Friday, November 13, 2009

West Can ILL- Afford Anymore Muslim 'Love and Peace'

Cartoon Protest Continues in Iraq

The West Can’t Afford Anymore Muslim ‘Love and Peace’

Okay, I get there are no doubt countless Muslims in the west who live out a non-violent lifestyle themselves, and do not publicly support violence.

I have come across a few myself who were gracious hosts and very kind and adapted to the private Canadian unique way of apologizing, just- in-case, and feeling guilty just- in-case in the casual-est of interactions.

But, it is also apparent that even within this group there is little ‘public protest’ when western Muslim terrorists, and fanatics, do.. carry out violent acts of terrorism on the general public and specific targeted sites in the U.S.A., do.. plot such acts in Canada, and do.. commit egregious acts of violence on their own female members of their society.

And if there were/are such public cries or displays of shame and guilt of such violent acts committed on innocent men women and children in the name of Islam the liberal MSM is not covering it.

(That said, with the crazy world of western main stream media being such politically self-serving as it is, I don’t ‘totally’ rule out that there may be Muslim protests against their own violent members, the liberal media might simply not be covering , i.e. North America deserves whatever hell of a punishment can be dished out for not being Marxist , cool academically anarchist, or culturally- perversity accepting enough, were that anymore possible. )

To be honest though, what I don’t get is personally embracing modern Islam.. as being a positive or genuine experience for anyone, based a number of facts, not the least being: the true history of Islam, the true nature of the fallible albeit poetic or not, human prophet, Mohamed, and the true requirements of Islam from the Koran... the bible, the constitution, the whole ball of Islam wax.

In definite contrast to Islam, the new testament is impeccable in being grounded in the peace, love, and non-violence of Christ, including His own ultimate sacrifice for the sins and forgiveness of man trumping even blind worship of the Father, which at once, ultimately.. ironically, beautifully, and not so mysteriously, legitimizes the humbled loving Father’s deserving singular attraction for worship by individual discerned loving choice, not by decree, order, or under threat of death, which certainly sounds not like the ‘Truth to set anyone free’.

To be brutally frank, Christ did not ‘marry’ little girls and was not affected or afflicted by sexuality in any way as in his forty days in the desert, nor was sexuality a prerequisite to have real love for man(kind). Of course, sexuality was a prerequisite for procreation, not a prerequisite for love. In modern times this fact lends a certain logical and philosophical strength to the concept that marriage is sacrosanct not just in its ties to love, but also to procreation.

In other words, to say that marriage is needed to legitimize love is wrong, but procreation, monogyny and the best interests of the family (modeled no less in the upcoming season of the Holy Family) and child in civilized healthy society is best accentuated and insulated in a societal protected singular reserved frame of ‘marriage’. Increasingly, what modern society certainly is not synonymous with... among other entities such as  measurable ‘healthly anything’.

Lastly, in my opinion, if one wanted to join, or was a member of a religion that espoused some modern truly positive ideals to strive for, I would want to separate it somehow from the chains of an historically nomadic tribally barbaric origin, based on enslavement, total disregard for females to spite themselves, and embraced and necessitated bully ideology of the times to be respected (read) feared by others.

To quote Mark Steyn, yet again, one can have the greatest half glass of a vanilla milkshake in the history of mankind, made from the finest ingredients and prepared perfectly, yet fill the other half of the glass with dog excretement and what will be the predominant taste and to what ultimate worth.

Drop the main ingredient, better yet... change the glass.

The Truth will set you Free.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Government 2009: Huh Yeah What Is It Good For

Government 2009: Huh Yeah What Is It Good For..
Or, Yet, Another ‘Little’ Government Cure.... SNAFU
Or Everyone Knows the Truth but Its Always Too Inconvenient
Or ‘Human Rights’ Thought Police.... This

I don’t know what’s worse,the government and their MSM liberal Marxist lap dogs believing they fooled all of us and so back- slapping,fool-proud for it, (I mean c’mon they all went to private school and learned how to control the misnomer bargain ing unit narrowly taught) or the fact, government and their liberal Marxist lap dogs, apparently continue to fool more than half of us.

