Monday, April 9, 2012

Conservatives Can Find Consensus in Truth

Christ is Risen..Hallelujah

Conservatives Can Find Truth in the Holy Ghost of Consensus And Be Freer For It.

Or meet you at the freely traveled intersection of politics, Christianity, and Truth

There is truth in real conservatism and it is a realistic or tangible way to sort out the chaff and unite the conservatives who want to be united. It is not to tell anyone how to think. How can anyone tell a person already thinking, how to think?

If conservatives are taught, it is with the aid of their parents, certainly through no Marxist militant union educators, the proven preference of choice of political governments of State, competing for the electoral greater support at massive unmitigated expense and debt.

Caesars of today rightfully enjoy no benefit from the traditional perch of respect, of authority.

They have long exemplified the fallibility of man and trespassed into the domain of which is only God's and in relative short historical order have provided for the destruction of innocence of children the legalizing of immorality, the destruction of the family, taxation structures to enslave whole families, primarily for the non-societal aesthetics of simply the buying of votes for the immediate leadership winning or re-election, yet with far reaching ever-lasting socialist universal programs, only the needy are in need of, and the likes of the actual promotion and parading of harmful perverse sex acts, and a behavior, rewarded no less with the state sanctioned adoption of babies under the banner of 'historical injustices' for those on the basis of preference for sexual perversity alone, and that no private couple would ever dream of releasing their child to... especially celebrities.

There was no freedom of education under the Nazis. There is no freedom of education under communism and dictatorship. There is no freedom of education under Islam and there certainly is no freedom of education under our Marxist liberal establishments in the supposed free world for the reason that they might rock those same establishments once out of their direct control.

If you are the truth you claim to be, to the exclusion of any existence of real truth, what could rock the foundation of your establishment except possibly (in their case) your own weapon of short lived, frenzy whipped populism?

Yet, instead of admitting to evil in the world, domestic Marxist apologists would have us believe that we just don't understand something because it is different... that it takes in the big community picture admittedly with great innocent collateral damage, but to the cause of their greater and faddish end.

If you look at all the causes and obsessions of the liberal Marxist establishment, they have a general theme of darkness, and evil in worldly conformity as straight as the noses on a 'thin gray line'.

Real conservatives come by the truth from different lots in life, amazingly, all arriving at the same destination without the aid of Marxist education, Marxist main stream media distracting talking points, screaming, slogans, ranting or raving, sensationalism, super- macroscopic-ing the micro, and cave-in strategies.

Whole continents have failed, or willingly prostrated themselves at the foot of evil, including ones claiming to hold Christianity dear to their's and their nation's heart, yet individual men or bands of men claim they have 'strategies' to fight the one, and this same... evil.

We are certainly not 'empowered' for any such grandiose endeavors and must leave it to the Truth of Jesus Christ. Don't capitulate in the name of expediency or so called man made 'strategies' that never blossom to anything, but more years of tragic ( certainly for the unborn) disappointment. A party is the same as an individual and it is the party that first must be scrutinized as the dog that waves the back bench tail. Keep it simple, keep it right, don't join the other often lucrative side in claim, for our benefit, or for the deserving.

Real conservatives question what they are fed and hold it up to logical inspection. You cannot tell a conservative there is no such thing as truth, yet tell them, what you hold as truth.... is unchallengeable.

Liberals claim a false consensus of the world for all their causes. millions of others would contest, yet a consensus is exactly what real conservatives have in the exact thinking they came to, despite all the world road blocks, and different levels they may have of expressing or communicating it.

If you consider yourself a conservative, yet disagree with one or two of logical conservative challenges, you may want to re-consider your sticking point(s) in light of the rest of the causes, you would consider liberals dead wrong on. For instance, having family, relatives or friends engrossed in obsession of a preference of a perverse kind of sexuality, that they need to attach all manner of unrelated living aspects to 'normalize' their brand of sexual activity, does not change what it is. Celebrity status no matter the celebrity, no more ingratiates any sin than it does... intelligence and there is no shortage of seemingly mindless celebrities to witness to that... day in and day out.

If you believe, especially, in these times of evil exacerbation that it doesn't even exist, or isn't flowing freely past all manner of threshold of family dwelling, rich or poor, and through every portal of every building in the world through all manner of 'education', 'entertainment', or 'news' media then you are blissfully blind, or probably enjoying your own personal ill gotten dividends without any conscience whatsoever.

However, if you do believe in this blatant existence of evil, then logically you do believe in Truth, else there is nothing to counter evil. There cannot be evil, and just the certain eventual fallibility of all man, or mankind would have folded like a deck of cards, long before modern times.

Here are the most relatively new and populist, but non all- inclusive, Liberal Marxist causes



Destruction of the family to the benefit of populist causes including the marginalization of males in their traditional roles in the work force and as the family head and primary wage earner.

Killing of Christianity

Promoting of Islam as a religion that screams of brutality and hate in every official nation of Islam because that it is exactly how it was birthed and so intended to be, or at least until the death of Mohammad, to control those around him.

Unionism, and its modern birth at a time when the greater masses... the menial laborers, were the power holders in the free democracies who could have voted in sensible, safe and equitable labor laws beneficial to both the laborer and work provider and nation builder, with just a little patience and less proven greed to future never ending wage and benefit demand, mostly in oneupmanship to their union 'brothers' with the same intention, and a now a fallen ideology that is destroying economies throughout nations of the world. All are birthed of the same Christian hating Karl Marx self-loathing thuggery ideology of 'take' in numbers, either under violence, intimidation or extortion.

Un-equating of men

Division of the genders, and generations

Titillation and sexualization of young children

Promotion, exploitation and financial benefiting of racial unrest

Destruction of all the arts, especially music

Promotion of the contemporary mentally disturbed 'philosophers' obsessed with sexual perversion, darkness, suicide, and particular hate and disdain for the family, and Christianity.

Removing rights in the name of protecting modern populist championed rights and the name of hurt feelings by the very people who make life miserable for all, yet claim to be concerned for the least of us.

You couldn't have a more poisoned arrow aimed straight for the heart of Christianity and civilized and ordered society, than above, and you can be a conservative or a liberal, but you can't be both and the fence is non- existent or of a positive nature to Truth to be rewarded, but with at best, the same banalty of intention one could logically safely assume.

I have pure evil on this side and logical manner of goodness with sustainable truths on this side, therefore, if I sit on the fence, I must be safe and righteous, and too, my children and loved ones?

The one Truth of Christ is ordered, logical and loving and includes truths the left can never consider especially under the modern universal anti-Christ, Karl Marx, or many regional anti-Christs who claim to be peace and love when they are exactly the opposite.

Those truths, are whatever sacrifice and, or endurance of suffering it takes for the benefit of others, especially loved ones and all God's children, and consequently to the benefit of oneself, in multi-rewards now, and thereafter.

The concept of morality and truth is not a matter of what society will now let you 'get away with' over say only ten years past, or what the fallibility of man from any state proclaims it to be by himself or joined in mass populism. I'm sure all roads to Hell are paved in populism with their greatest cheer leaders, pimps, and political salesmen.

In knowledge, of the Truth flatly given by Christ, and made known to all, through times of grace through a free mind, heart and soul, conducive to the Holy Ghost, what side is there chance to err on, and whose only humbled, 'downside' is more glory to a loving, caring God?

Paul Gordon

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