Friday, August 31, 2012

underWhelmed by GOP, Romney, Convention Speeches

underWhelmed by Pro-Christian/life/family/marriage GOP Speeches

Anyone still have any doubts of where the GOP wants to take the nation for the next four years?

They brought out a seemingly perplexed Clint Eastwood, late maker of p.c. movies on women boxers, who could only think of John Voight as 'the' other Hollywood conservative.

We're long used to being used by conservatives in Canada, so you can take it from us that the Republicans are setting you up to vote for them, only to then shut up and like 'it'... as they know what's best for pro-lifers and Christians and only they are entitled to beat the Democrats. And what's best is to say as little as possible and do... even less.

As a boring as hell week of convention speeches (unless you're still dreaming of dead guy Reagan) wound down the only talk of tea party, pro-life or Christian supporters came in a bum's rush one sentence statement well below the cyber fold of his 'moment of Truth' speech from Twit Romney.

“As President I'll respect the sanctity of life..honor the institution of marriage, and guarantee America's first liberty the freedom of religion” We don't care if you personally respect and honor anything we need someone who will actually do something. Kennedy could have said as much and probably did more.

How can you guarantee 'anyone' anything when you don't even do anything?

There must be some pretty good perks for the hierarcy of the party faithfull for them to purposely avoid doing anything good, sell their souls, try and fool the grassroots supporters, and not sleep well at night..I'm thinking.

The theme of Romney's speech would's jobs stupid. But I believe a fact check would prove him wrong on painting the GOP as innocent on this front.

Ronald Reagan and P.M. Brian Mulroney brought in free trade which eventually decimated private sector jobs, but paid great dividends to fiscal conservative supporters who made more money as their stock companies sought cheaper labour costs in third world countries. Middle class jobs went to hell.

And worse the job market was socially manipulated to take women out of family households with preference of hiring thus doubling the labour pool. Latest U.S. stats show more women are now employed than men and on average earn more.

Great if you're trying to model your nation after a communist one by destroying the family, and making more dependent on the government, but not as much, if you are supporting a Christian pro-family, pro-life nation.

Romney made more pitches to the feminists than the Tea party or Christians, GOP demand support from without a single concession since before Reagan and certainly with even less planned for the future.

The U.S. doesn't need a comeback of four more years of Bull Shit GOP politicians with no substance, less style than ever and more Reaganite reminiscing. There are a number of Christian politicians of substance to start a third party..always better late..than never at all.

If Santorum is not interested perhaps Alan Keyes could pick up that gauntlet and allow Christians and Tea Party members somewhere to gladly park their votes after they withhold them from this election which stinks to high heaven anyway you look at it.

As usual, thanks for nothing you big cigar smoking bull shit talking Republicans, and your useful well paid idiot GOP talk show Reaganite celebrities, who would welcome Satan if he wore an old Ronnie button.

Hollywood heroes go back to your afternoon nap.

Paul Gordon


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Looking for Heroes In All The Wrong Places

Looking For Heroes In All The Wrong Places

From today's Gospel reading Christ scares off some disciples with the Truth they don't want to hear, like the millions of affluent free world atheists of today.

Then He asks his loyal disciples if they would they like to leave also? They answer with the greatest 'understatement' in history through Simon Peter, 'To Whom would we go Lord, you are the word of eternal life, (the Truth)'.

This week Lance Armstrong was stripped of his his prestigious gold cycling medals, because he pleaded no contest to a doping trial, (wherein he may have been forced to testify under oath), by simply saying he was tired of the whole affair.

Given the evidence, the buzz and the timing around the whole affair most seem to have put it to Armstrong that he was guilty and pleaded no contest because he would not have held up well perjuring himself. (as have other successful athletes have before a court of the  media world.)

I was listening to an irate talk show host phone- in caller, sound off in how personally deceived and betrayed, he felt and how he would never ever get over what Armstrong did to 'him'.

I was amazed by how a rabid sports 'fanatic' in Toronto could have such strong 'feelings' for an American sports hero (Lance Armstrong..what an American heroic name alone if there was one) over races he won in France, granted... the ultimate 'bicycle' race of endurance...but at the end of the day still a boy's 'bicycle' race.

So now, what of the whole entertaining non- participant and extremely lucrative sports professional industry, (not to mention the amateur Olympic games) ..

The professional industry where thousands make millions and every so often go 'on strike' for millions more..primarily because they won't have to visit any soup kitchens no matter how long the strike lasts.

Some fans would have it to open up the sports industry to 'inject em if you got em' (not unlike the Romans not caring that their gladiators) even if it would be taking 20 years off their life and suffering in a publicly undignified manner if not facing sudden death as track star Florence Griffith Joyner (suspected of dying from years of undetected steroid use).

Personally, I would be more concerned with the health of young athletes if I was their friend or family, over their possible future fame and riches.

I don't even know if 'cheating' at sports on any level is a 'sin' anymore than 'cheating' on a resume or at a game of cards though obviously the consequences are quite different.

(Of course, it is a great civil politically correct 'sin' for a single occupant adult male to not wear a seatbelt while driving to work. Marxist athiests have a whole different 'set of sins' ethics and what constitutes immorality )

As a complete stranger to Armstrong or any professional athlete I couldn't really care any less if he lost his medals and millions or kept them.

But the point is that sports, professional or international amateur, has been all but been exposed as immoral, corrupted and unethical on a broad scale at 'best' and why wouldn't if be in an atheist, one life to live world with billions of dollars in total in play not to mention egos to be massaged by the fawning masses.

The politically 'untouchable' ultra- innocents, some would say idols of escapism from the realities of Truth.. of fair 'sports' and maker of 'champions',

If you look at the Chinese female swimmer, Sun Yang, who responded to a question of how she could account for her phenomenal off scale, success in the London Olympics with a defensive curt, “You have no proof!” who has the whole Chinese communist scientific might vested in her 'success' it appears there are experimental steroid cocktails that can go undetected for now.

Running to rowing, weight lifting to swimming, baseball to football....are they real or are they 'pumped up' poor acting Arnold Schwarzeneggers.. and if you are going to be a fanatic, so disillusioned to find out the truth...better to forget your hero today and avoid the 'betrayal' 'felt' by the above talk show caller...whose biggest sin would be to likely hold up a seven medal award winner 'sports hero' above Christ.

Christianity is looked at with great disdain by many, especially in the liberal Marxist establishment that the masses they have corrupted for generations now, had to turn sports heroes into their Gods and sports their religion as everyone needs something in their lives greater than the fallibility of mere mortals.

Where was Simon Peter to go to who could claim not only Truth for their following, but mere salvation of their souls! Christ was not only God at this point He was also Man....

Is there any aspect of society, from sports to entertainment to academia, any nation and modern patriot now, that has not made a complete ass of it/him/her/self, simply because they consider themselves great, infallible and most incredulously an unchallengible source of truth and cause for worship?

The 'royal' family...and their newest member, Prince Charlie Sheen, any royal family, Madonna, Ganstras, the hood, any modern liberal 'comedian' commentator, Marxist dictators, Marxist legislative dictators such as McGuinty and liberal parties, or so called conservative parties for that matter that are politically correct, pro abortion and homosexual activist obsessed... the GOP, and Romney Reaganites, Canadian Conservatives such as Harper and Hudak, masons, facebook relatives and friends

In politics, for once the Truth really does lay somewhere in the middle and his name is Christ.

Communist 'nations', Islamic 'nations', North American 'nations' who 'claim'  greatness while literally standing for nothing moral, ethical, or just.

Theologians, supposedly... but hardly centered on Christ (more like centred on his arch enemy, Marx and all his isms as they keep re-inventing Christ).... liberal Canada's 'greatest' modern writer, Margaret Atwood (?) any modern writer, liberal respected 'religion' of woman hating, nomad, pedophile founded Islam

Religion of the same Jewish God still looking for the same Jewish son (with time running out) who already died and arose for billions of Christians, many who still consider themselves so if sheepishly and apologetically at least in name.

Take an 'honest and close look' at any of these 'heroes' and heroic groups and nations and many more and if you don't see them as any better, or lesser fallible sinners than yourselves... look and judge them for what they can or would ever do for you, and don't walk back to!

Spread the Good News... lift the Crucified Christ higher... proclaim the 'undefeated' clear and 'only' 'humble' defender of Truth and resist the smears and attacks of the Marxist atheists while throwing them out of office and establishment!

Don't vote for any political party that has done nothing for Christianity for the last sixty years, in 'office' or out of 'office'.

They did not own North America, our world.. by default until we let the liberal Marxists take it, in exchange for their hedonist briberies, and socialist schemes, and we have every right(...every obligation.) at every turn to challenge them!

Paul Gordon

Thursday, August 23, 2012

WTF! How About Teacher Bribery-McGuinty Collusion

WTF! How About Union Bribery-McGuinty Collusion

Just heard teacher union representative on the radio complaining about democracy not delivered!

Well wait just a minute.

The teachers union gave McGiddy's campaign untold funds including money forcefully deducted from teachers paychecks. That's democratic! Unions are democratic?

In addition they showed up at all his whistle stops waving signs for their great love for this guy.

Who would believe that teachers would give that much to a pig in a poke!

If McGuinty didn't say it or write it, he sure implied somewhere that for their support he in turn would give the teachers money and extra jobs by shrinking class size and full day daycare manned by expensive teachers!

The fact that McGuinty (now personally done with them) tells teachers, look we gave you way too much of money we didn't even have and so now you are just going to have to go without a raise for the next three years....validates that this conspiracy...wink wink... or otherwise did take place at great expense to the taxpayer and in direct subversion of democracy in the Province of Ontario.

