Monday, July 30, 2012

Show You're Pro-Life At Mass


I've known a few priests in Ontario Catholic Churches in different dioceses who have found themselves in hot water with Bishops over talking about pro-life issues including birth control in their sermons. I've seen some parishioners walk out and others actually get verbally abusive in their pews in order to display their dissatisfaction, assuming the new Catholics are in total agreement with them.

After a few of these occasions, what usually follows is that the priest is quickly transferred out. On two occasions, priests were sent from busy southern parishes to all but dead parishes, in the farthest northern border of the diocese.

No one has to be a genius to realize there is dissent in all Ontario Catholic Churches, for a number of obvious reasons i.e., the Catholic teachers union is so anti-Catholic, militant Marxist, pro- homosexual and pro- abortion in it's official proclamations.

Of course, there is also the 'Winnipeg Statement' still un-refuted, and thus still granted credibility to any laity who want to accept that their personal 'conscience' takes precedence over anything the Roman Catholic Church, Holy See, Catholic Catechism..basically anything the Catholic Faith involves, including all matters of sexuality and reproduction.

In other words, the Canadian Catholic Bishops removed moral teaching, and moral obligation to the Church on one side of their big tent Catholic membership rules, but on the other side still say, well this is the way it 'should' be.

It was a gamble they were sure to lose, and did... not to mention with a terrible result on Canadian Catholic demographics.. not to mention, on Christian Canadian citizen demographics on the whole.

We now have a situation where both bishops and priests want to pretty much stick to chicken soup sermons that applied to ancient Jerusalem and Sunday school child parables, where there are few children or teenagers, at all in attendance for Mass in most Ontario parishes.

I'm reminded of the old comic movie, 'No Time for Sargent's' where the worst sin an enlisted man could commit was to make a 'wave' that would come back on their Sargent, who was near retirement.

Of course, I cannot ignore the gleeful fact that thousands of Catholic Teens descend upon Ottawa now in the annual March For Life. I've been told that this is primary do to a concerted effort of good high-school religion teachers across the province and may God Bless them and the enthusiastic teens for their great efforts.

Perhaps, the Bishops need to be replaced by these religion teachers who still may not get the kids to Church on Sunday, (Though I bet teens would love to hear the Truth, over politically correct tainted mush) but they can manage to have them jump to the Ottawa March once a year.

On the Mass itself, I have one comment and one thing I could never wrap my head around about the new Mass which by its nature has seemed to open up a whole can of nuance worms that varies widely at times from parish to parish.

I may even be a odds with the Holy See on this, but I am big on Truth through logic, and no one has given me a plausible reason why the (new) Mass is considered a joyous 'celebration' complete with guitar singers and the few young mothers in attendance, standing, swinging and rocking their baby straddled hips at the Lamb of God, or Agnus Dei, (Lord Have Mercy on Us, emphasized with striking of the breast, thrice) to tunes adopted to school children, very few of who are in attendance.

Of course, I get the whole meaning and life of Christ and how the Resurrection is truly something to celebrate, particularly after the Easter Vigil and on Easter Sunday or any 'time', on any 'day' other than the time and place specifically, respectfully, set aside to receive the Body of Christ against the back drop of the Last Supper.

The disciples received His Body and Blood before the Crucifixion not when He appeared to them after His Resurrection!

If one doesn't have an appreciation for the moment, it is no wonder one can not have an appreciation for the presence or Sacrament, Itself.

The first Mass, or Last Supper of which Christ obviously wanted passed on through the ages in perpetuity was not exactly a 'celebration' in hindsight or otherwise. He told of His coming brutal Crucifixion or 'Sacrifice', of which the Latin Mass is much more clearly so. He told how Judas was betraying Him at the very time. He washed the feet as a solemn humble Servant, not a partier.

'This is my Body, this is my Blood' was a clear signal that this was to be the occasion for future Masses and the atmosphere was about His love, and message I would think how we should sacrifice for the love of others not, sing, sway and roll to the music at the same time we're begging for mercy drowning in our sins in 2012. How did we get from there only the early 60's to where we are now in our more than half empty Churches to show for it?

