Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ontarians Tax and Marxist Palov Masochists

Ontarians Tax, and Pavlov Masochists
Or, More Taxes Please, We're from Ontario

Leave it to Ontario to get everything back-a-wards.

Our flower (not allowed to pick) is the trillium. Our flag is...don’t less. Our animal...dittos (hey, I’ve only lived here fifty years)

But our liberal Marxist rallying call in tribute to the ruling, chattering class is something to behold in the splendour of idiocy.

It goes, tax us plenty, micro-manage our behaviour, and penalize us like the Pavlov dogs we are, when we waver from the straight and narrow, political correctness or environmental cause du jour.

The only environmental issues even worth attention are air (breathing) quality, and water quality. On those two issues, smog has been a problem since the 50's and the world hasn’t ended yet. I haven’t come across too many cesspool lakes in Ontario that used to qualify as a lake and that are devoid of all life form.

Garbage can be burned cleanly and efficiently with stack scrubbers etc.
The only consensus ( aka opinion- not scientifically proven or predicted) is among leftist liberal scientists whose celebrity is only possible and fed by the leftist media and academic establishment.

It’s this chattering class of Marxist high paid working professionals who set the standard and keep up with the politically correct Jones on all fronts. Worse, they include the academic teachers now more heavily controlled by government than ever, who perpetuate environmental propaganda on to the generations, dated back to post war days when Marxists took over academia.

Instead, of paying for all their hair-brained schemes out of their own pockets they get people of lower incomes to pay for the bulk of ‘save the earth’ costs. As side casualties, North American business’s, jobs and economy suffer because China and countries south of California don’t play by the same rules, and who can blame them for following the money not the environment Nazis.

So in Ontario now, it doesn’t matter how large your family is, you had better not produce more than two garbage bags a week, to be collected every second week or you’ll have to pay above your municipal taxes to deal with it yourself.

Of course, in areas like townhouse complexes this means an odour, bug and rodent problem but the Ministry of Health has other agendas on the fire, that they were never mandated for, like ‘expelling’ kids from school for not taking the latest immune system ‘crap- shoot’ needle, invented by no flies on us, over- charging drug companies.

For space purposes, and fast-forwarding to the latest. The Liberal (gone mad) Ontario government now wants to purchase ‘Bullfrog’, (bull-something) power from a supplier that only uses wind and solar power to power Ont. with an estimated (so-know doubt low-balled) whopping 37 percent, Or 37 dollars on the hundred, Or all most times ½ of your present bill.

I can see where they just had an environmental policy leaker arrested by the RCMP yesterday.

How many people would like to buy into five or more year locked in plans knowing of the kind of electricity bills the government expects them to squeeze out. That is, in addition, to the pay-back the debt present additional charges they now pay for past political indiscretions that led to the expensive mess we now suffer.

It’s only lower income people who will be forced to pay more of what ever’s left of their take-home pay for electricity or more likely, have to turn off the fans and window air conditioners.

Now, the government is visiting your nearest grocery store, again, (in between convenience store and gas station stops - like that was ever their mandate or purpose and only voters perpetuate).

They want to ‘reward’ you for bringing your own plastic bags or penalize you for not doing so, and they promising to outlaw them altogether, (along with the light bulb), regardless, (as part of the two-year Stalinist master plan) in the near future.

And who gave guys like David Suzuki, darling environmental nut- guru, of Canada the power to set the rules for how we run our lives, to pick our pockets while he drives his bus across Canada
and to set the agenda and priorities of governments that are supposed to serve the people not control and micro-manage them.

What the Heck is wrong with this picture? And it sure ain’t me.
Professionals, and politicians, of one of two political parties mutually inclusive with government, not good government who want to be elected by the chattering class don’t care about the little guy, or the environment, just feel good or comforting control, and power.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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