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Come Back, Holy Ghost!

Come Back, Holy Ghost

So no one is making anyone do anything here. No one is attempting to undermine papal authority, challenge the Holy See or question Vatican II ...okay maybe that was a bridge too far on the believable chart.

It is nice to see Pope Benedict's influence has, tweaked, or cranked back some traditional aspects to the Mass. I really think it would go a long way especially in the Catholic academic world to challenge their worldly nose dive into Hell by (loudly) proclaiming Year of Christ The Truth.

Christ the Truth that trumps modern theology and certainly multi- perverted modern philosophic depressed and otherwise multi- mentally- ill liberal icons.

If you believe Christ is the Truth, (and He is whether you do, or not) why delve into a host of non reality modern man created fantasies and their own man-made religions, most of which are intent on destroying the human soul and in addition also have third party victims .

Why be a trendy fanatic over something, only later to realize you were at best wasting your time and missing much else, and at worst realize that during those years you were also completely wrong. That will never happen with a personal belief in Christ and/or personal relationship with Christ. It can't.

In that regard Christ is equally best known as being the Best (Truth) for what He is not...Mainly because these days most that is known especially to youth is only in the world.... politics, blind patriotism, the tree of Marxism, rooted all the way too Hell, with its proud anti-Christ fruits, communism, feminism, unionism, revolution thru violence, destruction of arts, religion and culture etc.

He is equally neither a capitalist or socialist, and no endorser to be a hoarder of wealth nor slothful, both concepts of the world that battle it out with the family modeled after the Holy Family as the ultimate victim. When unions demand their excesses even over each other, the investors move away where more money can be made, and there are no realistic jobs left, for those who are not slothful.

Capitalism has now decided to take sides and embrace homosexual activism betting they can make money more through evil than good causes... Ford, Pepsi with all its sub ownerships, Kraft, etc. In all of this polarization is a good thing as it at least implies there are two sides. And making money will embrace either... Money is innate in itself like water seeking its own level regardless of ideologies, but the root of all evil when used by the world.

In the rich family, all may choose to work. In the poor family, all have to work and the house is left empty on both counts. From the latest American stats more than half of the nation is on some kind of social assistance or total government funding. Over half of employed American workers are now female and they now average out greater wages than males through forced hiring practices.

The logic of this, even mathematically equativly (if that's a word) so, no matter of feelings, narcissism, secular and feminist indignation, goes one + one well paid jobs in the well to do family such as double dipping government union workers and retired teachers, of a $500,000.00 home, cottage, SUVs, expensive ATVs, high speed power and luxury boats, that fill up the weekend highways = one less job in the work force available to even one person in the relative poor times of high employment and maximum work place social engineering.. that does not allow for Christian choice on the employer's part, nest ce pas?

..(Not poor in comparison to the third world, or as what Mother Theresa told the disinterested, but blushing U.S. joint Senate and Congress, but poor enough to invoke Marxist style, class envy and hate in the same nation, that now also incites gender and generation financial envy). Most unions especially government ones are now considered the more common rich than they will ever admit.

Women still have their traditionally high gender work base in areas such as teaching and nursing etc. but have now 'secured' increasing percentages into all of the traditionally male positions such as military, law enforcement, fire and rescue etc.

This is all well and fine in a Marxist ungodly nation, but not so in a Christian nation, based on the model of the Holy Family. Keep aside the fact that even western nations now despise the traditional family as much as it does Christ, most families, at least of not that many years gone by used to be composed of females and males. So in the new working model of more females in the work force than males, the women are now at work and the men at home... or in times of high employment such as now the woman may have at best a part time job and the man without one.

If you believe as narcissistic self-obsessing typically unmarried depressed feminists espouse, that females weren't meant to give birth, raise children and perform domestic work, nurture the children and keep the family bonded, why on earth would you believe that males were?

So the illogical end of all of this has come to attrition and the traditional family is actually despised and weakened, with not enough new babies being born to even sustain western nations that have to import immigrants (that must be placated too,) just to sustain the current populations and at the pleasure and discretion or choice of main stream two party politicians none seemingly with any love for old time long legitimately challenged philosophic world ideal , morality and scruples, never mind a step up to soul salvation Judeo-Christianity.

Only Christianity has a clear and safe path to all aspects of the world.. to those who care to think and see, whereas the World only has a multitude of paths all that separate and divide and when extrapolated past emotion, politics, and narcissism of the day, can even be predicted to end badly before it does.

How many times did the Judeo-Christian, bible tell us to be wary of this specific fact and to use our God given intelligence, along with the clear potential and option to be just, kind and loving ultimately to the edification of man and benefit of all?

