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Maverick Calgary Bishop Gets it Wrong...Australian

"Maverick", Calgary Bishop Gets it Wrong..Australian Anglican Priest Gets it Right!

This week Australia’s most read daily, the Herald Sun headlines a story, Priest Calls Prayers ‘Useless’. Actually, taken in the (paraphrased) context the priest framed this statement...he is not off the well- beaten path of truth, defacto... all through history, present time, and no doubt the future, as placed and experienced by billions.

No religious can deny that prayers are often not answered, so it always remains that they must come-up with a logical explanation, knowing all they know, about Christ and/or God and/or the Holy Ghost.....
Side Bar:I always prefer the word Ghost over the word Spirit as a matter of never mistaking that the Holy Ghost is derived objectively from ‘without’ as opposed to from within implying some pantheist superlative subjective power of man that he doesn’t possess...(witness modern Charismatics, ‘slain in the Spirit’, a movement derived from ancient times of oh the late 1950's and free times of academic drug-ins at coffee houses).

The Anglican priest was saying to his farming community, that they can pray for rain "..until they turn black" and it would not do any good. Of course, this was a safe, if not spiritual assuring, affirmation of the obvious because that’s exactly what was/is happening during a serious drought.

Farmers, especially those not protected by great socialist safety nets know when things are good and not so good, regardless of pious platitudes. Farmers have always been the last doubting Thomas’s to enter the Christian fold.

The patron Saint of Parish Priests, (if any Bishops care to remember, let alone follow), Jean Vianney,.known as the Cure D’Ars, had his greatest doubters, area farmers, turned around with his answered prayers. He was able to get them to stop working the fields or doing business, on Sundays and not suffer any less for their ‘trouble’ of extra work.

Essentially, and correctly (in my logical, if humble opinion), the Anglican Priest proposed that his farming parish is/was doing something else wrong, i.e. not helping each other enough.. in his opinion, so that their prayers were not being offered in the right manner, i.e, without accompanying action or sacrifice for their own part.

How can a nation be unified, prosperous, rewarded, not crime ridden, be seen in greatness etc. etc. when it’s Christian, Catholic and Jewish citizens consistently vote for pro-abortion, anti-family, liberal or Marxist politicians year in, and year out, in exchange for unrealistic pie-in-the sky financial gain or political correctness control? Why need politicians do anything different at all, year in and year out and why need so-called religious keep praying for rewards for Nineveh Nations?

In my opinion, and based on his vaunted public actions, Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary Alberta is trying to please too many people forgetting about logic, his position, his faith and without much consistency. First off, he has a regular column in Canada’s number one secular tabloid chain, complete with a large assortment of Christian haters, Marxists, and homosexual pundits, pornographic adds, and daily semi- nude, sunshine girls.

Secondly, of all the issues, this guy wants to get ‘really serious’ about, he picks a local union fight of well paid strikers, and "gambling" fun- night charities for schools under his control (not that Bishops anywhere in Canada exercise any serious ‘Catholic- control’ over Catholic Schools under their jurisdiction).

Bishop Henry entered into a cross-Canada editorial cat-fight with ‘capitalist’, Conrad Black while manning the picket lines with his Marxist brothers like he should become a South American- likish Marxist Saint. Yeah, those humanist Marxist Commies always have warm spot for Catholics and Christians, don’t they? Just like all the Catholic teacher unions and secular unions working in the Canadian Catholic schools, who despise pro-life and pro-family positions of the Holy See (Hello Bishop......"by their fruits" the place to grab hold of a Marxist).

Of all the reasons to shut down a Catholic School, more said a Catholic School Board, i.e, large numbers of educators living immoral ‘not-so’ personal lives, and most not attending Mass on any basis ‘off the clock’, educator unions even trustees in strong disagreement of Catholic teachings, government funding and therefore largely secular interference in all aspects of schools, including property rights, testing and politically correct overdosed curriculums, short on academics- let alone spiritual enrichment........ Bishop Fred picks school charity gambling, as the ‘hill’ to shut-down a school board over.

How about politically-correct semi-judicial kangaroo courts, invoked and fought by the present homosexual Minister of Health in Ontario, Who Cares, Smitherman, that demanded an Ontario Catholic highschool allow a man aged date, be allowed to accompany a male teen to a prom and that the prom not be cancelled, by kangaroo court-order? That was not a reason to face off with government, or the ‘hill’ to stand on!!

So now, Bishop Fred will not support any group that displays Show the Truth type posters of aborted babies. Fred, the only thing that changed the attitudes in North America towards abortion after decades and decades of inaction especially on the part of the Canadian Bishops and their Pooh-bah Conferences that put the Canadian Catholic Church in disgrace not unnoticed at the Holy
See, was the only thing done different in North America today.

That 'thing being done different' being, North American wide showings of Show the Truth (Hellooo...*Truth*) style disgusting posters of a disgusting practice and fraud widely practised in North America.

If such posters, only of Jewish murdered victims went around to the common people of Germany during the war, would they have allowed their own beloved Hitler to carry on his disgusting practices. Henry bases his popular chattering class, politically correct if illogical shallow resentment of such showings on the view that it is an indignity done to the dead babies.

Let me tell you something Bishop. These babies are defacto, Holy Innocents, killed with the full aid, and financing of the Pilate you and your precious liberals and Marxist Catholics voted for.

And it is only with wide spread ‘Catholic’ support that these Pilate’s get elected year after year after stinking year.. These Holy Innocents are to be honoured with the greatest honour of all, for innocent and helpless beings, and they are Glorified.... though obviously not as high as Christ when He was Crucified in most bloody manner for they are as innocent as the Lamb of God.

I’m a two-bit sinner like everyone else, but when it comes to baby’s lives and children’s innocence I take no prisoners and that includes little self-inflated pious Canadian Bishops.

And if common sinners won’t help the helpless, whose left, when the pious ones won’t?

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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