Tuesday, December 25, 2007

With Pro-Life Friends Like Tunns and CLC, Who ,,,

With Pro-Life Friends Like Tunns, CLC and Lifesite …Who Needs Enemies.

Having just read the add-on editor comment to a couple of mild rebuttals to their recent full-out attack on the FCP and in particular, the leader, Giuseppe Gori, in Interim's last issue of 07.… I am of course, not surprised.

Tunns is too young and too inexperienced in all things media, politics and even logical opinion

If Tunns new politics at all ( he claims to be an expert political strategist at that) he would not have been led by the nose by the likes of liberal, and conservative politicians, their parties and possibly Hughes, himself through the many years CLC and Lifesite have been in ‘business’ while making no head-way on pro-life advancement, what-so -ever.

Anyone who knows politics at all…in fact, anyone who can read, watch or listen to the media at all would know the pro-life movement has been double-crossed every single election since abortion was allowed on demand in Canada and the CLC came into existence.

Up until recent elections, populist conservative and liberal parties who have long made politics a ‘business’ (like some charities make charity a long- haul ‘business’) in the provinces and on the federal scene, ‘TOLERATED’ …helloooo… ambitious politicians who represented themselves genuinely or disingenuously as pro-life usually Catholic politicians.

Of course, no one can remember the last time Catholicism, crossed the threshold of a musty cluster of parliament buildings no matter how many Judas’s skipped thru.

Paying for Interim ads like all the phoney politicians did in this same issue of the Interim does not a good politician make. Nor, does voting for an asinine socialist finance Bill put forth by the most anti-life party of all the NDP Marxist party. More so, when you (and the whole sad state of Canada) knows your nay would have defeated the party dead in its tracks that would pass the pro homo marriage merely scheduled for the very next week!

Good going, Tom Whappel, desert your family, then the pro-family movement, then your religion. How much do you pay for those Interim ads anyway? And I thought you were leaving politics? But, hey, the politicians over at CLC and Interim believe you’ve done a stellar job while producing zilch in good, but self advancement.

Stockwell Day has an ad in this same issue too, along with other phoneys. The same Stockwell Day who shed his pro-life clothes the day he signed on for Prime Minister contention. The same goofy Day who was at the federal conservative convention with Harper, that booed Else Wayne, off the stage for even carrying a pro-life historic air around her. It sounded like a rather impressive unanimous and resounding boo CBC broadcast across the nation that tell-tale day.

Let’s cut a long factual educational story short. Status quo is the same people voting the same way for the same people for the same parties as CLC would have it, resulting in the same thing to the pleasure of the world. Politics is a dirty ugly business. There has been nothing noble or good done in politics in years. Politics is of the world and owes its bread and life-blood to ‘populism’ not Christianity. Don’t ever elevate Canadian main stream-political parties to anything above populism, Marxism and the world.

Don’t ever elevate politics or the world above the very basics of morality and Christianity. In these days of unmatched, hedonism, greed, and narcissism don’t put your personal mark for any ’PARTY’ aka all the main stream parties that offers you little, or much, in exchange for your ’Soul’. There is one universe, one God, one eternity, and a hundred specks of hedonist countries of sand…just like Canada that have chosen and made their modern alliance with the world.

It is not politics or CLC and like organizations that changed attitudes in recent years. It’s the truth of Show the Truth Signs that CLC, Tunns, family and friends have attacked for the sake of their ego-slanted ‘opinions‘.

It is groups like Rosemary O’connel’s veterans of the trenches, and their American counterparts. who visit schools and get the only message of truth across to the youth that the Catholic Church or so-called Catholic School ’Boards’ (who have many pro abortion Marxists on the payroll), can not…………. or will not.

Like teenagers are going to pick up the Interim newspaper anywhere let alone subscribe.

Any movement including Catholicism is only as good and as strong as it’s youth is good and strong. Like the Catholic Church, the CLC need leave the dead to bury the dead and to praise the dead,

In closing, look to the States where politics has long been an ‘art‘ played by the masters.. The American Christians have had enough of the worldly political leaders the world picks and their political phoniness. They were short-changed from Reagan. They were short-changed and disappointed from Bush, who at least gave them a few judges if he would only grant them a long distance phone call on their national march for life.

Now, they have made it clear they will vote for political unknowns from the literal wilderness as long as they perceive them to be honest about their Christianity.

The Truth as it is most apparent is the best you can do and to not vote at all where the world has already proven itself, time and time again to be devious.

But hey, who am I? Ask Dr. James Dobson who will vote against the Republican Party should they run a complete immoral idiot brand of conservative like Guilianni as their Presidential candidate what his ‘political strategy’ is? But, of course he doesn’t make his living surfing the net, like Lifesite.

And speaking of not being true to the Magisterium as Tunns et al accuse Show The Truth people, I wonder if the Holy Father (had he the opportunity) would ever put his mark of approval for the officially pro abortion Liberal, Conservative or NDP parties of Canada and the pro abortion pro homosexual judges they appoint, as the CLC would have others do? Or would he ‘run’ for said parties as so called Christians and Catholics do?

Smell the coffee, Tunns, family, and CLC……. and then grow-up a bit.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, December 2, 2007

No Need To Look Under Rocks For Mulroney Tran

No Need To Look Under Rocks For Mulroney Transgressions

If there is one thing uniquely Canadian idiotic, it’s how we highly regard and respect (some worship) slime, just for the sake of their notoriety. I guess when you’re so falsely patriotic, and hard up for a good guy from anywhere, for anything…well, what can you do when you’re born post WWII with a liberal red leaf stamped on your rear-end?

Henry Morgentaler rips babies from wombs for a living when he’s not dribbling spit while muttering incoherently to (thankfully) increasingly rarer microphones.

Yet, Doc. Sinister is idolized by controlling modern feminist socialists (referred to by the normally sedate Cardinal Ambrozic as bitches,) simply because he filled the bill for a twisted narcisstic era of historically un-paralleled raw hedonism.

(I mean the religion editor for Canada’s largest Marxist daily newspaper, the Toronto Star was Tom Harpur during this same era. Nuff said about the whole Canadian culture and values thing There’s your fifty year snap-shot.)

University of London (ont.) even gives that ferret some kind of law award or other. For what….breaking it, and then having it changed to allow for baby, earth- removals, on demand. Hank, couldn’t you leave the concentration camp horrors, in the past instead of taking it out on Canadian women and babies, now….I mean didn’t you ever consider some kind of mental issues help, Hank?

I mean this really makes sense! Naxis kill Jews, (and a heck of a lot of Polish Christians as well) in horrible fashion, so a young Morgentaler avenges to take it out later in life, on innocent babies. No issues there!

Conrad Black is worshipped for being the mother of all Canadian egotists, more so, than for being one of the most successful money makers (many in the know use the adjective, ruthless in regards to his acquisitions and dumping) in Canadian history.

And the ‘greatest of all Canadian egos’ is no small feat during the live(s) and times of Jean Chr├ętien, Miran (the chin) Bulroney, Dierre Turd-eau the Nazi and commie lover, and now the Pillsbury Doughboy his self, Stephen Harper.

Of course, Canada’s most respected and revered lawyer makes his great wealth defending the people who need it the most, the guilty and the slime balls. If only he would put his talents to good…say prosecuting these slime balls instead of defending them, primarily through bullying and intimidation.

Of course, those tactics went over like a lead balloon in the land of the Untouchables…. much to Black’s great chagrin and shareholders further rape of monies paid for Black’s play.

It has been reported that said lawyer once stopped a case at the initial investigative stage through intimidation, a feat unprecedented by political interference. It involved Mcdonald’s Canada’s CEO’s granddaughter’s enfant, and a tortuous scalding death….

Initially, it was ruled suspicious by detectives, but the investigation was killed at the exhumation of the body stage, after said lawyer (with groupie media entourage always at the ready) was hired into the Shakespearian tragedy.

But enough of murderers, Scrooges and Marleys, onto Mulroney, a character all in his own right, and greatness in his own mind.

Why look under rocks for creepy crawlers when the Mulroney’s Canadian Shield is painted with florescent green slime.

Just google the guy. See Dick run…see Dick brag…see Dick plan… See Dudley Do-right cover up….. See Dick fall

Of course, it’s probably all legal. Lawyers make the laws, rule on the laws, and change the laws as they are best suited to lawyers, not to citizens.

But look up unethical in the dictionary and Mulroney has to lead the pack.
He starts his career in a patent, and trademark law firm.

His government passes a law that drug companies can extend patents patent protection years beyond their due dates, including expensive cancer drugs, to add billions and billions to their coiffeurs. Ostensibly, this preventing of cheap generic drugs (the actual costs of the cheap chemicals) is so Drug Companies, can research and invent new drugs.

Hey, give me 5 billion dollars in advance and I’ll bet I can hire the right people without the profit for share holders, and come up with more ‘wonder drugs’ than they will…then they did!

So Mulroney’s term finishes, and he’s appointed to more company directorships than even Satan can bi-locute to, including surprise, surprise…golly….surprise…. a drug company.

How about an inquiry into these kinds of ‘ethics’, and for any Prime Minister, or Premier, not just the best at it?

Include the party Whip (at the time) in the questioning, and any Cab. Ministers or two bit M. P.s still alive and not living in the Cayman Isles‘.

Blarney Mulroney and his good pretend Irish buddy, Reagan were the first (but hardly the last) to give social conservatives the heave- ho after pretending to be their best friend. And so what, indeed… like we have big egos, or work rooms in great pretension. But, what we ‘primarily’ stand for is babies lives without the bull and especially without the politics. wherever politics are found.

