Monday, May 21, 2007

Muppet Nightmare, Michael Moore At It Again

Muppet Nightmare, Michael Moore At It Again

While Michael Moore is shooting bull-turds in a barrel, and as usual getting away with it, thru Hollywood, and leftist media Oscar winning propaganda, here is yet another short-coming of Canadian, Marxist ‘free’ health- care. Free, that is in a Nation, of sixty percent general, seen and unseen..... taxes of the lower end, middle income wage earners.

Hey, didn’t Canadian taxpayers even pay for one of Moores so-called documentaries?
Canadian liberal control freaks (there are no other kinds, despite a variety of self-labels) won’t allow for free flowing entrepreneur style health care. That means, no non-unionized non government active hospitals, including no ‘real’ private religious hospitals.

(Side Bar) There are also no private Catholic School Systems even allowed in some provinces by name or by any means. In Ontario, our pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda, come Pope critic, ‘Catholic’ Premier, Dalton McGuinty (who sends his kids to private school and personally killed tax rebate legislation, that alloted for any less afluent parents the same ‘free choice’ to do so) promises he will never kill full funding for Catholic schools.

Why would he?

He has more control than the Bishops, parents, and even Marxist Catholic Unions who he courted extensively, to vote him in, over politically correct and propaganda drowned kids of Ontario. He controls all purses, regulations and micro-management from Queen’s Park. (End of Side Bar)

Ontario, while under ‘conservative’ leadership recently took over some Catholic General Hospitals (hard enough to come by, as they were) and turned them into Nursing Homes presumably through the power of licensing and heavy handed government control of economies
i.e. government ‘insurance’ as if governments ever invest in economies.

Even ½ and1/2 China now sees a virtue there, if not in human rights and freedoms!

But, here’s something to hit Canadians in the gut on the street level. Socialized health-care thanks to control freaks, who never have a face or name primarily runs on crisis-management.

That is they will order all the tests you want (that you will still have to wait in line for) only ‘after’ you have demonstrated obvious symptoms of an illness like, like heart disease, stroke or cancer, often after it is too, late.

Meanwhile, you can hear all the advertising of rolling diagnostic and scanning centres, and private clinics on the AM radio from New York and Buffalo, where one only has to pay from $150 to $1200 and get valuable on time, non doctor ordered testing whose costs quadruples (at least) when government takes over.

Try going to a Doctor in Ontario and asking for expensive ‘government’ tests....just because.

Just because, you want to know before it’s too late. By the way in our ‘free’ system, McGuinty is taking more and more money each year in ear marked ‘fees’ (not taxes, mind you) and chopping more and more medical coverage off the ‘free’ list.

B the b, men always have to pay for the prostrate cancer blood- test, whether it’s done often, or only once.

Of course, it is wrong to ever think anything ever was free, only ‘postponed’ till now, as we pay heavily for the last few generations of free education, free electricity, free pensions, and free health care, and previous free tax discounts of Marxist governments that never covered actual costs.

And we still don’t even have a military, nor, since Pierre Turdeau, to boot.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.,

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