We should at least have a class action suit, if not a full blown criminal investigation including intentional misappropriation of tax payer funds.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reality Doesn't Jive With Leftist's Est. 'Deep' Concerns

Leftist Government 'Concerns' Make Money Not Sense

So the government is now toying with the idea of making auto 'black boxes' mandatory, no doubt at the lobbying pressure/and reward, of insurance companies.

The ever vigilant big brothers and sisters are 'concerned' with our safety, yet again in their constant quest to make our world accident free... no matter how much it's going to cost non compliers and how controlling the government is going to have to be.

With a black box post accident investigations could tell 'proper authorities' such things as what speed/acceleration variations were leading up to an accident or to a plain speeding ticket challenge, or if there was a slight wavering in steering i.e., one time momentary eye shutting at the wheel.. that pretty much everyone has admitted to at least once committing while driving... (most of those admitting to more than once in their driving histories.)

“But if you are not guilty of ever having committing a driving error, what have you to hide, to not like such a government monitoring of your driving habits” and of course, “We all know driving is a privilege not a right”, though I'd like to see this 'privilege' ever removed without 'great' reason to do so, at the pleasure or fancy of the Ministry of Transport or or the Crown.

Up until now, the liberal establishment record on vehicles has only been concerned with a myriad of such things as 'seating arrangements', car seats, their constant recalls, (yet another four million recall last week) approvals on only the newest model, how they were fitted into the vehicle, and how kids were fitted into them, seat belts, distracted drivers, hands free, both hands on the wheel, idling vehicles, smoking inside vehicles with children, mandatory winter tire change in Quebec, in Toronto, turning left on left turn painted, turning lanes into well healed sub-divisions, but at the wrong hours of the day for concern of students invisibly 'walking' to school un-escorted.

And too, what mother by nature is not going to have her body twisted around for half her drive anywhere to check her baby/child for various reasons, including sudden on unusual noises?

And would this not be more harmful to everyone in the vehicle than to have her baby, in whatever constraints, in the passenger seat next to her?

But, than liberal governments always no better than mothers and families...don't they.

They don't care about aborted babies in the slightest, in fact, give Morgue en pallor, their highest leftist nation championed award, but need micro management tax collecting armed policemen to make sure you know how to look after your child.

And if you think you are anymore safe from 'government concern', on the sidewalk...forget it as the newest safety, talk show, trial balloons are to fine walkers who listen to music or text while walking. Why did paperback walking readers never need to be fined in the past? I guess they didn't have all the proper behavior, big brother cameras watching out for their good.

Aside from human safety, their is 'environment safety' the government is not ashamed to 'champion', and leftist establishment claim to, lose sleep over. Yes, the infamous emission tests that few vehicles fail anyway....seemingly meant more to be a time wasting, forty dollar reminder, of the liberal model of the environment for all, and yet, another government expense add-on for the driver, if sales tax, re-sale and multi re-sale, private financial transaction sales tax, all government level, fuel tax, vehicle chemical and tire environmental taxes, probably part of a 'carbon tax' levied somewhere', the government wasting of taxes on loans and grants for failed electric vehicle technology and industry production for nonexistent consumer purchases, like billions in alternate electricity generating failures... etc. etc.

The biggest lie, for time eternal has got to be that governments 'care' about the health, even lives of citizens.

What politicians promise, say, think, and do, are more often then not all mutually exclusive. So you can write elected law makers off right away from 'caring' as they can't even be honest with themselves.

They only 'care' about what their largest number of leftist brainwashed polled electorate care about.... hence the name.. political correctness. As long as they can be in 'charge' they really don't care about morality, or life and deaths of those they rule.

If you asked the appointed, life- tenured average bureaucrat if they really 'cared', they would be more apt to at least be honest of their feelings on the subject of the micro-managed safety of tax paying real- world citizens.

Brutal reality of the day... People, no matter their role, vocation or job in life do not 'lose sleep' over harm done to, or the untimely deaths of strangers, they know nothing of, especially at the mere mention or reading of a name, place, or time... much less so over time... i.e., the brutal, heartless attack on the World Trade Center, Twin Towers, quickly thereafter, media type shortened to, 9/11.. or Pearl Harbor, death camp.. Katrina, Calcutta..Beijing.. great Wars, all non descriptive of what they actually entailed.

If as liberals claim they do, actually lose even one night's sleep over the mere reading, or hearing of a serious accident or death of 'complete strangers' even in a same- city fatal car accident, they would have some serious mental issues. (Well they do have serious mental issues, but not for caring about people they know nothing personally about).

If they really couldn't care about people's safety, life, deaths accidental or intentional, (like Terry Schavio) or poverty do you really think, their tears are genuine over a dubious letter sent to a homosexual by his father.

Actually they probably are genuine to them alone,  because they have been trained that feelings and narcissism are everything...and logic, Truth, sacrifice, and love of Christ, indeed Christianity at all, is nothing. Everything is relative to feelings. And hardened feminists who don't actually get married or have children have never come up with an explanation why it should be so easy and fast to get an abortion and paid for by taxpayers.  

(Pro-lifers care deeply about how innocent lives are purposely ended but even they don't lose sleep over abortion in general.)

And Holier than Jesus, Christians who say they care about everybody and love all sinners should know that Christ never loved 'sinners who were evil' as some can be...i.e. homosexual pedophiles.

In fact, Christ made specific examples of who not to love and forgive, including an evil world Christians are to be ever vigilant of... Possessed turned into swine and run off a cliff, chasing out the money changers, lay down one's life (presumably, armed conflict not excluded) for the love of another, and a special Hell that awaits those who would harm innocent children.

Truth really be told, human nature would have it that many would not even lose sleep over the deaths of many in their 'extended' circle of 'friends' and relatives, especially if they act, think or believe in 'things' radically different from the surviving relative or extended 'friend'.

If you sent a letter to the Holy Father as I'm sure many do, likely more so, than he could personally respond to, asking him to pray, or offer Holy Mass for your, baby, child, parent, or grand parent and all with the greatest of intention, expectation, and sincere reason... He still couldn't possibly read them all himself, or personally respond to them all himself let along care deeply about each one.

Certainly, he couldn't have time, or enough Masses to say for all, and 'individually' pray for all who would request such.

And not to be callous here but outside of a miracle or multi-locution he couldn't possibly care about very very few of them to actually lose sleep over from a letter, even with a picture. Yet, back in the secular world neighborhood, we are expected to believe that media personalities and government authorities, or atheists have real tears and lose sleep over every accidental deaths?

And that the only way to cleanse the blood from their 'all caring' consciences is not to educate safety with varying points of view, but to enact yet another micro-manage law, punishable by fines payable to the applicable levels of government and anonymous 'victims of crime' to boot? If it was only about caring and safety, then why are young men on motorcycles allowed to drive like they just robbed a bank on major highways weaving in and out of blind spots with passengers on the catapult seat behind them where in very few will be walking away from 'any' accident, helmet or not.

The motorcycle as a vehicle is fraught with inherent danger. What of their lives, or their unwitting passenger's lives who are not told of the dangers of being on the back of a motorcycle driven by mere boys?

Or why allow 'children' to drive ATVs and dirt bikes, on public trails, where there are no cops (certainly as in the case of fifty feet from my front door) at high speeds? Snowmobiles on name it.

So 'sincere caring' by establishments, and indifference to it... severely punishable... is rather selective after all... canceling out both logic and sincerity.

If the leftist establishment cared about children's health, why has milk and other dairy products been twice the price of the United States since I was born with 'rickets' and will probably die with something akin to it... thank you governments for caring about political correctness and farmer's self regulating and market limiting price fixing, high paying socialism over even subsidizing good old number one nutritional staple...milk.

If the leftist establishment cared about poverty, why do they let their levels of government tax the living s..t out of low income families, to low middle income families.

So if you're married and no matter how low your family income is, or how many other future citizen tax payers you are raising you can claim your stay at home wife, or your autistic child as a dependent...but not both?

So here's the rub, if unrelated government parties, and leftist media types couldn't really possibly care about what happens to oneself, in regards to one's own personal safety, health or income why do they keep looking for more laws to control and fine individuals over?

When politicians, who have no flies on them when it comes to numbers games (lotteries) taxation on booze, cigarettes, families regardless of income, gas etc. start to "Feel our pain" get ready for more.

People are cynical only with great cause in North America.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post Paul Ryan Christians Still Don't Have A Friend In GOP

Christians, You Don't Have A Friend In GOP!

So at the last minute in the run-up to the presidential election, the GOP has finally found a friend in Jesus in the form of Tea Partiers and Christians.

Don't kid yourself. They waited this long and Christians sustained being ignored or insulted by GOP, their celebrity Reaganites, Limbaugh, Levine, ('traditional Catholic' Ingraham, Hannity, and Coulter and their water carrier Matt Drudge, only because they were hoping to do a big tent Romney end run on his own merit, without any hugs and kisses from Christians.

All the above celebrities have no problem praising pro-abortion and pro homo politicians from Giuliani, to the Cheney's, to Joe Lieberman etc., and from either party as long as they fly fiscal and libertarian Reagan colors.

The air was let out of the modern Henry VIII bag Limbaugh during the Bush mid-terms when Christians rightfully handed the Bush fully empowered House and Senate majority its ass on a platter by staying home allowing the Democrats to take over the Senate. Bush had lots of time and a second term to do something...anything for followers of the true Christ and couldn't bring himself to do anything for the lady who brought him there.