And what the Hell else has the world and especially Canada, got left to offer that is good!

Paul Gordon

Muhammad Lower Than a Warm Camel Paddy On

Muhammad Lower Than a Warm Camel Paddy on The Mid-day Desert Sand

The Drudge Report has been featuring a picture of Arab Muslims amassing in insanely evil poses the last few days.

This mob comes across like the ‘night of the living dead’ with their Zombie like blank stares and their wielding of three foot long head chopping broad swords towards the sky.

(Gee guys you don’t have to break into a sweat or break a manicured nail and still look good for the girls at the co-ed gyms, if you do an RCMP mob m.o. and simply call on Sparky zap her. Yah Yah I know not enough blood for you big brave heathen savages).

If you didn’t know this part of the world you would never in a million years suspect that the object of their intense hatred and chants of death would be a woman and a teddy bear.

Here is someone’s daughter risking her life to begin with, by just being there. However, here’s her real crime. Thinking like a normal serious and dedicated teacher from the rest of the civilized world who don’t kill, torture and mutilate their women folk, she committed a most hideous crime.

She tried to endear herself to her students whom she was obviously close to, by naming a class teddy bear Muhammad, like anyone’s daughter in the past might have (and did) name a teddy bear Whinny or Roosevelt or after a multitude of any of the Saints (when Catholicism was Catholicism).

There have been many video scenes of violence played in the media that Muslim fanatics have perpetrated on the free world and on their own, during nothing more than attempted power grabs and adolescent bravado dares, to impress tribes of various sizes.

Bin Laden and his crew were like giddy teenagers when they were secretly videotaped recanting 9/11. But this scene that even defies tribal instinct of wanting to kill this teacher was a gut ‘wretcher’ all of it’s own. And what of the safety of the children in this ‘news item’, particularly the female children.

I’ve had it with this crap. And if this is what Islam is about, this is what I’m about.

No woman or child should be a member of Islam as long as Muhammad is the focus of Islam. It’s not that extremists make up the sicknesses of Muhammad. They are right and they are true to the faith. Muhammad’s rise was like any other rise of backward tribal rule, by force, by killing and by controlling. He was also a pedophile who ‘married’ a little girl, and naturally had no respect for females….gee ya think.

Where is all the angst amongst North American Muslims over the hideous things their ‘home base’ (a stones throw to Mecca and rape victims), comes up with and carries out on a daily basis?

What of the women? Do the men perform lobotomies on you as children that you don’t try to escape them with your children every chance you get.

But, here’s the real crux of the matter. You as Muslim women, can call Islam whatever you want, You can believe Islam is whatever you want. Certainly, and unfortunately, millions of liberated Catholics call Catholicism whatever they want.

You can call yourself peaceful and loving and that you don’t care what the infidels think. And I’m sure many of you are. But you can’t take away the facts of what the man Muhammad was, what he believed in, and what he had written. And what the extremists are right in their perverted way to follow in order to call themselves true Muslims.

If you want a new wine of Islam, a new life of Islam true to the one God, get a new skin to hold it in, because to call on Muhammad is to validate people you should have little in common with and should detest as much as any other sane person in the world does.

The cowards who chant death to the school teacher are assured to meet Muhammad again. In Hell where they all belong!

No you won’t hear this from any of my fellow Canadians of the day, but you would have heard it from my father and his father and anyone who fought the same kind of evil that is carried on now, and in the name of peace and love.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

'Real Enlightenment': Read It and Weep From 1963

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Read it and Weep from 1963
The following was copied from the Congressional Record **in 1963**. You will note that all that came to past didn’t ‘just happen’. Also, the communist plan sure reads like the liberal parties (by any name including fiscal conservative) and culture of today and that McCarthy had it down pretty ‘tight’.
Restoring America… One Friend… One Neighborhood… One School, At A Time…
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Source: Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35January 10, 1963
Thursday, January 10, 1963——————————————————————————–
Mr. HERLONG. Mr. Speaker, Mrs. Patricia Nordman of De Land, Fla., is an ardent and articulate opponent of communism, and until recently published the De Land Courier, which she dedicated to the purpose of alerting the public to the dangers of communism in America.
At Mrs. Nordman’s request, I include in the RECORD, under unanimous consent, the following “Current Communist Goals,” which she identifies as an excerpt from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen:
1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.
2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.
3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.
4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.
5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.
6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.
7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.
8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.
9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.
10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.
11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)
12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.
13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.
15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.
34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.
36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.
38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].
39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.
40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.
42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [”]united force[”] to solve economic, political or social problems.
43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.
44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.
45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.
Note: The Congressional Record has only been digitized for years 1983 to Present, which are available on the Internet at http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/aces/aaces190.html
Each state university library is a federal repository and an excellent source for the Congressional Record and other government records.
Congressional Representatives can also supply page copies of the Congressional Record to their constituents that ask for specific information.
Microfilm: State University Library Federal RepositoriesCongressional Record, Vol. 10988th Congress, 1st SessionAppendix Pages A1-A2842Jan. 9-May 7, 1963Reel 12State University Libraries will also have the book.
Book title page:Skousen, W. Cleon. Naked Communist, TheSalt Lake City, Utah: Ensign Publishing Co.C. 1961, 9th edition July 1961.
my comment: In both WWI and WWII the American Government fought on the side of the Communists. Despite the “cold war” that followed, the goals of the communists were steadfastly imposed upon the American people. As Americans (the Protectors of the Constitution), we must ask ourselves,…
“What kind of leaders have we elected?”“How could it be that Americans have so blindly followed corrupt politicians?”“How can Americans even assume that we are still a free people?”Men who believe that they are free when in reality they are mere slaves are to be pitied more than those who know that they are slaves.
Wake up countryman, wake up and wake up your neighbor also! Those repugnant servants have sold out the American people, and have made their (communist) goals “current”.
These 45 communist goals are a matter of public record - we have no excuse; worse, our ‘humble servants’ have known, or should have known, these goals since 1963!
None of the 45 Communist Goals were in full effect in 1963, as I read them today - I can count 41 of them as ‘done deals’. Just read them… again, and see what YOU think.
The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto Translated1919 – Communist Rules for Revolution
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's People..You Know.. Who Make Countries Communist

It’s People ..You Know.. Who Make Countries Communist

It wasn’t famous evil communists who actually enshrined communism into whole nations and Godless socialism into international political correctness.

It was the citizenry who did, exactly. and as self-righteously as communist leaders claim.
Communists, one part of the Marxist genre empowered themselves only by knowing the human condition as well as Christ did.

Only (and understated)…. socialists used citizen’s need for greed, for guiltless immorality, for control over other’s fortunes and lives, and need for social acceptance… for their own various gains… rather than for good.

Karl Marx, the most infamous Anti-Christ to date, despised Christianity because it was his only natural enemy. Marxism may not co-exist with capitalist economies, unless like modern communist China, there is a nation of dutiful enslaved workers (that won‘t last), however, only the notion of Christianity speaks indirectly or directly against Marxism, (or at least… used to).

Even the modern United States, last defender against Marxism has various and bountiful socialist popular aspects to it as seen in the popularity of the Democrat Party.

Ironically, and a tribute to people’s ignorance or self-denial, Socialist leaders don’t really believe in a citizen state unless they are leading it. Lenin had Trotsky killed, Stalin had countless communist rivals killed. Labour union leaders will eat even other locals of the same union. So much for idealism and ‘brother and sisterhood‘.

I say self-denial because in Canada for instance there are no ‘mainstream’ political parties who are not socialist to a great degree, including so-called conservative parties, yet the purist of socialist parties, the NDP, once proudly self-named officially socialist, has never had real or lasting success unless they didn’t act like socialist-lites.

The basic humanist principal behind attaining socialist power is to give the people ‘all they want’ and failing that, at least the ‘optics’ that they are getting all they want, I.e., free health care, free education, free housing, free pensions, etc.

As if these infamous financial misnomers, are not bad enough whereas poor and middle income working Canadians at the end of every single day, take home less than fifty cents on their earned dollar….. Socialists granted people’s desires a little farther just for insurance.

Though financial or ‘benefit’ gain is apparently enough to make millions of so-called Catholics in Canada (and the U.S.) vote in total denial to Christ and elect fragrant anti-Christian governments the added incentive to vote in de facto socialist governments and leaders is the notion of ‘guilt-free’ laws loosed on earth by elected humanists.

If it is legal to perform and receive repeat abortions and at a rate comparable to prescribed birth control, it must be ‘moral‘ to mankind…. Furthermore, if the abortion industry is privy to special protection laws and to all manner of media ‘victim’ propaganda it is an industry that requires great political correct sympathy and highly albeit greatly suspect…. compassion.

If it is legal to have wide-spread, cross-media, public performances and parades centered on so-called, and propaganda blitzed ‘victimless’ sexual deviancy and perversion then it must me moral.

Everyone is talking about it, everyone is doing it, and it’s all legal complete with special protections now….ergo, it too must be moral, just formally misunderstood.

Furthermore, sexual deviancies must have some positive attributes because it is ‘so’ moral now that it should be desirable to have sexual deviancy as a centered ‘lifestyle’ and positive protected reason for adoption. Western socialism actually surpassed Eastern socialism on this vote gathering modern moral enlightenment.

Of course, the only socialist backed phenomena that ever stirred the Canadian Catholic Church from its lifeless deep coma wasn’t Catholic youth education. being handed over to the Marxists, or men being legally protected to take teen-age boys to Catholic ’must- go-on’ proms, or the highest rate in history of divorced Catholics, and Catholic never- married single moms, or the highest rate of Catholic ‘fixed’ females and males in history, or of course years and years of millions of butchered helpless Catholic and protestant babies.