Let’s start with homosexual pedophiles. No male child, molested by an adult male has ever not been molested by a homosexual...Duh!! Deviant, (as opposed to oh ‘normal’) is, as deviance does.

Penises up anus’s....hmmmm, ohh probably.. not a good ya think!

'Tea bagging’... the newest wink wink fad on CNN ... don’t even want to know what knew cool depravity that is.

Quick question. Where are all the homosexually- abused ‘pride’ parades?

Quick answer . Well they are all just coping and ‘getting by’ dealing with mental illness, depression, and social anxieties or they committed suicide . Watching males and the whole world celebrating the kind of narcissistic deviant sexuality that destroyed their lives must be a sweet treat for them.

Oh that’s right, they don’t leave their houses unless they have to, and they are not broadcasting the kind of main street sex act parades, politicians and zombie police chiefs are leading, on TV.... yet.

Well, thank you big brave government for little mercies!

Side Bar. Why the Hell are there charitable status societies whose mission statement amounts to, the younger the boys, we can legally have sex with the better, that are allowed to legally exist?

Oh well, they were only small children at the time and not having the where with all to sound the alarm, or apparently anyone then or now, to sound the alarm for them, slipped into black holes of time served victims.

Headline... Homosexuality, the only healthy privileged gay lifestyle good enough to be above the law and front of the line, yet, bad enough to shake and rattle the whole Catholic, and other Christian Faiths.

Is this hate speech?

No... that’s the whole thing. I’m preaching the virtues of independent thought to NOT hurt ANYONE, and to getting our heads on straight.. not screwed on tight and soldered by others.

Boy, that rotten to the core, morality and public decency that just (saves children and)ruins everything doesn’t it?

But no one 'cares' best for us, and better... 'knows' what’s best for us, than politicians and governments, or at least knows what price to put on a ballet and made up face to show the public.

Government cares so much to spend billions on selective diseases that have mortality rates of less than getting struck by lightening and on vaccinations and procedures that forty percent of health care providers wouldn’t buy into.

Then, Government creates the very panic they tell people not to get panicked about.... “It’s very serious...Well, okay you’re not likely to ever die from it, but anything’s possible... Well okay, it’s not that serious to most groups, well any group as a whole...but we’re telling you, it’s very serious..We wish we had the shots we want you to take in the right year for the right thing...but hurry down and get in line anyway, and expect long delays”

The government knows and cares for every hair on us all, blessed everyone, yet doesn’t lose any ‘caring- credibility’ over issue-urgency, assisted suicide laws, like there are thousands of people without pain relieving(government)health care who would like to be able to kill themselves, only they have no way, and absolutely no thoughts, (or internet) on how to actually go about it.

Like they care about whether the government and laws of Canada are giving them the thumbs up as they pass on to eternity from a relative 'second' of a life their own hands or by special request of someone else.

They want to feel good about ‘it’, at least for as short as they can feel or think about anything in existence, no matter what powers are subsequently legally unleashed to what evil persuaded powers there might still be around once they have left the building..

Talk about the ultimate narcissist! “I want to be thought of with “dignity”, with 'legality',( and thus)fondly as I do a header into the great beyond and I don’t care a fig of what might be set up for others.

The brave Government knows and cares for every hair on our least, as long as we have a voice to shout at them, a whistle to blow, ...or an MSM or judicial (oxymoron) activist, or Hollyweird , ear to bend, and start a new immoral or unethical politically correct, cause du jour, bottom lined popular vote to wave.

Of course, if you are a baby in the womb,(and everyone was..well,okay,only God and one other,knows where Karl Marx came from)again, you’re too young and deathly quiet to raise a fuss, so you can be killed with legal permission (people’s personal immoral choices never let government law stop them anyway)and government blessing for the modern day narcisstic busy woman... right up until you are breathing and still have one foot in the birth canal.

Hell... all expenses and guilt paid for...too. I love this Country.

Of course, no one cares about marriage and families like the government can. Well, actually the government had always been somewhat ambivalent about marriage (thank God for that) except until now.