Limbaugh was hopping mad the next day and chastised Christians through his show for allowing this to happen... “You were never going to get advancements against abortion anyway” No shit! Rush, if we keep being taken in by bait and switch, switch back and bait, Republicans who have nothing moral on the go, only tax cuts. Republicans just don't get any concept of 'Christianity'.

Their only excuse for having us elect them, is really only fiscal and libertarian, and only under the flag of, 'Stick with us kid, we're at least better than the Democrats'.

After the mid-terms even having been shown the future, the prideful dead guy worshipers still had no intent of needing no stinking Christians.

Bush even refused to show his face to a massive march for life to Washington and only talked by phone? (It also came to light that all modern GOP first ladies were secretly pro-abortion including the Bushs... and happy go lucky.... Nancy Reagan.

But now, for such a sudden 'born again' party, what the GOP, Reaganite, celebrities, and Drudge did to the Santorum family still burns fresh in the mind.

Paul Ryan, you are being used by the GOP, no less, than they did for decades to Christian voters.

To say now, 'well, the truth is all well and good' but isn't Obama going to destroy the nation if left in power by not showing up to vote, is not logical.

1) What kind of liberal establishment officially immoral nation are you saving?

2) How can any change come about under ensuing GOP status quo, even Obama applied that principle for his kind of change albeit change for the worse.

3) Canada is in great debt in Marxist universal health-care, and in Marxist education for that matter, but it still has a healthier economy than the U.S. with our dollar currently worth (minimally) more while being socialist Europe and wasn't destroyed at least...not yet .... Point being the sky is not falling, yet.

4) The more 4 year terms Christians 'wait' to effect change by 'demanding' more from the GOP, or forming a unified Tea party/Christian third party themselves, the more babies are killed at tax payer expense and the harder it will be to turn the full- court homosexual activist press around.

5) Instead of holding your nose and knowing what to expect ('squat') of the GOP, except attempted rousing patriotic words of a former 'Christian' un-perverted nation from Reaganites, in the 'nothing' in between years, go with the Truth of Christ, give Him at least a chance to work and above all have the faith, you should have in your Lord and Saviour.

What are Christians here for, to support memories of Reagan, while nations fall apart under liberal establishments by any name?

Evil does quite well with strategy...Christians should have more faith in 'Christ the Truth'.  

(Vatican needs to finally rebuff Pilate and proclaim 
Year of Christ The Truth, or do they agree with Pilate?)

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Like Your Gov., If You Ain't Got Morality, What Have You

Just Like 'Your' Government, If You Ain't Got Morality, What Have You

-Purposely written a la Conrad Black style and everyone just loves to be told by Conrad Black.

The trouble with liberals, is that they can't think past any moment they like to 'seize'.

'To mean well' which translates into 'giving in' to 'everything' that comes along is a (conscience) job done.

(Everything that is, except Christianity. The same Christianity of only one, that was formerly the adequate example to live and govern one's nation by.)

So if you listen to anyone and everything going on around you. You should be acutely aware of the marginalization to miserable hatred being written and spoken, from Facebook, to news print 'religion sections' to talk show hosts who consider themselves middle of the road masters of common correctness if not sense.

'Sense' would require thought out extrapolation of logic or the reference point for the most rudimentary of intellectualism and on up, whistling on through the hallowed halls of academia, otherwise you're pretty much just blowing your own, or your 'hero's', smoke.... Something William F Buckley for one, got, but his shallow political junky understudy, Rush Limbaugh...did not.

It shouldn't take much of an argument to point out where are the various ways the political 'Parties' and governments, you, the reader elected, are immoral and can be down right evil about, though debatable amongst yourselves as to what that which even constitutes immorality and evil, itself considering you are all the same narcissistic political expedient simpletons who elected them, and as merely an aside quickly demonstrating democracy not, for all its faults, but at it's worst, and probably right on schedule in the post Great War easy life era).

So am I to abandon the humble broken man on the Cross, a suitable Truth for all, considering what the world has to 'showcase' so far in the interim, while ridiculing the supposed 'scared, feeble and superstitious', and to an adult rated showcase level no less, in the way of 'their' varied truths (not to be questioned without an answer in anger of their respect for free speech) and applicable for anyone's conscience. (As the Winnipeg Statement and our own Bishops faddish pony show tried to foist on as more weight on Our Lord's Crown of Thorns).

The same broken man we would joyously, and in cry for healing, share our most cherished milestones and ask our friends and family to share with us and our Lord....baptism, first Holy Communion, marriage, and death.... none of which our Sate would, or could ever suffice over and above our Lord and Saviour. Though we had a Christian nation not that long ago and national morning was considered in communion with us and with Christ.

Before believers came to be mocked by the Marxist championed establishment that favored the collective with the government as the arbitrator of right and wrong, what is good conscience and who should be ashamed for their thoughts, and even as a new source of salvation as long as fallible memories, secrets and lies hold out... in history.

We cherish our Lord and our family over our nation.... increasingly more so, over our godless embracing nation... elected, and sustained, by the godless.

There is no separation of politics and church! Is there two compartments in our mind for two moralities, compliments of our modern governments..wishing on useful idiots. That we pray for an end to abortion in church, yet vote for the same 'Parties'... safe in numbers and excuses, who mock our Lord and our faith and give free abortions to all comers, for the mere bartering to placate and promise us 'tax cuts' or 'increased social assistance', the only two absolutes of fiscal conservatives and socialists!

That my friends is disgusting immorality on all fronts!

To try and show secularists where they fail on the moral front, let's take a tragic time in history and present it in a morally extrapolated fashion in even their (secularist) truth.

Thousands of innocent civilians, firemen, and policemen died when the nations of Islam (a man made and as all man made religions, fallible wrought religions) sought revenge, and immoral worship upon themselves, as Islamic 'heroes'..... on the United States.

Now what would happen if the firemen and policeman who died, (some would say in vain for the thousands who could not be saved) could have foreseen their fate the night before 911.

Not to assume even what 'likely percentage' would have given up their lives the next day having knowledge ahead of time, but would it not be likely some would have simply called in 'sick' the next day as some policemen did during the Katrina crisis?

We will never know, but regardless, all the dead would- be rescuers, are considered heroes in that they all jumped at the chance, in unhesitating fashion and genuinely would do 'anything' to rescue the occupants of the towers.

In other words, they were heroes for wanting to save innocent lives even if it were to cost their own.

Yet feminists with their great Marxist gender dividing following who now admit that the fetus is and always was a baby, but that they simply have the right to take that life, they nourish naturally for only nine short months of their own, over any pretense of desire of wanting to save a baby's life.

The Divine given choice to end their child's life has always been their own, as their choice to end their own lives, (only taking a baby's life is a more popular opted choice in modern history as morality went down, and 'medicinal' science 'advanced'.)

The point is that immoral 'movements for rights' in society and governments have their celebrated heroes in life saving and also, factually, in life taking.

Canada's most proficient successful abortionist whose private services aren't even required to get the 'job done' in any number of duplicating service hospitals, at no charge, to unwanted mothers... received the Canadian Government's highest civilian award under the tenure of Harper's conservative government who wrongly attracting voting attention of Christians.

For godless liberals to 'mean well' for the moment, there is first of all no love from Christ to have faith in and rely on... so they must render life or death allowances in preference to individual and societal secular moral choice, but in callus disregard of second and third newly created victims as a result of first-line dubious 'victim hood'.

The secular Marxist liberal state is not the default of all nations, some of which are still officially Catholic, and why shouldn't they be over the cold illogical religion of atheism, now hiding as best for all in multi-culturalism.

To believe all sorts of societal foundations should be honored to attribute lives centered on unnatural sexual acts of perversion (at their own proud insistence of espoused worthiness) as a sole reason to displace Christian marriage and validate carte blanche competence, and sole reason of trust for adopting other people's but all God's children, is another 'seize the moment, meant- well' un thought-out (now) societal espousal of family preference.

To believe immoral wars, resulting in deaths of sons from Christian homes in the far east, (to factually) only facilitate tyrannical regime change in Islamic Nations who routinely abuse, mutilate and kill their wives and daughters.. not to mention officially and unofficially sanction the burning of Christian Churches and killing of their members, have any logical or moral foothold in Truth is pretty f-ing ridiculous, but shows that political parties and governments march to tunes of the world and keep up pretenses for neighboring nations in the best interest of trade, not what's right.

Make no mistake, Christianity is detested by both conservatism and liberalism...Conservatism also detests Christianity only because they believe it is the 'in' or political thing to do, if you want to attain power and than retain it...of which Prime Minister Harper is 'expert' at fooling the fools...those who have the most votes by far in Canada.

Romney and his GOP masters held off on going to Paul Ryan after already making short work of disposing social conservative (Christian) Santorum, primarily with the aid of Matt Drudge in the hopes of not needing Christians, over taking the big- tent politically correct route first attempted by Bob Dole ( and which they will do in the end, regardless.)

The polls showed Romney was not above Obama this late in the year and that the GOPs not so hidden agenda of becoming pro abortion and pro homosexual was not attracting the big tent immoral voters they were hoping for. Rush Limbaugh is so full of shallow crap, now proclaiming his great support for a social conservative vice president, he knows will have no say or influence on GOP policy and practices, and long shown determination to stick with the most traveled path of political correctness.

During the mid-term senate votes when the GOP lost majority control to the Democrats and agreeably, as Rush figured, at the hands of social conservatives impatient after years of GOP inaction, Rush showed his true colours in a tirade against social conservatives ending with an angry blast, "You are never going to make any headway on abortion anyway"

Of course, Rush could have had a mid-spouse crisis thing going on that day, but it's the only time he gave himself away so boldly.

