Monday, May 21, 2007

Muppet Nightmare, Michael Moore At It Again

Muppet Nightmare, Michael Moore At It Again

While Michael Moore is shooting bull-turds in a barrel, and as usual getting away with it, thru Hollywood, and leftist media Oscar winning propaganda, here is yet another short-coming of Canadian, Marxist ‘free’ health- care. Free, that is in a Nation, of sixty percent general, seen and unseen..... taxes of the lower end, middle income wage earners.

Hey, didn’t Canadian taxpayers even pay for one of Moores so-called documentaries?
Canadian liberal control freaks (there are no other kinds, despite a variety of self-labels) won’t allow for free flowing entrepreneur style health care. That means, no non-unionized non government active hospitals, including no ‘real’ private religious hospitals.

(Side Bar) There are also no private Catholic School Systems even allowed in some provinces by name or by any means. In Ontario, our pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda, come Pope critic, ‘Catholic’ Premier, Dalton McGuinty (who sends his kids to private school and personally killed tax rebate legislation, that alloted for any less afluent parents the same ‘free choice’ to do so) promises he will never kill full funding for Catholic schools.

Why would he?

He has more control than the Bishops, parents, and even Marxist Catholic Unions who he courted extensively, to vote him in, over politically correct and propaganda drowned kids of Ontario. He controls all purses, regulations and micro-management from Queen’s Park. (End of Side Bar)

Ontario, while under ‘conservative’ leadership recently took over some Catholic General Hospitals (hard enough to come by, as they were) and turned them into Nursing Homes presumably through the power of licensing and heavy handed government control of economies
i.e. government ‘insurance’ as if governments ever invest in economies.

Even ½ and1/2 China now sees a virtue there, if not in human rights and freedoms!

But, here’s something to hit Canadians in the gut on the street level. Socialized health-care thanks to control freaks, who never have a face or name primarily runs on crisis-management.

That is they will order all the tests you want (that you will still have to wait in line for) only ‘after’ you have demonstrated obvious symptoms of an illness like, like heart disease, stroke or cancer, often after it is too, late.

Meanwhile, you can hear all the advertising of rolling diagnostic and scanning centres, and private clinics on the AM radio from New York and Buffalo, where one only has to pay from $150 to $1200 and get valuable on time, non doctor ordered testing whose costs quadruples (at least) when government takes over.

Try going to a Doctor in Ontario and asking for expensive ‘government’ tests....just because.

Just because, you want to know before it’s too late. By the way in our ‘free’ system, McGuinty is taking more and more money each year in ear marked ‘fees’ (not taxes, mind you) and chopping more and more medical coverage off the ‘free’ list.

B the b, men always have to pay for the prostrate cancer blood- test, whether it’s done often, or only once.

Of course, it is wrong to ever think anything ever was free, only ‘postponed’ till now, as we pay heavily for the last few generations of free education, free electricity, free pensions, and free health care, and previous free tax discounts of Marxist governments that never covered actual costs.

And we still don’t even have a military, nor, since Pierre Turdeau, to boot.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Excommunication, Grave Sin, and Abortion

Excommunication, Grave Sin, and Abortion

Among the ‘too common’ of words in the modern liberal p. c. vocabulary is the word, validation.

The Chair of St. Peter has validated the obvious truth, yet again in public fashion. He has stated he has no problem with Bishops Excommunicating Catholic politicians who vote for pro-abortion bills, laws, initiatives etc.

In fact, again he states the obvious when he exclaims that such politicians have already excommunicated themselves, when they avail themselves in such a way to the politically correct humanist ideology so starkly absurd in contrast to Christ.

Catholic politicians who publicly give abortion, abortionists, feminist organizations and Planned Parenthood (the number one underwriter of the modern abortion holocaust), are especially abhorrent because as public figures they are making a statement that the humanist world trumps Christ, and our religion when it comes to ‘okaying’ the killing of babies

More often than not, the common reason for such killing, is simply as an ‘option of choice’ and convenience...not to imply there is ever a ‘good’ reason for innocent and helpless baby... killing.