No, the only thing that stirred the Canadian Catholic Church awake (at least for a few months) was the legal passing of the marriage of homosexuals.

In light of all the Church’s past inaction one can’t help but cynically suspect, that the Church acted reasonably forceful on this issue, only because of the fear that one day priests will indeed be forced into the humiliation of having to ‘perform’ at such farcical ceremonies…

A day when the Church will really be seen for its minimalist efforts and how it impacts on modern culture, humanism, the electing of Christian government and, yes…indirect election of Christian law, which goes hand and hand with political elections.

Why indeed would God have helped those, who would make no efforts to help themselves and the cause of good, but rather effectually stand back, and ‘let it ride’, like a Marxist out-of control government, owned lottery?
If He did help them, would they not consider they are doing, and have done...... enough?

If He won’t help Canada, He sure won’t help her government obedient and servant- church.

The Church can choose to lead its lambs the way Christ did, and with definitive and confident rightous authority… or it can continue to standby and let the Marxists 'use' Christ’s lambs with the same knowledge of the weak human condition Christ knows.

If there is no one to lead, there is only their own desires and morals to follow. Christianity isn't a philosophy. It's the Truth! And, so, why is the Church like Pontius Pilate asking, 'What is the Truth?' with Christ 'standing' bruised and battered before him....... and likewise, a Crucified Christ (hopefully), somewhere on the Altar, in every Catholic Church in Canada.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lifesite and CLC Blast.....FCP?

Lifesite And CLC Blast ......FCP?

A hushed simmering battle between FCP and the paid salary staff at CLC
and lifesite is frothing more to the top these days.

As recent as Friday Oct 26/07 lifesite and CLC are ‘telling’ the FCP what the FCP’s role ‘should’ have been during the recent Ontario election, (where of course, thousands of ‘Catholics’) voted- in the liberal party into a stronger majority than ever held before.

If you’re wondering wherein did the CLC (with all its changes, through the years, but little successes) become the sole self-proclaimed arbiter of the Canadian pro-life movement as was I....well they tell you that, too in and amongst, the dicing of Giuseppe Gori, the unpaid true hero of the actual pro-life movement in Ontario.

It seems the current crop over at CLC formed the FCP in the womb, before the FCP new themselves. Maybe they did, but the bastardizing has only been recent.

Jim Hughes hasn't seemed to be running things over at CLC in years now. And maybe that’s a good thing because like a politician he’s usually talking out of both sides of his mouth.
I remember Jim phoning me up one day a few years ago, and tersely telling me not to have a protest over St. Michaels Boy’s Choir performing their annual high-end, fundraising concert for Oshawa General Hospital, the largest eastern provider of abortions in Ontario, between Toronto and Ottawa.

It seems the Toronto Archdiocese, then under Ambrozic and Scorizone didn’t much approve of that sort of thing. (In fact, a certain priest at St. Marys in Oshawa and spiritual advisor to my wife ordered her (by authority of her spiritual advisor) not to go ahead with the protest, under orders given to him straight from the top at the Diocesan office.

I wonder if one of the sources of CLC’s revenue was/is from the Toronto Diocese, as long, of course, as the CLC doesn’t do anything stronger than the limp-wristed Toronto Diocese, would do itself.

Anyway, in regards to that incident we held our ground. St, Michaels said they were not going to go ahead with the concert out of concern for the well-being of the boys (yeah right, we were strong Catholics loyal to the Papacy, not Marxist nut bars, union thugs, or Catholic school teachers all of whom the modern Catholic Canadian Church does support).

I guess they (St. Michaels and the Toronto Diocese) lost their so- called concern over the boys, shortly, because they went ahead with ‘their’ concert to support the largest abortuary between Toronto and Ottawa, yet again. Gee, I would have loved to have heard that school bus, pep talk.
So, we went ahead with our protest as usual without a CLC keyboardist, this side of the sun on our side. St. Michaels never did another (at least a publicly advertized) concert for that abortuary, again.

I do know that CLC received advertising dollars from so called Catholic lawyer candidates who ran exclusively for popular solidly pro-abortion parties they knew, or ought to have known, they as back bench candidates had no chance of changing. (How many wasted years has that put the pro-life movement and countless babies lives back, CLC??)

Anyway 'popular pro-abortion party' candidates sure shelled for Catholic votes to get those three term rich legislative pensions, didn't they?

I do know that the pro-life situation in Ontario and Canada has only worsened from the first day CLC has been in ‘funded business’ until now.

I do know that the only thing that has begun to change attitudes in North America is the Show the Truth Signs that Lifesite/ CLC have both not supported and at times attacked.

I do know that CLC’s firm long- held policy of supporting the ‘candidate’, not the party has factually been a complete and utter failure except for the likes of politicians, CLC helped get elected to do absolutely nothing in their pro-abortion parties.

Can we get full disclosure of all CLC’s donations by the way.

They CLC were backing Stockwell Day and Harper when I and others with half our brain tied behind our backs were shouting from the mountain tops what phonies both these political hucksters, were already showing themselves to be.

And why would CLC and Lifesite be against proportional elections so strongly...a true democratic process, and the only way of getting a pro-life voice on legislative floors? Like Harper, McGuinty, Tory, Chretien...any of them would ever have given the floor to a pro-life party member !! (Though they'll sure take votes whereever they can hoodwink them!) I mean are you people really that stupid or just play it on TV.

The only thing I can think of, is that it might draw from some of the pro-abortion parties your star (phony) candidates might have traditionally relied on!

The whole office at CLC and Lifesite needs a shaking up from top to bottom or they should financially be forced to become irrelevant rather than actually be harmful to the pro-life cause in Canada.

Canadian pro-lifers used to vote for conservatives because it was understood that the conservative parties represented conservatism, ( pro-life pro-family values) Like the conservative ‘out and out’ political parties CLC and Lifesite make a squeak now and then but by and large, have drifted to the other side tempted by politics, individual egos, and funding.

Again, what babies have been saved in Canada over the large number of years, thanks to CLC and Lifesite people sitting at their desks, paste and copying pro-life world news-sites and banquet tables tossing the odd platitude, but mostly ignoring and chastising the Show the Truth movement, while congratulating themselves for a job not so well done in factual history?.

Show the Truth and more Importantly, Practice the Truth.....CLC and the Canadian Cath. Church.

Neither the Holy Father nor Dr. Dobson agree with your obviously flawed political strategy to date (not to imply you actually ever had or will have a 'plan'!)

Who can possibly care for your egos and bloody politics over the life of one bloodied baby?

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

More People "Pray For Life, Than Voted for It

More People "Pray" For Life, Than Voted It

What a joke.... Ontario Catholics! Take Ajax/Pickering and Whitby, Please!

More ‘Catholics’ attend one Mass at the Churches in Whitby and Ajax/ Pickering on a weekday than voted for the ‘only’ pro-life/ pro-family party that ran this election in these Ridings.

A Party that basically consists of Catholics loyal to the Pope, and certainly run by Catholics, loyal to the Pope. (The federal counterpart being FCP with more Christian content)

" St. Michael, the Archangel, protect us from the wickedness and snares of the Devil, but not at the cost of our freebies like daycare and expensive union funding freebies" is the new prayer for the unborn!

FCP wasn’t/isn’t the only party that is pro-life and pro-family in Ontario. They are the only party that isn’t actively working against the lives of the innocent and the destruction of the family.

Oh check that! McGuinty just named a new ‘labour stat.’ for ice fishers and ski-doers, (like that means a lot to families) in the dead of winter.

What’s he going to call it, besides McGuinty Day, like he would like it known, (don't kid yourself), Population Reduction Day? Homo’s are Parents Too, Day?

Stellar work, Toronto Archdiocese.. and I really admire that education and health policy from the new Bishop, Tommy Who? Sweet!!

Hey, is camera- happy Suzy still running things over there?

Keep holding your breath babies! The Canadian Church is still working up the courage to spit and be anonymous.

Oh, the Ontario/Canada Church wants respect? Do something to earn it other than incorporate, or follow, limp-wristed secular politics and political correctness, and keep being cowards.

Do you know what Priests did in the days of the Cure D'Ars, people's government days when the Church leadership was held hostage to polictical correctness of the day?

They went underground and kept allegiance to the Holy See and in those days, they did it under threat of death or imprisonment, not just being laughed at, or unpopular.... Like good Priests wouldn't be supported by an underground after leaving their comfy rectory digs, big screens and satelite signals.

You can file this under "Show The Truth" written- word-wise....
with apologies to none, but the unborn for never doing enough.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Canadian Elections Are Canadian Life

Here it is, Catholic Ontarians. Truth is Very Simple, Self Evident, and Requires Courage

You vote for a liberal, you’re voting for abortion status quo...the rampant killing of babies

You vote for a liberal, you’re voting for an anti-family pro secular and status quo of pro- public perversity.

You vote for a ‘conservative’ you’re voting for exactly the same.

You vote for a New Democrat, you’re voting for an increase in the status quo of baby killing and erosion of freedom of speech and more failed Marxist enforced government policy.

And you’re not just voting for a party. You are voting for an entrenched establishment of party government employees including judges at all levels.

And no, you don’t put your mark, your support behind the best of three devils, if you have no pro life *Party in your riding.

Yes, I’ve heard it all, "Well, the parties are all bad, so I may as well vote for the party who is going to give me the most _________________.
Well, this ________________ may be different to everyone, because it is ‘political’, but your 30 pcs. of ___________ means the killing of babies which should mean the same to everyone.

