Friday, August 31, 2012

underWhelmed by GOP, Romney, Convention Speeches

underWhelmed by Pro-Christian/life/family/marriage GOP Speeches

Anyone still have any doubts of where the GOP wants to take the nation for the next four years?

They brought out a seemingly perplexed Clint Eastwood, late maker of p.c. movies on women boxers, who could only think of John Voight as 'the' other Hollywood conservative.

We're long used to being used by conservatives in Canada, so you can take it from us that the Republicans are setting you up to vote for them, only to then shut up and like 'it'... as they know what's best for pro-lifers and Christians and only they are entitled to beat the Democrats. And what's best is to say as little as possible and do... even less.

As a boring as hell week of convention speeches (unless you're still dreaming of dead guy Reagan) wound down the only talk of tea party, pro-life or Christian supporters came in a bum's rush one sentence statement well below the cyber fold of his 'moment of Truth' speech from Twit Romney.

“As President I'll respect the sanctity of life..honor the institution of marriage, and guarantee America's first liberty the freedom of religion” We don't care if you personally respect and honor anything we need someone who will actually do something. Kennedy could have said as much and probably did more.

How can you guarantee 'anyone' anything when you don't even do anything?

There must be some pretty good perks for the hierarcy of the party faithfull for them to purposely avoid doing anything good, sell their souls, try and fool the grassroots supporters, and not sleep well at night..I'm thinking.

The theme of Romney's speech would's jobs stupid. But I believe a fact check would prove him wrong on painting the GOP as innocent on this front.

Ronald Reagan and P.M. Brian Mulroney brought in free trade which eventually decimated private sector jobs, but paid great dividends to fiscal conservative supporters who made more money as their stock companies sought cheaper labour costs in third world countries. Middle class jobs went to hell.

And worse the job market was socially manipulated to take women out of family households with preference of hiring thus doubling the labour pool. Latest U.S. stats show more women are now employed than men and on average earn more.

Great if you're trying to model your nation after a communist one by destroying the family, and making more dependent on the government, but not as much, if you are supporting a Christian pro-family, pro-life nation.

Romney made more pitches to the feminists than the Tea party or Christians, GOP demand support from without a single concession since before Reagan and certainly with even less planned for the future.

The U.S. doesn't need a comeback of four more years of Bull Shit GOP politicians with no substance, less style than ever and more Reaganite reminiscing. There are a number of Christian politicians of substance to start a third party..always better late..than never at all.

If Santorum is not interested perhaps Alan Keyes could pick up that gauntlet and allow Christians and Tea Party members somewhere to gladly park their votes after they withhold them from this election which stinks to high heaven anyway you look at it.

As usual, thanks for nothing you big cigar smoking bull shit talking Republicans, and your useful well paid idiot GOP talk show Reaganite celebrities, who would welcome Satan if he wore an old Ronnie button.

Hollywood heroes go back to your afternoon nap.

Paul Gordon


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