Saturday, April 7, 2012

Roman Catholic Church: Canadian Version 665 & Counting & The Holy 'Ghost'

While the Church is getting back to a few basics of the Mass from pre- Vatican II where the absence of an actual Pope, because he was feeble and ailing, but admittedly 'may' have loved the changes as he was considered, not a heavy thinker by the intelligentsia, and 'one of the common boys' by the masses anyway.... they really, really need to bring back the Holy 'Ghost' they killed off, (apparently, figuratively, and literally) for the promotion of the Spirit...for 2 reasons.

1) The word Ghost is another perfect way of explaining the mystery of the Trinity. The letter G for God is capitalized or front and centre, the word 'host' follows as the Son of God, naturally. And both letter and word are bonded as 'Ghost' in the Holy Ghost.

2) In modern parley the term spirit is held more in association with the subjective thought, than 'Ghost' as an objective contributor to thought and the recognition of the fact that something other than our own prideful intellect is a contributor to our guidance, especially on matters of morality and conscience, often fragile and tenderly susceptible to temptation into narcissism and extrapolated into unworkable, and eventually self-punishing in populism, or as Christ put it, 'with the world'.

The Canadian Bishops, no stranger to the easier way, over the better way, have erroneously long ordained the Canadian laity with the power of self-emanating Truths (beginning with the Winnepeg Statement' that are suitably and wonderfully convenient for the Bishops and the laity, but have now panned out to a Canadian Church barely recognizable as Catholic, and no more a Church, than the United bowls of mush churches.

The Bishops proclaimed that parishioners could now guide their own consciences by what was best for them in their own circumstances i.e. artificial birth control and abortion and the heavy following of Marxist tenants of the world, and why not, Marxism has championed academia, populism and huge portions of the Catholic Church itself, (South America being a prime example) to reveal there was no truths, as long as you followed Marxism, the most, both, obvious and hidden modern anti-Christ of our times, and of world domination, over say the historical regional anti-Christ originator of Islam.

From the mouth of the Devil, Marx, himself, “Christianity is like spit-little”, of which no truer prophesy was foretold of the free nations but with only the help of the modern take by Christianity itself within these nations, today.

There are to be no leaders and especially no god, in Marxism and all his isms except of course, his disciples, the proletariats, the union leaders, the feminist leaders, the dictators, the atheist academics...

There is to be no beauty in music, no art in the arts, no innocent entertaining in entertainment, no modern philosophy not embracive of death and perversion, common man is god, to be champion and anything he is okay with is valid to the world as long as it is to the detriment of his fellow man, void of the True Christ or an ally, or recognizer thereof, as the good thief, in short, a modern world offered for Satan to his best for whatever greater purpose to the Truth, no doubt to test for any, any effort at all of resistance. The end is at hand not by revelation of word of God but as the only possible outcome on the current accelerated perversely celebrated path to Hell the world is massively engaged in.

As for the Church in Canada, if it were not dying already, satisfying itself to be no part of the greater Church to withstand the Gates of Hell but content to go from modern retirement, to present burying itself, with the dead, it would be far better, that it would be killed off, and maybe it should be, as it was in the post revolution days of France, of the child and Patron Saint of Priests, the Cure D'ars.

At that time the French 'State' as it were, took over the Catholic Church by attrition, only not as bad as Canada today and its sorry state whereas, Bishops have even abandoned the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist to the likes of 'orders' from public health boards.

In false sacrifice, they have given the name of Christ's Universal Church for Marxist unions?, publicly elected officials? and highly compensated, therefore I contend highly corruptible (read full funding), school boards? to pimp the very name Catholic towards the destruction of the souls of youth, not only to the spite of Christ's most treasured possessions, but to the only obvious 'future' of the Church and who at such young ages already know to abandon a place of worship that has nothing 'special' to offer, but platitudes and no claim to Truth or that could possibly drawn, from non-conforming of mutual messages from church to church, from diocese to diocese, from Bishop to Bishop, from Priest to Priest

They closed down Catholic hospitals and nursing homes without a whimper by order of the State.

They adopted perverse sexual stretched ideologies by order of state to contrive and control social interaction of youth.

The Canadian Bishops have yet to even acknowledge a single problem of the many, with the education of Catholic youth, they willingly and knowingly sacrificed to the world?

As a boy, Jean Vianney went to the underground church, still in communion with the true Church, and the underground protector and keeper of the Holy Sacraments for the French nation of the times. They only had true Bishops and priests who chose not to stay on and collaborate with the State takeover, and they often did it under the threat of death.

Whereas, St. Peter was hung upside down on a cross, for his faith in and to Christ, I fear modern Canadian Bishops, close to retirement or who should be retired, wouldn't sacrifice a chair on the banquet circuit or an ill written word from the scribes of the world. They do all their activities in the dark as they have done since Vatican II, and it doesn't amount to much regardless because they fear the light with their total lack of courage, their denial of reality and relish the pride of their unearned praise, yet they consider and claim to be followers of the Christ on this day the Easter Vigil.

Who is keeping vigil or looking after the Lord's sheep, and innocence and souls of His most beloved children?

Higher, Bishop name- granted Catholic Institutions of highest level of academia, but non monitored , cared of, or for, of the likes of the one in our nation's capital on philosophy and theology, no less, have totally absconded to the world.

At a recent graduation ceremony of this higher institution of Catholic Church, not only was there not one prayer said, no mention of God, Christ, the Virgin Mary, Sacrifice, or guidance of the Holy Ghost in a bare Chapel void of Catholic icons and statues, the leader of this cult orated his own valedictorian speech which centered on the current Marxist populist occupy movements across Canada.

He took great pride in how those entrusted to him were taught not only knowledge of his liking but how they were trained to totally think, differently from now on. And to that end I believe he may have been successful. If this is the highest and best in official 'Catholic' Canadian higher 'private' education, give us the devil in the world not just one of those in our midst.

Bishops...defend yourself to me...if not to the world, I implore you, what do you see as the state of Catholicism in Canada and what are you prepared to do about it?

Show us that the Holy Ghost had cause or any effect in your ordination. The youth are now your unbelievers! Drop your pride and fear to the world, souls are at stake.

Paul Gordon

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