Babies, children, families are not to be mistreated at the hands of government for the benefit of the selfish.

They are to be served by government and belong in the domain of God not in the politics of the selfish and self- centeredness.... never so surpassed in history, as the present.

Then they say, "Well, I know there is the FCP, but they will never get in" Of course, they won’t, when thousands of selfish voters have the same excuse. What they really mean is, the FCP can’t give me my __________ like the liberals or the (pseudo) conservatives or the new democrats can, so to hell with babies, to hell with children, and to hell with families.

Let’s not mince words or b.s. around the bush. There is new trend in all industries and social services, put out by ‘consultants’. It’s goes, ‘we must never place blame anywhere or on anyone,.instead, we must make every experience a teaching/learning experience. Even if they keep making the same mistakes we can’t blame anyone for anything.

The real reason in the secular world is that it is hard to fire people anymore, and it is very expensive thanks to powerful lawyers and unions.

Corporations and governments are willing to take their chances on ‘risk management’ then to fire someone totally incompetent, and unqualified for a position. The Walkerton boys weren’t even fired until it was thoroughly reviewed by lawyers, never mind face criminal charges.

The only reason for dismissal of a unionized teacher is a criminal ‘conviction’.

So this is how liberals and conservatives get re-elected. Nobody blames anyone for voting for the politically-correct idiots, or evil ego- maniacs, that have been in power since I was born and earlier.

How can a Christian community flourish when the whole core of society including a ‘majority’ of ‘Catholics’ votes for anti-Christian parties therein included a complete anti-Christian ‘establishment’ from law, to family, to ‘legal’ very perverse cultures and lifestyles?

If you say ‘nothing’ when you know this to be true. And you are looked up to in the Christian community..... you are a despicable coward and servant to the ‘world’ as likely your Bishop, not to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, or our Lady.

Now, for a teaching/learning experience you might tell your parishioners in the coming years what a great job you all did in preventing all the more babies from being killed, their families from being broken up, and their children from being perverted when Catholics vote in the liberals yet again and all for 'political' cowardice of the Church and Catholic voter personal ________!

Countless earthly recorded and heavenly rewarded Saints gave their lives for their faith in the Word of Christ exclaiming the Word of the One God alone. Now Priests fear to use freedom of speech lest they be what...fired! Lest they be blamed the Church might be extorted into paying taxes to Caesar. Pay the tax, win the people and defend God's domain.

How can you believe the House of God will not resist the tax of the government if it will resist the very Gates of Hell as we are promised?

Tear it down if needbe and there is nothing on the otherside of the brick walls. This time the people will rebuild it in three days for the Glory of the Son the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

McGuinty the Hypocrite

McGuinty the Hypocrite

So McGuinty is shouting and ranting in the liberal news- byte how Ontario welcomes all people of the world to be taught together in harmony in the same school.

What a load of cola commercial?

Meanwhile, he is a typical lawyer party leader with his own kids going through ‘private’ Catholic school. Private schools, that all parents could and would choose if only they had education vouchers a hundred times less expensive and a hundred times more choice than the present education system.

His McGuinty's kids will never have to worry about gangs, drugs et al, like all the parents of the world in the GTA.

And, how many Premiers and Prime-sinisters come from Marxist politically correct GTA public and Catholic (same thing) School boards?? And no, St. Michaels Boys School is not a public school.

The best thing for struggling single mothers is to have the best schools for their fatherless kids.... nest ce’pas? Of course, that would put an end to the Liberal political cycle, wouldn’t it.

By the way, McGuinty, and in quite contrast to you, I'm told your father was publicly pro-life, or was he just a hypocrite off the young son.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Education Issue Ontario

Education Issue In Ontario Election

Ehhh! All ‘big’ social liberal parties get the education issue all wrong! And not because they don’t know it, or because they want what’s best for your kids, but because they think it’s what you want to hear, (politically correct) hence the best chance of winning votes.

When was the last time a lawyer politician put his kids through the sacred cow ‘Marxist’ public system that he maintains everyone else’s kids should go through??

The one, where the only teacher who gets fired, is the one who is found guilty in a ‘criminal court’ of murder or molesting children.

Here’s the straight skinny on the education issue. As also seen in the U.S.A. (with the same results) the current worst, and least flexible system, is the public system and speaking first hand, the Catholic education system is also the ‘public system’. ..Okay, if you want to split hairs, then the ‘Catholic’ public system would even come out beneath the secular public system in Ontario where in fact, I, a traditional Catholic, sent a few of my own kids for (required university courses)...to the secular public system.

I actually found the secular system, to be more caring, polite and friendly than the Catholic system, having attended a mechanical course there myself.

At least, the secular public system makes no false pretenses on what it is about, or what to expect little Johnny to be believing in, when he graduates highschool. Neither, secular Johnny or Catholic School Johnny is going to be going right to church, from Catholic Public Schools or Secular Public Schools.

You can ask the Toronto Diocese, yourself, but they have a thing about questions and more of a thing about answers.... and responsibility.

When you join public education, you join big law education, big political education, and big union education!

Big law education means big expense education. Nothing spells risk management like lawyers and militant unions... run amuck.

You’re into $150,000 dollar principals who never look up from their monitor, (except to make sure everyone is doing something politically correct) early attained and early retired $65,000 plus teachers, and having small 7 class room schools ‘cleaned’ for over $150,000 labour (with benefits) alone. In fact, I know I was one! So, Momma tell your children, not to...(never mind)

Is there anyone reading this who could think of someone who could adequately clean if not do a better job than 2 union janitors on an ‘eight’ classroom school for $150,000 a year with combined ten weeks vacation off plus stats. and all the free materials and machines you needed??

Keep in mind, that because of ‘risk management’ janitors are not to even dream of a minor maintenance repair, like changing a vacuum cleaner plug end or raise any status- quo bars.

Of course, Ontario, everyday voters don’t know any better. They never lived anything different!

If you’re raised and taught like a monkey, you think monkeys are the most secure thing there is, if not the best.

Unionized socially liberal monkeys originating from Marxist pseudo intellectuals teach you that monkey unions and monkey liberals are the safest and best bet around and that’s why it was so long convincing people that there is no such thing as free health care, or free education.

Not to mention, that abortion is killing of babies and that sexual deviancy is sexual deviancy with consequences.

How about, "The most important thing is to vote". No, sometimes the most important thing is not to vote. If your choices are Devil One, Devil Two, or Devil Three, and you can’t wrap your conscience around any of them. Do you hold out and make known what you want and wait for them to come looking for you or do you keep the devil and status quo going in perpetuality?

Especially, if babies are being killed willy nilly and children’s innocence is destroyed earlier every election.

When you see some big traditional cards fall around you like giant dominos, like ohh, actual education taught, like universal programs, like the family unit, like responsible adults, like organized religion, like law and order, like children’s safety and innocence, do you think you might question everything else.......duh!

No, lets vote for the same old, same old, same old .... and worse. Are we all ‘growed- up’ adults here, or big self- centred kid sheeple, just the way lawyer politicians like us.

Jewish brothers..... believe me..... you do not want public funded education. Ask any priest or bishop in private, as to what they think of public funding and the Catholic School System!

We need vouchers with a capital V for freedom of students and parents to attend any kind of private and competitive school they desire, or to be home-schooled and to attain academic excellence in their own way on their own time with their money in their own pockets....not, government, administrators, consultants, principals or unions ( the education industry).

V for victory and common sense in academia. V for vibrant and very inexpensive public funded education. Simple is inexpensive. B.S. on top of ‘Consultive’ B.S. is very expensive.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catholic Church Spit on By Toronto Catholic School Board

How can the Toronto Catholic School Board approve a policy whereas they will no longer stop (union) homosexual teachers, married or single from being hired and teaching ‘Catholic’ school children ?

And what would you expect from front-line militant- union-goons, and countless $100 k- plus, liberal pontificators, very very few of both, whom actually attend Sunday Mass..... less still of those, who agree with the very basics of Catholic doctrine.

Where is the Toronto Archdiocese?

Where was the Toronto Archdiocese during the legal heresy of the Mark Hall affair which involved a ‘forced’ prom that had to welcome and entertain an ‘adult’ homosexual man-friend of a teen-age boy?

If the Diocese wants no say in the education of ‘Catholic’ children anymore it is (imperative) that the Church demand the word ‘Catholic’ be stricken from Ontario School Boards!.

In addition the Province Quebec has no ordered all children, in public schools, private or Catholic schools, and home-schooled children be taught homosexual activist championed propaganda, and the ideology of Darwinism.

Where is the protest and ‘Country’- wide support on the part of the Canadian Bishops to challenge this lunacy, constitutionally? When did free speech exclude forced ideologies imposed by the state no less? Forced ideologies are not free speech, nor do they equate with free citizens!!

I would further suggest that some direct intervention, by the Vatican including up to Bishop removal be strongly considered on this long-held Achilles Heel to the Universal Church.

Believe me, this is as nicely as I can put this intolerable situation and total, nation-blatant cowardice, on the part of the flat-lined, liberal-politicalized Canadian Catholic Church!!

If you don’t have the youth first and foremost, you have nothing, but the dead burying the dead!

And to those who are given more, more will be expected.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Real Family Friendly Tax Reform

Real Family Friendly Tax Reform

Family- friendly tax reform can only be real ‘conservative’ reform. Liberalism and socialism have no realistic solutions that are sustainable or realistic.

Furthermore, to date, liberals have shown no desire, will or a means for a tax situation totally out of hand whereas standard services expected for the people are being left at the curbside and/or paid by non official tax increases such as user fees.