Now, they penalize you financially for being married as there is no family that doesn’t stay together like the one that all works apart... for the benefit and glory of the government store, naturally.

There is nothing to give a woman more self-worth over the family than earning a personal living for the government.. to keep her politically correct in line too, and to take most of her earnings, to pay for the government free or subsidized day care, or pre pre junior kindergarten school slot to babysit her tots while she makes money to pay for the better, know- it- all, see- it- all, government-family to make room for them.

Which brings us to one honking poster-boy size modern politician and example of everything gone wrong with government.. Premiere of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty

No previous Ontario provincial or federal socialist, liberal or New Democrat, self- called conservative,for that matter, party ever entertained the idea of universal government paid or sponsored daycare until McGuinty,(no doubt as another side perk for the teacher’s unions he heavily, and seemingly solely catered to to get elected.)

For their part, the public and Catholic (full of anti-Catholic principles) teacher's unions, paid back McGuinty, shamelessly with unheard-of full support, including photo op rent a crowds with hot line inside communications as to where to be at the right time to help McGuinty and unlimited volunteer campaigning.

Gee, I wonder why there has never been a teacher’s strike... whimper for that matter, or how class sizes were lowered so much in such recessional times as they have with McGuinty at the helm of the second largest expense to Ontario taxpayers.

Anyway,so shrewd McGuinty sets up the government day care thing, starting with a huge and still under-used,(I would imagine)province wide base all on the demanded expectation the federal government(of the same taxpayer) would have to come through with billions to fund it but of course, with all political credit to McGuinty.

Who would have thought.... the government got the numbers and another government all wrong.

By the way , has anyone ever figured out what services the federal government actually provides, except pomp, circumstance, pompous asses, demonstrate how to defund and demoralize the military, throw out criminal laws and replace them with thought and political laws. I know they print money. They are stellar at collecting and hording money, and that they used to deliver mail, and control communications, but what do they do now, that’s useful as opposed to innate, or harmful ?

Private industry couldn’t run U.I. (oh sorry E.I. yeah right), equally as bad.... and without the six week waiting times and six hour waiting lines to boot.

Anyway, on the road to better looking after abused and neglected children through needed newer and more effective and efficient mandates on Children’s Aids, their budgets were raised to meet the need that never was met,(and will be needed more with the current recession), McGuinty did/ was forced to do, something right.

Unfortunately, what he previously did wrong... starting new politically correct socialist (of course there populist, anything called free is populist) programs, negated the only thing he did right.

Now Children’s Aid orgs. have been told serious cutbacks are staying...suck it up and live with it... something politicians and their parties, never have to do themselves.

In fact,(poison pill anyway) socialist healthcare is also suffering from McGuinty's wannabe popular-guy grandiose legacy ideas, with cuts necessary even after McGuinty’s healthcare surtaxes, that, and service cuts to keep healthcare from completely crumbling.

Insultingly, McGuinty’s idea of leadership was to have/allow his number one (nutty many would say), minister, George Smitherman,Health Minister at the time, to wear adult diapers for himself,in some weird stunt to find out what the Long Term Health Care,fuss was all about, and how comfortable or how long a diaper could/should be worn or who knows what he was thinking, not.

Then there is electricity. Electricity is not the greatest provincial government expense simply because it is all paid for by the consumer aka taxpayer,too.

The stupidity is, why then did the Ontario government ever be allowed to manage and control electricity from production, distribution, costing and to future planning.... as a third party?

The obvious answer would be, to look out for Ontario citizens so that electricity would remain at its most efficient, least costly, dependable and safe commodity for the reason of its importance as an energy source and key financial, comfort and safe component to the well being of the province and its people.

Except, the exact opposite happened.

(Side Bar... Ironically, for all the complaining of the price of gas.. an industry mostly out of the hands of any government except to tax in economic parasitic leaps and bounds, gas is one of the least expensive if not ‘the’ least expensive liquids, in North America at a dollar a litre. The indifferent business dollar doesn’t much care how important the product is to you or how much you need to go through . The fact remains, it is an inexpensive product, especially for the processing/refining and other costs it has to go through before it ends up in your vehicle. Water goes through nothing compared to what it takes to turn oil into gasoline and get it to you from far away places. To ask the government to subsidize the price of gas (other then to not add more taxes) is to literally take it from one of your own pockets plus a little more for bureaucracy and outright screwing charges and put what’s left in your other pocket.)

