Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Message or A Christ for All

 Easter Message, or A Christ for All

Christianity has been so tossed aside in the modern 'free' world, it's as if He had never set Foot on earth at all, never mind only two thousand years ago.

Solid walls of marginalization, from ridicule, to so called historical, (more apt, hysterical) iron statutes of revisionism of separation of state and Christianity, to truth to populism and everything in between, have been built in every kind of imaginable attempt that can be found in existence, in God birthed, great free societies to undo any value in the Son of God's 'Mission' on this, at one, garden of Eden and rounded ball of Hell.

That Mission was the early possibility of a Holy mutual loving unification of man with God and the singular most important aspect of all humanity, the guide work to the salvation of souls of men and all their loved ones.

Christians, throughout the centuries, (and who can blame them), never quite get past their personal epiphany to Truth and personal respect, if not loving relationship with Christ to actually reach many on the other side.. and stated so,not as a matter of opinion but in objective fact given today's Christian collapse in the free world.

The 'good news' has to also be spread with more than just feelings, as powerful as those 'feelings' in the reciprocal love with Christ are, in being invaluable in the spiritual curing and aging, and too, complete turn around in many cases, of people who formally embraced evil, including loyal female assistant medical care to the abortionists and a few abortionists, themselves.

What needs to be impressed upon the reader, in the only cause, truly worthy of proselytizing is that aside from the historical recorded supernatural miracles, there is the obvious Truth not too couched in the perfection that emanated from Christ's own mouth, time, and every time again.

Nowhere, is it more acutely focused upon in the Gospels than when Christ is presented to Pontius Pilate at the Crucifixion, and Pilate rhetorically asks of Christ, “What is Truth?”

Zooming out, for a minute, from the Gospel's chronological recordings of miracles and parables culminating in the Crucifixion, Christ willingly availed Himself to, there are some remarkable things to take note of that would not logically be expected or capable of happening from any man, certainly, not without the ground breaking new template Christ put out at such an early date in Judeo-Christian history.

To get an idea of the state of religion at the time, still in some ways barbaric, one need only consider the reasons under which Christ was publicly brutally tortured and murdered with full consent and participation of the authorities and the mobs.

He claimed He was the Son of God, and he performed miracles of good works on the Sabbath.

(Of course today, in the free democracies of the world, and it happened so are ridiculed as a fanatic by most to say you know of the Christ, never mind, that you would give your life for your belief and faith in Him)

Everything He did, everything He said, could earn Him a horrible death sentence much earlier than it did, yet he went from city to town unceasingly trying to change all, but 'totally', how people thought and acted and what they would actually believe in from then on for the sanctity and sanity of the meaning of life to the eternity of their after life, hardly aspects humanity doesn't take soberly.

You can imagine the emotional hurricane alone Christ whipped up wherever he spoke, never mind the toes he stepped on.

Above all, he would have to be 'fast on his feet' His responses and wisdom would be demanded immediately and continuously by the traps that were laid bare for Him by the Scribes and the Pharisees, that His very earthly life depended on then.

Interlace that fact, with the 'necessity' that He would have to be true to Himself (in the mystery of God), else what was the whole purpose of His Most Holy Mission.. and you have a man under tremendous observation and pressure.

And for the miracles themselves, as they were to be to the Glory of God, imagine being outside the tomb of Lazarus with his friends and family. His whole body has been rotting for four days, like a freezer full of meat, left unplugged for four days. Yet, Jesus calls him out from his tomb and Lazarus appears still wrapped in his burial clothes.

It would be very difficult to even imagine any man in history who could have 'pulled that off', say as an act, and to what possible end?, especially at this time of first presentation of Christianity, I.e., if you weren't the Son of God what could possibly be your motivation for such a tremendously hard, tenuous and dangerous life, in full knowledge of how one's young life was going to end.

Such brilliance and genuine love of men seemingly not deserving of such by fellow man could not involve anyone but the Son of God!

Even so, forgot all this.

The most remarkable 'worldly' feat of Christ was that He worked with an old world religion, safely, in perfect fulfillment of prophesy, (though many did not see the obvious connection at the time), from a masterly plan that every detail of His public life was small and large parts of the Truth, of eternity and universe, Itself.

Every answer He may have had to blurt out in a hurry at times was perfect. There was no flaw that anyone then, today or tomorrow could prey upon.

There were no contradictions in the parts of this map of Truth, and indeed, He was the living Flesh of Truth. I ask again, what person, hero, academic, philosopher, born in sin could accomplish this, or even attempt now with the benefit of hind sight?

People were not to judge each other, but they were to judge sin.

They were to sin no more, hardly releasing sin from the Gates of Hell as taken today.

Remarkably, there were/ are no gray areas in this Truth spoken from the Son of God, and none today... sacrifice, penance even for others, and spiritual value in suffering are the whitening... the glorifying of the graying..... in the Truth of Christ! It's all there and for anyone to see it!

The Gospels of the Lord have been on public record and display for almost two thousand years, and no one can honestly come by fault with them, in whole, or part.

In modern times, we are instructed from birth, especially since the Marxist revolution of despair, greed, and death to believe there is no truth, yet unbelievably, we are to take their word filled with contradiction, hate, and not a thought of sacrifice, when what is needed can simply be taken, as the gospel of the world as just one example of modern dictates, and philosophies.

There are no truths, except theirs and just attempt to challenge them.

Our own greed, our own narcissism, our own miserable lives are what empowers our masters to give us simply what we ask for and feel we deserve.

Our own blindness tells us to relegate the Truth of Christ for all, and the only Truth that saves the lives of the innocent, heals the souls of the suffering, and sets the captives free, mostly from themselves or at their own doing, to a smaller and smaller quarter of our lives hearts our minds and most tragically...our souls, and those of our loved ones.

We are to be shamed to do otherwise, to have free choice, yet to be manipulated to use it to contribute to the reality of disappointment time after time, in the end contributing to evil in our God, not state given, right to do so, but certainly not deep in our hearts or our objective consciences or realization of sober thought aided by the waiting Holy Ghost at most opportune times of grace.

In the name of God, Truth has been presented and handed to us on a platter, and we take it with the Head of Christ like His cousin, when we know it, but refuse to acknowledge it openly and honestly and purely to the betterment of us and for all.

It's there for the intellectual..the academic, the artist, and the toughest of salesman, the politician. As long as we have so, so much evil in the world we have had the Truth.

The Vatican truly and urgently needs to proclaim the Year of Christ the Truth to get the world back to the future, and to be easily backed to take on all present day pretenders.

And what better humiliation of evil than to be challenged against the Truth.

Forget what others think and say of you. Yes, we are all sinners, more wretched at times than others and and more than many, at times than others.

For that, we can not go where Christ goes, and we have no excuse as we can not deny that the Holy Ghost is always within us.

But we know what Truth looks like when we see it! We know when the innocent are being harmed especially the young when we see it!

We can have a love for this reality of Truth though we can never touch it. And we can depend on finding healing, peace, rest, and love with in it.
And no evil, no matter how persuasive no matter their numbers, can stop us from doing it because the Truth also has the Light and the Way to its door.

Today, in the free world the disciples have also been scattered and don't recognize their brothers or even themselves, but they have the power themselves granted by Peter granted by Christ, to destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days.

In Truth what can ever sicken us more, love or hate, good or evil, obscene or the beautiful, the innocense of children or the destruction of their innocense.

Only the Bishops can now undo what they have done and bring those most loved by Christ back to Him and put all else behind them.

Paul Gordon