The only definition of tax is how much money is taken by the government from the purses and wallets of citizens..period!

No one is immune to feeling the tax pinch, from the few who have more than they can possibly spend, and to those to care about, those greater masses staggering from the gaping tax wound,
Those especially hurt, the ‘Little Guy’, with family are supposedly close to every politicking party leader. How can any of the mainstream parties ever say that with a straight face, anymore?

One couldn’t list in a single page all the ways and means various levels of government literally scheme to take money from citizens, including downloading service costs to lower governments while brazenly setting the service perimeters.

It has only just been deferred that the city of Toronto will charge automobile taxes in addition to the exact same taxes (not replaced) traditionally charged by the provincial government.
This is akin to the provincial and federal government both taking income tax. Can regional and/or municipal income taxes be far behind?

If only the media could focus on the government we all want and need, instead of favouring and flaunting the most politically- correct and/or grandiose, therefore proportionately, impractical governments that we have bore perpetually, at least, in my lifetime.

Herein, lies just a ‘couple’ of real tax reform initiatives with real bite that will work if tried. The system sure is broke, in fact, haemorrhaging. For one instance, there is no such thing as property ownership when property taxes are equivalent to rental fees.

Firstly, it should be clearly resolved that governments should be designed and focussed to help ‘all’ citizenry, providing the most cost- efficient, quality basic services, with the utmost least rules and restrictions, necessary.

Any government that instates/and or controls socialist programs i.e. health and education, the greatest expenditures in military-less Canada, must also provide the funding, as opposed to making socialist programs law and than downloading costs to lower governments.

It may be a sure way to get a political arm (party) elected by the apparently plentiful myopic and amnesic socialist masses... to create programs and still have election promise money to start even new programs, but it is also the way to break the ‘same’ tax payer to ‘all’ governments.

Any blatant taxes referenced only as special health earmarks or pay- back- the- debt user ‘charges’ (who doesn’t use electricity) in the case of years of mismanaged government electricity provision, to be removed and taken from general tax rate and revenue.

Ending of Municipality or Regional Tax Collection

Less government(s) means less money every single time!
It is not to suggest the ending of municipal funding only the ending of tax rating and collection by municipalities.

As we have seen in this horrible socialist tax experiment in Ontario, federal and provincial governments worked towards clearing the deck of deficits and debts simply by downloading costs to lower tax-collectors and keeping their fingers and toes in the dike by many ‘one-time’ capital ‘gifts’ to keep municipal comer and goer politicians quiet, i.e. Toronto Transit, education and health and ambulance costs.

The province needs to collect all the taxes needed for rightful logical provincial services, and thereby going back to being a much more accountable and responsible province rather than a political parties simple pawn piece.

Municipalities would get money back based on whatever the most logical and fair formula is, with emergency contingents accounted for, for municipal politicians to spend on traditional municipal concerns. This as opposed to left wing save the world hand-wringing paralysing ideologies or conversely Taj Mahal projects, that can’t sustain themselves.

Economy Boosting Property-Tax-Reform

This tax reform would boost the economy under normal markets. I say ‘normal’ markets because nothing jives when average wages in no way support average house costs of 300k

Nor is it a ‘good’ or ‘booming’ economy for ‘families’ when houses costs 300k way ahead of a steady but slow house price increase over the long haul. Good for investors, good for real estate agents good for lawyers...yes! But to turn the domestic housing market into the stock-market is cruel and depressing to new and moderate income families.

Never the socialist, do I suggest government interference as the answer, except maybe in this case to reign in irresponsible financial institutions, that may be playing fast and loose with credit to those who in no way can afford it. The banks must be banking that the bank of Canada won’t raise rates (because of their own irresponsibility) thus bankrupting a heck of a lot of debtors and young families pretty much destroying the whole economy.

Under ‘normal’ affordable market conditions properties should not be taxed solely by the value of the property but for the good of the family or senior by the income of the present owner thru a means test.

All single dwelling properties in the province would be assessed exactly the same with a large city location-preference only variance or scale. In other words, every single dwelling property in Toronto would be assessed under the same formula, whereas every rural dwelling would be assessed the same.

The owner(s) of the property would pay full taxes (hopefully not at the ‘rental’ rates now set) if they made a level of mid- middle-income or above, taking into account number of children or seniors dependant and living in the same house, easily based on income tax information, provided.

Those below this income level would pay less taxes accordingly. Property ownership should not be prohibitive on the bases of taxes alone, certainly not, at the ridiculous rates now charged thanks to downloading and irresponsible government on all levels.

Governments can interfere with taxes all they want if they want to cut back on socialist services, the private industry will pick-up, including private health care insurance/services and vouchers for choice of public or private schools.

They can also save a pile of money along with families and only disappoint unions and socialists. aka private, or special interest groups effecting the due and proper freedom of others.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth (Worms) and Really, Really Inconven....

Live Earth Worms and Really Really Inconvenient Truths

More pre-hyperbole than homosexual ‘is what it is’ week in Toronto, Live Earth/ Dead Souls went on with the usual leftist ‘look at me, I made you blink’ attention grabbers.

The same travelling homosexual parade of bare-ass ‘responsible’ parents of North America, only claim they bring in ten billion dollars in freak- show tourism to a couple or three of Canadian cities, whose population tops a million each, yeah..right. I’ll eat my hat if the whole country of Canada, pop. 30 million/ or who cares, does 30 billion in tourism in a whole year!

They also claim ten percent of the population is homosexual, as well as sheep whose studies didn’t account for near- sightedness.

( side-bar- Do these homo-sheeps completely devoid of one of their few instincts, this one, to procreate set up their sexual liaisons as homosexuals, maybe dress in drag, chaps, sip wine and listen to Broadway tunes or seek out kinky stall sex through AIDs transmitting ‘Glory Holes’? (Thanks Christy Blatchford for way too much information and deadly perversion sympathy, on your rise to the top of Canadian leftist daring media)
I mean these homo-sheep’s ‘lifestyle’, their centre/focus, their worth... are all focussed and contained on obsessed and careless sex acts, right? As opposed to blimps in nature of less than one percent ..more the likely... and worthy of nothing at all. But hey, ask the sheep farmers if ten out of every hundred sheep are strictly homosexuals in their pasture. end of side bar)

Not to mention, that aside from being the greatest liars and proponents of self-studies, homosexual activist apologists make the greatest of parents ( I did a self- study and to my surprise, found I had hair, was good looking, rich and tall.

Of course, I didn’t have the aid of ‘some’ sociological or psychological bodies who also stray off into opinions of abstract, even political, mental- illness, causes, and then be quoted as a ‘science’, or scientific study).

The whole abstract mental illness profession, including psychoanalysing or naval gazing and regressed memory blah blah blah all went down the toilet when modern drugs and other ‘physical’ diagnostics and cures came into being.

Even ‘momma’s boys’ are usually sourced back to mentally- ill momma’s who cause momma’s boys, (just ask their former, short-term girl friends). These unnatural mamma’s are more likely to be elbowing for front rows at gymnastic class, ballet class, figure skating, or diving class, not exactly your open-ended soccer, or hockey moms.

If you want to avoid the lifestyle, avoid the typical breeding grounds for the lifestyle...duh!

Anyway, so only some of the usual leftist Earth-Worm stars are in attendance at ‘Live Earth’.
‘Earth Worms’, because they’re in their element.... in political manure... as opposed to real science, and real causes for concern... Gore, Madonna et al. No one had to watch (well except poor Marxist taught, union labelled state kids, in the immediate future.... again!) as it wasn’t hard to imagine.

This whole leftist group of over-grown proselytising narcissistic, nihilist, pantheistic hippies could never get the attention they seek for anything they could come up with of ‘real value’, (including Madonna’s, talent) so they have to invent crisis and pretend they’re super-heroes with the cures.

And the new brain-washed Marxists swallow it all because it ‘feels good’ as in they’re doing something....anything....good.

Pass, the beer, pot and condoms, we have good vibrations here...people!

Ring those bells and bring back Bill and Hillary. We feel their pain!

Of course the biggest inconvenient truths are that Christ was not a socialist, or a capitalist.

Neither, was He a purest pacifist, and certainly He did know of, and contend with ‘Evil’ all His most glorious life- example and teaching, to strive for, not pretend to emulate. Catholic and Christian Church evolvement, aside, if you played a tape recording of the Holy Gospels verbatim to a crowd of a million in physical attendance, who could walk away with a straight face and head full of screwy ideas, modern leftists attribute to ‘their’ Christ, as if Christ does not stand alone in sacrifice, love, servitude, not to mention, perfection and Truth, from anyone on earth, let alone the morons who know Him so well?

We will all be punished, in Divine Truth and Justice that logically has to exist, that good and God exist, and are triumphant over evil, but it won’t be a laughing or angry God, Son or Holy Ghost. It will be the weeping.... forlorn, loving, One.

‘Homosexual families’ are neither normal or healthy and never needed to exist until, apparently now. Nor, are they are on any par what-so-ever with the history of the black struggles, persecutions and victories.

Abortion is the killing of babies by any measure, aka murder in real justice and real moral worlds, not virtual politically- correct legal worlds

It is carried out almost one hundred percent for matters of convenience and/or profit of someone(s) and yes, it is sickening, always has been, and always will be, and is something rightfully to be totally ashamed, and remorseful of.

Nothing in the modern world, including distracting stupid causes, the environment, or the obsessions for both premature death or unrealistic eternal life has erased wrong, and behaviours to be ashamed and remorseful of.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

O' Really, Obama!

