Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reality Doesn't Jive With Leftist's Est. 'Deep' Concerns

Leftist Government 'Concerns' Make Money Not Sense

So the government is now toying with the idea of making auto 'black boxes' mandatory, no doubt at the lobbying pressure/and reward, of insurance companies.

The ever vigilant big brothers and sisters are 'concerned' with our safety, yet again in their constant quest to make our world accident free... no matter how much it's going to cost non compliers and how controlling the government is going to have to be.

With a black box post accident investigations could tell 'proper authorities' such things as what speed/acceleration variations were leading up to an accident or to a plain speeding ticket challenge, or if there was a slight wavering in steering i.e., one time momentary eye shutting at the wheel.. that pretty much everyone has admitted to at least once committing while driving... (most of those admitting to more than once in their driving histories.)

“But if you are not guilty of ever having committing a driving error, what have you to hide, to not like such a government monitoring of your driving habits” and of course, “We all know driving is a privilege not a right”, though I'd like to see this 'privilege' ever removed without 'great' reason to do so, at the pleasure or fancy of the Ministry of Transport or or the Crown.

Up until now, the liberal establishment record on vehicles has only been concerned with a myriad of such things as 'seating arrangements', car seats, their constant recalls, (yet another four million recall last week) approvals on only the newest model, how they were fitted into the vehicle, and how kids were fitted into them, seat belts, distracted drivers, hands free, both hands on the wheel, idling vehicles, smoking inside vehicles with children, mandatory winter tire change in Quebec, in Toronto, turning left on left turn painted, turning lanes into well healed sub-divisions, but at the wrong hours of the day for concern of students invisibly 'walking' to school un-escorted.

And too, what mother by nature is not going to have her body twisted around for half her drive anywhere to check her baby/child for various reasons, including sudden on unusual noises?

And would this not be more harmful to everyone in the vehicle than to have her baby, in whatever constraints, in the passenger seat next to her?

But, than liberal governments always no better than mothers and families...don't they.

They don't care about aborted babies in the slightest, in fact, give Morgue en pallor, their highest leftist nation championed award, but need micro management tax collecting armed policemen to make sure you know how to look after your child.

And if you think you are anymore safe from 'government concern', on the sidewalk...forget it as the newest safety, talk show, trial balloons are to fine walkers who listen to music or text while walking. Why did paperback walking readers never need to be fined in the past? I guess they didn't have all the proper behavior, big brother cameras watching out for their good.

Aside from human safety, their is 'environment safety' the government is not ashamed to 'champion', and leftist establishment claim to, lose sleep over. Yes, the infamous emission tests that few vehicles fail anyway....seemingly meant more to be a time wasting, forty dollar reminder, of the liberal model of the environment for all, and yet, another government expense add-on for the driver, if sales tax, re-sale and multi re-sale, private financial transaction sales tax, all government level, fuel tax, vehicle chemical and tire environmental taxes, probably part of a 'carbon tax' levied somewhere', the government wasting of taxes on loans and grants for failed electric vehicle technology and industry production for nonexistent consumer purchases, like billions in alternate electricity generating failures... etc. etc.

The biggest lie, for time eternal has got to be that governments 'care' about the health, even lives of citizens.

What politicians promise, say, think, and do, are more often then not all mutually exclusive. So you can write elected law makers off right away from 'caring' as they can't even be honest with themselves.

They only 'care' about what their largest number of leftist brainwashed polled electorate care about.... hence the name.. political correctness. As long as they can be in 'charge' they really don't care about morality, or life and deaths of those they rule.

If you asked the appointed, life- tenured average bureaucrat if they really 'cared', they would be more apt to at least be honest of their feelings on the subject of the micro-managed safety of tax paying real- world citizens.

Brutal reality of the day... People, no matter their role, vocation or job in life do not 'lose sleep' over harm done to, or the untimely deaths of strangers, they know nothing of, especially at the mere mention or reading of a name, place, or time... much less so over time... i.e., the brutal, heartless attack on the World Trade Center, Twin Towers, quickly thereafter, media type shortened to, 9/11.. or Pearl Harbor, death camp.. Katrina, Calcutta..Beijing.. great Wars, all non descriptive of what they actually entailed.

