Monday, April 30, 2012

'Conservatism' Holds No Manner of Faith

'Conservatism' Holds No Manner of Faith

Fresh from today's Gospel reading, “The hired hand runs away because a hired hand does not care for the sheep”

It's always been a given that liberals are of the (erroneous) belief, that the Truth of Christ is no way to get elected and that faith cramps the style, ways, and strategies of the politics needed to 'win' over a greater electorate of worldly narcissistic bunch with no apologies to the human condition.

Itemizing all the areas where liberalism is in antithesis to Judeo-Christianity would be a writing in itself. However, the intensity of the opposition is nothing compared to the traitor in one's midst.

Admired, (strangely)..'worshiped' conservatives, have purposely embraced the politics of the world in the belief that God or Christ are 'powerless' to turn nations around, to make them both moral and prosperous and to win over an abundance of evil and it's legions of conspirators.

The belief the new conservatism eschews is that God and Christ are not needed or to be heeded, yet they in their humanist and nationalist pride are alone the ones to defeat the opposition. Unfortunately, conservatism is increasingly drawn to the nature of that liberalism, in communion with libertarian magnetism in the sense of the belief of separation of State and religion, melding liberalism and conservatism into one, and the same. Of course, this is fate already done so.... morally on all social issues, and in many ways, fiscally.

Fiscally, to the degree (especially in the U.S.) where it won't matter for many generations who is elected and all new platforms will entail taking money back from the taxpayers, 'deep' cuts in all socialist schemed programs, and to military.

And with this bleak outlook a certainty as water and air, compound the unease when government unions balk at the idea of any concessions or pay cuts.

The irresponsibility of past elected governments on both sides of the aisle, in keeping promises nations could never possibly afford, but easily passed along to the next generation, in the same practical 'reality' they claim to 'alone' be responsible in, is nominally considered ethically, morally, and legally criminal were they public, private businesses or families ways of getting everything they 'desired'. and in future should be considered legally criminal, for living in the moment that damns the future for all.

Here's the thing. Conservatives talk through one side of their mouths telling Christians they are the only alternative to liberals but in reality only offer 'no worse' than liberals, i.e. propping up the liberal status quo which never loses gains with the kind of conservatives we have now.

For instance I contend the time is ripe with the failing economy that nations would be okay with not having tax payers pay for abortions, especially with those who take advantage of multiple trips to the butchers.

But Canadian and now U.S. mainstream progressive conservatives want no Christian 'mud' sticking to them in their quest for nothing more than a return to power with all the perks financial and otherwise that come with holding the balance of power. (See today's Gospel reading).

But if you think the Republicans and Reaganites actually give a damn about Judeo-Christians, their faith, their families, or their children, I guarantee you are sadly mistaken given their history to date, and especially the vicious attacks perpetrated on Rick Santorum's family by Drudge the GOP water boy, and repeated on famous Reaganite talk shows, when they felt he was getting a little too popular and they felt threatened by what they labeled theocracies, as in insultingly suggesting tyranny.

I suggest they are more like Nancy Reaganites than Ronald Reganites.

In Canada Harper who has particular disdain for Christianity getting in the way of his ambitions reluctantly allowed for a 'debate' on when life begins. Big deal, that debate is long over and a number of years back, in the natural liberal establishment progression of sixty years, of non-progression.

Feminists admit to the fact they are terminating living babies and that is all the more to their unnatural pantheist tendencies and aspirations in that they demand that right and regardless of reason for its practice. They have been trained well to equate God with the men they so hate.

I dare anyone to show me something the Canadian conservatives have done for Judeo-Christianity in modern history, while for years they have slummed their candidates through Catholic and Christian Churches chiefly on the merits that they are not the liberals in power or by official name. Feel free to spit on the ground here, like the Jewish elders in Fiddler on The Roof, and from here on in when the word conservative is mentioned.

George Bush II gave us two Supreme Court Judges. (Reagan gave the liberals one).

But even, this must have been a mistake or coincidental because that is all the Republicans have done for Judeo-Christianity the whole last century, much of which, North America was considered to be Judeo-Christian. Marxism, however entered North America early in the last century, and state-ism ruled much of it while dressed up as Christian.

The same George Bush would only address thousands of pro-lifers surrounding the White House by telephone. Pontius Pilate gave more courtesy to his enemies.

Look, we Judeo-Christians, have waited a hundred years for any kind of legislation going are way including sixty years for any advancement into the pro death culture supported by these bastardized political parties and in law.

We can wait for four more years of what concerns God and Christ and we know how to sacrifice!

Don't vote for any party (dooming our nations anyway) until they come to us in some kind of serious manner period. And as of now, they have no reason to do so because we affirm their actions, beliefs and humanist philosophies, with every vote we give them.

Forget humanist strategies which are just using it against you in the end.

Go simply with the Truth of Christ and have even a little of the faith you should.

Catholic and Christian leaders, please wake up as you are playing directly into the world and only by the rules they allot you!

Main stream 'conservatives' may not care but they will know I'm right!