Back to displaying the pro-life message at Catholic Masses.

So I was thinking how can we ask our (good and sincere) priests to act bravely and proclaim all the Truth and none of the lies when we show no public or even existence of 'back-up' for him, ourselves?

In the area of pro-life messaging (or pro-family or pro- marriage for that matter) we can and 'should'.

To that end, I believe that with all the confusion, dissension, not to mention the politics that go on in modern Churches that we make it clear to our fellow parishioners that we as pro-lifers are in attendance and of strong belief in the sheer depravity of the immorality of it for the reality of all common practice, let alone 'rights' that have to be called for, for innocent babies (?)...

That we cannot have a Catholic Church that does not have belief in life as a fundamental cornerstone as a requirement for membership or attendance..and to Hell with any manner of Winnipeg Statement of Conscience that tried so recklessly to imply otherwise!

There are a number of choices of tee-shirts, sweatshirts, etc, that various members of pro life families can wear as they so choose to proudly where as they receive Christ, creator of all life and choice.

There is certainly no dress code in the current day of Mass that could be worsened by such an important message.

Would such a movement increase division in the Church? I contend not at all.. it will only show it for what it already is in truth, and as in the Last Supper, expose a few Judases who should go and do what they must, quickly and allow for the start of the reuniting of the Church with Christ the Truth, with less political road blocks and without their aid or blame, if that is the way they need spin it. (Be prepared that some of the Judases may surprise you, but till now have not had to show themselves completely)

John Paul II knew how the North American Church for one, painted itself in a corner and how only the laity can now rebuild the broken Church.

Paul Gordon

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Truth, Brad Pitt's Mother, Politics & Christianity

Truth, Brad Pitt's Mother, Politics & Christianity

Brad Pitt's courageous mother did get one thing wrong and unfortunately it was the most important thing.

Christians should not vote for Romney or Obama. Here's why.

1) The Republican party even without Romney is politically correct on moral and social issues. Romney happens to agree with the party on this and it is why the party and its supporters attacked Santorum (including his family) every chance it got and with the aid of Drudge Report no less.

2) The modern history of the Republican Party is that for all their talk from Nixon through Reagan through the Bushs, there has been a serious improvement on the abortion frenzy, such that free tax- paid abortions are still the norm and partial birth abortion is still here. Reagan even blew his one Supreme Court pick. Homosexual insatiable activism shows no sign of slowing down.

Children's innocence and souls are still open fodder for the liberal establishment.

3) Christians have been waiting and been politely (though sometimes 'politely' not so much) ignored for sixty years without a sliver of action. Babies and children have borne the brunt of this patience but it is going to take four more years, after the Christian community realizes that the Truth, not strategies, or conservative promises are the only way out.

That Truth entails that you never vote for a politically correct party that embraces the liberal establishment over any sense of right and wrong, no matter the alternative. Did Christ tell his disciples to save their skins, forget about Him and join Judas, who thought he had a great opportunity in exploiting Christ, because they seemingly had few viable options?

4) The enemy you know is always preferable to the enemy that claims like Judas to be your friend. The damage is greater and the cure is put into perpetual procrastination, only, without even the intent.

5) The destruction of North American morality and Judeo-Christianity came in on a political white horse that led the liberal establishment consisting of, academia, the judiciary, the 'news' media, the primarily disgusting entertainment industry, the medical and science communities, the social services and the labor unions.

Of less concern to Christians who understand sacrifice, the judiciary, academia, medical and science communities and labor unions all who can't see without looking through a Marxist prism have added an additional destruction of the economy and with the aid of feminism has blown the institution of the family out of the water.

Just out facts..There are more women in the U.S. work force than men and they are being paid higer wages. Most of those gains one can safely assume are with varying levels of education, health, fire, police and social service local, state and federal governments, typically the higher paying jobs.

