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Just Like Your Gov., If You Ain't Got Morality, What Have You

Just Like 'Your' Government, If You Ain't Got Morality, What Have You

-Purposely written a la Conrad Black style and everyone just loves to be told by Conrad Black.

The trouble with liberals, is that they can't think past any moment they like to 'seize'.

'To mean well' which translates into 'giving in' to 'everything' that comes along is a (conscience) job done.

(Everything that is, except Christianity. The same Christianity of only one, that was formerly the adequate example to live and govern one's nation by.)

So if you listen to anyone and everything going on around you. You should be acutely aware of the marginalization to miserable hatred being written and spoken, from Facebook, to news print 'religion sections' to talk show hosts who consider themselves middle of the road masters of common correctness if not sense.

'Sense' would require thought out extrapolation of logic or the reference point for the most rudimentary of intellectualism and on up, whistling on through the hallowed halls of academia, otherwise you're pretty much just blowing your own, or your 'hero's', smoke.... Something William F Buckley for one, got, but his shallow political junky understudy, Rush Limbaugh...did not.

It shouldn't take much of an argument to point out where are the various ways the political 'Parties' and governments, you, the reader elected, are immoral and can be down right evil about, though debatable amongst yourselves as to what that which even constitutes immorality and evil, itself considering you are all the same narcissistic political expedient simpletons who elected them, and as merely an aside quickly demonstrating democracy not, for all its faults, but at it's worst, and probably right on schedule in the post Great War easy life era).

So am I to abandon the humble broken man on the Cross, a suitable Truth for all, considering what the world has to 'showcase' so far in the interim, while ridiculing the supposed 'scared, feeble and superstitious', and to an adult rated showcase level no less, in the way of 'their' varied truths (not to be questioned without an answer in anger of their respect for free speech) and applicable for anyone's conscience. (As the Winnipeg Statement and our own Bishops faddish pony show tried to foist on as more weight on Our Lord's Crown of Thorns).

The same broken man we would joyously, and in cry for healing, share our most cherished milestones and ask our friends and family to share with us and our Lord....baptism, first Holy Communion, marriage, and death.... none of which our Sate would, or could ever suffice over and above our Lord and Saviour. Though we had a Christian nation not that long ago and national morning was considered in communion with us and with Christ.

Before believers came to be mocked by the Marxist championed establishment that favored the collective with the government as the arbitrator of right and wrong, what is good conscience and who should be ashamed for their thoughts, and even as a new source of salvation as long as fallible memories, secrets and lies hold out... in history.

We cherish our Lord and our family over our nation.... increasingly more so, over our godless embracing nation... elected, and sustained, by the godless.

There is no separation of politics and church! Is there two compartments in our mind for two moralities, compliments of our modern governments..wishing on useful idiots. That we pray for an end to abortion in church, yet vote for the same 'Parties'... safe in numbers and excuses, who mock our Lord and our faith and give free abortions to all comers, for the mere bartering to placate and promise us 'tax cuts' or 'increased social assistance', the only two absolutes of fiscal conservatives and socialists!

That my friends is disgusting immorality on all fronts!

To try and show secularists where they fail on the moral front, let's take a tragic time in history and present it in a morally extrapolated fashion in even their (secularist) truth.

Thousands of innocent civilians, firemen, and policemen died when the nations of Islam (a man made and as all man made religions, fallible wrought religions) sought revenge, and immoral worship upon themselves, as Islamic 'heroes'..... on the United States.

Now what would happen if the firemen and policeman who died, (some would say in vain for the thousands who could not be saved) could have foreseen their fate the night before 911.

Not to assume even what 'likely percentage' would have given up their lives the next day having knowledge ahead of time, but would it not be likely some would have simply called in 'sick' the next day as some policemen did during the Katrina crisis?

We will never know, but regardless, all the dead would- be rescuers, are considered heroes in that they all jumped at the chance, in unhesitating fashion and genuinely would do 'anything' to rescue the occupants of the towers.

In other words, they were heroes for wanting to save innocent lives even if it were to cost their own.

