Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In Considering Liberty or Death..Boy Did We Settle!

Considering Liberty or Death... We 'Settled' For Political Correctness

I think I'll play my free speech card out of the gate (ah it's in the great blog forest no one reads anyway) and ask did any of the new now big city majority immigrants get the Patrick Henry memo?

Well.... someone keeps voting in liberal parties and 'conservative' parties of the same animal, and going by talk shows at least it isn't people without thick accents.

So what is liberty? A good place to start would be to consider the opposite policies and practices of liberals. But that's okay because whole nation societal establishments love grey. And you couldn't grey liberty possibly anymore than they have, short of outright communism, and we may already be there in the warm-ups.

But, then again who needs liberty when the elitists make all the 'perfect' decisions we could possible need for ourselves and the greater peoples as we race towards are arian-like civilization, free from accidental deaths, or broke from fines, free from less than perfect babies and right balance of gender through selective abortions, free from people making the wrong health style choices, free from having our feelings hurt... free from deciding whether grandmas, injured sons daughters, or divorced wives lives should be terminated best through the dignity of dehydration and starvation. etc.

This list could go on forever all remarkably, still arriving at the same place in the end that sounds historically familiar.

So a liberal considered stupid, or bigoted person might be forgiven for believing liberty might be tightly and nicely defined as 'choice' if it had to be...but what a silly boy, he'd look like.

Some everyday choices for the majority of people would go along the way of free choice of affordable education..wrong, free choice of how union dues are spent indeed, union membership for most jobs....wrong...free choice of working for our own government in English speaking provinces...yes, but with the caveat, that you are fluent in French and English (did I miss one war, somewhere since I was an English speaking, English taught kid in an English province).

Free choice in choosing a job...yes.. 'when and if one' comes along now without special caveats and nuances, thanks to the total screw up of socialists from all sides exactly for political correctness.

Free choice in directing forced universal socialist pensions premiums to private ones...no

Free choice in health care....absolutely not in Canada but two-tiered for special people

Free choice in vehicles.... for now.

Free choice on whether to don safety apparel in all aspects of living....only some (for now)

Free choice of speech...depends (on who is listening and whose feelings are hurt...Christians) excluded

Free to exercise one's religious beliefs in one's day to day living..depends (which religion)

Free to say the Lord's prayer on state property yes (just not aloud)

Free not to have your absconded money not directed to the killing of babies...of course not

Free to directly elect the 'leaders' in provinces and federally, not in practice or theory, unless you want to be a card carrying (with one hand member) of one of only two political parties with the same political correctness bar... If this is the best democracy can evolve into, bring back the Romanovs over the blood lust commies of the same Marxist tree.

Free to talk against the homosexual 'lifestyle'...sure..(try it)

Free to use grocery bags to carry your f..ing purchases home not in some cities with more to come believe me.

Free not to be harassed by the safety police, safety belts etc....only if you ride a motorcycle of which any accident is pretty much certain death, especially in the catapult passenger seat or apparently 'any' age of ATV, and snow mobile rider going down public 'nature trails' at bank robbing escape speeds.

Yes governments only selectively care, which means not at all only politically correct controlling.

Free to do what you want with your own property...like remove a tree...not in some cities.

Free to shoot a bear enjoying a snack (of whatever he wants) in your back yard..no

Free to shoot someone with a gun threatening your family on your own property...not without charges

Free not to tell a police where you're going in a non- criminal investigation...ostensibly no you're are not

Free choice to opt out of Ontario's 'free' (that remarkably has billions in short falls with regular tax allotments in addition to special McGuinty tax payments on all income tax form filling schleps for all but, the homeless) universal health care...No

I'm sure everyone has lots to be added to this list, but you get the idea of how free we are not with choices at all, all connected back to socialism and it's ugly sister political correctness all dealt from the same hand of the chattering classes that no best for us all.

Now for those real liberties!....................croak.... cricket noise......

Better to be Red, than to sleep peacefully in bed.

Paul Gordon

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