The Government screwed up...badly... year after year, every year when it came to looking out for us.

Past governments (mere political parties, but with unearned un-trustworthy power) did nothing to plan for the future and even incurred more and more debt instead of passing real electricity costs onto the electorate and risk disenfranchising themselves on election days.

So much so, that we now have pay back- the- debt charges on every bill because of past political ‘party negligence’ and non due diligence that created the debt.

McGuinty even went as far as to promise to cut back on the limited electricity generating facilities Ontario had, by removing coal and oil fired generating facilities, for pure politically- correct populist election advantage.

Just recently, one of McGuinty’s ministers, same Smitherman- different portfollio, now makes the statement that...Woaa, the cost of building nuclear generating stations and providing nuclear generated electricity just went sky high, so we won’t be building any more of those anytime soon and consumers are just going to have to pay more.

Thank you, to Ontario’s three stooges political parties on how you completely screwed up our electricity self-sufficiency and costs now, and long term future.

Down -size all those useless eyesore windmills to a size you can wear on your politically-correct nerd beanie hats, for all the net worth they are. Next time, we need help, we’ll call you...don’t offer, or take it upon yourselves.

Did I leave anything out? Just volumes, but you should get the drift of what I really think.

Of course, it could be worse. We could have Obama in charge of the neighbourhood socialist watch, but that doesn’t get our own disaster makers off the hook.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wanted: A Few Young Good Men With Eternally Old Ideas & Ideals

Plea to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Re: Bishop Lahey, Antigonish

Not that anyone really thought it was safe to go back into the woods and trust the old fellowship of the North American Bishops but had they done so, they would have quickly stumbled across the felled stump of the rotting soul of a Nova Scotian bishop with a kiddie porn loaded lap top.

The overly comfortable mortal of a man who was just charged with, and credited for, a ‘successful’ end to yet, another too common a North American tragedy, ‘abuse settlement’ had his cover lifted as every parent’s feared real boogy man, from the highest calling for the defence from .... just the likes of himself.. before his story has even completely unfolded.

Warning, the internet of the world doth giveth and doth taketh away, but does show the ugliness of the truth the world, society ‘should’ know it has to fight.

If there are good bishops they appear to be, but a smattering within their large numbers in North America, for they wield no control of Bishops Conferences with their lay adviser's, and bishop fiefdoms, seemingly indifferent to Vatican laws and papal wishes and directives, thus undermining Rome, or taking Rome out of the Roman Universal Church.

To add insult to the assorted extremely ‘poor judgement injuries’ racked up in modern time and freshly slapped this month, we witness the pre-warned entertaining of a anti-Catholic speaker at a Canadian Catholic Bishop’s Conference at a worldly notion of a speakers ‘workshop’.

I believe my instinctive tuition tied to what innately feels right is shared in at the bare minimum, the optics of the performances and results of the modern Canadian Catholic Bishops Conference.

The very notion of a Bishops ‘Conference’ implies a democratic philosophic and papal independent group secularly freed from the narrowly and purposeful defined confines of Christian theology, the Truth of Christ, which would be a bad thing.

The eternal truth of Christ falls out to be more like personal modern constitutional interpretations for fad, social, or more apt, socialist causes more blatantly proclaimed by the ‘Conference’ in the early days of our new modernism, (trumpeted and door crashed through Vatican II, where Toronto’s own Cardinal Carter proclaimed his greatest accomplishment was to break into Vatican offices to change documents to make things go ‘our way’..), ‘We are now freed to go by our own individual consciences’ on what ‘feels right’ to us or in other words, self is the most important thing in rushing to obtain, join and be strengthened by.....nothing, and nothing much that is important, or intrinsically held in common.

In any case, the Vatican itself is well versed in the antics and disappointments of the collective Bishops of Canada and has at times rightfully, more apt, dutifully voiced its displeasure directly to them...but in apparent fact... in vain.