An act, admitted for what it is, even by scientists and feminists.. now on the ‘choice’ end of their greasy excuse rope with nothing, but blood on their hands.

When Catholic public figures such as politicians, (not to mention judges, pundits, and celebrities) commit such grave public acts of Catholic and moral treason of abortion support, they are logically, excommunicated.

Indeed, in Quebec there is reportedly a Catholic Priest who runs for office as a New Democrat, (Canada’s humanist Marxist party for the workers) who would naturally be/are politically authoritarian, pro-abortion... beyond the pale.

But, what happens when private Catholics vote for such politicians running on abortion platforms and especially (by extrapolation,) for political ‘parties’ running on such political platforms?

(.....indeed why do Catholic politicians ‘validate’ officially pro-abortion and anti- family political parties such as the Democratic Party in the U.S. and all liberal, fiscal- conservative, libertarian, and Green Parties in Canada, in short, ‘all’ political parties, save Social Conservative Parties... by taking up their colours (of black) and running for them, ‘validating’ to all Catholics and Christians, that it is okay to be pro-abortion, or to work for pro-abortion organizations?)

Well, objectively, by the same Catholic Canon Law and Doctrine the Holy Father refers to, these ‘private’ Catholics are committing a ‘Grave’ sin, themselves, though not excommunicable as such, in itself, serious enough... to condemn a soul none the less, if knowingly committed.
Of course, this indemnifies millions, but I don’t recall where numbers much matter as there is plenty of room in Hell and Heaven, and over-population fraudulent ideology, won’t keep a person any cooler.

Gutless Bishops and Priests ought to tell private Catholics about what constitutes abortion support, on the merits of ‘imperative’ right and wrong alone, let alone mentioning punishment (Hell), or they are leading their flocks elsewhere, than onto Heaven.

These grave sins are actually worse, than public ‘excommunication’ sins, because Catholics and Christians ought to be quite clear, themselves, on such grave acts that run so contrary to Christianity, God and the Holy Ghost. I believe many are quite clear on what they are doing but refuse to let it cloud their attainment of worldly, needs and perceived comforts and popularity.

To feel liberated by some humanist ‘opinion’ or ‘notion’ or ‘law’ for that matter, of ‘Separation of State and Church’, to be able to be, free to vote for whatever anti-Christian measures are piggy- backed forth, as long as one’s temporal issues are otherwise satisfied, is too illogical to be excused as part of selective moral and Christian thinking, or lessons... learned.

And too, when was it never explained all along, of any notion of having to put up with hardship (Christian sacrifice) or expected persecution as a Christian, from the ‘world’, and in modern humanist times, the infiltrated ‘House’ as it were... and under any Trojan Horse by name of diversity ( read, free us from these shackles of tradition and absolutes... and take us over) or modern notion of ‘Love of Christ’ for all, ( read, moral relativism can never be wrong and sin is .........’okay’........ these days, having been long- liberated in the 50's and 60's by our parents).

Of course, one must also think of which pro-abortion, anti-family ‘groups’, one belongs to officially, as in membership. This too, is a logical and objective extension of ‘things’ that can put one in ‘grave’ sin, at minimum, regardless of anyone’s ‘opinion’, ‘don’t think so’s’, ‘think so’s’ or druthers.

And why any of this would come as a surprise to anyone, especially, Catholic religious is really the most dumbfounding aspect, of the whole issue.
Can you see, in the pre- non-enlightened times of ‘legal’ abortion on demand, and times when babies were always considered a Blessing...... a person trying to explain modern times, and modern Catholicism and Christianity of today? The families of those times, would rightly assume the world was headed for moral anarchy and that lies galore about a recorded Christ and
Christianity, could not even be possible.

By the way, the Holy Father is in agreement with all of this and more, as he has stated and simply as a matter of love, logic and Truth.

But, back to these anti-Catholic and Christian groups that include, unions (that include ‘Catholic’ unions), membership of political parties, feminist groups, fan groups etc.,...How can such membership not be a grave sin?