Paul Gordon

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty Muslim the Kind I'd Like To Meet

Pretty Muslim running down the street,

Pretty Muslim the kind Mo loves to beat

Pretty Muslim

I don't believe you.. peace is not the truth

No one could lie as good as you

Islam has no MERCY!

Pretty Muslim don't you B.S. me

All your bruises are as plain could be

Pretty Muslim

If thru your burqa we could all see


Pretty Muslim don't buy that bile,

Pretty Muslim leave Mo back a mile

Pretty Muslim come to Christ's humble smile

Pretty Muslim nay, nay, nay

Pretty Muslim pray, pray, pray

Jesus Christ is the only way

Come to our side.. you'll be treated right.

Come to freedom, how they've lied to you

Pretty Muslim, there's more to life

Than cruel fate, at your father's knife

Pretty Muslim don't run away...okay

If that's the way it must be..okay

I guess you'll go home, there's no debate

He has a chip in you, in case you're late

Liberals are no allie, in your 'place' they let you rot

Mo is in the shadows, stalking, I forgot

Oh no, pretty Muslim!

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Okay, This Is Serious..As In Fightin..Civil War Words

Okay This Is Serious As In Fightin... scratch that... Civil War, Words.

The cauldron is boiling frothely, Christian frogs and Catholic leader semi-retired frogs.. jump the Hell out.. now!

Yesterday, on the Charles Adler show, Charles got into a heated argument with an activist he granted 'fair treatment' to, for mentioning his cause the day before.

'Fair treatment', by the way, in a form that no other media source, government source, or human rights source would ever offer a Christian or real conservative, except Sun TV News for far saner causes.

The background is that this activist was at a municipal volunteer, 'on offering advice' of some kind at a special appreciation day complete with banquet. Apparently, all Hell broke lose with this not so 'lone wolf' of Canada, today, when an ad hoc person was asked to say an ad hoc pre- dinner prayer.

The person saying the prayer's horrific crime was to mention the word, Jesus!

Communist China, any number of Islamic Nations, you might think, would be the location for this venue, but think again... think, Saskatchewan!

Listening to one of Mark Steyn's modern laments last evening, of a hundred years of lost civility in public discourse, and of lamps being snuffed out throughout the 'free' world to any number of taken- for- granted rights, sure struck home.

I won't give his name or web site as Charles allowed, because this is all this guy and his merry band of politically correct activists ever really want is That, and next-in-line bully power over Christians.

He erroneously, (I sure as Hell hope) told Charles that Canada has an actual official separation of State and Church (read: in practice and intent an anti-Christian) law.

The main loathing point of this little thinking man, with no sense of decency that he would attack anyone's pre-dinner, innocent and in good-faith  prayer is a tribute to his personal ugly traits, or mental illness, but the implication...the threat... he put forth to Charles is that he would sue in a court of Human Rights Commission if a) He didn't get a personal apology from the Mayor and b) That they never ever repeat such an action in the forever future.



Now, this activist may be right in that a municipality may have a fucking really stupid municipal individualized official policy that in the (former and recently de- Christianed) nation of Canada the municipal can fire individuals for not sticking to their politically correct shit 'policy' but there is also a free speech law in Canada that says.. you can at minimum say the word, Jesus anytime and anywhere you want! And if a non-municipal employee volunteer for instance is asked to say a prayer and mentions the word, Jesus.

No one, (and I can't believe I am writing this)... but No one, could be held 'accountable' in a criminal or civil court for saying the name, Jesus!

The Mayor and this municipality has a Hell of a lot at stake here in, yet, another and probably most serious erroneous turn in Canadian history to date. They must not capitulate and apologize to this person or to Human Rights Commissioners or to Premiers, Prime Ministers or Supreme Court Judges.

Again, they want to criminalize saying the word Jesus outside of a Christian Church, in the sole name and lame excuse of offending some small band of really small minded assholes!

They will win without a loud scream over the usual whimper from Catholic and Christian 'leadership' and one day, soon any and all religious related aspects of Christianity will be verboten, but that's okay because this current batch old men will be dead or retired.

We must come down like a hammer on this, or forget any and all notion of free nation 'freedoms' for good!

Paul Gordon

Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On Our King of Heart & Soul

in terms of world endearment

Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On Our King of Heart & Soul

The State has always been affiliated with the World even though some nations are officially Catholic to this day. These nations often celebrate feast days publicly in splendor and fanfare much more than Canada and the U.S. would ever dream of.

Not all nations with large Catholic populations, marginalized themselves as it were, by cowering to political correctness and giving up ground in Christian education, Catholic hospitals, and Catholic nursing homes. like the U.S. and Canada.

It is allowed for states to be Catholic, or Christian and there is no Truth to any rumour to the contrary.

In fact, there would appear to be more truth to the American founding fathers idea of 'best practices' for a new nation was for the government to stay out of the business of the Church, than the other way around. After all, these were men who knew how the new scriptures turned out in the end and the true limited role and value of all Caesars combined.

There is no shortage of Islamic nations and Communist nations and no shortage of Western nations (formerly unofficially considered Christian nations) who pay politically correct homage to them, but with in themselves, the idea of a Christian nation in the free west today is absurdly considered an insult and offense to those in law, politics, academia, entertainment, and the 'news' business aka, the culture influencing and social and behavior directing establishment?

