Thursday, August 23, 2012

WTF! How About Teacher Bribery-McGuinty Collusion

WTF! How About Union Bribery-McGuinty Collusion

Just heard teacher union representative on the radio complaining about democracy not delivered!

Well wait just a minute.

The teachers union gave McGiddy's campaign untold funds including money forcefully deducted from teachers paychecks. That's democratic! Unions are democratic?

In addition they showed up at all his whistle stops waving signs for their great love for this guy.

Who would believe that teachers would give that much to a pig in a poke!

If McGuinty didn't say it or write it, he sure implied somewhere that for their support he in turn would give the teachers money and extra jobs by shrinking class size and full day daycare manned by expensive teachers!

The fact that McGuinty (now personally done with them) tells teachers, look we gave you way too much of money we didn't even have and so now you are just going to have to go without a raise for the next three years....validates that this conspiracy...wink wink... or otherwise did take place at great expense to the taxpayer and in direct subversion of democracy in the Province of Ontario.

We should at least have a class action suit, if not a full blown criminal investigation including intentional misappropriation of tax payer funds.

Paul Gordon

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