O’ Really, Obama!

Referenced in the tawdry come-lately tabloid, Drudge Report, Obama is quoted as saying the ‘Faith’ has been hijacked by the religious right.

Obama also says, "lowering taxes doesn’t jibe in his Bible". Like raising taxes, on the most heavily taxed, the lower middle income family, does "jibe" in his Bible, likewise, Marxism, or political correctness? Where’s the Democrat and Canadian values found in anyone’s Bible?

He doesn’t have a Bible. He has the Democrat bibble as in drivel, written about the time as Roe Vs Wade, and circa the stacking of ‘liberal’ Marxist judges throughout the free world, who would have likewise been ‘socially’ suitable for the communist world.

Suitable, as in ‘Constitutionally interpreted’, unlimited government power and Marxist, and union powers, as long as a ‘liberal’ government is in power, and no freedoms of speech for Christians or Conservatives, but unlimited public powers of perversion for all things liberal and disgusting, and socially dividing and repressing.

Clinton kept his bibble in his front trouser pocket next to Dean’s missing Salami. Where’s Obama going to keep his? Maybe, in his back pocket close to where he really sees and respects the American people, going by his voting record, his many coverups and gaffs already.

Blacks of black ancestry in the U.S. who were long supported by Christ,

Whom, also bore their suffering and won their freedom and vindication by Martin Luther King Jr.’s use of the Christian faith, (not the perverted and hateful Black Panthers, Rap, Spike Lee or fanatical Islam) should be outraged by Democrat anti-Christ behaviours, legislation and proudly bias, judge selections. Fanatical Islam is more enslaving of women and actually murderous of (simply) non-believers than anyone in history.

Gospel music and Christian blacks supported and raised good black families. Rap, Democrats and perverted laws separated and destroyed black culture, black youths and families.

The ‘Christian Right’ barely represented by President Bush, though more than Reagan, as he did (in my opinion) appointed more blacks in one administration than the Democrats seriously even looked at, even when not in power.

John F. Kennedy, in historical truth, of the Irish black eye, and so called ‘man’ himself, took a heck of a lot of public pressure and private persuasion before he lifted a finger for the blacks, weighing the political consequences and gambling right only in retrospect.

Anyone, who thinks Martin Luther King would be happy with the way the black culture, and American society in general, or the new and improved Democrat Party turned out, that Obama is so pleased with, is dreaming.

Obama is an inexperienced legislator and though that would be a plus, but for his limited liberal, (therefore assured advancement) record, but as smooth talking and power hungry as the valueless Clintons.

Paul Gordon, Pickering Ont. Irishrus.blogspot.com

Monday, May 21, 2007

Muppet Nightmare, Michael Moore At It Again

Muppet Nightmare, Michael Moore At It Again

While Michael Moore is shooting bull-turds in a barrel, and as usual getting away with it, thru Hollywood, and leftist media Oscar winning propaganda, here is yet another short-coming of Canadian, Marxist ‘free’ health- care. Free, that is in a Nation, of sixty percent general, seen and unseen..... taxes of the lower end, middle income wage earners.

Hey, didn’t Canadian taxpayers even pay for one of Moores so-called documentaries?
Canadian liberal control freaks (there are no other kinds, despite a variety of self-labels) won’t allow for free flowing entrepreneur style health care. That means, no non-unionized non government active hospitals, including no ‘real’ private religious hospitals.

(Side Bar) There are also no private Catholic School Systems even allowed in some provinces by name or by any means. In Ontario, our pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda, come Pope critic, ‘Catholic’ Premier, Dalton McGuinty (who sends his kids to private school and personally killed tax rebate legislation, that alloted for any less afluent parents the same ‘free choice’ to do so) promises he will never kill full funding for Catholic schools.

Why would he?

He has more control than the Bishops, parents, and even Marxist Catholic Unions who he courted extensively, to vote him in, over politically correct and propaganda drowned kids of Ontario. He controls all purses, regulations and micro-management from Queen’s Park. (End of Side Bar)

Ontario, while under ‘conservative’ leadership recently took over some Catholic General Hospitals (hard enough to come by, as they were) and turned them into Nursing Homes presumably through the power of licensing and heavy handed government control of economies
i.e. government ‘insurance’ as if governments ever invest in economies.

Even ½ and1/2 China now sees a virtue there, if not in human rights and freedoms!

But, here’s something to hit Canadians in the gut on the street level. Socialized health-care thanks to control freaks, who never have a face or name primarily runs on crisis-management.

That is they will order all the tests you want (that you will still have to wait in line for) only ‘after’ you have demonstrated obvious symptoms of an illness like, like heart disease, stroke or cancer, often after it is too, late.

Meanwhile, you can hear all the advertising of rolling diagnostic and scanning centres, and private clinics on the AM radio from New York and Buffalo, where one only has to pay from $150 to $1200 and get valuable on time, non doctor ordered testing whose costs quadruples (at least) when government takes over.

Try going to a Doctor in Ontario and asking for expensive ‘government’ tests....just because.

Just because, you want to know before it’s too late. By the way in our ‘free’ system, McGuinty is taking more and more money each year in ear marked ‘fees’ (not taxes, mind you) and chopping more and more medical coverage off the ‘free’ list.

B the b, men always have to pay for the prostrate cancer blood- test, whether it’s done often, or only once.

Of course, it is wrong to ever think anything ever was free, only ‘postponed’ till now, as we pay heavily for the last few generations of free education, free electricity, free pensions, and free health care, and previous free tax discounts of Marxist governments that never covered actual costs.

And we still don’t even have a military, nor, since Pierre Turdeau, to boot.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Excommunication, Grave Sin, and Abortion

Excommunication, Grave Sin, and Abortion

Among the ‘too common’ of words in the modern liberal p. c. vocabulary is the word, validation.

The Chair of St. Peter has validated the obvious truth, yet again in public fashion. He has stated he has no problem with Bishops Excommunicating Catholic politicians who vote for pro-abortion bills, laws, initiatives etc.

In fact, again he states the obvious when he exclaims that such politicians have already excommunicated themselves, when they avail themselves in such a way to the politically correct humanist ideology so starkly absurd in contrast to Christ.

Catholic politicians who publicly give abortion, abortionists, feminist organizations and Planned Parenthood (the number one underwriter of the modern abortion holocaust), are especially abhorrent because as public figures they are making a statement that the humanist world trumps Christ, and our religion when it comes to ‘okaying’ the killing of babies

More often than not, the common reason for such killing, is simply as an ‘option of choice’ and convenience...not to imply there is ever a ‘good’ reason for innocent and helpless baby... killing.

An act, admitted for what it is, even by scientists and feminists.. now on the ‘choice’ end of their greasy excuse rope with nothing, but blood on their hands.

When Catholic public figures such as politicians, (not to mention judges, pundits, and celebrities) commit such grave public acts of Catholic and moral treason of abortion support, they are logically, excommunicated.

Indeed, in Quebec there is reportedly a Catholic Priest who runs for office as a New Democrat, (Canada’s humanist Marxist party for the workers) who would naturally be/are politically authoritarian, pro-abortion... beyond the pale.

But, what happens when private Catholics vote for such politicians running on abortion platforms and especially (by extrapolation,) for political ‘parties’ running on such political platforms?

(.....indeed why do Catholic politicians ‘validate’ officially pro-abortion and anti- family political parties such as the Democratic Party in the U.S. and all liberal, fiscal- conservative, libertarian, and Green Parties in Canada, in short, ‘all’ political parties, save Social Conservative Parties... by taking up their colours (of black) and running for them, ‘validating’ to all Catholics and Christians, that it is okay to be pro-abortion, or to work for pro-abortion organizations?)

Well, objectively, by the same Catholic Canon Law and Doctrine the Holy Father refers to, these ‘private’ Catholics are committing a ‘Grave’ sin, themselves, though not excommunicable as such, in itself, serious enough... to condemn a soul none the less, if knowingly committed.
Of course, this indemnifies millions, but I don’t recall where numbers much matter as there is plenty of room in Hell and Heaven, and over-population fraudulent ideology, won’t keep a person any cooler.

Gutless Bishops and Priests ought to tell private Catholics about what constitutes abortion support, on the merits of ‘imperative’ right and wrong alone, let alone mentioning punishment (Hell), or they are leading their flocks elsewhere, than onto Heaven.

These grave sins are actually worse, than public ‘excommunication’ sins, because Catholics and Christians ought to be quite clear, themselves, on such grave acts that run so contrary to Christianity, God and the Holy Ghost. I believe many are quite clear on what they are doing but refuse to let it cloud their attainment of worldly, needs and perceived comforts and popularity.

To feel liberated by some humanist ‘opinion’ or ‘notion’ or ‘law’ for that matter, of ‘Separation of State and Church’, to be able to be, free to vote for whatever anti-Christian measures are piggy- backed forth, as long as one’s temporal issues are otherwise satisfied, is too illogical to be excused as part of selective moral and Christian thinking, or lessons... learned.

And too, when was it never explained all along, of any notion of having to put up with hardship (Christian sacrifice) or expected persecution as a Christian, from the ‘world’, and in modern humanist times, the infiltrated ‘House’ as it were... and under any Trojan Horse by name of diversity ( read, free us from these shackles of tradition and absolutes... and take us over) or modern notion of ‘Love of Christ’ for all, ( read, moral relativism can never be wrong and sin is .........’okay’........ these days, having been long- liberated in the 50's and 60's by our parents).