Who needs to play by the rules set by the world (the world as proven to be aptly described by Christ) for the world?

There is the universal notion (fact in Truth) of all men being created equal from the perspective that all men are sinners in that no man is better than the next. However, what can't be drawn from this, is that no man is worse than the next and all sin is equivalent or as some would have us believe, that sin is non existent, and that the 'laws' of the land are the only floating Truth that we need ever consider up to and including matters of life and death itself, never removed from the domain unto God.

'Greatness' in a nation in itself, is a patriot fool's worldly paradise. There has been many more great evil nations than great Christian nations, and the difference seen only in retrospect in some cases.

With the political blurring of morality, most championed with played sympathies, and nationalist propaganda causes played by all, not against 'Just' battles but against Truth es where they stand, and the attempted graying of Truth itself, nations that have abandoned Christ have blinded themselves and cast themselves into the wilderness, all on their own.

Loving mercy of 'second chance' never was a forgiver of sin, and Satan. “Your sins have been forgiven, woman, go and sin no more”

Truth is the ultimate epic story of everything and anything that is truly 'important', where it came from and where it is going and the western world's present political obsession with sexual perversion and preference and historical unheard of thought for woman's rant and rave, to kill her own, never mind her common practiced 'right', isn't worthy of thought, let alone defending, or measuring up to the Truth of God.

Only the 'world' which Christ consistently cast in a light aligned with Satan, would immerse itself in such sewage and deny the Christ even a word to the children of nations of Truth love and hope in deference to the policies and laws of man of their worldly nations.

Given just minute looks at the real Christ, how is it that men can approve of cowards who cower at the feet of the Crucified Christ for fear of their worldly positions and comforts alone?

How can man 'vote' for anti-Christs who hold Christ or His logical Truth in disdain or as an obstacle to their elect ability and later electoral sustainability of totally modern marred and flawed nations they seek only to sustain and thrive, in the status quo of error of thinking and meaningless existence?

In other words, it doesn't get any better by electing anyone who supports politically correct immoralities time and time again, but otherwise promises you everything of worldly narcissistic concerns, or of the earth shattering 'socialist importance' they have made their same god of the world, that they are never going to realistically deliver on anyway, and that certainly will not last longer than they do... at best.

A nation that has a firm grasp of Christ does not need socialism with its inherent notion of two classes with one in full Marxist Christian hating condescension of the other.

History has borne out that morality is eternal and concerns of the world are fickle, narcissistic, recyclable, mob or peer enforced, and certainly work against individual thought and individual incentive.

If you are even half Christian you have to believe in Him and to 'trust' Him. There are no gods before Him and there is no Truth before Him. The world tells you there is truth beyond Him, but who in the world has it, or has ever shown it? Who has ever existed in the world who you would believe is Truth incarnate or even worthy to tie His laces?

Yet, we grant sinners of the world (with the obvious difference of elected power) in their transgressions into God's domain our support with free 'votes' or our personal approval, (and who waste no time in their acceptance speeches in crediting themselves as speaking for us all and in affirmation for all their faddish and, or, hidden agendas.

Whereas, we could have, can, stop encroachment of the Caesars we are actually free to elect, from taking matters of Heaven, alone in to their possession primarily with the single aim of retaining power certainly as proven time and time again through no personal morals, ethics, or scruples of their own.

The Truth is that this is our line in the sand and there are few nations where we are granted the power to freely defend our line and within our free nations, many would snuff that out if we do not prostrate ourselves to their actual belief of superior and prideful intelligence.

To say well I'm not Jesus, I'm a confirmed sinner and to do else wise would be to do as the hypocrites do, so let's just 'go for it', is to play into the hand of the one who revels in your despair and the despair of your loved ones. Of course, we're not Jesus, but we're not proud sinners either and we are not blind to what we can stop contributing to... the perfect 'anti-Christian' aid to Satan, including the extinction of innocence, itself.

This freedom alone is all that is left that what makes or distinguishes our free nations as great, and we alone as Christians and Christian leaders are responsible for our nation's abandonment of Christ to our shame and condemnation and truly our own harm and to that of our children. Within 'the world' there is no evil to fear, or to condemn us in number, as much, or as sure as there is a God to embrace us and it is never too late, it's only been too long.

If you want to think faultlessly of Truth as starting with a cross and radiant under true humility you could do no worse, safely, or in comfort of conscience. Who else would you consider the keeper of truth within the world we were constantly warned of, the very states, godlessly won over that now despise Christianity so much and darkened our world so much destroying our children and families, under this speech and ridicule tyranny in the name of separation of State and Church?

The ingratiation of disordered sexual perverse acts, and never ending humanist proselytizing, to an unheard of redeeming culture of humanity proportions complete, with no carrying of crosses, (small crosses indeed over the same freeing hand given to the detriment and weighted crosses of molested children borne throughout life times), but with celebrated parades of practice and fantasy down the main streets of State ejected Christianity (over separation.. of). Are they the keeper of Truth? And for the newly taught and raised legions of unbelievers, is this the hell of 'no truth' you celebrate?