Yet feminists with their great Marxist gender dividing following who now admit that the fetus is and always was a baby, but that they simply have the right to take that life, they nourish naturally for only nine short months of their own, over any pretense of desire of wanting to save a baby's life.

The Divine given choice to end their child's life has always been their own, as their choice to end their own lives, (only taking a baby's life is a more popular opted choice in modern history as morality went down, and 'medicinal' science 'advanced'.)

The point is that immoral 'movements for rights' in society and governments have their celebrated heroes in life saving and also, factually, in life taking.

Canada's most proficient successful abortionist whose private services aren't even required to get the 'job done' in any number of duplicating service hospitals, at no charge, to unwanted mothers... received the Canadian Government's highest civilian award under the tenure of Harper's conservative government who wrongly attracting voting attention of Christians.

For godless liberals to 'mean well' for the moment, there is first of all no love from Christ to have faith in and rely on... so they must render life or death allowances in preference to individual and societal secular moral choice, but in callus disregard of second and third newly created victims as a result of first-line dubious 'victim hood'.

The secular Marxist liberal state is not the default of all nations, some of which are still officially Catholic, and why shouldn't they be over the cold illogical religion of atheism, now hiding as best for all in multi-culturalism.

To believe all sorts of societal foundations should be honored to attribute lives centered on unnatural sexual acts of perversion (at their own proud insistence of espoused worthiness) as a sole reason to displace Christian marriage and validate carte blanche competence, and sole reason of trust for adopting other people's but all God's children, is another 'seize the moment, meant- well' un thought-out (now) societal espousal of family preference.

To believe immoral wars, resulting in deaths of sons from Christian homes in the far east, (to factually) only facilitate tyrannical regime change in Islamic Nations who routinely abuse, mutilate and kill their wives and daughters.. not to mention officially and unofficially sanction the burning of Christian Churches and killing of their members, have any logical or moral foothold in Truth is pretty f-ing ridiculous, but shows that political parties and governments march to tunes of the world and keep up pretenses for neighboring nations in the best interest of trade, not what's right.

Make no mistake, Christianity is detested by both conservatism and liberalism...Conservatism ...now also detests Christianity only because they believe it is the 'in' or political thing to do, if you want to attain power and than retain it...of which Prime Minister Harper is 'expert' at fooling the fools...those who have the most votes by far in Canada.

Romney and his GOP masters held off on going to Paul Ryan after already making short work of disposing social conservative (Christian) Santorum, primarily with the aid of Matt Drudge in the hopes of not needing Christians, over taking the big- tent politically correct route first attempted by Bob Dole ( and which they will do in the end, regardless.)

The polls showed Romney was not above Obama this late in the year and that the GOPs not so hidden agenda of becoming pro abortion and pro homosexual was not attracting the big tent immoral voters they were hoping for. Rush Limbaugh is so full of shallow crap, now proclaiming his great support for a social conservative vice president, he knows will have no say or influence on GOP policy and practices, and long shown determination to stick with the most traveled path of political correctness.

During the mid-term senate votes when the GOP lost majority control to the Democrats and agreeably, as Rush figured, at the hands of social conservatives impatient after years of GOP inaction, Rush showed his true colours in a tirade against social conservatives ending with an angry blast, "You are never going to make any headway on abortion anyway"

Of course, Rush could have had a mid-spouse crisis thing going on that day, but it's the only time he gave himself away so boldly.

The GOP isn't social conservative in thought or intent.. They just feel they have Christians in their pocket because the Democrats are worse.

If the GOP really wanted a social conservative front and center, rather than window dressing they had plenty of choices and a number of years to do it before now. Don't be fooled and if you don't want a big I told you so, tell the GOP they haven't shown us anything of substance, yet and nothing to vote for that will change anything, one little bit.

It's early, but Merry Christmas this year as wrong as you're not public, too flamboyant, loud, or offend any culture or other religion and especially the small a- athiest, big Ass prayeraphobe society's, won- over governments and partesan 'party' appointed judges

Paul Gordon


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