The GOP isn't social conservative in thought or intent.. They just feel they have Christians in their pocket because the Democrats are worse.

If the GOP really wanted a social conservative front and center, rather than window dressing they had plenty of choices and a number of years to do it before now. Don't be fooled and if you don't want a big I told you so, tell the GOP they haven't shown us anything of substance, yet and nothing to vote for that will change anything, one little bit.

It's early, but Merry Christmas this year as wrong as you're not public, too flamboyant, loud, or offend any culture or other religion and especially the small a- athiest, big Ass prayeraphobe society's, won- over governments and partesan 'party' appointed judges

Paul Gordon

This Is What Godless Canada Needs To Win Medals

This Is What Godless Canada Needs To Win Medals

Mesert Defar of Ethiopia will be more a household name in Catholic circles in Canada than whoever won the trampoline event.

She was first across the finish line in the 5000 meters and had won two previous 2000 meter championships. The 'first' thing she did as opposed to raising a gloved fist or running a flag around in a victory lap was to thank and pay homage to a Christian Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It was a moment the sports media networks either wished to show and definitely not comment on!

Christian Ethiopian track runners in the more glorified summer events do well in world matches.

But, according to the comment section of a London news blog, Ethiopian gold medalists are not the only gold medalists who give praise to God:

"Gotta love these Olympic Gold Medalists crediting God recently? So far we have Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky, Gabby Douglas, Defar, Bolt…any others?"

Maybe the Canadian Olympic committee and news media leftist establishment, should worry less about being cool hosiers in jean jackets in celebration of bumming around, pot smoking, beer drinking, free sexing at the end of the games, and being so gag-awful, patriotic to a nation firmly ensconced in political correct: multi-culturism, anti-Christianity, Marxist socialism, militant narcissistic feminist and homosexual activism, and free as you please abortions, they might inspire some aid from above.

The only mass religion in Canada now is hockey. It has become the chicken soup for the soul for the Godless

How's that for the truth of it, leaf saluting, tear in my beer, hedonist, Canucks?

God is not only righteously above family which is above nation, He is far,far above nation as is family.
Paul Gordon

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mitt Romney's Running Mate, Paul Ryan No Bridge

Romney's Bridge to Nowhere!

The suggestion that Paul Ryan is a 'bridge' olive branch....whatever to social conservatives or the Tea Party as linked to some 'news' story by Matt Drudge is a joke.

It's the same game provincial and federal progressive conservative parties have been playing for thirty years in Canada.

They offer these vote trolling, olive branches every election year through so-called pro-life (usually Catholic) candidates, yet let them have not one little say, whatsoever, in party policy, while the Canadian pro-life, pro-family scene has only gotten worse in painful increments over that same time period, (but for the Show the Truth movement)

When in the history of the U.S. have actual elected vice- presidents had a say of any significance, in fact, when have they not been told to STFU not long after sitting in office...except in cases of  actually taking over the presidency?

Here's the deal and it's hardly surprising politics.

Romney and the GOP elite will be poltically correct on-fire in order to attain and then retain power, their only objective at any costs. Romney has even publicly stated that much.

'They' only waited this long to pick their V.P. running mate hoping they would rise far above Obama in the polls,  without having to eat crow with a (phoney) olive branch to the Tea Party and social conservatives they couldn't stand all along, and haven't changed their minds on now.

Don't waste yet, another 'four' (actually 'eight' to turn it around, once admitting to the problem) years, satiated with a fiction movie, drive-thru dinner, wilted flowers, and dollar store candy from cigar smoking, old spice smelling... Mr. Slicks.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, August 11, 2012

'A BridgeToo Far' Movie Analogy to Republicans

GOP, 'A Bridge Too Far': Eerie Prophetic Great Analogy

The movie 'A Bridge Too Far' was a great movie... The GOP has evolved into a pitiful party.

For those few who haven't seen the Joseph Levine production of A Bridge Too Far from a number of years ago now, do yourself a favour and buy the DVD as you will want to watch it more than once.

The movie is based on the true WWII battle code named Market Garden instigated by British Field Marshal General Montgomery

It starred (not cameo- ed) the most popular actors of the times (though, 'Cliff' from Cheers and Toy Story does get a one line cameo).... i.e, Connery, Redford, Hackman, Caan, just for starters.

The prospect of seeing Robert Redford repetitively pray the Rosary (well sort of, in Holywood land) in sheer panic while rowing frantically across the Rhine is more than worth the price of admission, alone!

In my opinion, the British acting does out perform the American acting in this joint 'allied' acting epic, by far, though Caan gives the strongest sentimental American performance.

The most over-acted role is put in by Ryan O'neal and the best performance and show stealer is put in by British actor, Edward Fox who plays General Horricks of 30 (not going to write XXX Corps. their official monikor) Corps.

Edward Fox (greatly under- used in The Battle of Britian) acts sly like a fox in this role. He pulls off a boyish, enthusisim and charm, with a touch of a joyful sense of humor, churned or transformed into a great leadership role. One would not be surprised to see the movie goers get up and follow him into battle, (even if his character doesn't actually get his hands dirtied)

There is one second during his rousing pep talk to the Corps where you can tell of his total immersment, when he hesitates a second in pure barely contained excitement with a short nod down before continuing. He also has a difficult part he handles masterfully while he is reviewing and interacting with the corps, while driving a jeep and being alternating serious with his field leader and joking with his tank personnel.

There must be a hundred instances of anolgy to the present GOP and American election and how it is most likely is going to end. Indeed the 2012 GOP slogan should be a bridge too far, (and the most imporant bridge and opportunity missed).

Unsurpassed egoes of British Leaders (GOP Leaders) Montgomery and Browning, and attempt to win some glory over from U.S. General Patton's successes if not popularity...(Rick Santorum).

My father, who at young age served in the same war at a British airforce base in Ireland and no doubt his three wounded brothers all had no love for Montgomery or Churchill... for the reason that the British always seem to put the allies on the front lines just a little ahead of the British home politics .... if not appreciative, or gracious hosts of Nazi war targets. Then of course their was also Churchill's betrayal of Poland and other nations out of mere political expediancy.

Churchill and Montgomery (seemingly) never got the concept that troops at least not theirs, never fare well on flat open beaches against entrenched machine gun nests and concrete pill boxes as in Dieppe or at 'Ohmaha' beaches. Even if you blanketed the beaches in smoke screen, there was still nothing between sweeping machine gun fire and allied flesh, except barriers put up by the Germans to stop amphebious landings from progressing up the beach.

In Market Garden, British troops were sent ahead of the 101 and 82nd to the Arnheim bridge no doubt to be the first into Germany and take some of Patton's thunder, (who eventually did have to come to the rescue), because they believed few Germans to be present at Arnheim, certainly, not most of what was left of the German army (not on the Russian front) and certainly not a panzer division.

So just a 'few' of the delicious analogy lines... (that the North American Catholic Church could learn from also.)

“It's all a matter of bridges, you know” Browning

“ I'm not going to be the one to rock the boat” communications officer

“Well, you see sir, they are tanks” intelligence officier

“What are the changes”, aide, “Gigantic” O'neal

“ I did my part... did anyone else do theirs”, Connery

“ Just checking to see, whose side you're on” Hackman

“ In the case of massacre what difference would it make” Hackman to Browning

“ You might be wondering why I gathered you all here”, at a loss...Redford.

paraphrased 'Absolutely everything has gone wrong and you think a cup of tea is going to help', Connery.

“ You think they know something we don't” Connery on laughing escaped mental patients

“ We're not concerned about winning and losing. We're concerned with saving or losing lives”, Dutch town official.

“ Oh C_ _ _ _ t (BBTNOG) not us again!”, Joe, Horricks field commander, equated with Christian's gathering support for progressive conservatives.

"Surely, the allies are not stupid enough to send Montgomery (Romney) It will be Patton (Santorum)!.... (leading the final fight into Germany) German Field Marshal.

Paul Gordon


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Can You Tell Me Where the Gays and Catholic Teachers For Life Orgs. Are?

So Many Pro-Life Families ..... So Many One Child Families?

(sneering those who do have more)

Old Chicom Saying: Two Kids In the House Worth One In the Rice Paddy

Gates Foundation: No Poor African Like A Sterilized One

GOP 2012 Slogan A Few Bridges Not Far Enough for My Vote

You Can't Earmark or Trade Off Morality Cards For Tax Cuts or Increased Social Assistance

Tolerate This ! (image of aborted baby)

Loving Empathy Yes! Sin Forgiving Sympathy...Nice Try!

Paul Gordon

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hard Truth in Open Letter to Rush and Laura

Hard Truth, Reaganite Celebrities Desert Christians and Capitulate

Et tu Rush, and 'Catholic' Laura Ingraham?

Sorry, Laura, but one can't take any prisoners when fighting for Christ, babies, the family, or children's innocence, and governmental law makers and political establishments have everything to do with it.

GOP celebrity conservatives used to (apparently) act sincere when courting the large American Christian community. They would talk a pro-life, pro-Christian game almost every day and they also seemingly (now who knows about that either?) supported the troops.

Until now, in every election, none of the GOP candidates were so eager to embrace anti-Christian political correctness, with the exception of Bob Doyle and even then, only after he won the official party nomination and publicly chastised the GOP Christian wing, brazenly, in his acceptance speech, hoping for a greater attraction to the Democrat base.

