Monday, April 30, 2012

'Conservatism' Holds No Manner of Faith

'Conservatism' Holds No Manner of Faith

Fresh from today's Gospel reading, “The hired hand runs away because a hired hand does not care for the sheep”

It's always been a given that liberals are of the (erroneous) belief, that the Truth of Christ is no way to get elected and that faith cramps the style, ways, and strategies of the politics needed to 'win' over a greater electorate of worldly narcissistic bunch with no apologies to the human condition.

Itemizing all the areas where liberalism is in antithesis to Judeo-Christianity would be a writing in itself. However, the intensity of the opposition is nothing compared to the traitor in one's midst.

Admired, (strangely)..'worshiped' conservatives, have purposely embraced the politics of the world in the belief that God or Christ are 'powerless' to turn nations around, to make them both moral and prosperous and to win over an abundance of evil and it's legions of conspirators.

The belief the new conservatism eschews is that God and Christ are not needed or to be heeded, yet they in their humanist and nationalist pride are alone the ones to defeat the opposition. Unfortunately, conservatism is increasingly drawn to the nature of that liberalism, in communion with libertarian magnetism in the sense of the belief of separation of State and religion, melding liberalism and conservatism into one, and the same. Of course, this is fate already done so.... morally on all social issues, and in many ways, fiscally.

Fiscally, to the degree (especially in the U.S.) where it won't matter for many generations who is elected and all new platforms will entail taking money back from the taxpayers, 'deep' cuts in all socialist schemed programs, and to military.

And with this bleak outlook a certainty as water and air, compound the unease when government unions balk at the idea of any concessions or pay cuts.

The irresponsibility of past elected governments on both sides of the aisle, in keeping promises nations could never possibly afford, but easily passed along to the next generation, in the same practical 'reality' they claim to 'alone' be responsible in, is nominally considered ethically, morally, and legally criminal were they public, private businesses or families ways of getting everything they 'desired'. and in future should be considered legally criminal, for living in the moment that damns the future for all.

Here's the thing. Conservatives talk through one side of their mouths telling Christians they are the only alternative to liberals but in reality only offer 'no worse' than liberals, i.e. propping up the liberal status quo which never loses gains with the kind of conservatives we have now.

For instance I contend the time is ripe with the failing economy that nations would be okay with not having tax payers pay for abortions, especially with those who take advantage of multiple trips to the butchers.

But Canadian and now U.S. mainstream progressive conservatives want no Christian 'mud' sticking to them in their quest for nothing more than a return to power with all the perks financial and otherwise that come with holding the balance of power. (See today's Gospel reading).

But if you think the Republicans and Reaganites actually give a damn about Judeo-Christians, their faith, their families, or their children, I guarantee you are sadly mistaken given their history to date, and especially the vicious attacks perpetrated on Rick Santorum's family by Drudge the GOP water boy, and repeated on famous Reaganite talk shows, when they felt he was getting a little too popular and they felt threatened by what they labeled theocracies, as in insultingly suggesting tyranny.

I suggest they are more like Nancy Reaganites than Ronald Reganites.

In Canada Harper who has particular disdain for Christianity getting in the way of his ambitions reluctantly allowed for a 'debate' on when life begins. Big deal, that debate is long over and a number of years back, in the natural liberal establishment progression of sixty years, of non-progression.

Feminists admit to the fact they are terminating living babies and that is all the more to their unnatural pantheist tendencies and aspirations in that they demand that right and regardless of reason for its practice. They have been trained well to equate God with the men they so hate.

I dare anyone to show me something the Canadian conservatives have done for Judeo-Christianity in modern history, while for years they have slummed their candidates through Catholic and Christian Churches chiefly on the merits that they are not the liberals in power or by official name. Feel free to spit on the ground here, like the Jewish elders in Fiddler on The Roof, and from here on in when the word conservative is mentioned.

George Bush II gave us two Supreme Court Judges. (Reagan gave the liberals one).

But even, this must have been a mistake or coincidental because that is all the Republicans have done for Judeo-Christianity the whole last century, much of which, North America was considered to be Judeo-Christian. Marxism, however entered North America early in the last century, and state-ism ruled much of it while dressed up as Christian.

The same George Bush would only address thousands of pro-lifers surrounding the White House by telephone. Pontius Pilate gave more courtesy to his enemies.

Look, we Judeo-Christians, have waited a hundred years for any kind of legislation going are way including sixty years for any advancement into the pro death culture supported by these bastardized political parties and in law.

We can wait for four more years of what concerns God and Christ and we know how to sacrifice!

Don't vote for any party (dooming our nations anyway) until they come to us in some kind of serious manner period. And as of now, they have no reason to do so because we affirm their actions, beliefs and humanist philosophies, with every vote we give them.

Forget humanist strategies which are just using it against you in the end.

Go simply with the Truth of Christ and have even a little of the faith you should.

Catholic and Christian leaders, please wake up as you are playing directly into the world and only by the rules they allot you!

Main stream 'conservatives' may not care but they will know I'm right!

Paul Gordon

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