As for the seemingly few good Bishops with apparently absolutely no input, one of Canada’s greatest minds with the uncanny ability and wit to effortlessly put the precise words with the right thought, Mark Steyn, put it pointedly albeit crudely along these lines, ‘one can have half a glass of the greatest milkshake ingredients ever formulated in the history of the world, but if the rest of the glass is filled with dog feces, what overpowers the whole milkshake?

I would also add you can't extract the offending ingredient once it has been added, factually, because the offending ingredient of Bishops gone Wild hasn't been removed
in at least sixty years. One priest has made a statement in Lahey's case that he warned him in the eighties about his pedophile like hobby. How many others new, including those who commended Lahey up to the Nuncio in Ottawa?

How can good Bishops sit still in Conferences and listen to bad Bishops go on like complete idiots. Teacher's Marxist anti-Catholic unions and secular boards of health have more influence with the Canadian Conference than the Holy See.

It is easier to replace a good Bishop, (though this group wouldn't think so) than it is to remove a bad Bishop. There appears to be secular like camaraderie, and criticism line not crossed among all, that is common in police, educational and medical unions.

I contend the good Bishops, (like the supposedly good pro life candidates in a pro abortion popular party) should be purposefully and meaningfully delighted more apt, relieved and ecstatic to resign from such a group in such disarray, and heresy to put it mildly, especially, if it will cleanse the whole group.

The Bishop's Conference has recently caved in to secular Health Boards that they have a whole page list of non-acceptable Church practices over communicable diseases that ultimately fizzed out, to nothing more than over reactions or worse.

Apparently, the Body of Christ, can no longer be trusted to not be infected with SARS and Swine Flu whereas very few died from the SARS scare and where more people die from regular flu than Swine flu.

Parishoners who insist on receiving Holy Communion on the tongue in Canada have been threatened by the 'Bishop's Conference' that should they persist,(what's the obvious politics and complaints behind this one?)they will give the priests 'directives' not to offer Holy Communion to them. The Vatican has long held the position that no one can be refused the Body of Christ simply because they want to kneel or receive Communion on the tongue by Consecrated hands.

Boy, if only they would take such stands against the government and justice depts. (actually one judge) that order their Catholic School Boards to allow a homosexual adult male to be entertained with his high school male date at a graduation dance.

The only way to instill confidence in the laity and avoid more secular attacks in the mainstream media is to bring in a complete new group, including the lay administrators and advisers to the present Bishops Conference.

Like a Chicago gangster movie, the only thing to bring citizen confidence back in the police department was to bring in the ‘Untouchables’ which involved getting ‘young’ idealist recruits ( not out of touch with reality) right out of cadet training into a force where its public statements were only made by its head.

The Roman Catholic Church Representatives of Canada needs new Bishop recruits fresh, or not long and far away from the seminary, and it needs the ‘Conference’ to be torn completely down and rebuilt in as little as three days!

And this is the only action in Canada that will restore confidence, and more importantly, faith in a Catholic Church which will endure the very gates of hell at its door where it has now demonstratively planted itself!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christian Unity Means United Stand on Heresy

Christian Unity Means United Stand on Heresy

There is common ground for Christian faiths to unite on, and the Vatican which purports (and as a follower, I can’t dispute) to be the true Church of Christ, must take the lead on.

In these spiritually perilous times for all souls, the Catholic Church can ill afford to let its ‘official’, by name and reasonable assumption, educational institutions, its anointed, and its appointed, in short, its official representatives, spread heresy more attuned to ill- conceived philosophical opinion and blatant populism all over the map especially in morality and in contrast to sound theology, logic and the Truth of Christ.

Of course, by the ‘Truth of Christ’, I mean exactly that, in purposeful indifference to modern academic and artistic philosophical freedoms seemingly more attuned to blissful asylum-endings of ‘fulfilment.’ Again, I call for proclamation of the year of Christ The Truth (like we actually believe it).

The Vatican needs to take a no nonsense stand on what it has stood for since Jesus Christ walked the earth while proclaiming and living the Truth, the Light and the Way.

