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Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On Our King of Heart & Soul

in terms of world endearment

Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On Our King of Heart & Soul

The State has always been affiliated with the World even though some nations are officially Catholic to this day. These nations often celebrate feast days publicly in splendor and fanfare much more than Canada and the U.S. would ever dream of.

Not all nations with large Catholic populations, marginalized themselves as it were, by cowering to political correctness and giving up ground in Christian education, Catholic hospitals, and Catholic nursing homes. like the U.S. and Canada.

It is allowed for states to be Catholic, or Christian and there is no Truth to any rumour to the contrary.

In fact, there would appear to be more truth to the American founding fathers idea of 'best practices' for a new nation was for the government to stay out of the business of the Church, than the other way around. After all, these were men who knew how the new scriptures turned out in the end and the true limited role and value of all Caesars combined.

There is no shortage of Islamic nations and Communist nations and no shortage of Western nations (formerly unofficially considered Christian nations) who pay politically correct homage to them, but with in themselves, the idea of a Christian nation in the free west today is absurdly considered an insult and offense to those in law, politics, academia, entertainment, and the 'news' business aka, the culture influencing and social and behavior directing establishment?

Who needs to play by the rules set by the world (the world as proven to be aptly described by Christ) for the world?

There is the universal notion (fact in Truth) of all men being created equal from the perspective that all men are sinners in that no man is better than the next. However, what can't be drawn from this, is that no man is worse than the next and all sin is equivalent or as some would have us believe, that sin is non existent, and that the 'laws' of the land are the only floating Truth that we need ever consider up to and including matters of life and death itself, never removed from the domain unto God.

'Greatness' in a nation in itself, is a patriot fool's worldly paradise. There has been many more great evil nations than great Christian nations, and the difference seen only in retrospect in some cases.

With the political blurring of morality, most championed with played sympathies, and nationalist propaganda causes played by all, not against 'Just' battles but against Truth es where they stand, and the attempted graying of Truth itself, nations that have abandoned Christ have blinded themselves and cast themselves into the wilderness, all on their own.

Loving mercy of 'second chance' never was a forgiver of sin, and Satan. “Your sins have been forgiven, woman, go and sin no more”

Truth is the ultimate epic story of everything and anything that is truly 'important', where it came from and where it is going and the western world's present political obsession with sexual perversion and preference and historical unheard of thought for woman's rant and rave, to kill her own, never mind her common practiced 'right', isn't worthy of thought, let alone defending, or measuring up to the Truth of God.

Only the 'world' which Christ consistently cast in a light aligned with Satan, would immerse itself in such sewage and deny the Christ even a word to the children of nations of Truth love and hope in deference to the policies and laws of man of their worldly nations.

Given just minute looks at the real Christ, how is it that men can approve of cowards who cower at the feet of the Crucified Christ for fear of their worldly positions and comforts alone?

How can man 'vote' for anti-Christs who hold Christ or His logical Truth in disdain or as an obstacle to their elect ability and later electoral sustainability of totally modern marred and flawed nations they seek only to sustain and thrive, in the status quo of error of thinking and meaningless existence?

In other words, it doesn't get any better by electing anyone who supports politically correct immoralities time and time again, but otherwise promises you everything of worldly narcissistic concerns, or of the earth shattering 'socialist importance' they have made their same god of the world, that they are never going to realistically deliver on anyway, and that certainly will not last longer than they do... at best.

A nation that has a firm grasp of Christ does not need socialism with its inherent notion of two classes with one in full Marxist Christian hating condescension of the other.

History has borne out that morality is eternal and concerns of the world are fickle, narcissistic, recyclable, mob or peer enforced, and certainly work against individual thought and individual incentive.

If you are even half Christian you have to believe in Him and to 'trust' Him. There are no gods before Him and there is no Truth before Him. The world tells you there is truth beyond Him, but who in the world has it, or has ever shown it? Who has ever existed in the world who you would believe is Truth incarnate or even worthy to tie His laces?

Yet, we grant sinners of the world (with the obvious difference of elected power) in their transgressions into God's domain our support with free 'votes' or our personal approval, (and who waste no time in their acceptance speeches in crediting themselves as speaking for us all and in affirmation for all their faddish and, or, hidden agendas.

