Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post Paul Ryan Christians Still Don't Have A Friend In GOP

Christians, You Don't Have A Friend In GOP!

So at the last minute in the run-up to the presidential election, the GOP has finally found a friend in Jesus in the form of Tea Partiers and Christians.

Don't kid yourself. They waited this long and Christians sustained being ignored or insulted by GOP, their celebrity Reaganites, Limbaugh, Levine, ('traditional Catholic' Ingraham, Hannity, and Coulter and their water carrier Matt Drudge, only because they were hoping to do a big tent Romney end run on his own merit, without any hugs and kisses from Christians.

All the above celebrities have no problem praising pro-abortion and pro homo politicians from Giuliani, to the Cheney's, to Joe Lieberman etc., and from either party as long as they fly fiscal and libertarian Reagan colors.

The air was let out of the modern Henry VIII bag Limbaugh during the Bush mid-terms when Christians rightfully handed the Bush fully empowered House and Senate majority its ass on a platter by staying home allowing the Democrats to take over the Senate. Bush had lots of time and a second term to do something...anything for followers of the true Christ and couldn't bring himself to do anything for the lady who brought him there.

Limbaugh was hopping mad the next day and chastised Christians through his show for allowing this to happen... “You were never going to get advancements against abortion anyway” No shit! Rush, if we keep being taken in by bait and switch, switch back and bait, Republicans who have nothing moral on the go, only tax cuts. Republicans just don't get any concept of 'Christianity'.

Their only excuse for having us elect them, is really only fiscal and libertarian, and only under the flag of, 'Stick with us kid, we're at least better than the Democrats'.

After the mid-terms even having been shown the future, the prideful dead guy worshipers still had no intent of needing no stinking Christians.

Bush even refused to show his face to a massive march for life to Washington and only talked by phone? (It also came to light that all modern GOP first ladies were secretly pro-abortion including the Bushs... and happy go lucky.... Nancy Reagan.

But now, for such a sudden 'born again' party, what the GOP, Reaganite, celebrities, and Drudge did to the Santorum family still burns fresh in the mind.

Paul Ryan, you are being used by the GOP, no less, than they did for decades to Christian voters.

To say now, 'well, the truth is all well and good' but isn't Obama going to destroy the nation if left in power by not showing up to vote, is not logical.

1) What kind of liberal establishment officially immoral nation are you saving?

2) How can any change come about under ensuing GOP status quo, even Obama applied that principle for his kind of change albeit change for the worse.

3) Canada is in great debt in Marxist universal health-care, and in Marxist education for that matter, but it still has a healthier economy than the U.S. with our dollar currently worth (minimally) more while being socialist Europe and wasn't destroyed at least...not yet .... Point being the sky is not falling, yet.

4) The more 4 year terms Christians 'wait' to effect change by 'demanding' more from the GOP, or forming a unified Tea party/Christian third party themselves, the more babies are killed at tax payer expense and the harder it will be to turn the full- court homosexual activist press around.

5) Instead of holding your nose and knowing what to expect ('squat') of the GOP, except attempted rousing patriotic words of a former 'Christian' un-perverted nation from Reaganites, in the 'nothing' in between years, go with the Truth of Christ, give Him at least a chance to work and above all have the faith, you should have in your Lord and Saviour.

What are Christians here for, to support memories of Reagan, while nations fall apart under liberal establishments by any name?

Evil does quite well with strategy...Christians should have more faith in 'Christ the Truth'.  

(Vatican needs to finally rebuff Pilate and proclaim 
Year of Christ The Truth, or do they agree with Pilate?)

Paul Gordon

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