The major household earners are now female, and men are now to use their natural strengths on unemployment and house mothers.
While liberal Marxist feminist social engineers were more than doubling the work force labourers with preferential treatment to one gender, the liberal unions and free trade were more than halving the available jobs. How could that have ever been seen as possibly good, in fact?

Over half of all Americans are now on government assistance. A large slice of that pie graph would be individuals and single mothers as opposed to less overall money having to be paid out to intact families.

6) It is a political white horse with some kick that needs to bring back Christianity from the secularism of politics that ingratiated itself through small increments over sixty years. The grass roots or base of that movement has to be instigated by the Church of Christ.

7) Christians need to vote with truth accordingly, not strategies. This entails voting for independents or social conservative individuals or social conservative parties alone, until such time that the political 'parties' not the individual candidates sincerely court their vote appropriately. If necessary, Christians need to withhold their vote all together rather than vote for any party that purposely plans to do nothing about what concerns Christians and that is what both mainstream 'parties' are doing, and have done for decades.

That is all that politicians who consider every cast vote as a mandate, and personal approval to continue on exactly the way political correctness has always led them, as the 'only' sign to do anything at all, 'different'.

8) Only the Truth applied to the vote, can tell politicians they are doing wrong and that Christians demand change...for once in sixty long long years.


The Catholic and Christian religions are naturally the vehicle that needs to bring about this political charge, and the pulpit is the natural place to defend babies, children's innocence and souls, the return of the natural family and morality to the nations. It is incumbent that in these war times on the soul that the Catholic and Christian Churches put aside repetitive dogmatic sermons as important as they are in times of peace of the souls, and act on the crucial problems of these times.

Christians wrapped up in themselves on 'end times' need to act like the end isn't going to be next week and take part in Christian activism even to the minimum extent of public witness processions, obedient and loving of Christ and in support of God and family before nations sopping in disdainful political correction and social experimentation.

I don't care who the Church likes or doesn't like...just do the right thing, and that includes purging yourself of your own liberals who have held back or paralyzed the Truth of Christ for so long in the name of the Marxist number one Anti-Christ of these times, who came in 'peace' but look what he reaped? Our present Church and nations..and voting for a Romney is not any kind of sustained restful nights, a and only yet another kick at the same costly can for yet another four years.

God is Truth and Truth is also logic, Catholics and Christians need desperately to accept both for once in these times of great moral unrest and upheaval, without settling and praising a far and away second best of essentially the same, on the moral front.

As terrible a president as Obama is, if he gets re-elected the supposed friends of Christians, the republicans... have only themselves to blame for such a situation. Christians cannot wait any longer for better timing.

The logical best thing that could happen in the U.S. would be for Rick Santorum to start a social conservative third party without the kind of support the rino party base gave him and let the republicans hold their nose for a change and ask them to support Christians.

For sometime there has been only two majority political forces in the U.S. and neither are doing anything for Judeo-Christians, babies, families or children.The pendlum is off its axis there is no 'easy' going back and there is no peace of mind for anyone.

Rush Limbaugh's definition of insanity, 'that of expecting different results for the same actions', applies perfectly to Catholics and Christians who keep voting for the Republican Party in good secular faith.

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scientifically Proven: Homos Who Abuse Young Boys Aren't Homos

Now Scientifically Proven : Homos Who Abuse Young Boys Aren't Homos!

(FYI, for those few social conservatives who are not aware of it,WND, formally World Net Daily if put on an overall graph of being true to social conservatism against getting the social conservative message out, almost equivalent to MSM, scores probably the highest in all of North America. They have even defended their social conservatism to the likes of Ann Coulter who has of late, embraced the homosexual community for supporting her fiscal conservatism) Irishrus



Has the normalizing of pedophilia begun?

CNN hosts scientist who sympathizes with child predators claims 'brain's wiring' to blame

Published: 13 hours ago

by Chelsea SchillingEmail

Chelsea Schilling is a commentary editor and staff writer for WND, an editor of Jerome Corsi's Red Alert, and a proud homeschooling mother. Schilling joined the Army at age 17, receiving the exceptional designation of expert marksman three times. In addition to WND, Schilling has worked as a news producer at USA Radio Network and as a news reporter for the Sacramento Union.More ↓Less ↑

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Do people who rape children, or fantasize about sexually abusing them, deserve sympathy – because they were born with the brains of pedophiles?