This election year was different, and will be one Hell of a ever turn back

When loyal GOP candidate, and more than capable Christian representative of the party, Rick Santorum came strong out of the gate, the party was not long in using various nefarious ways of retarding his momentum, beginning with proclaiming a loss in his first primary, and (much) later changing it to a victory over Romney.

Then came the Drudge Report dailys, praising Romney while splashing, little garbage 'news' items, amounting to petty innate gossip, (unless fodder for the Christian haters within the GOP), intended to embarrass Santorum and eventually his family, to the anti-Christian world in general but especially to the non Christian, GOP supporters i.e, his speech to a traditionally strong Catholic School where he brought up the existence of 'Satan'.
Well blow me over with a feather. Like Reagan never believed in evil, or mentioned the word Satan?

Reaganite celebrity (now exposed fake) Christian defenders don't believe in the existence of Satan(?) Then why defend or support these crazy Christians at all?

Of course, we all know where the Reagan and Bush mason-like women fell on moral issues like abortion, but their men put up a good political front at least trying not to offend Christians if doing nothing for them during their terms and in the end, (and what I mean as 'for Christians' of course, is for God, family and nation. as opposed to 'for fiscal or libertarian 'conservatives' individually)

Other mean spirit intended Drudge slams followed, i.e, Weird Santorums (who believe the baby in the womb is a real baby) bring baby home to grieve and give whole family closure with their child and sibling...Again, who would have thunk, and how many atheist GOP assholes would berate the Santorum family, and need knowledge of a private family life that would have nothing to do with Rick Santorum as a leader.

This Drudge 'duty' Report garbage continued and when it was too much for the Santorum family to bear, and when Rick (rightfully) openly complained of what was obvious to everyone, he was then marginalized as a whiner.

Yes politics is tough, mean, and bites and that is just within one's own disgusting main stream political party, of which two have grown way too long in the tooth... If the party would screw each other at the drop of a political bowler, what would they do to those they don't even call partners or personally know or aka those who they expect to vote for them.

For all the abuse heaped on him...Santorum was the true humble gentleman in that scum bag race.

Celebrity talk-show Reaganites than re- reported the Drudgereport smears, just in case anyone missed Drudge's daily dredging, and ox goring of the Santorums, but with actually no comment of condemnation on supposed messenger 'only' Matt Drudge. No the celebrities would only condescending sneer, that they didn't know how Santorum could overcome this one or how he would handle the crap, they actually took delight in, as the whole elite in the party were going for the Romney big tent from the get-go.

They talked of no one voting for a theocracy. Why didn't they just crucify him live on CNN.

So the dirty, little (not so) secret in all of that Reaganite talk show celebrities now boldly espouse more political value in the GOP 'bigger tent' including pro abortion, pro- homosexual fiscal and libertarian conservatives, (especially, Ann Coulter who gets as ugly as she gets, when called on her new found, 'some of my best friends are homos' cliche) while they kick all real pro-Christ/ pro-life/ pro- family/ pro- marriage/ Christians... to the curb.

Laura, do you separate your supposed devout, and traditional Catholicism from your party politics?

How can you support any candidate, any party, that is so pro-abortion, so politically correct homosexual activist, so anti-family, so anti-educational choice, so anti-child innocence, like a Romney who brags about all these positions, with the only goal of attracting Democrat votes.

You should become a political independent like Glenn Beck if you have to follow the new and improved GOP.

Yes, I know, Rush and the Reaganites brought you to where you are, but you are now ethically and morally unbound to them and if you have any Catholic integrity at all you should drop them the way they dropped Christ unless they suddenly have a miraculous change of heart and see they are only riding a dead-end horse, riding through a dead-end culture into the Hell of a dead-end nation!

For all the years of celebrity Reaganite talk-show hosts bragging how easy Obama would be to beat...then why is it that all of a sudden the GOP must tell Christians to stand down and stay the Hell out of the way, while they'd rather enlist Satan because they believe, this is what America will vote for right now?

Of course, the Reaganite celebrities were never that selective of who they supported even before Obama, their credit (?).

It comes down to this Laura.... you obviously don't see a connection between politics and your faith and the basic principals of Christianity of a former Christian nation

Like Kennedy, you believe no element of Christianity has a right to stick it's nose in the election of law makers or leaders of the nation. di da, all Reaganites... Don't complain, or 'act' indignant about the mass murder of babies, the Marxist preferenced secular state, the current State of the Union, the destruction of the Holy Family modeled family, the complete mockery and destruction of the sacrament of marriage, etc. etc. etc.

All, for the glory of the Republican 'party', with a Nazi like- 'blinding'-enthusiasm and a power attainment rewarding..... membership that must have other special privileges for many, else why would they 'all', so obviously and seen objectively if not subjectively for their blindness, sell their souls for power attainment... at any cost, but with the excuse of the greater good (?) of the nation.

Fighting evil with evil, equals good?

Yeah that's logical, and within the perimeters of the Truth of Christ!

And we 'all' have our moments of Truth, but not without aid direction from the Holy Ghost...don't we.

How about this one... Go with Truth and have Faith....America!

Paul Gordon


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Before Praying to Saint Michael ENLIST!

The U.S. Party Appointed supreme court is not the Supreme Court that has the final say!

Can You Tell Me Where the Gays and Catholic Teachers For Life Orgs. Are?

So Many Pro-Life Families ..... So Many One Child Families?

(sneering those who do have more)

Old Chicom Saying: Two Kids In the House Worth One In the Rice Paddy

Gates Foundation: No Poor African Like A Sterilized One

GOP 2012 Slogan A Few Bridges Not Far Enough for My Vote

You Can't Earmark or Trade Off Morality Cards For Tax Cuts or Increased Social Assistance

Tolerate This ! (image of aborted baby)

Loving Empathy Yes! Sin Forgiving Sympathy...Nice Try!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Huffington Post Fluff Cues Homo Sympathy Again

Or, Hugginton Lonely Losers Really Need A Life

Or, Another Lame Leftist Attempt at 'Graying' of Truth

Or, Huffington Post huffs, puffs and blows your beliefs down.

So here's the truth in all of this, regardless of whether the highly suspicious 'viral' letter was ever real, or not. I do grant that it 'could' happen, but in different wording, in most likely of possibilities

1) The modern media, cyber, print, radio, or television loves to front page moral issue related, so called 'news' that would be more suited to tabloid gossip over everyday nondescript news.

News like the Toronto media on Mayor Ford of Toronto who goes to the hospital, seemingly for acid reflux. As if, Toronto is New York, or Ford's most important function of the day isn't to make sure he doesn't step on politically correct toes, (or Bloomberg's functions for that matter, if he wasn't inventing new ones himself.

Honestly.... a couple of days ago the Toronto talk shows were 'obsessed' with how the garbage pick-up was going to go on the first day of a public to private change-over and how a local socialist councilwoman's mother was crying that her garbage wasn't picked up at the usual time.

One woman phoned in the next day and observed how sickening the contrast of the real importance of the real world was, over a union leftist politically based story raised to giant proportions over her immediate real life concerns, while visiting her brother dying of cancer and listening to nothing but the garbage news debate and breaking updates constantly on the radio.

Toronto media whipped public obsessions geared for shut-ins can be sickening after a very short shelf life.

2) The Marxist raised liberal leftist establishment, covering everything from day care to grocery bags...chicken soup, to nuts, (no pretenses here, truth is .. they are the solid 'bad' guys) have been going on for three generations, preposterously so.. that there is no truth.. only shades of gray, when in reality their own actions, and criticisms betray them.

Of course, the left means nothing of the sort of 'this gray area' they championed themselves into, through 'feelings' and most often of feelings of their own transposed onto others, i.e, I can't stand how 'they must' be suffering or losing 'their' dignity, how 'they' must feel. So let's just starve and dehydrate 'them' to death with a pitcher of water right on their bedstand. Is this the 'new right', the new good, the new white?

So they now not only hold fast to what is bad, (most often evil) i.e. violence in revolution, violence and extortion on the picket line, as ways to a collective means, they also hold fast to their opinion of the faddish man created gray or 'middle'.

What was formerly the good is now to be recognized as the formal bad i.e. Christianity. They want you to have no part of the former good, and ostracize you for it.

They have not created or uncovered a middle at all, only gone to great lengths to defend the wrong, the bad... the evil. The middle or gray area they created has no room for the former good. The left is only showing two cards while claiming three.


This 'Dear Son', homosexual letter is as good example as any, of the hundreds of morality changing 'one-off' situations they hock up like a hair ball, to turn in desperate attempts to throw morality to the wind, and bring all to today's world as it so is, not as they wish our own lying eyes to blissfully tell us.

Look at all the assorted things youth are into now, in their games, in their music, in their entertainer icons, in their copied hedonistic, narcissistic philosophies and way of life.

These kind of one-offs also breed even more ridiculous one-offs like the case of the joint societal pile-on, (from governor to judge) and killing of Terry Schavio, at the bequest of her 'estranged' husband no less and against the wishes of her family.

So I was listening to a fill-in radio talk show host with a clear leftist slant on this issue and how indignant all his leftist callers were of the 'alleged' letter from the alleged father, to the alleged homosexual son, like the political left wouldn't be above making this cause- friendly ('perfectly' written in that regard) letter, up?

From their supposed middle de-militarized morality zone they sure fired some howitzers to the new bad guys.. those who don't agree with them as the populist highly favoured... They even went on to attack Chick-fil-a in nonsense of how dare he be against homosexual-marriage with this homosexual son having his 'feelings' hurt so bad.