Well they can’t...they are grave sins, and it can be no consolation to know that according to Revelations, ‘groups’ or ‘bunches’ of sinners will be the first taken out, ... first burnt, and sent to Hell. Memberships in the world have their privileges but, also some serious drawbacks in and out of a lifetime.

‘Closure’ has a whole other connotation in the after-life in accordance with Revelations.

And Marxist unions are exactly how Satan successfully entices people to his agenda and how he controls the workforces and their souls i.e. ‘we are going to get you that raise alright, but we are going to make some public statements, both political and immoral, and we are going to support groups, Christians would be ashamed of’.

Of course, what is most important, is that, we are going to do so ‘in your name’, and on ‘your behalf’ with your implied, and implicit or whole-hearted support. We will gain and keep credibility, relevance and power, by sheer numbers of membership and in the case of Catholic teachers, even better...... credibility, by ‘okayed’ Anti-Christ, ideology from the ‘inside’.

The humanist, government and judicially- backed, groups such as unions may have a worldly granted right, (not in any Constitution) to take money from ‘your’ earnings in the form of dues, but no one is forced to be an active ‘member’ of a ‘bargaining unit’, signing and carrying a card, utilizing the unions aid, contributing to the union in any manner including attending meetings or taking part in elections.

By the way, if anyone knows of a pro-life, pro-family labour union...I sincerely beg you to correct me here....... Here’s a hint to aid you in your search. Unions could never, and can’t exist without the minimum tools of extortion, criminal acts, and violence in their repertoire.

Good cannot be evil, and evil cannot be good. Catholics cannot be in good-standing and not in good-standing at the same time. The World or ‘Nation’ never trumps God for any reason.
The greatest Catholic political victory would be the one where not one Catholic votes for a pro-abortion party especially through a self-called pro-life candidate.

So, support the pro-abortion party with your self-proclaimed pro-life candidate, whose only with the pro-abortion party, for the environment, or socialist free goods and services plan du jour, (yeah right, like it wouldn’t be because it is the best chance of getting elected and retiring with a handsome pension and no pro-life measures advanced for another four years), or your no- bones but, at least honest pro-abortion candidate....but don’t say you weren’t warned, more likely and more important..... you never had to be warned...just didn’t want to admit it.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ontarians Tax and Marxist Palov Masochists

Ontarians Tax, and Pavlov Masochists
Or, More Taxes Please, We're from Ontario

Leave it to Ontario to get everything back-a-wards.

Our flower (not allowed to pick) is the trillium. Our flag is...don’t less. Our animal...dittos (hey, I’ve only lived here fifty years)

But our liberal Marxist rallying call in tribute to the ruling, chattering class is something to behold in the splendour of idiocy.

It goes, tax us plenty, micro-manage our behaviour, and penalize us like the Pavlov dogs we are, when we waver from the straight and narrow, political correctness or environmental cause du jour.

The only environmental issues even worth attention are air (breathing) quality, and water quality. On those two issues, smog has been a problem since the 50's and the world hasn’t ended yet. I haven’t come across too many cesspool lakes in Ontario that used to qualify as a lake and that are devoid of all life form.

Garbage can be burned cleanly and efficiently with stack scrubbers etc.
The only consensus ( aka opinion- not scientifically proven or predicted) is among leftist liberal scientists whose celebrity is only possible and fed by the leftist media and academic establishment.

It’s this chattering class of Marxist high paid working professionals who set the standard and keep up with the politically correct Jones on all fronts. Worse, they include the academic teachers now more heavily controlled by government than ever, who perpetuate environmental propaganda on to the generations, dated back to post war days when Marxists took over academia.

Instead, of paying for all their hair-brained schemes out of their own pockets they get people of lower incomes to pay for the bulk of ‘save the earth’ costs. As side casualties, North American business’s, jobs and economy suffer because China and countries south of California don’t play by the same rules, and who can blame them for following the money not the environment Nazis.

