Monday, April 19, 2010

Ashes and Sackcloth For The Sake of The Sorrowful Passion

These are turbulent times inside and outside the Church, indeed. Where the world chooses to be ambivalent about serious circumstances of the world, particularly in the evil attacks on the free super power of the world, members of the religion headed by the throne of St. Peter can not.
And evil doesn't attack religions it created or has already won..

Understated, this is the Church of eternal salvation. Defending the House of God, as if with public relations, marching orders and talking points, or keeping political score between corrupted political parties is not 'deserving', proper, and hardly useful.

The mass propaganda appeal of talking points is to short circuit individual thinking processes of the ignorant and intellectually lazy...”I don't know I read it in comments on the Internet, saw it on 'interpretive news debates' or heard it on the radio”.

From just such diatribe we learned of silly statutes of political correctness as; “If only heterosexual priests could marry women, there would be no more male youth sexual abuse” or “Male adults who abuse male children and boys in their early teens are not homosexuals”.

Or, filed under I think therefore, I'm not with the State PC program and I must hate and therefore should be quasi judicially hated and quasi judicially penalized, “Married homosexuals are a great healthy family base to raise healthy and happy state approved children” not simply narcissistic feel good house play to rid personal feelings of guilt by the adult aged at the real center of such 'marriages' and 'families'.

Evil has to really contort itself to look good, while being bad, doesn't it? Yet, there is at least a billion people who take political word that these contortions are truth.

The point being, is that the Truth of which the Church of Christ was originally (/is/should be) centered, needs no strategies or talking points of the world todefend It and that the Truth of Christ is the easy 'given' answer to logically gravitate to by intellectually challenging and comparing also known as, thinking for oneself.

So as Catholics, at least we need to examine and take these 'attacks' on the Pope seriously. This is the Church of the One God, and the Son we are drawn and led to by the Holy Ghost and the last refuge of sanity and salvation, the Light the Salt the Living Water of healing and saving. This is the historical and universal organized conduit between this world and the next.

The Church will survive the very Gates of Hell. Which of its own members will be locked out on the wrong side is up to each member individually and regardless of place and stature. It's a true as Christ having died so our sins 'could' be forgiven, not... will all be forgiven as a guaranteed effortless default for our part.

The Church has had bad popes that it rebounded from, and at least in my mind, the jury is still out, as recently as the 'peoples' Pope, John XXIII if not by his lackluster leadership, then by his fruits and the result of calling a non-urgent Vatican Council seemingly to appease the world represented in the Church by a number of liberal bishops

Now a Vatican Council is necessary to undue the damage done which can be understood if not excused with the Marxist academic invasion into the free world.

The end of the last great war brought more than just relief from unthinkable atrocities of aggressive obvious evil. It was thought of a time to do more than relax, it was a time to 'celebrate' triumph over evil. Unfortunately, especially for future generations the 'celebration' never ended in the world or the Church.

Much of this prolonged narcissistic 'celebration' was of a hedonistic humanist order which also infiltrated the Church. In the world, evil had only delivered its left jab with the physical horrors of a physical world.

What lived itself out historically and factually was that evil followed the obvious left with a solid insidious right against the spirit, morality, the very lives of babies of free nations, the innocence of children, and the very souls and minds the world has yet to recover with.

The Wars as devastating as they were, and a hard cold road to separate Saints from sinners in hurried surrender, were merely a distraction in the real battle for souls whose greatest soldier as told in Truth is the individual, not the State, nationalistic worship, or all the State's or United Nations' men and propagandized women led by the nose from their families put together.

Evil used the lone vehicle of socialism come natural hedonistic and unrealistic non-practical populism, to win the day over secular State.

Socialist emboldened, 'enlightened', and ecstatically 'free' academia tore down every vestige of it's socialism's mortal enemy, Christianity, it could. Logic or the secular path to the same Truth, was considered to be no longer a practical guide to ultimate good and was supplanted by fleeting emotions of self- wallowing, unhelpful sympathy. and ridiculed.

There is no morality, no historical institutions, no form to art, no limits on 'entertainment' newly unleashed by being equated with academic freedom. There is censorship only on 'wrong thinking' and dissent. There are no individuals to challenge, anonymously ruling while protected in legions of bureaucracies of socialist government and the new establishment of liberalism.

Future generations in real time of the day's youth were/are abdicated to the evil sanctuary of socialist won academia by blank eyed parents and the very, 'whatever your personal desires okay-ed', Vatican II-onized Catholic faith, itself.

