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'A BridgeToo Far' Movie Analogy to Republicans

GOP, 'A Bridge Too Far': Eerie Prophetic Great Analogy

The movie 'A Bridge Too Far' was a great movie... The GOP has evolved into a pitiful party.

For those few who haven't seen the Joseph Levine production of A Bridge Too Far from a number of years ago now, do yourself a favour and buy the DVD as you will want to watch it more than once.

The movie is based on the true WWII battle code named Market Garden instigated by British Field Marshal General Montgomery

It starred (not cameo- ed) the most popular actors of the times (though, 'Cliff' from Cheers and Toy Story does get a one line cameo).... i.e, Connery, Redford, Hackman, Caan, just for starters.

The prospect of seeing Robert Redford repetitively pray the Rosary (well sort of, in Holywood land) in sheer panic while rowing frantically across the Rhine is more than worth the price of admission, alone!

In my opinion, the British acting does out perform the American acting in this joint 'allied' acting epic, by far, though Caan gives the strongest sentimental American performance.

The most over-acted role is put in by Ryan O'neal and the best performance and show stealer is put in by British actor, Edward Fox who plays General Horricks of 30 (not going to write XXX Corps. their official monikor) Corps.

Edward Fox (greatly under- used in The Battle of Britian) acts sly like a fox in this role. He pulls off a boyish, enthusisim and charm, with a touch of a joyful sense of humor, churned or transformed into a great leadership role. One would not be surprised to see the movie goers get up and follow him into battle, (even if his character doesn't actually get his hands dirtied)

There is one second during his rousing pep talk to the Corps where you can tell of his total immersment, when he hesitates a second in pure barely contained excitement with a short nod down before continuing. He also has a difficult part he handles masterfully while he is reviewing and interacting with the corps, while driving a jeep and being alternating serious with his field leader and joking with his tank personnel.

There must be a hundred instances of anolgy to the present GOP and American election and how it is most likely is going to end. Indeed the 2012 GOP slogan should be a bridge too far, (and the most imporant bridge and opportunity missed).

Unsurpassed egoes of British Leaders (GOP Leaders) Montgomery and Browning, and attempt to win some glory over from U.S. General Patton's successes if not popularity...(Rick Santorum).

My father, who at young age served in the same war at a British airforce base in Ireland and no doubt his three wounded brothers all had no love for Montgomery or Churchill... for the reason that the British always seem to put the allies on the front lines just a little ahead of the British home politics .... if not appreciative, or gracious hosts of Nazi war targets. Then of course their was also Churchill's betrayal of Poland and other nations out of mere political expediancy.

Churchill and Montgomery (seemingly) never got the concept that troops at least not theirs, never fare well on flat open beaches against entrenched machine gun nests and concrete pill boxes as in Dieppe or at 'Ohmaha' beaches. Even if you blanketed the beaches in smoke screen, there was still nothing between sweeping machine gun fire and allied flesh, except barriers put up by the Germans to stop amphebious landings from progressing up the beach.

In Market Garden, British troops were sent ahead of the 101 and 82nd to the Arnheim bridge no doubt to be the first into Germany and take some of Patton's thunder, (who eventually did have to come to the rescue), because they believed few Germans to be present at Arnheim, certainly, not most of what was left of the German army (not on the Russian front) and certainly not a panzer division.

So just a 'few' of the delicious analogy lines... (that the North American Catholic Church could learn from also.)

“It's all a matter of bridges, you know” Browning

“ I'm not going to be the one to rock the boat” communications officer

“Well, you see sir, they are tanks” intelligence officier

“What are the changes”, aide, “Gigantic” O'neal

“ I did my part... did anyone else do theirs”, Connery

“ Just checking to see, whose side you're on” Hackman

“ In the case of massacre what difference would it make” Hackman to Browning

“ You might be wondering why I gathered you all here”, at a loss...Redford.

paraphrased 'Absolutely everything has gone wrong and you think a cup of tea is going to help', Connery.

“ You think they know something we don't” Connery on laughing escaped mental patients

“ We're not concerned about winning and losing. We're concerned with saving or losing lives”, Dutch town official.

“ Oh C_ _ _ _ t (BBTNOG) not us again!”, Joe, Horricks field commander, equated with Christian's gathering support for progressive conservatives.

"Surely, the allies are not stupid enough to send Montgomery (Romney) It will be Patton (Santorum)!.... (leading the final fight into Germany) German Field Marshal.

Paul Gordon


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