So in Ontario now, it doesn’t matter how large your family is, you had better not produce more than two garbage bags a week, to be collected every second week or you’ll have to pay above your municipal taxes to deal with it yourself.

Of course, in areas like townhouse complexes this means an odour, bug and rodent problem but the Ministry of Health has other agendas on the fire, that they were never mandated for, like ‘expelling’ kids from school for not taking the latest immune system ‘crap- shoot’ needle, invented by no flies on us, over- charging drug companies.

For space purposes, and fast-forwarding to the latest. The Liberal (gone mad) Ontario government now wants to purchase ‘Bullfrog’, (bull-something) power from a supplier that only uses wind and solar power to power Ont. with an estimated (so-know doubt low-balled) whopping 37 percent, Or 37 dollars on the hundred, Or all most times ½ of your present bill.

I can see where they just had an environmental policy leaker arrested by the RCMP yesterday.

How many people would like to buy into five or more year locked in plans knowing of the kind of electricity bills the government expects them to squeeze out. That is, in addition, to the pay-back the debt present additional charges they now pay for past political indiscretions that led to the expensive mess we now suffer.

It’s only lower income people who will be forced to pay more of what ever’s left of their take-home pay for electricity or more likely, have to turn off the fans and window air conditioners.

Now, the government is visiting your nearest grocery store, again, (in between convenience store and gas station stops - like that was ever their mandate or purpose and only voters perpetuate).

They want to ‘reward’ you for bringing your own plastic bags or penalize you for not doing so, and they promising to outlaw them altogether, (along with the light bulb), regardless, (as part of the two-year Stalinist master plan) in the near future.

And who gave guys like David Suzuki, darling environmental nut- guru, of Canada the power to set the rules for how we run our lives, to pick our pockets while he drives his bus across Canada
and to set the agenda and priorities of governments that are supposed to serve the people not control and micro-manage them.

What the Heck is wrong with this picture? And it sure ain’t me.
Professionals, and politicians, of one of two political parties mutually inclusive with government, not good government who want to be elected by the chattering class don’t care about the little guy, or the environment, just feel good or comforting control, and power.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Maverick Calgary Bishop Gets it Wrong...Australian

"Maverick", Calgary Bishop Gets it Wrong..Australian Anglican Priest Gets it Right!

This week Australia’s most read daily, the Herald Sun headlines a story, Priest Calls Prayers ‘Useless’. Actually, taken in the (paraphrased) context the priest framed this statement...he is not off the well- beaten path of truth, defacto... all through history, present time, and no doubt the future, as placed and experienced by billions.

No religious can deny that prayers are often not answered, so it always remains that they must come-up with a logical explanation, knowing all they know, about Christ and/or God and/or the Holy Ghost.....
Side Bar:I always prefer the word Ghost over the word Spirit as a matter of never mistaking that the Holy Ghost is derived objectively from ‘without’ as opposed to from within implying some pantheist superlative subjective power of man that he doesn’t possess...(witness modern Charismatics, ‘slain in the Spirit’, a movement derived from ancient times of oh the late 1950's and free times of academic drug-ins at coffee houses).

The Anglican priest was saying to his farming community, that they can pray for rain "..until they turn black" and it would not do any good. Of course, this was a safe, if not spiritual assuring, affirmation of the obvious because that’s exactly what was/is happening during a serious drought.

Farmers, especially those not protected by great socialist safety nets know when things are good and not so good, regardless of pious platitudes. Farmers have always been the last doubting Thomas’s to enter the Christian fold.

The patron Saint of Parish Priests, (if any Bishops care to remember, let alone follow), Jean Vianney,.known as the Cure D’Ars, had his greatest doubters, area farmers, turned around with his answered prayers. He was able to get them to stop working the fields or doing business, on Sundays and not suffer any less for their ‘trouble’ of extra work.

Essentially, and correctly (in my logical, if humble opinion), the Anglican Priest proposed that his farming parish is/was doing something else wrong, i.e. not helping each other enough.. in his opinion, so that their prayers were not being offered in the right manner, i.e, without accompanying action or sacrifice for their own part.

