Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Harper/Romney Have Your Vote or Don't Need It!

Not one stinking main stream conservative party in N. America...provinces, or nations doesn't believe they have Judeo-Christian votes 'in the bag'.... and if they don't.... who needs them!

Not one of them has done anything for the life of the baby, the innocence of the child, the choice of education (an easy millions saving  fix) or in any aid to the family in sixty freakin years, yet they expect Judeo-Christians to stand down on their opinions and speech.

The Republicans expect the Christians to yet again hold their nose and vote for them. So when do politically correct (power at any costs)
Republicans stand down for once...and give the Christians a go. Give us a specific election year when that will ever happen.

They purposely sank Santorum when he was clearly what conservatives wanted...and if they need full steam ahead to beat the likes of Obama
they don't have a plan, nor deserve to win.

They act no different 'morally' than any politically correct liberal party. to keep power no matter what they say, think or do (all three not mutally inclusive)  to attain it.

Why are we sending troops to die for Islamic nation regeme tyrant  change..for nations who unapologetically abuse the Hell out of women, behead Jews and burn Christians and their Churches to the ground!

Between the unions and free trade they sat by and watched the private sector go to foreign nations...and as much as killed employment with all their red tape and socialist schemes and taxes.

Why are we still paying for free abortions at private clinics while death panels and health socialists cut back medical services that block private healthcare!

When are government and Marxist teachers unions going to stop kissing each other's ass by swapping tax payer money, (if you count teachers
 donations who are over paid by taxpayers to the likes of McGuinty) and save millions thru school choice. Is not choice the liberal. and conservative clarion call. Apparently not.... in  union jobs education and health care...the only choice in North America is for 'free' abortions.

Liberals should be called what they really are, the Marxist party that wins by dividing, conquering, impovershing, and dumming everyone down.   

Again when I write of liberals..consider their brother conservatives one in the same. What the Hell is the difference, tax rates?

I leave it up to you. Do you accept all their real and contrived crisis's, sky is falling only we can save you.

And do the new immoral, chicken-shit, big talking. arrogant conservative parties have your vote in the bag!

It's time to show who needs who....because the definition of insanity is to keep on voting for our supposed friends and expecting something different for sixty long f...ing years....and as of today Aug. 7 2012 that is the bottom line.

The Harpers/ Romneys their party advisors, actually have disdain for Christians and won't even look at us never mind talk to us or help us

Paul Gordon

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