Is the religion 'of peace' with it's multitude of daily reports of State sanctioned murder, woman and child abuse from all it's official member nations the guardian of Truth? Wherein, it's members in totally free nations remain quiet and non critical of these human travesties of all these homelands out of fear and the long arm of Islamic retribution? Is the religion of Truth as much as it is the sanctioned states of child and woman abuse?

Are we to believe are former allies, north American conservatives, whatever they pretended to be, who now consider Judeo-Christianity the millstone of 'embarrassment' around their necks to keep them from their self- believing rightful ordination to rule their nations to nationalist perfection, even if it means mimicking the very ones they seek to unseat, with no longer even a promised exhale of a note of freeing the unborn and the children from the separated 'state'? Are they the keepers of Truth they seriously think of themselves as?

Or the political appointed 'supreme judges' of questionable merit of the world, who judge nothing in any light, over true membership and prosperity into the world? Are they the Truth? Certainly, they are considered so, by many and the decider's of morality themselves and no less honored and revered falsely by the world, for it.

The cross-less media. What do they even aspire to beyond what they were trained for in the awe of the power of Marxism. The cross-less Bishops, themselves. Where are they, that we might see what they are. We can follow their trail only by what they have not done. What Cardinal without a heavy cross is anointed so. Only crosses can humble the vain and test valor and loyalty.

John Paul II was totally humble, and the last person who should have been marginalized. Through his true humility he took a world long abandoned nation of great crosses, who remained true to Christ,... Poland, and with them, John Paul took down the USSR with Catholic Poles not 'separated State' speeches. John Paul IIs radiance raged in his humble leadership and with the peaceful revolution in the Truth of Christ!

This may not be the way to defend the defenseless under attack from the godless, but it is the greatest way to peacefully win wars, by winning in solidarity with Christ the Truth, side-stepping the 'separated' States, aka the 'world',.

Vote or don't vote, in the most important venue where Christianity can return favours to Christ for the greatest good for all, only as Christ presents Himself, and for no other (party first, or candidate second, who joins Satan in order to outsmart him?) especially, for those who have no time, room, or use for Christians, their children or the lives of all the innocent, in their personal or 'nationalistic' desires and ambitions.

In the long and short run you can't go wrong with the Truth of Christ over all the loud noise of the world.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wasting Away in GOP -Ville

Wasting Away in GOP Ville

Spiritual mangicake, wondering what it'll take

All of those Christians, and babies buried in soil

Dancing on their strings, waiting on the phone ring

Watching our say shrink, our tempers beginning to boil

Wasting away in GOP-ville

Searching for our Saviour of Souls

Some people claim it's Reaganites to blame

But we now know, it was just our own damn fault

There's just no reason, we've voted their pleazin

With nothing to show, but another SNAFU,

But for all of our brusin, we're done with excusin

We're done with Limbaugh and Drudge, Et tu

Wasting away in GOP-ville

Searching for our Saviour of Souls

Some people claim it's Reaganites to blame

But we now know, it was just our own damn fault

They sure gave us the flip-flop, went way over the top

In Rick's kids bashing, we're on our way back home

There's not enuf booze in the blender

Our votes they could render

For that Dole same ole that goes on and on

Wasting Away in GOP -ville

Searching for our Saviour of Souls

Some people claim, it's Reaganites to blame

But we know, it was just our own damn fault

Our non votes will give it to Obama

It's a whole new party we'll be fond-a

We've waited so long, What's four more years to ya?

Our thinking's been so wrong

We'll no longer 'play' along,

Truth is where we've always belonged


It was never about a theocracy,

We'd settle for decency

Libertarians in the GOP love so to exaggerate,

It's their narcissism to placate

And to hell, with the rest of the State


The GOP have shown their true colors

And we will now have our druthers

For every time it's come to the crunch

They've succeeded in shutting us down

We've should have known because all their first ladies

Have preferred the culture of Hades, when all of their men

Have Claimed to be in communion with us


Reaganites, Drudge and GOP have definitely been ratted out this time. Christians have been used all along and now the GOP et al is brazen enough to show us the door just like Canadian conservative parties did. Good luck without American Catholics and Christians. They won't vote for Obama, but en mass, neither for you.

What's four more years when they've been waiting for over fifty, being fooled by you?

Congrats GOP and Reaganites you have copied Canadian libertarian squishy fiscal conservatives with Romney, your new political saviour and hero?

He must have had enough money to buy you all or you were all just Christian closet haters all along.

Paul Gordon

Monday, April 9, 2012

Conservatives Can Find Consensus in Truth

Christ is Risen..Hallelujah

Conservatives Can Find Truth in the Holy Ghost of Consensus And Be Freer For It.

Or meet you at the freely traveled intersection of politics, Christianity, and Truth

There is truth in real conservatism and it is a realistic or tangible way to sort out the chaff and unite the conservatives who want to be united. It is not to tell anyone how to think. How can anyone tell a person already thinking, how to think?

If conservatives are taught, it is with the aid of their parents, certainly through no Marxist militant union educators, the proven preference of choice of political governments of State, competing for the electoral greater support at massive unmitigated expense and debt.