That’s the question a prominent scientist and a well-known anchor at CNN have asked in the wake of the recent Jerry Sandusky scandal.

CNN recently featured a story by James Cantor, a homosexual psychologist and scientist at the Sexual Behaviors Clinic of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health who serves as associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

“It appears that one can be born with a brain predisposed to experience sexual arousal in response to children,” he wrote in his CNN piece.

He continued, “Cases of child molestation that involve long strings of victims over the course of years illustrate what can happen when someone gives in to, or outright indulges, his sexual interests, regardless of its potential damage on others. It is those cases that dominate headlines and provoke revulsion toward pedophiles.

“But they are rare. An untold number of cases merit sympathy.

“The science suggests that they are people who, through no fault of their own, were born with a sex drive that they must continuously resist, without exception, throughout their entire lives. Little if any assistance is ever available for them.”

According to the American Psychological Association, Cantor is passionate about the neurological underpinnings of sexual behavior and jokes, “I feel lucky to have found a way to stimulate my brain intellectually by indulging myself in thinking about sex all the time.”

He has studied the brains of male pedophiles using magnetic resonance imaging. Cantor explained his findings:

“Pedophilic men have significantly less white matter, which is the connective tissue that is responsible for communication between different regions in the brain. Pedophiles perform more poorly on various tests of brain function, tend to be shorter in height and are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous (characteristics that are observable before birth). Although nonbiological features may yet turn up to be relevant, it is difficult, if not impossible, to explain the research findings without there being a strong role of biology.”

He explains, from his experience with such individuals, that pedophiles act on their sexual urges and molest children “when they feel the most desperate.”

“Yet, much of what society does has been to increase rather than decrease their desperation,” he wrote.

In the U.S., Cantor notes, the focus tends to be on punishments invoked after sex abuse has taken place – rather than implementing social policies aimed at prevention.

“If it is the brain’s wiring that ultimately determines who will go on to develop pedophilia, can we detect it early enough to interrupt the process?” he asks. “Until we uncover more information, we will do more good by making it easier for pedophiles to come in for help rather than force them into solitary secrecy.”

Meanwhile, a CNN anchor chimed in to express sympathy for Sandusky, who was found guilty on 45 of 48 child sex-abuse charges after he molested at least 10 boys over a period of 15 years.

CNN’s Don Lemon, an open homosexual who has revealed he was molested as a child, interviewed Cantor about his findings. In that segment, he said:

“I know people are going to send me a lot of hate mail for this. I’ve never been one to take glee in anyone’s demise, and when I saw Jerry Sandusky walk out in handcuffs, I did kind of feel a bit sorry for him, even though I know the jury found him to do some horrific things, I was like ‘His life is over.’ All of these young boys, it was terrible for them as well. There are no winners.”

Meanwhile, some experts warn of a highly controversial campaign in recent years that seeks to sympathize with – and even normalize – pedophilia.

Just last year, Dr. Judith Reisman, the principal expert investigator for a U.S. Justice Department study on child sex abuse, said pedophilia advocates are using the same strategy that was successfully employed to make homosexuality a classroom subject for small children in the nation’s public schools.

As WND reported, Reisman attended a symposium held by the “minor-attracted people” advocacy group B4U-ACT to disseminate “accurate information” on the position that pedophilia is just one more alternative sexual orientation.

“If a foreign country came in and did this to our nation, the nation would be outraged,” Reisman said about the B4U-Act event, also attended by J. Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action.

The speakers urged the removal of pedophilia from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental defects in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Reisman explained the same strategy was used by homosexual activists in the 1970s when same-sex attractions were removed from the APA’s list of disorders. Eventually, the legalization of “gay marriage,” the mandatory homosexuality lessons in public schools and the policy of allowing open homosexuality in the U.S. military resulted.