In their, “What has chicken got to do with homosexual marriage”, Abbot and Costello routine, they couldn't even fathom than, what has homosexual activism got to do with a number of the some of the most prosperous businesses in North America, i.e. Ford, Home Depot, Kraft, Pepsi and it's affiliates, all major banks in Canada on and on. Of course, they won't touch any other moral issues from either side, only what is hot on the leftist establishment iron of the day.

This talk show guy and all his call-ins talked 'as mad as Hell, and they weren't going to take these Christian rubes anymore', hardly the sensitive, sentimental 'middle' non judgmental patron saints of mush, they claim of themselves and their like.

The modern homosexual movement has only made great gains of acceptability in modern history, and they have done so only through the mass communication media, of modern Marxist century, faddish opinion, and entertainment, faking of sincerity and in false sympathy of the cause du jour.

When AIDs became the prevalent venereal- like anus (oh yuck) sex transmitted disease, came their first leap into embraced faddish obsession. The entertainment and public television documentaries suddenly came across supposed general hospitals jammed with homosexuals, and later as their cause suited them, the same hospitals supposedly became jammed with heterosexuals suffering from the new STD... though one would be hard pressed to find one heterosexual adult male who actually died from AIDs, certainly not common to everyone's neighborhood as we were to believe. It's like all those woman feminist pioneer martyr coat hanger heroes of which not a one is ever named or tombstone found.

If you can't use the truth, you really need a forcefully strong duck- line of lies.

Early, in the apparent game the greater masses were told over and over (and to this day to practice safe free sex, and wear condoms of the kind they make sure to now jokingly tell everyone that they supply the Olympics with) yet, homosexuals kept contracting AIDs at supposed alarming rates, despite being told of this supposed 'easy' fix, again..... over, and over.

Nothing should say grab a handful of the millions of supplied condoms and drop your clothes, like two weeks with strangers in an athletic village. Do athletes write home to tell their parents about those liberal conquests. So we can 'expect' no better behavior of our 'best' youth representing our supposed great nations than of the third world, tribal backward nations we supply billions of condoms to, ostensibly for AIDs, but in reality, for birth control... over real aid?

Having nothing else offered, we can only logically assume that homosexuals for all their small minority rare preference of 'must have' anal sex with other males, also had an illogical death wish of an addiction, to having so called unprotected sex or an unnatural sense to kill each other, (left uncured) instead of to procreate.

And surely, the 'cure' and/or 'control' is here after years and billions in research were waylaid from charities to the celeb cause, or at least a cure for younger homosexuals, in North America, or we would have heard of even a few new cases (surprisingly, Europe seemingly was never as effected or obsessed with AIDs like North America, specifically, world youth culture admired leader, the USA).

The next 'on-cue' activist sympathy call-out to assorted homosexuals with big city 'swinger' plant or lying- eye physical facilities, i.e. public parks, bath houses, gay bars, massage parlors, and homo cultural villages apparently, destined for ghost town futures, as the new greater homosexual monogamous masses, suddenly appear from deeper monogamous closets and be able to adopt babies of their same sex and 'marry' each other.

Quicky homosexual 'marriages' mostly on the female and 'old guy' side, ended just as quickly in ugly 'divorce' by many news item accounts, and in some cases with children from their former miss-read/spent 'wasted' lives, being really screwed up.

If 'one-offs' (seemingly exception to the rule non-extrapolated) are okay to sanitize and rinse bad tastes from the mouth, or bad instincts, sympathetically so... to preferred taste and discarding of instincts.... do one-offs work the other way... in the eye of the greater wisdom and non-inclusive preference on subjectivity of the leftist establishment?

Logic and truth, objective, appreciative of sacrifice, and also, (in fact,) greater in loving.... never were good friends with faddish narcissistic personal, desires, feelings and subjectivity of that which modern art, music and humor for instance.... embrace.

They are separated by a solid wall, one can be on either side of, as there is no middle, to the chagrin, sorrow, and pity of those who in vanity and in vane, transpose it on the only two realities in place, and, in time. For in truth..Truth lives.

Twenty, thirty...forty year olds do not know even half of 'it', never mind know 'it' all, as one recent speaker tried to get across to an American University graduation class, that neither did their mere attendance resiliency, or graduation transform them into someone 'special'.

Of course, humility is a non required course in any university obsessed with activist Marxism of Judeo-Christianity, financial, culture, gender, and generation ruining and divisive 'philosophies'.

Marxist universities, especially the Catholic ones, that serve the wrong master first, narrow the imagination and close the minds...hardly in the practice and spirit of 'freedom' of academia.

Freedom of the press is a freedom most misspent.

Perimeters of freedom of speech would hardly matter based on what the World in need of a cleansing shower, over inundates itself with, in preferred constant, almost giddy perverse testing with barrages on limits of a world of unhappy 'empty' depressed individuals, and societies.

Christianity... and Christmas, the birth of spirit... the return to child like joy... is no more... thanks to embracing of political correctness, foreign to all championed enlightenment to spite our former youth with our parents, that proclaims To Hell... Peace and Goodwill onto Men... silent graceful peaceful night.. never again.

'Christ the Truth', is verboten, the spiritual world connected by the Holy Ghost, has been nuked off the planet. Bring on all manner of anarchy, celebrate the objective ugliness, that too is Truth, that we all have differing subjective loves for.

I digress.

As I tend to do.... (in claim of freedom of speech.... free from rules of proper writing in fact, in failure of officially recognized accomplishment thereof, I freely admit and sincerely deserve scorn for, that we are apparently to 'know' in sheer and sure consternation, of that, which truly separates the truly wise from us truly worthless and foolish rubes)

So what if the case of the mysterious letter were reversed. What if in the most unlikely of scenarios (I admit)... that in this case, the 'father' and his partner had 'adopted' the boy and raised him to be tolerant of 'everyone and everything' except Christianity and that there were no absolutes, especially in morality.

Then upon entering university the son informs his father that he is now baptized and has embraced the Roman Catholic faith, in great joy.

What do you think this homosexual father and/or his 'partner' would write back, or the majority of these imagined homosexual monogamous 'couples' would write back to him?

Would this talk show host and his callers then call this father a no- brain cold bastard bigot for not being accepting of his Christian son?

If the Huffington Post letter were true, would not the son not know enough of his supposed cold 'bigot' father, as to what his reaction would be, after obviously letting him know in some manner of his new found sexuality.

Did the son who indeed did now 'choose' (over being forced) to embrace the homosexual 'lifestyle', including unnatural anal sex with males and to love a male as a woman (good parenting quality) possibly believe his father would be outwardly pleased?

Did the son believe his beliefs should now trump his father's beliefs who alone should 'stand down' for an undefined 'love' of his son?

The love of the son has not changed, especially, in the common case of homosexuals becoming so, themselves, after the shock of being unnaturally molested themselves! That.... if they don't die into themselves in long lives of depression or short lives ending in suicide.

The 'wall' in this case was put up by the son in as much as obviously going against everything his father believed and in increments or leaps. but on a clear path or line of choices.

That's no small potatoes...considering the father believed in defending morality and the son believed in not ceasing his choice of overt and apparently proud..... immorality. In terms of 'sincere' moral standards this would equate no less than believing in robbing banks or not believing in robbing banks. Well damned be that!

I might add here that as I grew up and observed those around me and heard of, and from, many others, that there are many young adults, in big and small town North America, especially and more so, those who attend university who marginalize their parent's intelligence, intellectualism, and religious beliefs down to mere laughing stocks.

(Yet, they believe(d) their parents 'owed' them 'unconditional' love until death and inheritance do they part .... a 'love' they rarely display for their own young children, never mind acceptance of mature responsibility and natural duty, they pass on to the Marxist inspired and modeled State at first opportunity.)

Yes, they supposedly 'loved' their parents, but as the pitied intellectual retarded mom and pop, from ignorant yesterday, and less than that no doubt if and when parents do stop loving their spoiled selfish children, and cut them off from financial, and material wants, including free motel stops or long term sudden co-house ownership, or financially silent rental partner.

So what kind of love does this homosexual son have for his aging father whose beliefs he can't possibly agree with or 'respect'?

These days there are probably as many fathers and sons who hate each other for far less than Huffington Post letters, if they even know each other, as there are who do love each other, always in different, and in limited or conditional ways.

If a father or mother hated his son's chosen wife...would the son leave his wife for his father's love and would be then be scorned for having done so?

So then, if a son should be content on having present and future anal sex with men in risk of losing his father's love.... should the father be scorned?

Have not men commonly disowned their sons and sons disowned their fathers for their choices for more, and for less?

Choices are individual and subjective, morality is not even on the same table... with all that now makes up and outside parties that influence choices.

For the left to take what should be sacrosanct as the family, (they usually despise) and by the way, still rightfully considered in Truth to be secondary below God, (not populism) but, above country, (far above country considering today's free nations,) in Judeo-Christianity and try and bend and massage it into legitimizing homosexuality, while degrading real marriage and real families while 'celebrating' everything ungodly is kind of repulsive.

Celebrating evil in disgusting parades, leftist opinion, or winning secular hearts through 'sympathetic' feelings on TV talk shows...doesn't take what is basically and historically evil and make it basically something that is good and wholesome, as in otherwise, for one, not making others experience instinctive unnatural discomfort.

What would the humble loving sacrificing Christ write this son, from the greater perspective of God's love for all, including the bigger picture of pure love in what is best for every individual, over that individual's own changing/evolving feelings, beliefs and alarmingly popular today, narcissism?