Caesars of today rightfully enjoy no benefit from the traditional perch of respect, of authority.

They have long exemplified the fallibility of man and trespassed into the domain of which is only God's and in relative short historical order have provided for the destruction of innocence of children the legalizing of immorality, the destruction of the family, taxation structures to enslave whole families, primarily for the non-societal aesthetics of simply the buying of votes for the immediate leadership winning or re-election, yet with far reaching ever-lasting socialist universal programs, only the needy are in need of, and the likes of the actual promotion and parading of harmful perverse sex acts, and a behavior, rewarded no less with the state sanctioned adoption of babies under the banner of 'historical injustices' for those on the basis of preference for sexual perversity alone, and that no private couple would ever dream of releasing their child to... especially celebrities.

There was no freedom of education under the Nazis. There is no freedom of education under communism and dictatorship. There is no freedom of education under Islam and there certainly is no freedom of education under our Marxist liberal establishments in the supposed free world for the reason that they might rock those same establishments once out of their direct control.

If you are the truth you claim to be, to the exclusion of any existence of real truth, what could rock the foundation of your establishment except possibly (in their case) your own weapon of short lived, frenzy whipped populism?

Yet, instead of admitting to evil in the world, domestic Marxist apologists would have us believe that we just don't understand something because it is different... that it takes in the big community picture admittedly with great innocent collateral damage, but to the cause of their greater and faddish end.

If you look at all the causes and obsessions of the liberal Marxist establishment, they have a general theme of darkness, and evil in worldly conformity as straight as the noses on a 'thin gray line'.

Real conservatives come by the truth from different lots in life, amazingly, all arriving at the same destination without the aid of Marxist education, Marxist main stream media distracting talking points, screaming, slogans, ranting or raving, sensationalism, super- macroscopic-ing the micro, and cave-in strategies.

Whole continents have failed, or willingly prostrated themselves at the foot of evil, including ones claiming to hold Christianity dear to their's and their nation's heart, yet individual men or bands of men claim they have 'strategies' to fight the one, and this same... evil.

We are certainly not 'empowered' for any such grandiose endeavors and must leave it to the Truth of Jesus Christ. Don't capitulate in the name of expediency or so called man made 'strategies' that never blossom to anything, but more years of tragic ( certainly for the unborn) disappointment. A party is the same as an individual and it is the party that first must be scrutinized as the dog that waves the back bench tail. Keep it simple, keep it right, don't join the other often lucrative side in claim, for our benefit, or for the deserving.

Real conservatives question what they are fed and hold it up to logical inspection. You cannot tell a conservative there is no such thing as truth, yet tell them, what you hold as truth.... is unchallengeable.

Liberals claim a false consensus of the world for all their causes. millions of others would contest, yet a consensus is exactly what real conservatives have in the exact thinking they came to, despite all the world road blocks, and different levels they may have of expressing or communicating it.

If you consider yourself a conservative, yet disagree with one or two of logical conservative challenges, you may want to re-consider your sticking point(s) in light of the rest of the causes, you would consider liberals dead wrong on. For instance, having family, relatives or friends engrossed in obsession of a preference of a perverse kind of sexuality, that they need to attach all manner of unrelated living aspects to 'normalize' their brand of sexual activity, does not change what it is. Celebrity status no matter the celebrity, no more ingratiates any sin than it does... intelligence and there is no shortage of seemingly mindless celebrities to witness to that... day in and day out.

If you believe, especially, in these times of evil exacerbation that it doesn't even exist, or isn't flowing freely past all manner of threshold of family dwelling, rich or poor, and through every portal of every building in the world through all manner of 'education', 'entertainment', or 'news' media then you are blissfully blind, or probably enjoying your own personal ill gotten dividends without any conscience whatsoever.

However, if you do believe in this blatant existence of evil, then logically you do believe in Truth, else there is nothing to counter evil. There cannot be evil, and just the certain eventual fallibility of all man, or mankind would have folded like a deck of cards, long before modern times.

Here are the most relatively new and populist, but non all- inclusive, Liberal Marxist causes



Destruction of the family to the benefit of populist causes including the marginalization of males in their traditional roles in the work force and as the family head and primary wage earner.

Killing of Christianity

Promoting of Islam as a religion that screams of brutality and hate in every official nation of Islam because that it is exactly how it was birthed and so intended to be, or at least until the death of Mohammad, to control those around him.

Unionism, and its modern birth at a time when the greater masses... the menial laborers, were the power holders in the free democracies who could have voted in sensible, safe and equitable labor laws beneficial to both the laborer and work provider and nation builder, with just a little patience and less proven greed to future never ending wage and benefit demand, mostly in oneupmanship to their union 'brothers' with the same intention, and a now a fallen ideology that is destroying economies throughout nations of the world. All are birthed of the same Christian hating Karl Marx self-loathing thuggery ideology of 'take' in numbers, either under violence, intimidation or extortion.

Un-equating of men

Division of the genders, and generations

Titillation and sexualization of young children

Promotion, exploitation and financial benefiting of racial unrest

Destruction of all the arts, especially music

Promotion of the contemporary mentally disturbed 'philosophers' obsessed with sexual perversion, darkness, suicide, and particular hate and disdain for the family, and Christianity.