Of course, one must also think of which pro-abortion, anti-family ‘groups’, one belongs to officially, as in membership. This too, is a logical and objective extension of ‘things’ that can put one in ‘grave’ sin, at minimum, regardless of anyone’s ‘opinion’, ‘don’t think so’s’, ‘think so’s’ or druthers.

And why any of this would come as a surprise to anyone, especially, Catholic religious is really the most dumbfounding aspect, of the whole issue.
Can you see, in the pre- non-enlightened times of ‘legal’ abortion on demand, and times when babies were always considered a Blessing...... a person trying to explain modern times, and modern Catholicism and Christianity of today? The families of those times, would rightly assume the world was headed for moral anarchy and that lies galore about a recorded Christ and
Christianity, could not even be possible.

By the way, the Holy Father is in agreement with all of this and more, as he has stated and simply as a matter of love, logic and Truth.

But, back to these anti-Catholic and Christian groups that include, unions (that include ‘Catholic’ unions), membership of political parties, feminist groups, fan groups etc.,...How can such membership not be a grave sin?

Well they can’t...they are grave sins, and it can be no consolation to know that according to Revelations, ‘groups’ or ‘bunches’ of sinners will be the first taken out, ... first burnt, and sent to Hell. Memberships in the world have their privileges but, also some serious drawbacks in and out of a lifetime.

‘Closure’ has a whole other connotation in the after-life in accordance with Revelations.

And Marxist unions are exactly how Satan successfully entices people to his agenda and how he controls the workforces and their souls i.e. ‘we are going to get you that raise alright, but we are going to make some public statements, both political and immoral, and we are going to support groups, Christians would be ashamed of’.

Of course, what is most important, is that, we are going to do so ‘in your name’, and on ‘your behalf’ with your implied, and implicit or whole-hearted support. We will gain and keep credibility, relevance and power, by sheer numbers of membership and in the case of Catholic teachers, even better...... credibility, by ‘okayed’ Anti-Christ, ideology from the ‘inside’.

The humanist, government and judicially- backed, groups such as unions may have a worldly granted right, (not in any Constitution) to take money from ‘your’ earnings in the form of dues, but no one is forced to be an active ‘member’ of a ‘bargaining unit’, signing and carrying a card, utilizing the unions aid, contributing to the union in any manner including attending meetings or taking part in elections.

By the way, if anyone knows of a pro-life, pro-family labour union...I sincerely beg you to correct me here....... Here’s a hint to aid you in your search. Unions could never, and can’t exist without the minimum tools of extortion, criminal acts, and violence in their repertoire.

Good cannot be evil, and evil cannot be good. Catholics cannot be in good-standing and not in good-standing at the same time. The World or ‘Nation’ never trumps God for any reason.
The greatest Catholic political victory would be the one where not one Catholic votes for a pro-abortion party especially through a self-called pro-life candidate.

So, support the pro-abortion party with your self-proclaimed pro-life candidate, whose only with the pro-abortion party, for the environment, or socialist free goods and services plan du jour, (yeah right, like it wouldn’t be because it is the best chance of getting elected and retiring with a handsome pension and no pro-life measures advanced for another four years), or your no- bones but, at least honest pro-abortion candidate....but don’t say you weren’t warned, more likely and more important..... you never had to be warned...just didn’t want to admit it.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.
Canada Irishrus.blogspot.com

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ontarians Tax and Marxist Palov Masochists

Ontarians Tax, and Pavlov Masochists
Or, More Taxes Please, We're from Ontario

Leave it to Ontario to get everything back-a-wards.

Our flower (not allowed to pick) is the trillium. Our flag is...don’t know..care less. Our animal...dittos (hey, I’ve only lived here fifty years)

But our liberal Marxist rallying call in tribute to the ruling, chattering class is something to behold in the splendour of idiocy.

It goes, tax us plenty, micro-manage our behaviour, and penalize us like the Pavlov dogs we are, when we waver from the straight and narrow, political correctness or environmental cause du jour.

The only environmental issues even worth attention are air (breathing) quality, and water quality. On those two issues, smog has been a problem since the 50's and the world hasn’t ended yet. I haven’t come across too many cesspool lakes in Ontario that used to qualify as a lake and that are devoid of all life form.

Garbage can be burned cleanly and efficiently with stack scrubbers etc.
The only consensus ( aka opinion- not scientifically proven or predicted) is among leftist liberal scientists whose celebrity is only possible and fed by the leftist media and academic establishment.

It’s this chattering class of Marxist high paid working professionals who set the standard and keep up with the politically correct Jones on all fronts. Worse, they include the academic teachers now more heavily controlled by government than ever, who perpetuate environmental propaganda on to the generations, dated back to post war days when Marxists took over academia.

Instead, of paying for all their hair-brained schemes out of their own pockets they get people of lower incomes to pay for the bulk of ‘save the earth’ costs. As side casualties, North American business’s, jobs and economy suffer because China and countries south of California don’t play by the same rules, and who can blame them for following the money not the environment Nazis.

So in Ontario now, it doesn’t matter how large your family is, you had better not produce more than two garbage bags a week, to be collected every second week or you’ll have to pay above your municipal taxes to deal with it yourself.

Of course, in areas like townhouse complexes this means an odour, bug and rodent problem but the Ministry of Health has other agendas on the fire, that they were never mandated for, like ‘expelling’ kids from school for not taking the latest immune system ‘crap- shoot’ needle, invented by no flies on us, over- charging drug companies.

For space purposes, and fast-forwarding to the latest. The Liberal (gone mad) Ontario government now wants to purchase ‘Bullfrog’, (bull-something) power from a supplier that only uses wind and solar power to power Ont. with an estimated (so-know doubt low-balled) whopping 37 percent, Or 37 dollars on the hundred, Or all most times ½ of your present bill.

I can see where they just had an environmental policy leaker arrested by the RCMP yesterday.

How many people would like to buy into five or more year locked in plans knowing of the kind of electricity bills the government expects them to squeeze out. That is, in addition, to the pay-back the debt present additional charges they now pay for past political indiscretions that led to the expensive mess we now suffer.

It’s only lower income people who will be forced to pay more of what ever’s left of their take-home pay for electricity or more likely, have to turn off the fans and window air conditioners.

Now, the government is visiting your nearest grocery store, again, (in between convenience store and gas station stops - like that was ever their mandate or purpose and only voters perpetuate).

They want to ‘reward’ you for bringing your own plastic bags or penalize you for not doing so, and they promising to outlaw them altogether, (along with the light bulb), regardless, (as part of the two-year Stalinist master plan) in the near future.

And who gave guys like David Suzuki, darling environmental nut- guru, of Canada the power to set the rules for how we run our lives, to pick our pockets while he drives his bus across Canada
and to set the agenda and priorities of governments that are supposed to serve the people not control and micro-manage them.

What the Heck is wrong with this picture? And it sure ain’t me.
Professionals, and politicians, of one of two political parties mutually inclusive with government, not good government who want to be elected by the chattering class don’t care about the little guy, or the environment, just feel good or comforting control, and power.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Maverick Calgary Bishop Gets it Wrong...Australian

"Maverick", Calgary Bishop Gets it Wrong..Australian Anglican Priest Gets it Right!

This week Australia’s most read daily, the Herald Sun headlines a story, Priest Calls Prayers ‘Useless’. Actually, taken in the (paraphrased) context the priest framed this statement...he is not off the well- beaten path of truth, defacto... all through history, present time, and no doubt the future, as placed and experienced by billions.

No religious can deny that prayers are often not answered, so it always remains that they must come-up with a logical explanation, knowing all they know, about Christ and/or God and/or the Holy Ghost.....
Side Bar:I always prefer the word Ghost over the word Spirit as a matter of never mistaking that the Holy Ghost is derived objectively from ‘without’ as opposed to from within implying some pantheist superlative subjective power of man that he doesn’t possess...(witness modern Charismatics, ‘slain in the Spirit’, a movement derived from ancient times of oh the late 1950's and free times of academic drug-ins at coffee houses).

The Anglican priest was saying to his farming community, that they can pray for rain "..until they turn black" and it would not do any good. Of course, this was a safe, if not spiritual assuring, affirmation of the obvious because that’s exactly what was/is happening during a serious drought.

Farmers, especially those not protected by great socialist safety nets know when things are good and not so good, regardless of pious platitudes. Farmers have always been the last doubting Thomas’s to enter the Christian fold.

The patron Saint of Parish Priests, (if any Bishops care to remember, let alone follow), Jean Vianney,.known as the Cure D’Ars, had his greatest doubters, area farmers, turned around with his answered prayers. He was able to get them to stop working the fields or doing business, on Sundays and not suffer any less for their ‘trouble’ of extra work.

Essentially, and correctly (in my logical, if humble opinion), the Anglican Priest proposed that his farming parish is/was doing something else wrong, i.e. not helping each other enough.. in his opinion, so that their prayers were not being offered in the right manner, i.e, without accompanying action or sacrifice for their own part.

How can a nation be unified, prosperous, rewarded, not crime ridden, be seen in greatness etc. etc. when it’s Christian, Catholic and Jewish citizens consistently vote for pro-abortion, anti-family, liberal or Marxist politicians year in, and year out, in exchange for unrealistic pie-in-the sky financial gain or political correctness control? Why need politicians do anything different at all, year in and year out and why need so-called religious keep praying for rewards for Nineveh Nations?

In my opinion, and based on his vaunted public actions, Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary Alberta is trying to please too many people forgetting about logic, his position, his faith and without much consistency. First off, he has a regular column in Canada’s number one secular tabloid chain, complete with a large assortment of Christian haters, Marxists, and homosexual pundits, pornographic adds, and daily semi- nude, sunshine girls.