How can a nation be unified, prosperous, rewarded, not crime ridden, be seen in greatness etc. etc. when it’s Christian, Catholic and Jewish citizens consistently vote for pro-abortion, anti-family, liberal or Marxist politicians year in, and year out, in exchange for unrealistic pie-in-the sky financial gain or political correctness control? Why need politicians do anything different at all, year in and year out and why need so-called religious keep praying for rewards for Nineveh Nations?

In my opinion, and based on his vaunted public actions, Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary Alberta is trying to please too many people forgetting about logic, his position, his faith and without much consistency. First off, he has a regular column in Canada’s number one secular tabloid chain, complete with a large assortment of Christian haters, Marxists, and homosexual pundits, pornographic adds, and daily semi- nude, sunshine girls.

Secondly, of all the issues, this guy wants to get ‘really serious’ about, he picks a local union fight of well paid strikers, and "gambling" fun- night charities for schools under his control (not that Bishops anywhere in Canada exercise any serious ‘Catholic- control’ over Catholic Schools under their jurisdiction).

Bishop Henry entered into a cross-Canada editorial cat-fight with ‘capitalist’, Conrad Black while manning the picket lines with his Marxist brothers like he should become a South American- likish Marxist Saint. Yeah, those humanist Marxist Commies always have warm spot for Catholics and Christians, don’t they? Just like all the Catholic teacher unions and secular unions working in the Canadian Catholic schools, who despise pro-life and pro-family positions of the Holy See (Hello Bishop......"by their fruits" the place to grab hold of a Marxist).

Of all the reasons to shut down a Catholic School, more said a Catholic School Board, i.e, large numbers of educators living immoral ‘not-so’ personal lives, and most not attending Mass on any basis ‘off the clock’, educator unions even trustees in strong disagreement of Catholic teachings, government funding and therefore largely secular interference in all aspects of schools, including property rights, testing and politically correct overdosed curriculums, short on academics- let alone spiritual enrichment........ Bishop Fred picks school charity gambling, as the ‘hill’ to shut-down a school board over.

How about politically-correct semi-judicial kangaroo courts, invoked and fought by the present homosexual Minister of Health in Ontario, Who Cares, Smitherman, that demanded an Ontario Catholic highschool allow a man aged date, be allowed to accompany a male teen to a prom and that the prom not be cancelled, by kangaroo court-order? That was not a reason to face off with government, or the ‘hill’ to stand on!!

So now, Bishop Fred will not support any group that displays Show the Truth type posters of aborted babies. Fred, the only thing that changed the attitudes in North America towards abortion after decades and decades of inaction especially on the part of the Canadian Bishops and their Pooh-bah Conferences that put the Canadian Catholic Church in disgrace not unnoticed at the Holy
See, was the only thing done different in North America today.

That 'thing being done different' being, North American wide showings of Show the Truth (Hellooo...*Truth*) style disgusting posters of a disgusting practice and fraud widely practised in North America.

If such posters, only of Jewish murdered victims went around to the common people of Germany during the war, would they have allowed their own beloved Hitler to carry on his disgusting practices. Henry bases his popular chattering class, politically correct if illogical shallow resentment of such showings on the view that it is an indignity done to the dead babies.

Let me tell you something Bishop. These babies are defacto, Holy Innocents, killed with the full aid, and financing of the Pilate you and your precious liberals and Marxist Catholics voted for.

And it is only with wide spread ‘Catholic’ support that these Pilate’s get elected year after year after stinking year.. These Holy Innocents are to be honoured with the greatest honour of all, for innocent and helpless beings, and they are Glorified.... though obviously not as high as Christ when He was Crucified in most bloody manner for they are as innocent as the Lamb of God.

I’m a two-bit sinner like everyone else, but when it comes to baby’s lives and children’s innocence I take no prisoners and that includes little self-inflated pious Canadian Bishops.

And if common sinners won’t help the helpless, whose left, when the pious ones won’t?

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.