Based on all that we can possibly know from what is written so far....
He (Christ) would tell the son, he is forgiven, to sin no more, and to go in peace and love of the Lord. Of course, the son would have to ask for forgiveness first, not for acceptance of a sin itself, or what is morally wrong.

Those are all the choices we have, not the two out of three choices the secular hedonistic boastful left says we have, or accordingly what is bad, ( apparently including Christianity, lumped with all religions except religion of the day...Islam) and what is not so bad or that which is still wrong.

Who would have thunk, life is full of more (Divine granted) choices than there can be capitulations concocted, shamed on, and excused up.... by the world.

What can anyone tell you, kid (if you do exist), no matter how they twist themselves into knots trying to help you, you made a choice and a bad turn in life.

The good news is that you always have a choice, kid.

Paul Gordon


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Indignant Dr. Throws Kid Out Emerg. In Hissy Fit

Indignant Dr. Throws Kid Out Emerg. In Hissy Fit

A woman doctor working out of a Quinte hospital in Ontario took her leftist ideology too far at the 'work' place, the other day. She refused to treat a child whose parents brought her in to find out what the source of a rash the child had developed.

They had refused to have their child injected with vaccinations and so the Dr. felt she was exercising her right in not treating the child, while in the emergency employment of the hospital and the government of Ontario.

What a presumed privileged option of choice, to further her cause! Can taxpayers now refuse to pay taxes because of the leftist ideology that abortion on demand for convenience, or gender selection?

I don't know what all the factors were working on this doctor that day, but she needs to seek out another profession.

If this is the kind of doctors we are left with in the current shortage...well we won't notice one.... even less so.

The State has no authority to put needles of anything into anyone without their permission, who is not effectively, a ward of the state, in an immediate life or death situation, or a convicted criminal.

Nor, should the courts let any form of intimidation 'force' such a choice in effect denying this injection refusal right, onto children, or employees. Grey areas in liberty, logically negate liberty....period.

Injections are the last thing one would want allowed to be mandatory by the State no matter the cause...and at minimum if so... those harmed deserve to be compensated when things go wrong.

Free nations offer liberty to the family. Marxist nations impose the collective on the individual. In communist China, only one child per family is allowed in assault of the collective, on the family.

Two of our daughters were drastically harmed and put in a great position of danger left untreated, as a direct result of vaccinations. Doctors at Sick Kids attributed both cases as the result of the immune system attacking their own bodies in response to their recent measles combo vaccinations.

One daughter had her blood platelets wiped out to the point (according to doctors) that if she as much as sneezed she could hemorrhage in her brain from the pressure and die.

The other daughter went into a grand mal seizure the emerg staff had to take intervention to bring her out of, and had to be treated for seizures years after. Needless to say none of our other children received vaccination thereafter.

I understand the 'greater cause' factor but who can put trust in modern unscrupulous, unethical, for profit drug companies that these concoctions won't harm they have in a number of cases?

These same drug companies have vaccinations for everything for governments to buy, and non-medicinal concoctions for everything you could possible want or in the case of babies not want.

Share holder profit is clearly their target, not health of the world, no less caring than stock market listed retirement homes that let care go to Hell over not paying out grievance costs to militant unions, putting union thug mentality in charge of your parents personal care up to the point of letting two seniors on separate occasions in one 'high-end' 'listed' home in the same winter come critically close to freezing to death just outside their own doors. Like drug companies and unions 'doing it for the children'. This 'home environment' retirement home on just off hwy 7 in Markham and 'service' union 'do it just for your parents'!

BTW...McGuinty, if you can cut yourself some time from your in school homosexual clubs, when can your long term care department investigate the above asisstive living ( code for nursing home services) retirement home, I blogged and personally allerted/ imformed your LTHC ministry about and didn't get a reply or question about.

Glad to see how you 'don't know about things' like Orange by simply ignoring what is brought to your attention..

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In Considering Liberty or Death..Boy Did We Settle!

Considering Liberty or Death... We 'Settled' For Political Correctness

I think I'll play my free speech card out of the gate (ah it's in the great blog forest no one reads anyway) and ask did any of the new now big city majority immigrants get the Patrick Henry memo?

Well.... someone keeps voting in liberal parties and 'conservative' parties of the same animal, and going by talk shows at least it isn't people without thick accents.

So what is liberty? A good place to start would be to consider the opposite policies and practices of liberals. But that's okay because whole nation societal establishments love grey. And you couldn't grey liberty possibly anymore than they have, short of outright communism, and we may already be there in the warm-ups.

But, then again who needs liberty when the elitists make all the 'perfect' decisions we could possible need for ourselves and the greater peoples as we race towards are arian-like civilization, free from accidental deaths, or broke from fines, free from less than perfect babies and right balance of gender through selective abortions, free from people making the wrong health style choices, free from having our feelings hurt... free from deciding whether grandmas, injured sons daughters, or divorced wives lives should be terminated best through the dignity of dehydration and starvation. etc.

This list could go on forever all remarkably, still arriving at the same place in the end that sounds historically familiar.

So a liberal considered stupid, or bigoted person might be forgiven for believing liberty might be tightly and nicely defined as 'choice' if it had to be...but what a silly boy, he'd look like.

Some everyday choices for the majority of people would go along the way of free choice of affordable education..wrong, free choice of how union dues are spent indeed, union membership for most choice of working for our own government in English speaking provinces...yes, but with the caveat, that you are fluent in French and English (did I miss one war, somewhere since I was an English speaking, English taught kid in an English province).

Free choice in choosing a job...yes.. 'when and if one' comes along now without special caveats and nuances, thanks to the total screw up of socialists from all sides exactly for political correctness.

Free choice in directing forced universal socialist pensions premiums to private

Free choice in health care....absolutely not in Canada but two-tiered for special people

Free choice in vehicles.... for now.

Free choice on whether to don safety apparel in all aspects of living....only some (for now)

Free choice of speech...depends (on who is listening and whose feelings are hurt...Christians) excluded

Free to exercise one's religious beliefs in one's day to day living..depends (which religion)

Free to say the Lord's prayer on state property yes (just not aloud)

Free not to have your absconded money not directed to the killing of babies...of course not

Free to directly elect the 'leaders' in provinces and federally, not in practice or theory, unless you want to be a card carrying (with one hand member) of one of only two political parties with the same political correctness bar... If this is the best democracy can evolve into, bring back the Romanovs over the blood lust commies of the same Marxist tree.

Free to talk against the homosexual 'lifestyle'...sure..(try it)

Free to use grocery bags to carry your purchases home not in some cities with more to come believe me.

Free not to be harassed by the safety police, safety belts etc....only if you ride a motorcycle of which any accident is pretty much certain death, especially in the catapult passenger seat or apparently 'any' age of ATV, and snow mobile rider going down public 'nature trails' at bank robbing escape speeds.

Yes governments only selectively care, which means not at all only politically correct controlling.

Free to do what you want with your own remove a tree...not in some cities.

Free to shoot a bear enjoying a snack (of whatever he wants) in your back

Free to shoot someone with a gun threatening your family on your own property...not without charges

Free not to tell a police where you're going in a non- criminal investigation...ostensibly no you're are not

Free choice to opt out of Ontario's 'free' (that remarkably has billions in short falls with regular tax allotments in addition to special McGuinty tax payments on all income tax form filling schleps for all but, the homeless) universal health care...No

I'm sure everyone has lots to be added to this list, but you get the idea of how free we are not with choices at all, all connected back to socialism and it's ugly sister political correctness all dealt from the same hand of the chattering classes that no best for us all.

Now for those real liberties!....................croak.... cricket noise......

Better to be Red, than to sleep peacefully in bed.

Paul Gordon

Harper/Romney Have Your Vote or Don't Need It!

Not one stinking main stream conservative party in N. America...provinces, or nations doesn't believe they have Judeo-Christian votes 'in the bag'.... and if they don't.... who needs them!

Not one of them has done anything for the life of the baby, the innocence of the child, the choice of education (an easy millions saving  fix) or in any aid to the family in sixty freakin years, yet they expect Judeo-Christians to stand down on their opinions and speech.

The Republicans expect the Christians to yet again hold their nose and vote for them. So when do politically correct (power at any costs)
Republicans stand down for once...and give the Christians a go. Give us a specific election year when that will ever happen.

They purposely sank Santorum when he was clearly what conservatives wanted...and if they need full steam ahead to beat the likes of Obama
they don't have a plan, nor deserve to win.

They act no different 'morally' than any politically correct liberal party. to keep power no matter what they say, think or do (all three not mutally inclusive)  to attain it.

Why are we sending troops to die for Islamic nation regeme tyrant  change..for nations who unapologetically abuse the Hell out of women, behead Jews and burn Christians and their Churches to the ground!

Between the unions and free trade they sat by and watched the private sector go to foreign nations...and as much as killed employment with all their red tape and socialist schemes and taxes.

Why are we still paying for free abortions at private clinics while death panels and health socialists cut back medical services that block private healthcare!

When are government and Marxist teachers unions going to stop kissing each other's ass by swapping tax payer money, (if you count teachers
 donations who are over paid by taxpayers to the likes of McGuinty) and save millions thru school choice. Is not choice the liberal. and conservative clarion call. Apparently not.... in  union jobs education and health care...the only choice in North America is for 'free' abortions.

Liberals should be called what they really are, the Marxist party that wins by dividing, conquering, impovershing, and dumming everyone down.   

Again when I write of liberals..consider their brother conservatives one in the same. What the Hell is the difference, tax rates?

I leave it up to you. Do you accept all their real and contrived crisis's, sky is falling only we can save you.

