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Excommunication, Grave Sin, and Abortion

Excommunication, Grave Sin, and Abortion

Among the ‘too common’ of words in the modern liberal p. c. vocabulary is the word, validation.

The Chair of St. Peter has validated the obvious truth, yet again in public fashion. He has stated he has no problem with Bishops Excommunicating Catholic politicians who vote for pro-abortion bills, laws, initiatives etc.

In fact, again he states the obvious when he exclaims that such politicians have already excommunicated themselves, when they avail themselves in such a way to the politically correct humanist ideology so starkly absurd in contrast to Christ.

Catholic politicians who publicly give abortion, abortionists, feminist organizations and Planned Parenthood (the number one underwriter of the modern abortion holocaust), are especially abhorrent because as public figures they are making a statement that the humanist world trumps Christ, and our religion when it comes to ‘okaying’ the killing of babies

More often than not, the common reason for such killing, is simply as an ‘option of choice’ and convenience...not to imply there is ever a ‘good’ reason for innocent and helpless baby... killing.

An act, admitted for what it is, even by scientists and feminists.. now on the ‘choice’ end of their greasy excuse rope with nothing, but blood on their hands.

When Catholic public figures such as politicians, (not to mention judges, pundits, and celebrities) commit such grave public acts of Catholic and moral treason of abortion support, they are logically, excommunicated.

Indeed, in Quebec there is reportedly a Catholic Priest who runs for office as a New Democrat, (Canada’s humanist Marxist party for the workers) who would naturally be/are politically authoritarian, pro-abortion... beyond the pale.

But, what happens when private Catholics vote for such politicians running on abortion platforms and especially (by extrapolation,) for political ‘parties’ running on such political platforms?

(.....indeed why do Catholic politicians ‘validate’ officially pro-abortion and anti- family political parties such as the Democratic Party in the U.S. and all liberal, fiscal- conservative, libertarian, and Green Parties in Canada, in short, ‘all’ political parties, save Social Conservative Parties... by taking up their colours (of black) and running for them, ‘validating’ to all Catholics and Christians, that it is okay to be pro-abortion, or to work for pro-abortion organizations?)

Well, objectively, by the same Catholic Canon Law and Doctrine the Holy Father refers to, these ‘private’ Catholics are committing a ‘Grave’ sin, themselves, though not excommunicable as such, in itself, serious enough... to condemn a soul none the less, if knowingly committed.
Of course, this indemnifies millions, but I don’t recall where numbers much matter as there is plenty of room in Hell and Heaven, and over-population fraudulent ideology, won’t keep a person any cooler.

Gutless Bishops and Priests ought to tell private Catholics about what constitutes abortion support, on the merits of ‘imperative’ right and wrong alone, let alone mentioning punishment (Hell), or they are leading their flocks elsewhere, than onto Heaven.

These grave sins are actually worse, than public ‘excommunication’ sins, because Catholics and Christians ought to be quite clear, themselves, on such grave acts that run so contrary to Christianity, God and the Holy Ghost. I believe many are quite clear on what they are doing but refuse to let it cloud their attainment of worldly, needs and perceived comforts and popularity.

To feel liberated by some humanist ‘opinion’ or ‘notion’ or ‘law’ for that matter, of ‘Separation of State and Church’, to be able to be, free to vote for whatever anti-Christian measures are piggy- backed forth, as long as one’s temporal issues are otherwise satisfied, is too illogical to be excused as part of selective moral and Christian thinking, or lessons... learned.

And too, when was it never explained all along, of any notion of having to put up with hardship (Christian sacrifice) or expected persecution as a Christian, from the ‘world’, and in modern humanist times, the infiltrated ‘House’ as it were... and under any Trojan Horse by name of diversity ( read, free us from these shackles of tradition and absolutes... and take us over) or modern notion of ‘Love of Christ’ for all, ( read, moral relativism can never be wrong and sin is .........’okay’........ these days, having been long- liberated in the 50's and 60's by our parents).

Of course, one must also think of which pro-abortion, anti-family ‘groups’, one belongs to officially, as in membership. This too, is a logical and objective extension of ‘things’ that can put one in ‘grave’ sin, at minimum, regardless of anyone’s ‘opinion’, ‘don’t think so’s’, ‘think so’s’ or druthers.

And why any of this would come as a surprise to anyone, especially, Catholic religious is really the most dumbfounding aspect, of the whole issue.
Can you see, in the pre- non-enlightened times of ‘legal’ abortion on demand, and times when babies were always considered a Blessing...... a person trying to explain modern times, and modern Catholicism and Christianity of today? The families of those times, would rightly assume the world was headed for moral anarchy and that lies galore about a recorded Christ and
Christianity, could not even be possible.

By the way, the Holy Father is in agreement with all of this and more, as he has stated and simply as a matter of love, logic and Truth.

But, back to these anti-Catholic and Christian groups that include, unions (that include ‘Catholic’ unions), membership of political parties, feminist groups, fan groups etc.,...How can such membership not be a grave sin?

Well they can’t...they are grave sins, and it can be no consolation to know that according to Revelations, ‘groups’ or ‘bunches’ of sinners will be the first taken out, ... first burnt, and sent to Hell. Memberships in the world have their privileges but, also some serious drawbacks in and out of a lifetime.

‘Closure’ has a whole other connotation in the after-life in accordance with Revelations.

And Marxist unions are exactly how Satan successfully entices people to his agenda and how he controls the workforces and their souls i.e. ‘we are going to get you that raise alright, but we are going to make some public statements, both political and immoral, and we are going to support groups, Christians would be ashamed of’.

Of course, what is most important, is that, we are going to do so ‘in your name’, and on ‘your behalf’ with your implied, and implicit or whole-hearted support. We will gain and keep credibility, relevance and power, by sheer numbers of membership and in the case of Catholic teachers, even better...... credibility, by ‘okayed’ Anti-Christ, ideology from the ‘inside’.

The humanist, government and judicially- backed, groups such as unions may have a worldly granted right, (not in any Constitution) to take money from ‘your’ earnings in the form of dues, but no one is forced to be an active ‘member’ of a ‘bargaining unit’, signing and carrying a card, utilizing the unions aid, contributing to the union in any manner including attending meetings or taking part in elections.

By the way, if anyone knows of a pro-life, pro-family labour union...I sincerely beg you to correct me here....... Here’s a hint to aid you in your search. Unions could never, and can’t exist without the minimum tools of extortion, criminal acts, and violence in their repertoire.

Good cannot be evil, and evil cannot be good. Catholics cannot be in good-standing and not in good-standing at the same time. The World or ‘Nation’ never trumps God for any reason.
The greatest Catholic political victory would be the one where not one Catholic votes for a pro-abortion party especially through a self-called pro-life candidate.

So, support the pro-abortion party with your self-proclaimed pro-life candidate, whose only with the pro-abortion party, for the environment, or socialist free goods and services plan du jour, (yeah right, like it wouldn’t be because it is the best chance of getting elected and retiring with a handsome pension and no pro-life measures advanced for another four years), or your no- bones but, at least honest pro-abortion candidate....but don’t say you weren’t warned, more likely and more important..... you never had to be warned...just didn’t want to admit it.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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