Removing rights in the name of protecting modern populist championed rights and the name of hurt feelings by the very people who make life miserable for all, yet claim to be concerned for the least of us.

You couldn't have a more poisoned arrow aimed straight for the heart of Christianity and civilized and ordered society, than above, and you can be a conservative or a liberal, but you can't be both and the fence is non- existent or of a positive nature to Truth to be rewarded, but with at best, the same banalty of intention one could logically safely assume.

I have pure evil on this side and logical manner of goodness with sustainable truths on this side, therefore, if I sit on the fence, I must be safe and righteous, and too, my children and loved ones?

The one Truth of Christ is ordered, logical and loving and includes truths the left can never consider especially under the modern universal anti-Christ, Karl Marx, or many regional anti-Christs who claim to be peace and love when they are exactly the opposite.

Those truths, are whatever sacrifice and, or endurance of suffering it takes for the benefit of others, especially loved ones and all God's children, and consequently to the benefit of oneself, in multi-rewards now, and thereafter.

The concept of morality and truth is not a matter of what society will now let you 'get away with' over say only ten years past, or what the fallibility of man from any state proclaims it to be by himself or joined in mass populism. I'm sure all roads to Hell are paved in populism with their greatest cheer leaders, pimps, and political salesmen.

In knowledge, of the Truth flatly given by Christ, and made known to all, through times of grace through a free mind, heart and soul, conducive to the Holy Ghost, what side is there chance to err on, and whose only humbled, 'downside' is more glory to a loving, caring God?

Paul Gordon

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Roman Catholic Church: Canadian Version 665 & Counting & The Holy 'Ghost'

While the Church is getting back to a few basics of the Mass from pre- Vatican II where the absence of an actual Pope, because he was feeble and ailing, but admittedly 'may' have loved the changes as he was considered, not a heavy thinker by the intelligentsia, and 'one of the common boys' by the masses anyway.... they really, really need to bring back the Holy 'Ghost' they killed off, (apparently, figuratively, and literally) for the promotion of the Spirit...for 2 reasons.

1) The word Ghost is another perfect way of explaining the mystery of the Trinity. The letter G for God is capitalized or front and centre, the word 'host' follows as the Son of God, naturally. And both letter and word are bonded as 'Ghost' in the Holy Ghost.

2) In modern parley the term spirit is held more in association with the subjective thought, than 'Ghost' as an objective contributor to thought and the recognition of the fact that something other than our own prideful intellect is a contributor to our guidance, especially on matters of morality and conscience, often fragile and tenderly susceptible to temptation into narcissism and extrapolated into unworkable, and eventually self-punishing in populism, or as Christ put it, 'with the world'.

The Canadian Bishops, no stranger to the easier way, over the better way, have erroneously long ordained the Canadian laity with the power of self-emanating Truths (beginning with the Winnepeg Statement' that are suitably and wonderfully convenient for the Bishops and the laity, but have now panned out to a Canadian Church barely recognizable as Catholic, and no more a Church, than the United bowls of mush churches.

The Bishops proclaimed that parishioners could now guide their own consciences by what was best for them in their own circumstances i.e. artificial birth control and abortion and the heavy following of Marxist tenants of the world, and why not, Marxism has championed academia, populism and huge portions of the Catholic Church itself, (South America being a prime example) to reveal there was no truths, as long as you followed Marxism, the most, both, obvious and hidden modern anti-Christ of our times, and of world domination, over say the historical regional anti-Christ originator of Islam.

From the mouth of the Devil, Marx, himself, “Christianity is like spit-little”, of which no truer prophesy was foretold of the free nations but with only the help of the modern take by Christianity itself within these nations, today.

There are to be no leaders and especially no god, in Marxism and all his isms except of course, his disciples, the proletariats, the union leaders, the feminist leaders, the dictators, the atheist academics...

There is to be no beauty in music, no art in the arts, no innocent entertaining in entertainment, no modern philosophy not embracive of death and perversion, common man is god, to be champion and anything he is okay with is valid to the world as long as it is to the detriment of his fellow man, void of the True Christ or an ally, or recognizer thereof, as the good thief, in short, a modern world offered for Satan to his best for whatever greater purpose to the Truth, no doubt to test for any, any effort at all of resistance. The end is at hand not by revelation of word of God but as the only possible outcome on the current accelerated perversely celebrated path to Hell the world is massively engaged in.

As for the Church in Canada, if it were not dying already, satisfying itself to be no part of the greater Church to withstand the Gates of Hell but content to go from modern retirement, to present burying itself, with the dead, it would be far better, that it would be killed off, and maybe it should be, as it was in the post revolution days of France, of the child and Patron Saint of Priests, the Cure D'ars.

At that time the French 'State' as it were, took over the Catholic Church by attrition, only not as bad as Canada today and its sorry state whereas, Bishops have even abandoned the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist to the likes of 'orders' from public health boards.