“Dr. John Sadler (University of Texas) argued that diagnostic criteria for mental disorders should not be based on concepts of vice since such concepts are subject to shifting social attitudes and doing so diverts mental-health professions from their role as healers,” the B4U-ACT organization said in a report about its symposium in Baltimore.

Another celebrity was Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins who argued in favor of “acceptance of and compassion for people who are attracted to minors,” the report continued.

The report pointedly referred to “minor-attracted people” in reference to pedophiles and explained that the concerns can be resolved with “accurate information.” Richard Kramer, who represented B4U-ACT at the event, contended listing pedophilia as a disorder stigmatizes the “victims” of the lifestyle choice.

According to Barber, conference speakers said the Diagnostic Manual should “focus on the needs” of the pedophile and should have “a minimal focus on social control” rather than a focus on the “need to protect children.”

Barber, an ardent advocate for Judeo-Christian values and the traditional family, told WND the symposium was “the North American Man-Boy Love Association all dolled up and dressed in the credible language of the elitist Ph.Ds.”

NAMBLA openly advocates the legalization of sex between adults and children.

“This is a bunch of morally relative, highly educated people in the mental health community who are trying to achieve the ultimate in tolerance,” Barber said. “These are the people who are the disciples of Alfred Kinsey.”

It was in the 1940s and 1950s that sex “researcher” Kinsey published his writings ridiculing marriage, fidelity and chastity and preaching widespread sexual experimentation. But according to Reisman’s research, in “Sexual Sabotage,” Kinsey’s “research” was compiled from information frequently obtained from jailed sex offenders and then portrayed as coming from middle-class America.

Barber said the symposium themes became clear quickly:

Pedophiles are unfairly “demonized” in society.

The concept of “wrong” should not be applied to “minor-attracted persons.”

“Children are not inherently unable to consent” to sex with an adult.

“An adult’s desire to have sex with children is ‘normative.’”

And the Diagnostic Manual “ignores that pedophiles ‘have feelings of love and romance for children’ the same way adult heterosexuals have for each other.”

Barber noted that self-described “gay activist” and speaker Jacob Breslow said it is proper for children to be “the object of our attraction.” Breslow said pedophiles shouldn’t need to get consent from a child to have sex any more than they would get consent from a shoe to wear it, according to Barber.

Berlin previously reported that 67 percent of pedophiles and child molesters relapse after being treated for the disorder. But the few who didn’t were tracked for a period of only two years, and any recidivism after that was unreported. And Reisman noted that even his success “stories” are anonymous and “wholly unverified.”

In a related commentary on WND, Reisman said, “The APA path to pedophile norms follows the success of the homosexual anarchy campaign. Arguably, the pedophile media lobby directed the passionate boy-boy kisses on the TV series ‘Glee,’ to enable fellow ‘minor-attracted persons’ to increasingly be seen as a boy’s sex ‘friend.’

“B4U-ACT claims to ‘help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma, and fear.’ While the group claimed they want to teach pedophiles ‘how to live life fully and stay within the law,’ no one suggested how to stop their child lust or molestation,” she wrote.

However, in 2010, when Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, a senior Vatican official, linked homosexuality to child sexual abuse, Cantor rejected the claim that there is any link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

“It’s quite solidly shown in the scientific literature that there is absolutely no association between being a gay man and being a pedophile,” he told CNN.

Irishrus Comment

There are so many things wrong with this politically correct wishful thinking. First off the U. of Toronto's 'psychologist and scientist; is a homosexual and obviously has a great personal and community 'lifestyle' vested interest in what conclusion 'his study' arrives at.

Cantor's statement 'it appears' one can be born with a brain predisposed.... sounds more subjective than fiercely objective and a little shy of 'scientific'. People with perverse sexual tendencies are born that way or they are not, and what if only some are born that way and some develop into perverse sexual tendencies? Where's the grey area liberals are famous for finding when the purpose suits them?

What of the great number of innocent victims who became homosexual or suicidal after being molested by pedophiles (one referenced in this very article)...Were they born homosexual deviant? What a coincidence that they should just happen to hook up with like homosexual pedophiles.

