to show that the White House was right!

People don’t understand politician hidden strategies and hidden political games and certainly
with good reason because politicians of any stripe can and have dropped their directions, balked
at intentions and adapted to whatever is politically expedient for the day.

Social conservatives are punch drunk from getting sucker punched by wink wink politicians who
are just waiting for the right moment to be our knight in shining armour.

What this looks more like, coming from the White House is, “ What... the guy was dirty? We
didn’t know he was dirty? Well justice will just have to be served....Hopefully, at some point
Libby can win escape punishment if not guilt on appeal” “But we didn’t know what he was doing
on his own”.

Nixon was furious at the Watergate crew who thought they were doing him some favours, while
not acting on his orders, yet he ultimately fell on the sword of responsibility.

The White House threw Harriet Miers to the curb (admittedly after not having done any
homework whatsoever on the woman for all seasons), and couldn’t afford enough political capital
for a warm cup of dignity to ol’ Rummy as he was closing the back fire exit door behind him.

But, c’mon, this time even the enemy is saying, we’re done with this poor bugger, you can cut
him down now.

President Bush, moves in strange and mysterious ways at times, (to say the least), but loyalty runs
both ways in politics, and apparently emotions only one.

There was only One Man who could dine with the sinners while leaving His flock at the shore
and still come out being loved by both. That Man of course, was also the Son of God, not son of
George deposed King of Washington, friend of the Clintons, whores to the applauding partial-
birth defending, cripple- murdering, jackal, left.

We, social-conservatives, don’t get that kind of Washington sociol-politico ambiance, or
Presidential- let bygones be bygones, afterglow where nothing mattered before, and don’t expect
or ask for much to matter today or tomorrow.

It is civil war in America (and Canada) and in modern history conservatives have always played
by Queensberry rules, (playing into the left’s hands) like it’s all some stupid cricket game, while
liberals and the entrenched left play Ultimate Fighting, No Rules war with our families, our
children, our soldiers, and our faith.

Like the left plays by free speech rules, by not name calling, by educational choice, by choice in
labour, by the Constitutional Right to Life and liberty, by not proselytising or perverting youth in
government schools and the public square through the public media and public air waves, by not
taking away parental rights like some Nazi Socialist State.

Like... tax cuts, political shin kicks and shindigs, and newly obsessed Mexican border paranoia
measured in months, apparently the number one priorities of the right.... are going to solve
anything that’s really important for North America.

If All’s fair in War otherwise said, Nothing’s fair in War, means nothing to the Right, they should
prepare to beaten into a memory, because this next Presidential election is that precipice.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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