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C'mon...'Gays' Own Homosexual Pedophilia!

C'mon... 'Gays' Own Homosexual Pedophilia

This is an unpolitically- correct, non-liberal-establishment, non- b.s. zone.

And now for the rest of the story that immature Justin Trudeau, heir apparent to the federal liberal party and future Prime Minister, didn't say when he told a number of impressionable teens, "that there isn't a religion in the world that doesn't call to love thy neighbour".

The second half goes that the dominant theme throughout the bible and especially the Gospels is to 'not love thine evil'. Don't you just hate it when athiest politician opportunists, many who call themselves Catholics, like they ingraciate and speak for the Church by their fine and populist living example, seemingly even manage to baffle the angels with their bullshit.

If your neighbour happens to be a pedophile homosexual who loves all the young boys on the street, he is not the kind of 'neighbour for anyone to love'.

Of course it happens, but when was the last time, the media covered a story of man on little girl in predatory sexual deviance? And as they should, such modern rarities (thankfully) for millions and millions of heterosexuals go 'viral' across N. America when they do happen. And too, when would such a physical attack not be considered incubated from incurable evil inspiration, as it should?

Yet, the liberal establishment gives an invisible minority (unless they publicly display themselves), elevated 'culture' status that was created, evolved, sustained and constituted all from unnatural sex activities such as male on male anal sex.

And for such a minority homosexuals 'own' a large portion of societal pedophiles. Deviance breeds deviance and misery.

Where is the heterosexual equative 'club' of NAMBLA?

It was a male facial pock marked homosexual pedophile who molested most of the neighborhood boys in my childhood neighborhood in the sixties, not an asexual anonymous alien from outer space, or San Francisco city council.

This (just one) adult male, destroyed a number of those boys for life. Where's their payout as 'victims of crime'? They don't have the Churches, the schools, the sports teams, the boy scouts, all factual beacons in reality of 'trust', for homosexual pedophiles to seemingly swarm to.... to sue.

He went on to be chief mechanic with the Durham Region Police Force after having molested one of the their top detective's sons whose crime was living next door to this mad snickering animal.

It is illogical at best for homosexuals who embrace sexual deviancy to be attacking the Church for having some of their cousin- homosexual, priests and at the same time attack the Church as it attempts to purge itself of these same priests who are focused on a sexual deviancy in total opposition to the teachings of Christ.

No one is calling for violence against homosexuals, very few ever have, but there is no religion in the world that says 'love thine evil' either, in a personal, or societal way.

Christ actually stated that the worst of Hell, awaits those who would harm little ones and I would hardly think that Marxist hedonistic 'enablers' (with no safety in numbers or organization) to those who would harm little ones, would get a pass.

Our children do deserve and demand the truth about homosexuality from societal 'grown-ups'!

Happy Canada/ Anal Sex Pride Day.....Toronto.. your big city should be very proud.

Paul Gordon


So 640 talk radio Toronto (hardly a stalwart defender of social conservatism), but who claims on the hour to have the number one listenership in Canada runs an all day poll on Monday, July 2nd 2012, asking if homosexual pride parade is a place to take your family and a resounding 95% responded no.

So why does this silent majority allow this disgusting farce to take place at all, like a nude beach walk down main street, only much worse?

Check out the images on Blazing Cat Fur blogspot com and see what the little children are transfixed on that television dares not to show, but your politicians, and judiciary help celebrate as a great disgusting joke on civil society.

Why would anyone consider this group and its supporters good child adoption material?

Downtown Toronto is so... the dirty hairy staunchy asshole..of Canada, the same kind of assholes these establishment ingraciated bastard flies swarm around, and it begs to be avoided at all costs, never mind think of living there. Let it turn into an urban ghost town.

There is no sanity where the packed rats and flies take up all the fresh air, with Queens Park being the first and long gone casualty and now headed by Dalton McGuinty and his parade marshal Education Minister.

Good parents move to the country, and take your kids out of McGiddy's schools and sleep well at night no matter all else, none of which is as important as your children.

As for evil, you can't hide all your secrets, and play in the sewer, then slither out fresh scent and squeaky clean claiming your idea of  a 'lifestyle' has all kinds of glowing attributes.

This evil is not in the bedrooms of the community. It is out, in your face, and in full attack for seemingly never ending insatiable desires, like an addict on childhood innocence crack.

What thrill do they possibly obtain by insisting that our children be drawn in to their perverted world not just by their activists, any longer, but by every member useful idiot group of the ensconced Marxist liberal establishment, all of whom I hold contempt for, including the judiciary,  that needs to be cracked open from its sheltered rotten stinking egg, for all to see and truly appreciate!

For those who think I could have been more subtle, well the proverbial moral pendulum has broken off it's axis and neither polite apologetic Canadian applause, nor prayer without commitment is going to cut it anymore.

And if you want subtle tell the parents who brought their children ( McGuiddy's and your children's classmates) to help celebrate pride day and destroyed sublety along with innocence. Toronto police officiers should be ashamed for all the willing participation they put into this public viewing sewage.

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