In false sacrifice, they have given the name of Christ's Universal Church for Marxist unions?, publicly elected officials? and highly compensated, therefore I contend highly corruptible (read full funding), school boards? to pimp the very name Catholic towards the destruction of the souls of youth, not only to the spite of Christ's most treasured possessions, but to the only obvious 'future' of the Church and who at such young ages already know to abandon a place of worship that has nothing 'special' to offer, but platitudes and no claim to Truth or that could possibly drawn, from non-conforming of mutual messages from church to church, from diocese to diocese, from Bishop to Bishop, from Priest to Priest

They closed down Catholic hospitals and nursing homes without a whimper by order of the State.

They adopted perverse sexual stretched ideologies by order of state to contrive and control social interaction of youth.

The Canadian Bishops have yet to even acknowledge a single problem of the many, with the education of Catholic youth, they willingly and knowingly sacrificed to the world?

As a boy, Jean Vianney went to the underground church, still in communion with the true Church, and the underground protector and keeper of the Holy Sacraments for the French nation of the times. They only had true Bishops and priests who chose not to stay on and collaborate with the State takeover, and they often did it under the threat of death.

Whereas, St. Peter was hung upside down on a cross, for his faith in and to Christ, I fear modern Canadian Bishops, close to retirement or who should be retired, wouldn't sacrifice a chair on the banquet circuit or an ill written word from the scribes of the world. They do all their activities in the dark as they have done since Vatican II, and it doesn't amount to much regardless because they fear the light with their total lack of courage, their denial of reality and relish the pride of their unearned praise, yet they consider and claim to be followers of the Christ on this day the Easter Vigil.

Who is keeping vigil or looking after the Lord's sheep, and innocence and souls of His most beloved children?

Higher, Bishop name- granted Catholic Institutions of highest level of academia, but non monitored , cared of, or for, of the likes of the one in our nation's capital on philosophy and theology, no less, have totally absconded to the world.

At a recent graduation ceremony of this higher institution of Catholic Church, not only was there not one prayer said, no mention of God, Christ, the Virgin Mary, Sacrifice, or guidance of the Holy Ghost in a bare Chapel void of Catholic icons and statues, the leader of this cult orated his own valedictorian speech which centered on the current Marxist populist occupy movements across Canada.

He took great pride in how those entrusted to him were taught not only knowledge of his liking but how they were trained to totally think, differently from now on. And to that end I believe he may have been successful. If this is the highest and best in official 'Catholic' Canadian higher 'private' education, give us the devil in the world not just one of those in our midst.

Bishops...defend yourself to me...if not to the world, I implore you, what do you see as the state of Catholicism in Canada and what are you prepared to do about it?

Show us that the Holy Ghost had cause or any effect in your ordination. The youth are now your unbelievers! Drop your pride and fear to the world, souls are at stake.

Paul Gordon

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Message or A Christ for All

 Easter Message, or A Christ for All

Christianity has been so tossed aside in the modern 'free' world, it's as if He had never set Foot on earth at all, never mind only two thousand years ago.

Solid walls of marginalization, from ridicule, to so called historical, (more apt, hysterical) iron statutes of revisionism of separation of state and Christianity, to truth to populism and everything in between, have been built in every kind of imaginable attempt that can be found in existence, in God birthed, great free societies to undo any value in the Son of God's 'Mission' on this, at one, garden of Eden and rounded ball of Hell.

That Mission was the early possibility of a Holy mutual loving unification of man with God and the singular most important aspect of all humanity, the guide work to the salvation of souls of men and all their loved ones.

Christians, throughout the centuries, (and who can blame them), never quite get past their personal epiphany to Truth and personal respect, if not loving relationship with Christ to actually reach many on the other side.. and stated so,not as a matter of opinion but in objective fact given today's Christian collapse in the free world.

The 'good news' has to also be spread with more than just feelings, as powerful as those 'feelings' in the reciprocal love with Christ are, in being invaluable in the spiritual curing and aging, and too, complete turn around in many cases, of people who formally embraced evil, including loyal female assistant medical care to the abortionists and a few abortionists, themselves.

What needs to be impressed upon the reader, in the only cause, truly worthy of proselytizing is that aside from the historical recorded supernatural miracles, there is the obvious Truth not too couched in the perfection that emanated from Christ's own mouth, time, and every time again.

Nowhere, is it more acutely focused upon in the Gospels than when Christ is presented to Pontius Pilate at the Crucifixion, and Pilate rhetorically asks of Christ, “What is Truth?”

Zooming out, for a minute, from the Gospel's chronological recordings of miracles and parables culminating in the Crucifixion, Christ willingly availed Himself to, there are some remarkable things to take note of that would not logically be expected or capable of happening from any man, certainly, not without the ground breaking new template Christ put out at such an early date in Judeo-Christian history.

To get an idea of the state of religion at the time, still in some ways barbaric, one need only consider the reasons under which Christ was publicly brutally tortured and murdered with full consent and participation of the authorities and the mobs.

He claimed He was the Son of God, and he performed miracles of good works on the Sabbath.

