Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Indignant Dr. Throws Kid Out Emerg. In Hissy Fit

Indignant Dr. Throws Kid Out Emerg. In Hissy Fit

A woman doctor working out of a Quinte hospital in Ontario took her leftist ideology too far at the 'work' place, the other day. She refused to treat a child whose parents brought her in to find out what the source of a rash the child had developed.

They had refused to have their child injected with vaccinations and so the Dr. felt she was exercising her right in not treating the child, while in the emergency employment of the hospital and the government of Ontario.

What a presumed privileged option of choice, to further her cause! Can taxpayers now refuse to pay taxes because of the leftist ideology that abortion on demand for convenience, or gender selection?

I don't know what all the factors were working on this doctor that day, but she needs to seek out another profession.

If this is the kind of doctors we are left with in the current shortage...well we won't notice one.... even less so.

The State has no authority to put needles of anything into anyone without their permission, who is not effectively, a ward of the state, in an immediate life or death situation, or a convicted criminal.

Nor, should the courts let any form of intimidation 'force' such a choice in effect denying this injection refusal right, onto children, or employees. Grey areas in liberty, logically negate liberty....period.

Injections are the last thing one would want allowed to be mandatory by the State no matter the cause...and at minimum if so... those harmed deserve to be compensated when things go wrong.

Free nations offer liberty to the family. Marxist nations impose the collective on the individual. In communist China, only one child per family is allowed in assault of the collective, on the family.

Two of our daughters were drastically harmed and put in a great position of danger left untreated, as a direct result of vaccinations. Doctors at Sick Kids attributed both cases as the result of the immune system attacking their own bodies in response to their recent measles combo vaccinations.

One daughter had her blood platelets wiped out to the point (according to doctors) that if she as much as sneezed she could hemorrhage in her brain from the pressure and die.

The other daughter went into a grand mal seizure the emerg staff had to take intervention to bring her out of, and had to be treated for seizures years after. Needless to say none of our other children received vaccination thereafter.

I understand the 'greater cause' factor but who can put trust in modern unscrupulous, unethical, for profit drug companies that these concoctions won't harm they have in a number of cases?

These same drug companies have vaccinations for everything for governments to buy, and non-medicinal concoctions for everything you could possible want or in the case of babies not want.

Share holder profit is clearly their target, not health of the world, no less caring than stock market listed retirement homes that let care go to Hell over not paying out grievance costs to militant unions, putting union thug mentality in charge of your parents personal care up to the point of letting two seniors on separate occasions in one 'high-end' 'listed' home in the same winter come critically close to freezing to death just outside their own doors. Like drug companies and unions 'doing it for the children'. This 'home environment' retirement home on just off hwy 7 in Markham and 'service' union 'do it just for your parents'!

BTW...McGuinty, if you can cut yourself some time from your in school homosexual clubs, when can your long term care department investigate the above asisstive living ( code for nursing home services) retirement home, I blogged and personally allerted/ imformed your LTHC ministry about and didn't get a reply or question about.

Glad to see how you 'don't know about things' like Orange by simply ignoring what is brought to your attention..

Paul Gordon

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