Saturday, October 13, 2007

More People "Pray For Life, Than Voted for It

More People "Pray" For Life, Than Voted It

What a joke.... Ontario Catholics! Take Ajax/Pickering and Whitby, Please!

More ‘Catholics’ attend one Mass at the Churches in Whitby and Ajax/ Pickering on a weekday than voted for the ‘only’ pro-life/ pro-family party that ran this election in these Ridings.

A Party that basically consists of Catholics loyal to the Pope, and certainly run by Catholics, loyal to the Pope. (The federal counterpart being FCP with more Christian content)

" St. Michael, the Archangel, protect us from the wickedness and snares of the Devil, but not at the cost of our freebies like daycare and expensive union funding freebies" is the new prayer for the unborn!

FCP wasn’t/isn’t the only party that is pro-life and pro-family in Ontario. They are the only party that isn’t actively working against the lives of the innocent and the destruction of the family.

Oh check that! McGuinty just named a new ‘labour stat.’ for ice fishers and ski-doers, (like that means a lot to families) in the dead of winter.

What’s he going to call it, besides McGuinty Day, like he would like it known, (don't kid yourself), Population Reduction Day? Homo’s are Parents Too, Day?

Stellar work, Toronto Archdiocese.. and I really admire that education and health policy from the new Bishop, Tommy Who? Sweet!!

Hey, is camera- happy Suzy still running things over there?

Keep holding your breath babies! The Canadian Church is still working up the courage to spit and be anonymous.

Oh, the Ontario/Canada Church wants respect? Do something to earn it other than incorporate, or follow, limp-wristed secular politics and political correctness, and keep being cowards.

Do you know what Priests did in the days of the Cure D'Ars, people's government days when the Church leadership was held hostage to polictical correctness of the day?

They went underground and kept allegiance to the Holy See and in those days, they did it under threat of death or imprisonment, not just being laughed at, or unpopular.... Like good Priests wouldn't be supported by an underground after leaving their comfy rectory digs, big screens and satelite signals.

You can file this under "Show The Truth" written- word-wise....
with apologies to none, but the unborn for never doing enough.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.


  1. I feel your pain. But it's up to us to get the word out. So many people are unaware.

  2. You have that right, Suzanne! The entire 'news' media in Canada, refuses anything to do with social conservative (read Catholic or Christian) issues.

    There are no 'mainstream' news-outlets or parties who even pretend to be conservative in Canada

    CLC is still dependent on donations from members of pro-abortion parties so they still want you to vote for these lawyer ego- opportunists and let's face it.

    CLC and Life-site depend on continued steady massive killings of babies in Canada to keep in 'business'. And too, they 'don't like' people displaying 'Show the Truth' signs (the only thing that has changed attitudes over the (prior)deterorating situation, the whole time CLC was in 'business'.

    Marxist Ontarian 'professionals' still have complete educational, and to a great degree, moral control, of Catholic children and that suits the Toronto and Ontario Bishops, and Priests, just fine!

    K Of C and CWL are always out to lunch, literally!