Friday, July 13, 2012

The Truth, Brad Pitt's Mother, Politics & Christianity

Truth, Brad Pitt's Mother, Politics & Christianity

Brad Pitt's courageous mother did get one thing wrong and unfortunately it was the most important thing.

Christians should not vote for Romney or Obama. Here's why.

1) The Republican party even without Romney is politically correct on moral and social issues. Romney happens to agree with the party on this and it is why the party and its supporters attacked Santorum (including his family) every chance it got and with the aid of Drudge Report no less.

2) The modern history of the Republican Party is that for all their talk from Nixon through Reagan through the Bushs, there has been a serious improvement on the abortion frenzy, such that free tax- paid abortions are still the norm and partial birth abortion is still here. Reagan even blew his one Supreme Court pick. Homosexual insatiable activism shows no sign of slowing down.

Children's innocence and souls are still open fodder for the liberal establishment.

3) Christians have been waiting and been politely (though sometimes 'politely' not so much) ignored for sixty years without a sliver of action. Babies and children have borne the brunt of this patience but it is going to take four more years, after the Christian community realizes that the Truth, not strategies, or conservative promises are the only way out.

That Truth entails that you never vote for a politically correct party that embraces the liberal establishment over any sense of right and wrong, no matter the alternative. Did Christ tell his disciples to save their skins, forget about Him and join Judas, who thought he had a great opportunity in exploiting Christ, because they seemingly had few viable options?

4) The enemy you know is always preferable to the enemy that claims like Judas to be your friend. The damage is greater and the cure is put into perpetual procrastination, only, without even the intent.

5) The destruction of North American morality and Judeo-Christianity came in on a political white horse that led the liberal establishment consisting of, academia, the judiciary, the 'news' media, the primarily disgusting entertainment industry, the medical and science communities, the social services and the labor unions.

Of less concern to Christians who understand sacrifice, the judiciary, academia, medical and science communities and labor unions all who can't see without looking through a Marxist prism have added an additional destruction of the economy and with the aid of feminism has blown the institution of the family out of the water.

Just out facts..There are more women in the U.S. work force than men and they are being paid higer wages. Most of those gains one can safely assume are with varying levels of education, health, fire, police and social service local, state and federal governments, typically the higher paying jobs.

The major household earners are now female, and men are now to use their natural strengths on unemployment and house mothers.
While liberal Marxist feminist social engineers were more than doubling the work force labourers with preferential treatment to one gender, the liberal unions and free trade were more than halving the available jobs. How could that have ever been seen as possibly good, in fact?

Over half of all Americans are now on government assistance. A large slice of that pie graph would be individuals and single mothers as opposed to less overall money having to be paid out to intact families.

6) It is a political white horse with some kick that needs to bring back Christianity from the secularism of politics that ingratiated itself through small increments over sixty years. The grass roots or base of that movement has to be instigated by the Church of Christ.

7) Christians need to vote with truth accordingly, not strategies. This entails voting for independents or social conservative individuals or social conservative parties alone, until such time that the political 'parties' not the individual candidates sincerely court their vote appropriately. If necessary, Christians need to withhold their vote all together rather than vote for any party that purposely plans to do nothing about what concerns Christians and that is what both mainstream 'parties' are doing, and have done for decades.

That is all that politicians who consider every cast vote as a mandate, and personal approval to continue on exactly the way political correctness has always led them, as the 'only' sign to do anything at all, 'different'.

8) Only the Truth applied to the vote, can tell politicians they are doing wrong and that Christians demand change...for once in sixty long long years.


The Catholic and Christian religions are naturally the vehicle that needs to bring about this political charge, and the pulpit is the natural place to defend babies, children's innocence and souls, the return of the natural family and morality to the nations. It is incumbent that in these war times on the soul that the Catholic and Christian Churches put aside repetitive dogmatic sermons as important as they are in times of peace of the souls, and act on the crucial problems of these times.

Christians wrapped up in themselves on 'end times' need to act like the end isn't going to be next week and take part in Christian activism even to the minimum extent of public witness processions, obedient and loving of Christ and in support of God and family before nations sopping in disdainful political correction and social experimentation.

I don't care who the Church likes or doesn't like...just do the right thing, and that includes purging yourself of your own liberals who have held back or paralyzed the Truth of Christ for so long in the name of the Marxist number one Anti-Christ of these times, who came in 'peace' but look what he reaped? Our present Church and nations..and voting for a Romney is not any kind of sustained restful nights, a and only yet another kick at the same costly can for yet another four years.

God is Truth and Truth is also logic, Catholics and Christians need desperately to accept both for once in these times of great moral unrest and upheaval, without settling and praising a far and away second best of essentially the same, on the moral front.

As terrible a president as Obama is, if he gets re-elected the supposed friends of Christians, the republicans... have only themselves to blame for such a situation. Christians cannot wait any longer for better timing.

The logical best thing that could happen in the U.S. would be for Rick Santorum to start a social conservative third party without the kind of support the rino party base gave him and let the republicans hold their nose for a change and ask them to support Christians.

For sometime there has been only two majority political forces in the U.S. and neither are doing anything for Judeo-Christians, babies, families or children.The pendlum is off its axis there is no 'easy' going back and there is no peace of mind for anyone.

Rush Limbaugh's definition of insanity, 'that of expecting different results for the same actions', applies perfectly to Catholics and Christians who keep voting for the Republican Party in good secular faith.

Paul Gordon

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