Secondly, of all the issues, this guy wants to get ‘really serious’ about, he picks a local union fight of well paid strikers, and "gambling" fun- night charities for schools under his control (not that Bishops anywhere in Canada exercise any serious ‘Catholic- control’ over Catholic Schools under their jurisdiction).

Bishop Henry entered into a cross-Canada editorial cat-fight with ‘capitalist’, Conrad Black while manning the picket lines with his Marxist brothers like he should become a South American- likish Marxist Saint. Yeah, those humanist Marxist Commies always have warm spot for Catholics and Christians, don’t they? Just like all the Catholic teacher unions and secular unions working in the Canadian Catholic schools, who despise pro-life and pro-family positions of the Holy See (Hello Bishop......"by their fruits"..is the place to grab hold of a Marxist).

Of all the reasons to shut down a Catholic School, more said a Catholic School Board, i.e, large numbers of educators living immoral ‘not-so’ personal lives, and most not attending Mass on any basis ‘off the clock’, educator unions even trustees in strong disagreement of Catholic teachings, government funding and therefore largely secular interference in all aspects of schools, including property rights, testing and politically correct overdosed curriculums, short on academics- let alone spiritual enrichment........ Bishop Fred picks school charity gambling, as the ‘hill’ to shut-down a school board over.

How about politically-correct semi-judicial kangaroo courts, invoked and fought by the present homosexual Minister of Health in Ontario, Who Cares, Smitherman, that demanded an Ontario Catholic highschool allow a man aged date, be allowed to accompany a male teen to a prom and that the prom not be cancelled, by kangaroo court-order? That was not a reason to face off with government, or the ‘hill’ to stand on!!

So now, Bishop Fred will not support any group that displays Show the Truth type posters of aborted babies. Fred, the only thing that changed the attitudes in North America towards abortion after decades and decades of inaction especially on the part of the Canadian Bishops and their Pooh-bah Conferences that put the Canadian Catholic Church in disgrace not unnoticed at the Holy
See, was the only thing done different in North America today.

That 'thing being done different' being, North American wide showings of Show the Truth (Hellooo...*Truth*) style disgusting posters of a disgusting practice and fraud widely practised in North America.

If such posters, only of Jewish murdered victims went around to the common people of Germany during the war, would they have allowed their own beloved Hitler to carry on his disgusting practices. Henry bases his popular chattering class, politically correct if illogical shallow resentment of such showings on the view that it is an indignity done to the dead babies.

Let me tell you something Bishop. These babies are defacto, Holy Innocents, killed with the full aid, and financing of the Pilate you and your precious liberals and Marxist Catholics voted for.

And it is only with wide spread ‘Catholic’ support that these Pilate’s get elected year after year after stinking year.. These Holy Innocents are to be honoured with the greatest honour of all, for innocent and helpless beings, and they are Glorified.... though obviously not as high as Christ when He was Crucified in most bloody manner for they are as innocent as the Lamb of God.

I’m a two-bit sinner like everyone else, but when it comes to baby’s lives and children’s innocence I take no prisoners and that includes little self-inflated pious Canadian Bishops.

And if common sinners won’t help the helpless, whose left, when the pious ones won’t?

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Friday, April 6, 2007

U.S.A. No Better Than Lowly Canada, Now

In Fact, and Quick Time Passage, U.S.A, Now No Greater Than Canada
Certainly, Not Morally, Constitutionally, Judiciously or Politically

In the last few days the Speaker of the House, a liberal Grandmother went to the Middle East in an attempt to undermine the duly elected President of the United States in his efforts on the War on Terror.

Indeed, a Democratic committee has saw fit to remove any reference to ‘War on Terror’ phraseology in War on Terror, legislation.

The United States Democrats made it known, their position to stop any attempt to exempt citizens and airlines (through legislation) who upon feeling legitimately and presently, threatened by strange behaviour or actions of members of Islam and therein contained, a seemingly ‘free-passed’ one hundred percentile group of Islamist terrorists.... from being sued and/or further punished for reporting such activity.

The Walt Disney Company has again took up the cause of homosexual activists (ala Ford) by promoting fantasy weddings complete with Mickey and Minnie, as a ‘business decision’ void of judgement of lifestyles.

Five Supreme Court Justices, none scientists by profession, made a scientific/legal ruling that Global Warming, seemingly Al Gore’s version of the same to be Gospel and for government agencies to pass and enforce laws, accordingly so.

‘Reaganite’, Fiscal First, conservative celebrities continue to vow their support to a Giuliani Presidential candidacy should Rudy G. be given the eventual green light ( a given..... given Reaganite wink wink... support) from ‘Republican’ voters to be their sole representative to run against the Democrat candidate, a liberal, who wouldn’t have to do or even say, much at all, to be a stronger pro-life, pro-family Republican candidate, i.e., a rehash of the Big Tent, "There’s the Door" Dole vs Clinton, liberal vs liberal Presidential campaign.

Modern Reaganites, (who believe their Nation actually infallibly, greater than God, just for being ‘America’), led by a laughing/stuttering, occasionally sulking Limbaugh...... and indeed, Reagan himself, never considered pro-life, moral and logical truth, a legal or political ‘deal breaker’ issue i.e. babies, elderly and infirmed ‘lives’ and ‘deaths’..... but rather an abstract political tool.

The time for joking and blustering, is past, Rush.

Perverse Nation destruction is quickly becoming irreversible, in case you haven’t noticed, or apparently... care. Babies don’t care or appreciate your ambiance for name dropping, ‘24' enthralment/advertising, republican building, personal friendship building, or taste in fine cigars and earned lifestyle (that anyone should care, or actually hold against or for you)........... over living and growing.

Or, for that matter, never considered pro-family truth, i.e. State sanctioned sole public financed educational licence. granted to Marxist unions..... the legal or political fundamental issue, it is proving to be, of the very survival of the United States, itself, certainly as anything ‘remotely resembling’ the Great United States, of the Great and Cold Wars of common good, common purpose, and common unifier.

No "it’s the economy, Reagan 'memories', and now, Mexicans", you stupid social conservatives.

Even President Bush, certainly moving in mysterious ways considering he has nothing to lose except non-coming liberal respect, if that be his ill- gotten goal (as apparently, his fathers’), went wonky off course, by paying ‘little attention’ to the most important aspect of his Presidency, Justice appointments, and by giving the Pro-life movement the ‘local’ phone- call/ non-appearance, bums rush, at Nation historic marches for life. What ego tantrums does he harbour?

All of this, would not be like truly Canadian modern populist behaviour (built over two liberal generations)...how??

Our far left politicians continue to undermine our Country and liberal establishment leaders (by any name, including Tory or Conservative), though for different reasons, I can’t fault them, there.

Our proud activist, judges including our Supreme Court Justers have stated publicly, their proud and pleasant duty to be socialist activist members. And why not..... for having all been appointed strictly at the sole pleasure of politically correct Premieres and Prime Ministers, for being, ‘just so’ and of course, for being loyal party hacks, never ever, for being.... apolitical.

Our Country was first out of the blocks to go with homosexual marriages and our best customers were/are American homosexuals...and our stellar liberalism is quoted by all your leftists and courts. We are now equal in some areas and worse in others, than the traditional hedonist socialist Netherlands.

Requested American Conservative and Christian aid that didn’t materialize in any way, what-so-ever, would have been instrumental in ‘returns’, to the fight, American Christians/Socons now face i.e. American homosexuals wouldn’t have felt so liberally ‘empowered’ for a win, now.

In the face of factual, now historical evidence and Judicial recordings, American Judges and Canadian Judges, will be judged by the land, and by Heaven over earth and Heaven over the United States of America, and Canada, both championed by the ‘World’ for the ‘World’.

And for their decidedly predicted, bias decisions, their non-reasoning, their Constitutional non existence, as sole or partnered reference with ‘World Law’, and for their fragrant arrogance of thumbing God, child, woman, man, and Nation, for political and populist or hedonistic ends.

These gowned and decorum overstuffed Justices who never thought past ambulance chasing self-consumed lawyers, and explained themselves even less simplistically, are a complete and utter disgrace to our people, our Nations, World Humanity, and to the one Judeo-Christian God they will one day face as will all of us, who allowed indeed, at times provided for, for our Nations.

Those of us who said nothing, who did nothing, and who voted for a smooth talking celebrity, an extra piece of silver, another immoral or selfish right at the expense of others, and very lives of babies and innocense of children, are no better than our Nation’s above so-thought wisest and greatest. Parties and Ideologies do not make good people.

Thinking people, independent and not fooled by all who make it their job to impress, organize and fool, make good people. There are no political prisoners, no heros, and no excuses for life granted by God in mutual love and respect.

America, as of today, you have nothing, and I mean ‘nothing’ to brag of anymore. Anymore, than does Canada, the shallowest of Nations and whose cowardly socialist championed Church is the shallowest, within the true Church of, and founded by, Christ, the Mere Saviour and Portal to God.

What humanist government anywhere in the ‘World’ that pounds its faulty Separation of State and God mantra into minds, law, and lives of its citizenry is deserving of real ‘conservative’ praise, conservative allegiance, and conservative aid and service?

In the United States of America, when did ‘Conservatism’ drop God and only even speak of Him, in memory, or as lurking in the background of the basement or the attic, not as the Truth, the Creator and life after the World, and Nation, He also Created. What Nation (until now) benefited more from God, in Glory, Victory, Prosperity and way of family in life.

I know when ‘Conservatism’ did drop God in Canada and when everyone fell for everything else, including, in His Own House.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.
Canada Irishrus.blogspot.com