Masses of Catholic educators, members of unions holding and espousing worldly views contrary to the very foundations of the Catholic faith, not the least being pro-abortion, and pro-homosexual activist agenda along with Catholic PC and socialist administrators, dutifully and effectively controlled by the state, are the face of this kind of academia and in lockstep with entertainment, shape and nurture the youth of nations with respect and authority only dreamed of by parents and good priests.

The real axis of evil against the souls, minds and hearts of men, is Marxist championed academia, the Marxist State including the 'unbiased' nose pierced judiciary, and the profit-driven hedonistic entertainment establishment.

For a world so aghast of a few extremely poor judgment calls of Pope Benedict, before he became pope, as it should be in a less corrupt world, the world has zero credibility and its motivation is held in great suspicion considering it has never taken the centre of the crime itself of homosexual pedophilia, seriously.

Question, How many years in incarceration does much of the free world and Vatican liberal snipers allot pedophiles.

Answer: Not very many... in most cases even for repeat cases, (there are no cures for pedophilia).. under five years for robbing children of at minimum their innocence and often their sanity and occasionally their lives through suicide from tortuous Hell is considered sufficient.

Question: How does much of the free world protect children from future abuse of repeat offenders?

Answer: By early release and court ordered anonymous placement into unsuspecting neighborhoods as long as they are not across the road from playgrounds and school yards and by having them promise to report to probation officers and make their own way for such reports.

Questions you know the answers to: How does the world protect unborn babies? How does the world deal with those who murder babies and young children?

Why are there no State financed choices for educating children other than mostly self regulating Marxist unionized public education? Are there no 'entertainment' bounds to anything children can be easily exposed to? Why is it truly necessary to have such State imposed massive exposure to homosexuality at any level in schools?

As for 'letters of support' from Bishop Conferences, where was their support, their encouragement, their gratitude, their co-operation, their loyalty, their non-self- restricted notion of obedience, along a historical length of the last three or four popes.

Where has courage, the love of Christ and the promises to God gone? If conferences of the collective are the problem, disband them after Vatican III. Why in the Holy Name of God have they abandoned the youth and the living for the worldly and the dead?

None of this morally exonerates Pope Benedict of the alleged errors in judgment he made before coming pope from the faith and of course from judgment from God if they are true.

They can not be put down to the theory that the Pope simply was ignorant of the evil of and non-curability of pedophilia at the time. If true as alleged, any logical good person of authority outside of the Church for example, and with less responsibility, yet, at anytime in history, would not have kept a person active in a position of trust with children after tying up two boys and sexually molesting them.

Ratzinger, as a Bishop and Cardinal appeared straight and solidly on the path of the Church as a leader, yet, became blind and fell for a snare of the devil obvious to just about everyone else in the world.

Pedophilia, has proven itself to be no ordinary sin of the world to be forgiven or cured.

On the contrary, it has proven itself to the real existence of evil and a nail in the coffin of where humanity is rushing.

It is not believable that Ratzinger simply thought the sins of this priest were not that serious, or that he wanted this priest to be allowed to continue on as if nothing had happened, which would fill the intent aspect of a despicable sin.

But, we do need to know what Ratzinger was thinking at the time. The sins of this priest were not committed against Ratzinger personally as that Ratzinger could 'personally' forgive the priest in a 'secular manner' either. They were committed on two children under the trust and protection of the Church Pope Benedict is now shepherd of.

What Ratzinger did was not a sin to be forgiven by the Church as intent is unbelievable in that Ratzinger could not have fully expected that events would progress as they did.

However, in this alleged case serious error in judgment surpassed sin and grievously damaged these boys and others, along with the Church itself. The Church is shaken and stirred and can not overlook the Cardinal's action anymore than the Cardinal overlooked the priest's actions.

In goodness, the greater is no less than the sums of the lessor...if not perfection then serious correction and learning is the call.

If it were me to say so I believe the Pope has adequately, corrected the whole Church on future thinking and on a lesson well taught.

The Church cannot pretend this, and other incidents ( some yet to be publicly unturned such as entrusting the State and unions to educate and form Catholic youth) did not happen or consider them as trivial matters to be blindly defended with political talking points.

The Church is above the ways of the World. It is the Universal Church of the World handpicked by Jesus Christ.

What the Church needs, is a little more sackcloth and ashes and a little less secular 'celebration' to renew itself into the real joy of righteousness, and at minimum, in covenant for the sake of the Sorrowful Passion.

Paul Gordon

Ontario Canada