Whereas, we could have, can, stop encroachment of the Caesars we are actually free to elect, from taking matters of Heaven, alone in to their possession primarily with the single aim of retaining power certainly as proven time and time again through no personal morals, ethics, or scruples of their own.

The Truth is that this is our line in the sand and there are few nations where we are granted the power to freely defend our line and within our free nations, many would snuff that out if we do not prostrate ourselves to their actual belief of superior and prideful intelligence.

To say well I'm not Jesus, I'm a confirmed sinner and to do else wise would be to do as the hypocrites do, so let's just 'go for it', is to play into the hand of the one who revels in your despair and the despair of your loved ones. Of course, we're not Jesus, but we're not proud sinners either and we are not blind to what we can stop contributing to... the perfect 'anti-Christian' aid to Satan, including the extinction of innocence, itself.

This freedom alone is all that is left that what makes or distinguishes our free nations as great, and we alone as Christians and Christian leaders are responsible for our nation's abandonment of Christ to our shame and condemnation and truly our own harm and to that of our children. Within 'the world' there is no evil to fear, or to condemn us in number, as much, or as sure as there is a God to embrace us and it is never too late, it's only been too long.

If you want to think faultlessly of Truth as starting with a cross and radiant under true humility you could do no worse, safely, or in comfort of conscience. Who else would you consider the keeper of truth within the world we were constantly warned of, the very states, godlessly won over that now despise Christianity so much and darkened our world so much destroying our children and families, under this speech and ridicule tyranny in the name of separation of State and Church?

The ingratiation of disordered sexual perverse acts, and never ending humanist proselytizing, to an unheard of redeeming culture of humanity proportions complete, with no carrying of crosses, (small crosses indeed over the same freeing hand given to the detriment and weighted crosses of molested children borne throughout life times), but with celebrated parades of practice and fantasy down the main streets of State ejected Christianity (over separation.. of). Are they the keeper of Truth? And for the newly taught and raised legions of unbelievers, is this the hell of 'no truth' you celebrate?

Is the religion 'of peace' with it's multitude of daily reports of State sanctioned murder, woman and child abuse from all it's official member nations the guardian of Truth? Wherein, it's members in totally free nations remain quiet and non critical of these human travesties of all these homelands out of fear and the long arm of Islamic retribution? Is the religion of Truth as much as it is the sanctioned states of child and woman abuse?

Are we to believe are former allies, north American conservatives, whatever they pretended to be, who now consider Judeo-Christianity the millstone of 'embarrassment' around their necks to keep them from their self- believing rightful ordination to rule their nations to nationalist perfection, even if it means mimicking the very ones they seek to unseat, with no longer even a promised exhale of a note of freeing the unborn and the children from the separated 'state'? Are they the keepers of Truth they seriously think of themselves as?

Or the political appointed 'supreme judges' of questionable merit of the world, who judge nothing in any light, over true membership and prosperity into the world? Are they the Truth? Certainly, they are considered so, by many and the decider's of morality themselves and no less honored and revered falsely by the world, for it.

The cross-less media. What do they even aspire to beyond what they were trained for in the awe of the power of Marxism. The cross-less Bishops, themselves. Where are they, that we might see what they are. We can follow their trail only by what they have not done. What Cardinal without a heavy cross is anointed so. Only crosses can humble the vain and test valor and loyalty.

John Paul II was totally humble, and the last person who should have been marginalized. Through his true humility he took a world long abandoned nation of great crosses, who remained true to Christ,... Poland, and with them, John Paul took down the USSR with Catholic Poles not 'separated State' speeches. John Paul IIs radiance raged in his humble leadership and with the peaceful revolution in the Truth of Christ!

This may not be the way to defend the defenseless under attack from the godless, but it is the greatest way to peacefully win wars, by winning in solidarity with Christ the Truth, side-stepping the 'separated' States, aka the 'world',.

Vote or don't vote, in the most important venue where Christianity can return favours to Christ for the greatest good for all, only as Christ presents Himself, and for no other (party first, or candidate second, who joins Satan in order to outsmart him?) especially, for those who have no time, room, or use for Christians, their children or the lives of all the innocent, in their personal or 'nationalistic' desires and ambitions.

In the long and short run you can't go wrong with the Truth of Christ over all the loud noise of the world.

Paul Gordon

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