If as liberals claim they do, actually lose even one night's sleep over the mere reading, or hearing of a serious accident or death of 'complete strangers' even in a same- city fatal car accident, they would have some serious mental issues. (Well they do have serious mental issues, but not for caring about people they know nothing personally about).

If they really couldn't care about people's safety, life, deaths accidental or intentional, (like Terry Schavio) or poverty do you really think, their tears are genuine over a dubious letter sent to a homosexual by his father.

Actually they probably are genuine to them alone,  because they have been trained that feelings and narcissism are everything...and logic, Truth, sacrifice, and love of Christ, indeed Christianity at all, is nothing. Everything is relative to feelings. And hardened feminists who don't actually get married or have children have never come up with an explanation why it should be so easy and fast to get an abortion and paid for by taxpayers.  

(Pro-lifers care deeply about how innocent lives are purposely ended but even they don't lose sleep over abortion in general.)

And Holier than Jesus, Christians who say they care about everybody and love all sinners should know that Christ never loved 'sinners who were evil' as some can be...i.e. homosexual pedophiles.

In fact, Christ made specific examples of who not to love and forgive, including an evil world Christians are to be ever vigilant of... Possessed turned into swine and run off a cliff, chasing out the money changers, lay down one's life (presumably, armed conflict not excluded) for the love of another, and a special Hell that awaits those who would harm innocent children.

Truth really be told, human nature would have it that many would not even lose sleep over the deaths of many in their 'extended' circle of 'friends' and relatives, especially if they act, think or believe in 'things' radically different from the surviving relative or extended 'friend'.

If you sent a letter to the Holy Father as I'm sure many do, likely more so, than he could personally respond to, asking him to pray, or offer Holy Mass for your, baby, child, parent, or grand parent and all with the greatest of intention, expectation, and sincere reason... He still couldn't possibly read them all himself, or personally respond to them all himself let along care deeply about each one.

Certainly, he couldn't have time, or enough Masses to say for all, and 'individually' pray for all who would request such.

And not to be callous here but outside of a miracle or multi-locution he couldn't possibly care about very very few of them to actually lose sleep over from a letter, even with a picture. Yet, back in the secular world neighborhood, we are expected to believe that media personalities and government authorities, or atheists have real tears and lose sleep over every accidental deaths?

And that the only way to cleanse the blood from their 'all caring' consciences is not to educate safety with varying points of view, but to enact yet another micro-manage law, punishable by fines payable to the applicable levels of government and anonymous 'victims of crime' to boot? If it was only about caring and safety, then why are young men on motorcycles allowed to drive like they just robbed a bank on major highways weaving in and out of blind spots with passengers on the catapult seat behind them where in very few will be walking away from 'any' accident, helmet or not.

The motorcycle as a vehicle is fraught with inherent danger. What of their lives, or their unwitting passenger's lives who are not told of the dangers of being on the back of a motorcycle driven by mere boys?

Or why allow 'children' to drive ATVs and dirt bikes, on public trails, where there are no cops (certainly as in the case of fifty feet from my front door) at high speeds? Snowmobiles on lakes....you name it.

So 'sincere caring' by establishments, and indifference to it... severely punishable... is rather selective after all... canceling out both logic and sincerity.

If the leftist establishment cared about children's health, why has milk and other dairy products been twice the price of the United States since I was born with 'rickets' and will probably die with something akin to it... thank you governments for caring about political correctness and farmer's self regulating and market limiting price fixing, high paying socialism over even subsidizing good old number one nutritional staple...milk.

If the leftist establishment cared about poverty, why do they let their levels of government tax the living s..t out of low income families, to low middle income families.

So if you're married and no matter how low your family income is, or how many other future citizen tax payers you are raising you can claim your stay at home wife, or your autistic child as a dependent...but not both?

So here's the rub, if unrelated government parties, and leftist media types couldn't really possibly care about what happens to oneself, in regards to one's own personal safety, health or income why do they keep looking for more laws to control and fine individuals over?

When politicians, who have no flies on them when it comes to numbers games (lotteries) taxation on booze, cigarettes, families regardless of income, gas etc. start to "Feel our pain" get ready for more.

People are cynical only with great cause in North America.

Paul Gordon

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