Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take The Fight To The Pews First

Take The Fight To The Pews First

If you know anything about the Catholic Church in Canada, by now, you know the 'best' priests, and apparently bishops can, or are going to do, is too stay neutral and uncritical of the schools, governments, nation, pretty much anything controversial which in this slave society to the leftist establishment is everything.

Catholic teachers whether pro union or not, haven't attended Mass in a long time.. even longer than principals, board administrators, or elected trustees, yet they still have a grapevine snitch line to whatever the priest is telling the parishioners even on weekday Masses when priests feel a little less intimidated by the handful of daily faithful communicants.

If you ask the Bishops who the liberal complainers are I wouldn't be surprised if most of them are union secular educators hired under the Catholic banner. At least, that's what has come back to me on different occasions just before priests have been shipped out. If you don't think the unions are not telling their teachers to be attuned to what their priests are saying in the church and in the school you're kidding yourself.

After all, the official Catholic unions stand for the most basic attacks on the Catholic Church... pro gay activism, pro abortion, pro women priests...everything secular militant Marxist unions stand for, and in addition are not shy for their part about liberal political activism in their long term marriage with the liberal parties of Canada to the extent of being forced to pay money to liberal election campaigns.

Unions aside, the next largest group in the pews are seniors. Now, *not all*, but a number of these seniors were liberal most of their lives and still are. They prospered from the first and only fruits of early socialism, union extorted job killing wages, pensions, and free health care that is now less free than it ever was and looking to restrict services and set up death panels similar to the States, as in where should high priced medical care be directed to.

These seniors separated morality and Church teachings from their voting habits which couldn't see past their narcissistic human nature/ or reunification with original sin. It didn't matter if they voted for the immoral NDP let alone the immoral liberals and soon even fiscal conservatives abandoned Christians too in order to get a piece of the political power pie.

These seniors were the first to nuke families down to one child and followed the new wave of looking out for number one and taking whatever one wanted in life.

This is a large part of the seniors that now make up the largest parishioner membership in the pews. They are also the major contributors that keep up the physical plant of parishes and they are not shy about telling their priests what they want to hear from the pulpit and don't. Naturally, they especially don't want to hear talk about contraception, and abortion.

It must have been terrible within the churches when all the Marxist ideology became popular including the sexual revolution and the marginalization of Christianity, but how much worse is it now that generations have refused the Truth, in passing on what ever their own consciences (see Winnipeg Statement) on to their children whose consciences now see it fit to not attend church at all.

Bottom line. I don't believe many Catholic pro-lifers see the big picture at all, especially when they feel they can vote away for pro abortion political parties (no matter what their local back bencher candidate has to say) just as their parents did.

Good Catholics (news flash, all Catholics are supposed to be prolife as a condition of membership as basic as paying union dues to be in the union) need to take this battle to the pews with tee shirts, sweatshirts whatever, to shake the complacency out of those who still remain smug in their odd beliefs that don't square with Catholicism. Let them know especially, at election time that a vote for a conservative or liberal party is affirmation of that party's pro abortion, and pro homosexual activism. They are for killing babies, homosexual marriages, homosexual adoption, Christianity marginalization at quasi judicial human rights commissions etc.

Your candidate can be as enthusiastic, and sincere as a boy scout at a knot fest, but Satan runs the party like a bad Stephen King novel, only it's in the non- fiction section in politics, and you know what happens to a boy scout in those. Let the scout find a new pack while you take down Satan.

Your vote is their mandate and so you are guilty of everything they enact and every evil they allow to continue unabated. That's a fact your conscience can not get around. There is no separation of politics and immorality. Environment and universal socialist plans be damned people, they are side issues and distractions to complete moral bankruptcy.

Some Bishops have let the boards of health take over the Mass and the government funded boards and unions take over your children's schools, complete with homosexual clubs now.

If you want to free up your priest's tongue, courage and spirit help him get rid of those who would hold him back in these darkest times of spiritual warfare on the child, and family. Taking it on yourselves absolves him and the Bishop of any blame.

Those who say the Church accepts all should be reminded that Christ accepted some repentant sinners, but never excepted Satan or evil. With Holy anger He through-out the money changers, He turned the possessed into swine and had them jump off a cliff, He held out no chance of forgiveness and a special Hell for those who would deliberately harm children and if you were among those who would not accept you in His Name you were to brush their dust off your sandals on the way out.

If you except evil acts, and evil life styles as personal choices, indeed choices of preference harmless to all bystanders as the secular world would have you do or believe you can defeat or 'out smart' Satan on your own, you indeed are not only Holier than the Pope, you are a Catholic, Holier than Christ. Blessed be the Name of Christ.

If you pray for St. Michael to defend you in have to enlist first and there is no health or age restriction in doing so. The fight starts with defense within the Church, or His Father's House. Satan is panting on the Sanctuary. Everyone let him in, along with the world. It doesn't take Saints to throw him out, only ordinary sinners with faith, appreciation for the love and beauty of innocence worthy beyond us, and knowledge, in the brilliant Truth of Christ

If you start with a dedicated firm pro-life parish through and through all else will fall into place.

Paul Gordon

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