To the point of this writing, I contend it wouldn't hurt anyone to go back to referring to the Holy Spirit third Person of the Trinity, as the Holy Ghost including in their Holy Rosary prayers.

The modern connotation of 'spirit' is much more along the subjective in the 'Winnipeg Statement'... 'well, whatever 'your' spirit tells you, meaning whatever you 'choose to believe in your head' kind of spirit.... Or of Holy Spirit, slain in the Holy Spirit, Charismatics whereas the spirit loves you unconditionally and whatever is cool with you divorce, birth control, living together etc. etc. is cool with him. There is also the convoluted other worldly definitions of and practice.... team spirit, keep up 'your' spirit, that's the spirit, if the spirit moves you, etc.

The term, Ghost which has the mystery of the Trinity tightly and perfectly self-contained or woven...G for God, host for Christ, and Ghost for, well, the Holy Ghost definitely has a more objective connotation of independent, exactly what the Holy Ghost is.

The Holy Ghost is your so-called conscience and possibly confused with your 'guardian angel' that guides you in situations you have come across, not even knowing they are harmful for having not being taught or having come across such before, especially children, the 'little voice' that says something is wrong about this and I must try to leave the situation.

From personal experience, and I was not harmed in this situation (where others were not so 'lucky' in that they were irreparably harmed into adulthood as a result of molestation from the same neighborhood pedophile), as a boy of eight or nine the man who lived next door talked my parents into letting me 'sleep over' in his lair above his garage. The sleepover ended quite early when on the pretext of 'wrestling', with his arms entrapping me and my back on top of of his front, he reached down and massaged my genitals at which point I immediately jumped up and fled.

I didn't know anything about sex in the early sixties at that point and still didn't until I was at least ten years old. I was as innocent as I should be. To supernaturally aid me, the saving Holy Ghost told me this was terribly wrong, complete with a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, and to flee immediately.

Unfortunately, and I am at a loss to this day, why, that even though I told my parents what had transpired the pedophile was able to continue his evil for a few years to come and had even been working on a police detective's (in charge of youth, no less,) son. I am also at a loss as to why the others who were ruined for life did not flee, either but if it mattered they were of age of knowledge being a couple of years older when I was not.

I believe that not only does the Holy Ghost strongly attempts protect you from such evil, that it also trains you how to think in logic at one.. separate in world, yet born and partnered in Truth, if you are able to resist how the world tries to train you to think in the opposite direction.

The Ghost tells your 'gut', child or adult, that abortion is repulsive, hardly something that should be common place, especially, when you view graphic pictures of real aborted babies, from appropriately named Show the Truth presentations...yet the political, and feminist world tells you not to believe your lying eyes, and further even if it is the Truth, the right to end the lives of these babies is at the pleasure of the woman, and it is in Divine given choice, as through whatever effort it will be done, ( but please no mass coat hanger and maternal deaths bes.) but is it right and as highly desirable in practice as it now is... out of shameless and selfish convenience?

The political World tells you... trains you, that man-made Islam is a religion of peace, yet your gut tells you it certainly is not given the common actions, and practices of 'all' official Islamic nations in killing Christians beatings of wives, dismembering of girls, beheading of Jews with the blessings and desires of the Imans/Muslim Clerics, etc. etc.

The political world tells you to be comfortable with the society blessing of allowing two homosexual men, (celebrity or otherwise) to adopt a baby boy yet, your gut tells you something else, (that is your business, if society is to have any input on societal law, morality, order, and justice applies to anyone...otherwise moral anarchy)

Of course there are thousands of examples but this is the M.O. of the world and one template of the Holy Ghost works when we don't resist it, don't believe it and despise it from working and just look how happy and well balanced those groups, who do..... are..and the reality of the multitude of fruits they have rotted on current society.

But hey, what has your world have to offer that is 'better' for anyone, never mind all?...That for a few examples, doesn't pit modern 'religions' against religion, man against Judeo-Christianity, woman against men, mother against father, mother against baby, mother father against family, woman against men and female, politicians to be brave and noble with scruples, Marxist bully narcissism against civilizations, an evil world that calls the shots, controlling all others

....Your world, that obliges that not a word of Christianity now be publicly uttered around you in formerly Christian nations, as if Christ were the serpent hiss in your ear... instead of all else in this world  that truely is.

Yet, overall, the world's idea (objectively) of 'freedom' that illogically trumps all those around you (unless you are indeed the centre of the Universe) degenerates as every year goes as opposed to the eternal concept and reality of 'freedom' within the Truth that sets you Free. Does it not? 

I'm up for that debate.

Paul Gordon

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