Cantor tests for presence of white matter in known pedophiles but how many did he test and where did he get them would be one question. And the other question would be “Pedophilic men have less white matter”...than whom? How much less white matter than homosexuals do pedohilic men have?

Cantor's (humorous?) remark that he thinks about sex all the time doesn't lend itself well to the seriousness of the subject he is to be assumed to be objective about.

Finally, the most ludicrous statement uttered in two centuries that is now backed up by 'solid scientific literature' that there is absolutely no association between being a homosexual man and being a pedophile defies the if so facts so principle of logic.

A homosexual male who abuses a young male, is no less a homosexual. You can't decaffeinate caffeine!

However, you can baffle whole nations with 'scientifically' proven political correctness now.

CNN is a joke of a homosexual mainstream wholesale outlet.

Parents... do not send your children to Main Stream Public Universities if you don't want a brainwashed idiot, like their professors returning to live in your basement. Actually, any state school, by any name.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Richest of Bitches' Idea of Looking Out for the Sisters

Richest of Bitches' Idea of Looking Out for the 'Sisters'

Drudge Report's politically correct title on this one went UN Calls for Billionaires Tax to Help the World Poor but apparently it is at a billionaires request over any group.

So Mrs. Gates (no not the ball-less nerd... his 'partner') has arranged for a United Nations rally in hopes of raising 6 Billion for 'every' future year for population control, including forced sterilization Don't kid yourself, going by their previous M.O.s.

Six billion a year could go a long way in encouraging third world nations to swing to Christian democracies (over the kind of Marxist 'democracies' that evolved in free Europe and N. America) and one- off tyrant regimes.

Christian oriented democracies can 'raise' people out of poverty, as opposed to that which now has half of the United States on government assistance, exactly where Marxists like Obama wants them to be.

Christianity entails God first, family second including pro-life and pro-children's innocence, and nation..last. I add 'nation' not at all when they are increasingly anti-God/anti- Christian exactly like Canada and the United States. What say ye?

United Nation's nefarious schemes... (which is all they have power for with all the bad guy veto power over anything sane) need to be ignored by Christian nations, especially when they are based in rich bitch guilt complexes typically salved with socialist schemes that don't 'seriously' cut into their own personal riches...if at all.

This scheme happens to include abortion and sterilization and does kill a vast number of poor blacks in the world, that the world cannot be bothered with.. and a population that affluent western whites might also feel threatened by. Revolutions, violent or peaceful are not inspired or conducted by the rich.

If the Gates, Turners, and Soros could be Kings of the world.. they would take that dare gladly, and you can 'bet' they all applaud the back yard rice paddy drownings of verboten babies in China that they would love to see else where.

As for the rest of the free nation feminists who really do speak for all western women (going by the deafening silence against their activities to date by their sisters) they are more concerned with Dyke marches, slut walks, abortion paid rights, and so called equalities that entice them out of the family, from motherhood and to hate men.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, July 1, 2012

C'mon...'Gays' Own Homosexual Pedophilia!

C'mon... 'Gays' Own Homosexual Pedophilia

This is an unpolitically- correct, non-liberal-establishment, non- b.s. zone.

And now for the rest of the story that immature Justin Trudeau, heir apparent to the federal liberal party and future Prime Minister, didn't say when he told a number of impressionable teens, "that there isn't a religion in the world that doesn't call to love thy neighbour".

The second half goes that the dominant theme throughout the bible and especially the Gospels is to 'not love thine evil'. Don't you just hate it when athiest politician opportunists, many who call themselves Catholics, like they ingraciate and speak for the Church by their fine and populist living example, seemingly even manage to baffle the angels with their bullshit.

If your neighbour happens to be a pedophile homosexual who loves all the young boys on the street, he is not the kind of 'neighbour for anyone to love'.

Of course it happens, but when was the last time, the media covered a story of man on little girl in predatory sexual deviance? And as they should, such modern rarities (thankfully) for millions and millions of heterosexuals go 'viral' across N. America when they do happen. And too, when would such a physical attack not be considered incubated from incurable evil inspiration, as it should?