And do the new immoral, chicken-shit, big talking. arrogant conservative parties have your vote in the bag!

It's time to show who needs who....because the definition of insanity is to keep on voting for our supposed friends and expecting something different for sixty long years....and as of today Aug. 7 2012 that is the bottom line.

The Harpers/ Romneys their party advisors, actually have disdain for Christians and won't even look at us never mind talk to us or help us

Paul Gordon

Monday, August 6, 2012

Come Back, Holy Ghost!

Come Back, Holy Ghost

So no one is making anyone do anything here. No one is attempting to undermine papal authority, challenge the Holy See or question Vatican II ...okay maybe that was a bridge too far on the believable chart.

It is nice to see Pope Benedict's influence has, tweaked, or cranked back some traditional aspects to the Mass. I really think it would go a long way especially in the Catholic academic world to challenge their worldly nose dive into Hell by (loudly) proclaiming Year of Christ The Truth.

Christ the Truth that trumps modern theology and certainly multi- perverted modern philosophic depressed and otherwise multi- mentally- ill liberal icons.

If you believe Christ is the Truth, (and He is whether you do, or not) why delve into a host of non reality modern man created fantasies and their own man-made religions, most of which are intent on destroying the human soul and in addition also have third party victims .

Why be a trendy fanatic over something, only later to realize you were at best wasting your time and missing much else, and at worst realize that during those years you were also completely wrong. That will never happen with a personal belief in Christ and/or personal relationship with Christ. It can't.

In that regard Christ is equally best known as being the Best (Truth) for what He is not...Mainly because these days most that is known especially to youth is only in the world.... politics, blind patriotism, the tree of Marxism, rooted all the way too Hell, with its proud anti-Christ fruits, communism, feminism, unionism, revolution thru violence, destruction of arts, religion and culture etc.

He is equally neither a capitalist or socialist, and no endorser to be a hoarder of wealth nor slothful, both concepts of the world that battle it out with the family modeled after the Holy Family as the ultimate victim. When unions demand their excesses even over each other, the investors move away where more money can be made, and there are no realistic jobs left, for those who are not slothful.

Capitalism has now decided to take sides and embrace homosexual activism betting they can make money more through evil than good causes... Ford, Pepsi with all its sub ownerships, Kraft, etc. In all of this polarization is a good thing as it at least implies there are two sides. And making money will embrace either... Money is innate in itself like water seeking its own level regardless of ideologies, but the root of all evil when used by the world.

In the rich family, all may choose to work. In the poor family, all have to work and the house is left empty on both counts. From the latest American stats more than half of the nation is on some kind of social assistance or total government funding. Over half of employed American workers are now female and they now average out greater wages than males through forced hiring practices.

The logic of this, even mathematically equativly (if that's a word) so, no matter of feelings, narcissism, secular and feminist indignation, goes one + one well paid jobs in the well to do family such as double dipping government union workers and retired teachers, of a $500,000.00 home, cottage, SUVs, expensive ATVs, high speed power and luxury boats, that fill up the weekend highways = one less job in the work force available to even one person in the relative poor times of high employment and maximum work place social engineering.. that does not allow for Christian choice on the employer's part, nest ce pas?

..(Not poor in comparison to the third world, or as what Mother Theresa told the disinterested, but blushing U.S. joint Senate and Congress, but poor enough to invoke Marxist style, class envy and hate in the same nation, that now also incites gender and generation financial envy). Most unions especially government ones are now considered the more common rich than they will ever admit.

Women still have their traditionally high gender work base in areas such as teaching and nursing etc. but have now 'secured' increasing percentages into all of the traditionally male positions such as military, law enforcement, fire and rescue etc.

This is all well and fine in a Marxist ungodly nation, but not so in a Christian nation, based on the model of the Holy Family. Keep aside the fact that even western nations now despise the traditional family as much as it does Christ, most families, at least of not that many years gone by used to be composed of females and males. So in the new working model of more females in the work force than males, the women are now at work and the men at home... or in times of high employment such as now the woman may have at best a part time job and the man without one.

If you believe as narcissistic self-obsessing typically unmarried depressed feminists espouse, that females weren't meant to give birth, raise children and perform domestic work, nurture the children and keep the family bonded, why on earth would you believe that males were?

So the illogical end of all of this has come to attrition and the traditional family is actually despised and weakened, with not enough new babies being born to even sustain western nations that have to import immigrants (that must be placated too,) just to sustain the current populations and at the pleasure and discretion or choice of main stream two party politicians none seemingly with any love for old time long legitimately challenged philosophic world ideal , morality and scruples, never mind a step up to soul salvation Judeo-Christianity.

Only Christianity has a clear and safe path to all aspects of the world.. to those who care to think and see, whereas the World only has a multitude of paths all that separate and divide and when extrapolated past emotion, politics, and narcissism of the day, can even be predicted to end badly before it does.

How many times did the Judeo-Christian, bible tell us to be wary of this specific fact and to use our God given intelligence, along with the clear potential and option to be just, kind and loving ultimately to the edification of man and benefit of all?

To the point of this writing, I contend it wouldn't hurt anyone to go back to referring to the Holy Spirit third Person of the Trinity, as the Holy Ghost including in their Holy Rosary prayers.

The modern connotation of 'spirit' is much more along the subjective in the 'Winnipeg Statement'... 'well, whatever 'your' spirit tells you, meaning whatever you 'choose to believe in your head' kind of spirit.... Or of Holy Spirit, slain in the Holy Spirit, Charismatics whereas the spirit loves you unconditionally and whatever is cool with you divorce, birth control, living together etc. etc. is cool with him. There is also the convoluted other worldly definitions of and practice.... team spirit, keep up 'your' spirit, that's the spirit, if the spirit moves you, etc.

The term, Ghost which has the mystery of the Trinity tightly and perfectly self-contained or woven...G for God, host for Christ, and Ghost for, well, the Holy Ghost definitely has a more objective connotation of independent, exactly what the Holy Ghost is.

The Holy Ghost is your so-called conscience and possibly confused with your 'guardian angel' that guides you in situations you have come across, not even knowing they are harmful for having not being taught or having come across such before, especially children, the 'little voice' that says something is wrong about this and I must try to leave the situation.

From personal experience, and I was not harmed in this situation (where others were not so 'lucky' in that they were irreparably harmed into adulthood as a result of molestation from the same neighborhood pedophile), as a boy of eight or nine the man who lived next door talked my parents into letting me 'sleep over' in his lair above his garage. The sleepover ended quite early when on the pretext of 'wrestling', with his arms entrapping me and my back on top of of his front, he reached down and massaged my genitals at which point I immediately jumped up and fled.

I didn't know anything about sex in the early sixties at that point and still didn't until I was at least ten years old. I was as innocent as I should be. To supernaturally aid me, the saving Holy Ghost told me this was terribly wrong, complete with a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, and to flee immediately.

Unfortunately, and I am at a loss to this day, why, that even though I told my parents what had transpired the pedophile was able to continue his evil for a few years to come and had even been working on a police detective's (in charge of youth, no less,) son. I am also at a loss as to why the others who were ruined for life did not flee, either but if it mattered they were of age of knowledge being a couple of years older when I was not.

I believe that not only does the Holy Ghost strongly attempts protect you from such evil, that it also trains you how to think in logic at one.. separate in world, yet born and partnered in Truth, if you are able to resist how the world tries to train you to think in the opposite direction.

The Ghost tells your 'gut', child or adult, that abortion is repulsive, hardly something that should be common place, especially, when you view graphic pictures of real aborted babies, from appropriately named Show the Truth presentations...yet the political, and feminist world tells you not to believe your lying eyes, and further even if it is the Truth, the right to end the lives of these babies is at the pleasure of the woman, and it is in Divine given choice, as through whatever effort it will be done, ( but please no mass coat hanger and maternal deaths bes.) but is it right and as highly desirable in practice as it now is... out of shameless and selfish convenience?

The political World tells you... trains you, that man-made Islam is a religion of peace, yet your gut tells you it certainly is not given the common actions, and practices of 'all' official Islamic nations in killing Christians beatings of wives, dismembering of girls, beheading of Jews with the blessings and desires of the Imans/Muslim Clerics, etc. etc.

The political world tells you to be comfortable with the society blessing of allowing two homosexual men, (celebrity or otherwise) to adopt a baby boy yet, your gut tells you something else, (that is your business, if society is to have any input on societal law, morality, order, and justice applies to anyone...otherwise moral anarchy)

Of course there are thousands of examples but this is the M.O. of the world and one template of the Holy Ghost works when we don't resist it, don't believe it and despise it from working and just look how happy and well balanced those groups, who do..... are..and the reality of the multitude of fruits they have rotted on current society.

But hey, what has your world have to offer that is 'better' for anyone, never mind all?...That for a few examples, doesn't pit modern 'religions' against religion, man against Judeo-Christianity, woman against men, mother against father, mother against baby, mother father against family, woman against men and female, politicians to be brave and noble with scruples, Marxist bully narcissism against civilizations, an evil world that calls the shots, controlling all others

....Your world, that obliges that not a word of Christianity now be publicly uttered around you in formerly Christian nations, as if Christ were the serpent hiss in your ear... instead of all else in this world  that truely is.

Yet, overall, the world's idea (objectively) of 'freedom' that illogically trumps all those around you (unless you are indeed the centre of the Universe) degenerates as every year goes as opposed to the eternal concept and reality of 'freedom' within the Truth that sets you Free. Does it not? 

I'm up for that debate.

Paul Gordon