Friday, August 10, 2012

Hard Truth in Open Letter to Rush and Laura

Hard Truth, Reaganite Celebrities Desert Christians and Capitulate

Et tu Rush, and 'Catholic' Laura Ingraham?

Sorry, Laura, but one can't take any prisoners when fighting for Christ, babies, the family, or children's innocence, and governmental law makers and political establishments have everything to do with it.

GOP celebrity conservatives used to (apparently) act sincere when courting the large American Christian community. They would talk a pro-life, pro-Christian game almost every day and they also seemingly (now who knows about that either?) supported the troops.

Until now, in every election, none of the GOP candidates were so eager to embrace anti-Christian political correctness, with the exception of Bob Doyle and even then, only after he won the official party nomination and publicly chastised the GOP Christian wing, brazenly, in his acceptance speech, hoping for a greater attraction to the Democrat base.

This election year was different, and will be one Hell of a ever turn back

When loyal GOP candidate, and more than capable Christian representative of the party, Rick Santorum came strong out of the gate, the party was not long in using various nefarious ways of retarding his momentum, beginning with proclaiming a loss in his first primary, and (much) later changing it to a victory over Romney.

Then came the Drudge Report dailys, praising Romney while splashing, little garbage 'news' items, amounting to petty innate gossip, (unless fodder for the Christian haters within the GOP), intended to embarrass Santorum and eventually his family, to the anti-Christian world in general but especially to the non Christian, GOP supporters i.e, his speech to a traditionally strong Catholic School where he brought up the existence of 'Satan'.
Well blow me over with a feather. Like Reagan never believed in evil, or mentioned the word Satan?

Reaganite celebrity (now exposed fake) Christian defenders don't believe in the existence of Satan(?) Then why defend or support these crazy Christians at all?

Of course, we all know where the Reagan and Bush mason-like women fell on moral issues like abortion, but their men put up a good political front at least trying not to offend Christians if doing nothing for them during their terms and in the end, (and what I mean as 'for Christians' of course, is for God, family and nation. as opposed to 'for fiscal or libertarian 'conservatives' individually)

Other mean spirit intended Drudge slams followed, i.e, Weird Santorums (who believe the baby in the womb is a real baby) bring baby home to grieve and give whole family closure with their child and sibling...Again, who would have thunk, and how many atheist GOP assholes would berate the Santorum family, and need knowledge of a private family life that would have nothing to do with Rick Santorum as a leader.

This Drudge 'duty' Report garbage continued and when it was too much for the Santorum family to bear, and when Rick (rightfully) openly complained of what was obvious to everyone, he was then marginalized as a whiner.

Yes politics is tough, mean, and bites and that is just within one's own disgusting main stream political party, of which two have grown way too long in the tooth... If the party would screw each other at the drop of a political bowler, what would they do to those they don't even call partners or personally know or aka those who they expect to vote for them.

For all the abuse heaped on him...Santorum was the true humble gentleman in that scum bag race.

Celebrity talk-show Reaganites than re- reported the Drudgereport smears, just in case anyone missed Drudge's daily dredging, and ox goring of the Santorums, but with actually no comment of condemnation on supposed messenger 'only' Matt Drudge. No the celebrities would only condescending sneer, that they didn't know how Santorum could overcome this one or how he would handle the crap, they actually took delight in, as the whole elite in the party were going for the Romney big tent from the get-go.

They talked of no one voting for a theocracy. Why didn't they just crucify him live on CNN.

So the dirty, little (not so) secret in all of that Reaganite talk show celebrities now boldly espouse more political value in the GOP 'bigger tent' including pro abortion, pro- homosexual fiscal and libertarian conservatives, (especially, Ann Coulter who gets as ugly as she gets, when called on her new found, 'some of my best friends are homos' cliche) while they kick all real pro-Christ/ pro-life/ pro- family/ pro- marriage/ Christians... to the curb.

Laura, do you separate your supposed devout, and traditional Catholicism from your party politics?

How can you support any candidate, any party, that is so pro-abortion, so politically correct homosexual activist, so anti-family, so anti-educational choice, so anti-child innocence, like a Romney who brags about all these positions, with the only goal of attracting Democrat votes.

You should become a political independent like Glenn Beck if you have to follow the new and improved GOP.

Yes, I know, Rush and the Reaganites brought you to where you are, but you are now ethically and morally unbound to them and if you have any Catholic integrity at all you should drop them the way they dropped Christ unless they suddenly have a miraculous change of heart and see they are only riding a dead-end horse, riding through a dead-end culture into the Hell of a dead-end nation!

For all the years of celebrity Reaganite talk-show hosts bragging how easy Obama would be to beat...then why is it that all of a sudden the GOP must tell Christians to stand down and stay the Hell out of the way, while they'd rather enlist Satan because they believe, this is what America will vote for right now?

Of course, the Reaganite celebrities were never that selective of who they supported even before Obama, their credit (?).

It comes down to this Laura.... you obviously don't see a connection between politics and your faith and the basic principals of Christianity of a former Christian nation

Like Kennedy, you believe no element of Christianity has a right to stick it's nose in the election of law makers or leaders of the nation. di da, all Reaganites... Don't complain, or 'act' indignant about the mass murder of babies, the Marxist preferenced secular state, the current State of the Union, the destruction of the Holy Family modeled family, the complete mockery and destruction of the sacrament of marriage, etc. etc. etc.

All, for the glory of the Republican 'party', with a Nazi like- 'blinding'-enthusiasm and a power attainment rewarding..... membership that must have other special privileges for many, else why would they 'all', so obviously and seen objectively if not subjectively for their blindness, sell their souls for power attainment... at any cost, but with the excuse of the greater good (?) of the nation.

Fighting evil with evil, equals good?

Yeah that's logical, and within the perimeters of the Truth of Christ!

And we 'all' have our moments of Truth, but not without aid direction from the Holy Ghost...don't we.

How about this one... Go with Truth and have Faith....America!

Paul Gordon


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