(Of course today, in the free democracies of the world, and it happened so are ridiculed as a fanatic by most to say you know of the Christ, never mind, that you would give your life for your belief and faith in Him)

Everything He did, everything He said, could earn Him a horrible death sentence much earlier than it did, yet he went from city to town unceasingly trying to change all, but 'totally', how people thought and acted and what they would actually believe in from then on for the sanctity and sanity of the meaning of life to the eternity of their after life, hardly aspects humanity doesn't take soberly.

You can imagine the emotional hurricane alone Christ whipped up wherever he spoke, never mind the toes he stepped on.

Above all, he would have to be 'fast on his feet' His responses and wisdom would be demanded immediately and continuously by the traps that were laid bare for Him by the Scribes and the Pharisees, that His very earthly life depended on then.

Interlace that fact, with the 'necessity' that He would have to be true to Himself (in the mystery of God), else what was the whole purpose of His Most Holy Mission.. and you have a man under tremendous observation and pressure.

And for the miracles themselves, as they were to be to the Glory of God, imagine being outside the tomb of Lazarus with his friends and family. His whole body has been rotting for four days, like a freezer full of meat, left unplugged for four days. Yet, Jesus calls him out from his tomb and Lazarus appears still wrapped in his burial clothes.

It would be very difficult to even imagine any man in history who could have 'pulled that off', say as an act, and to what possible end?, especially at this time of first presentation of Christianity, I.e., if you weren't the Son of God what could possibly be your motivation for such a tremendously hard, tenuous and dangerous life, in full knowledge of how one's young life was going to end.

Such brilliance and genuine love of men seemingly not deserving of such by fellow man could not involve anyone but the Son of God!

Even so, forgot all this.

The most remarkable 'worldly' feat of Christ was that He worked with an old world religion, safely, in perfect fulfillment of prophesy, (though many did not see the obvious connection at the time), from a masterly plan that every detail of His public life was small and large parts of the Truth, of eternity and universe, Itself.

Every answer He may have had to blurt out in a hurry at times was perfect. There was no flaw that anyone then, today or tomorrow could prey upon.

There were no contradictions in the parts of this map of Truth, and indeed, He was the living Flesh of Truth. I ask again, what person, hero, academic, philosopher, born in sin could accomplish this, or even attempt now with the benefit of hind sight?

People were not to judge each other, but they were to judge sin.

They were to sin no more, hardly releasing sin from the Gates of Hell as taken today.

Remarkably, there were/ are no gray areas in this Truth spoken from the Son of God, and none today... sacrifice, penance even for others, and spiritual value in suffering are the whitening... the glorifying of the graying..... in the Truth of Christ! It's all there and for anyone to see it!

The Gospels of the Lord have been on public record and display for almost two thousand years, and no one can honestly come by fault with them, in whole, or part.

In modern times, we are instructed from birth, especially since the Marxist revolution of despair, greed, and death to believe there is no truth, yet unbelievably, we are to take their word filled with contradiction, hate, and not a thought of sacrifice, when what is needed can simply be taken, as the gospel of the world as just one example of modern dictates, and philosophies.

There are no truths, except theirs and just attempt to challenge them.

Our own greed, our own narcissism, our own miserable lives are what empowers our masters to give us simply what we ask for and feel we deserve.

Our own blindness tells us to relegate the Truth of Christ for all, and the only Truth that saves the lives of the innocent, heals the souls of the suffering, and sets the captives free, mostly from themselves or at their own doing, to a smaller and smaller quarter of our lives hearts our minds and most tragically...our souls, and those of our loved ones.

We are to be shamed to do otherwise, to have free choice, yet to be manipulated to use it to contribute to the reality of disappointment time after time, in the end contributing to evil in our God, not state given, right to do so, but certainly not deep in our hearts or our objective consciences or realization of sober thought aided by the waiting Holy Ghost at most opportune times of grace.

In the name of God, Truth has been presented and handed to us on a platter, and we take it with the Head of Christ like His cousin, when we know it, but refuse to acknowledge it openly and honestly and purely to the betterment of us and for all.

It's there for the intellectual..the academic, the artist, and the toughest of salesman, the politician. As long as we have so, so much evil in the world we have had the Truth.

The Vatican truly and urgently needs to proclaim the Year of Christ the Truth to get the world back to the future, and to be easily backed to take on all present day pretenders.

And what better humiliation of evil than to be challenged against the Truth.

Forget what others think and say of you. Yes, we are all sinners, more wretched at times than others and and more than many, at times than others.

For that, we can not go where Christ goes, and we have no excuse as we can not deny that the Holy Ghost is always within us.

But we know what Truth looks like when we see it! We know when the innocent are being harmed especially the young when we see it!

We can have a love for this reality of Truth though we can never touch it. And we can depend on finding healing, peace, rest, and love with in it.
And no evil, no matter how persuasive no matter their numbers, can stop us from doing it because the Truth also has the Light and the Way to its door.

Today, in the free world the disciples have also been scattered and don't recognize their brothers or even themselves, but they have the power themselves granted by Peter granted by Christ, to destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days.

In Truth what can ever sicken us more, love or hate, good or evil, obscene or the beautiful, the innocense of children or the destruction of their innocense.

Only the Bishops can now undo what they have done and bring those most loved by Christ back to Him and put all else behind them.

Paul Gordon