Sunday, March 4, 2007

Get Back To Being the Catholic Church of Christ

Get Back to Being the Catholic Church of Christ

There has recently been some writings in a National Catholic newspaper, gleefully espousing a need for the Church to be at ‘one’ with the secular world as to not be out of step with the times (paraphrased).
The truth is as far from this absurd falsehood, as it can possibly be and on every possible level.

Although the secular world is not far at all from where it was at the time of Christ, arguably worse, Christ, preceded by the rebel John the Baptist, was probably the most astonishing and effectual, rebel the world had/has ever seen no matter what people believe or don’t believe in Him, or not.

Truths and facts exist no matter and often contrary to popular or personal opinion. It makes no difference, opinion is opinion.

He did nothing in accordance with the ‘world’ or what a person of the world might expect from Him. In fact, He reminded us constantly how we could not both, be with the world, and with the ‘Father’ at the same time.

This, was/is the strongest statement of all, that the ‘meaning of life’ on earth, (both a Garden of Eden, and darkest Hell) was/is both a test to endure, not completely void of wondrous
rewards, including to love and be loved, along the way and a test to ‘finish’ with answers, before our time has runout. He even showed us the way to all the answers as the Truth, the Light and the Way.

He gave us refuge from the world in a Church to last forever, founded by his servant, Peter.

This has been the sole, or soul ‘job’ of all Peter’s successors. The duty to keep the Church as close to the teachings of Christ as though, He died for us just yesterday and didn’t He so. All our very births, were only exclaimed by the punctuation of His very Death and our souls claimed just yesterday, today, and this very second with only our approval and participation required.

We are never hurt by the Church as a force and fortress of Christ in general terms (in other words, individual world championed infiltrators not withstanding) but, the world has factually proven to be one human disaster after another, by plan, by force, by circumstance, by nature(s) of the world.

How can there be refuge from the world in a Church that would have anything basically in common with the world, or a Church that has grown so far from its roots, there is nothing substantial or dependable that can found within its doors?

Many people though not all, who come to Christ have been all but destroyed and devastated by the 'world' often at the hand or with aid of other ‘people of the world’. They have some understanding of Christ or they wouldn’t be there at all, and they have experienced first- hand an understanding of the 'world' the Father, competes with. It is not the 'world' they can find answers or lasting healing in.

If there are absolutes the universal and eternal Church should firmly grasp onto, and surely there are some, or nothing at all matters..... would they not include these...

Abortion or the murdering of babies is one of the greatest and most easily avoidable evils of the world, period....where no one is fought except oneself, sided by the world.

The secular idea of ‘taking’ substantial amounts of money from those better off, to give to those not so well off is stealing and wrong. Sacrifice and sharing were two of many themes in the Gospels, though ‘taking’, either by personal theft or proxy of electoral approval, is never mentioned in any suggestion, or hint of approval.

That the spirit should ever have to rely on monetary, or worldly goods is never put forth, and certainly not to Christ’s own servants, the Apostles.....and that it were, Ask and ye shall receive or ye shall be healed.

The secular choice of ‘keeping’ or hoarding vast amounts of money for the sole sake of personal attainment is an abhorrent, immoral act and crime against humanity....a point solidly and inexcusably, made more than once in the Gospels

That the secular Marxist-unionist practice of extortion and violence is not a Christian principle or practice of any kind to be condoned at any time.

That the laying down of one’s life ( "No greater love" to do so) is sometimes necessary and certainly came to be so, with the Great Wars of good vs. evil in which Christian Churches led by pastors, throughout the free world prayed feverishly for a quick and decisive victory over evil and the return of families to their homes, and peace time, state.

That the Body and Blood of Christ is the Body and Blood of Christ on the faith of His Word alone and such always be treated and regarded as such!
That worldly idolatries and obsessions such as worldly entertainment, socialism, Marxism, and especially modern idolatries such as environmentalism, have no place and are no substitution for anything in the Christian Church of the Eternal Living Son, Ghost and Father, Creator and Healer of all ‘environments’ and the universe, or they are nothing.

Paul Gordon

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