Yet, the liberal establishment gives an invisible minority (unless they publicly display themselves), elevated 'culture' status that was created, evolved, sustained and constituted all from unnatural sex activities such as male on male anal sex.

And for such a minority homosexuals 'own' a large portion of societal pedophiles. Deviance breeds deviance and misery.

Where is the heterosexual equative 'club' of NAMBLA?

It was a male facial pock marked homosexual pedophile who molested most of the neighborhood boys in my childhood neighborhood in the sixties, not an asexual anonymous alien from outer space, or San Francisco city council.

This (just one) adult male, destroyed a number of those boys for life. Where's their payout as 'victims of crime'? They don't have the Churches, the schools, the sports teams, the boy scouts, all factual beacons in reality of 'trust', for homosexual pedophiles to seemingly swarm to.... to sue.

He went on to be chief mechanic with the Durham Region Police Force after having molested one of the their top detective's sons whose crime was living next door to this mad snickering animal.

It is illogical at best for homosexuals who embrace sexual deviancy to be attacking the Church for having some of their cousin- homosexual, priests and at the same time attack the Church as it attempts to purge itself of these same priests who are focused on a sexual deviancy in total opposition to the teachings of Christ.

No one is calling for violence against homosexuals, very few ever have, but there is no religion in the world that says 'love thine evil' either, in a personal, or societal way.

Christ actually stated that the worst of Hell, awaits those who would harm little ones and I would hardly think that Marxist hedonistic 'enablers' (with no safety in numbers or organization) to those who would harm little ones, would get a pass.

Our children do deserve and demand the truth about homosexuality from societal 'grown-ups'!

Happy Canada/ Anal Sex Pride Day.....Toronto.. your big city should be very proud.

Paul Gordon


So 640 talk radio Toronto (hardly a stalwart defender of social conservatism), but who claims on the hour to have the number one listenership in Canada runs an all day poll on Monday, July 2nd 2012, asking if homosexual pride parade is a place to take your family and a resounding 95% responded no.

So why does this silent majority allow this disgusting farce to take place at all, like a nude beach walk down main street, only much worse?

Check out the images on Blazing Cat Fur blogspot com and see what the little children are transfixed on that television dares not to show, but your politicians, and judiciary help celebrate as a great disgusting joke on civil society.

Why would anyone consider this group and its supporters good child adoption material?

Downtown Toronto is so... the dirty hairy staunchy asshole..of Canada, the same kind of assholes these establishment ingraciated bastard flies swarm around, and it begs to be avoided at all costs, never mind think of living there. Let it turn into an urban ghost town.

There is no sanity where the packed rats and flies take up all the fresh air, with Queens Park being the first and long gone casualty and now headed by Dalton McGuinty and his parade marshal Education Minister.

Good parents move to the country, and take your kids out of McGiddy's schools and sleep well at night no matter all else, none of which is as important as your children.

As for evil, you can't hide all your secrets, and play in the sewer, then slither out fresh scent and squeaky clean claiming your idea of  a 'lifestyle' has all kinds of glowing attributes.

This evil is not in the bedrooms of the community. It is out, in your face, and in full attack for seemingly never ending insatiable desires, like an addict on childhood innocence crack.

What thrill do they possibly obtain by insisting that our children be drawn in to their perverted world not just by their activists, any longer, but by every member useful idiot group of the ensconced Marxist liberal establishment, all of whom I hold contempt for, including the judiciary,  that needs to be cracked open from its sheltered rotten stinking egg, for all to see and truly appreciate!

For those who think I could have been more subtle, well the proverbial moral pendulum has broken off it's axis and neither polite apologetic Canadian applause, nor prayer without commitment is going to cut it anymore.

And if you want subtle tell the parents who brought their children ( McGuiddy's and your children's classmates) to help celebrate pride day and destroyed sublety along with innocence. Toronto police officiers should be ashamed for all the willing participation they put into this public viewing sewage.