In secular terms an irrevocable basic Christian ‘Constitution’ needs to be proclaimed, and boldly and decisively defended, especially against its own representatives and public figures who feel they have a right to be in total opposition to the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ.

This doctrinal crusade (for lack of a more precise word) needs the full participation of the Bishops Conferences of North America starting with the distancing or better, outings, of one or two renegade Bishops themselves.

Who are the Catholic faithful supposed to follow and emulate? The Vatican, again in secular terms- the non-complying national Bishops Conference, the non-complying local Bishop, the non- complying Catholic university, the non-complying Catholic grade or secondary school, the non-complying Catholic educator unions and non-complying politically correct trustees, how about the non- complying celebrities or politicians who even boast about their defiance to their own faith in scrounging for votes through populism.

In being ‘all over the map’, over a good deal of the earth what relevance has Christianity, period?
What connection is their to other Christians when everyone leaving Mass has a different idea, or even heretical notions of who Christ was, and was is acceptable moral behaviour and responsibility.

Such a plainly worded brief ‘Constitution’ or by any like tool, soundly based on actual scripture without modern politically motivated ‘revisions’ is what is needed.

One such ‘revision’ was read from the missal just this past Sunday. ‘Anyone who would ‘scandalize’ these little ones’ became, anyone who would become a ‘stumbling block’ between Me and these little ones, it would be better that they had a millstone....C’mon ‘a stumbling block?’ Do we need interpreters for interpreters for original straightforward Talk now?

A whole new catechism or encyclical is not needed for such a ‘Constitution’ something more akin to a ten commandments.

Certainly to be included in such a ‘Constitution’ would be the following as a few examples

Sin is always to be judged, quite correctly ‘private’ sinners are not

Evil exists and is always prevalent in aspects of society

Homosexuality goes against Christianity on a number of scriptural teachings

Taking an ‘innocent’ persons life is always wrong no matter the age of the person. In times of war the utmost precaution has be taken to avoid the taking of ‘innocent’ life.

Christ was neither a socialist or a capitalist and logically neither did advocate sloth.

Christ emphasized personal ‘sacrifice’ and giving, not demands for perqs or equalizations.

Christ emphasized that hoarding ‘riches’ was wrong and a block to entering heaven

For those who couldn’t see it earlier in Christ’s teachings, Christ made it plain through St. Paul, that slavery was wrong and all men are equal.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Note To March For Life Organizers

Recently,Washington experienced one of its largest protests ever.

It was against Obumr's five year socialist revolution plan over 365 days. (Tell me Barack,DaRat's, communist buddy, mentor, not to mention, anarchist murderer, had no effect on his pseudo-intellect and wayward path against logic and civilization).

Point to pro-life was a protest not held on a work day and it was not held in spring.

As a side note,Rush Limbaugh has recently stated, as I have before, if the press won't give you coverage, cover them, all over the place and peacefully disrupt their business day with 'information pickets', the same way unions are allowed to disrupt their employer's businesses,with their free speech rights.

The left pioneered its take-over of the establishment with small activist groups who were in the face of the media at every turn...okay... they also had Cronkite, socialist judges, academia, not to mention crazy Hollyweird's perverts in their pocket.

But,in addition to hitting the Ottawa news-outlets, what would be wrong with a peaceful protest around the streets to 24 Sussex on a Saturday, as well?

Harper needs to know that his personal wish and blackout order to the conservative troops of all things pro-life, doesn't make murdering babies go away, or right!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Context is Everything Especially in Revelation

Is not the 'miracle' of life; that I see, I experience ...I exist.. in an otherwise meaningless vacuum of an inanimate universe that is truly the miracle of all miracles.

And equally, that by Divinly created factual default, not by opinion or of human design, (indeed all men are created equal), a miracle that 'can' and for no other reason this side of love and beauty, 'should', be shared as a life of joy by Divine exquistly granted choice... by all?

Is it not this understanding of miracles that firstly separates man from beast?

And if such a miracle exists in this universe, indeed, why would this miracle of the birth of the yearning soul cease with this universe or earthly containment till physical death therein?

Faith need not be blind in logic love and Truth of Christ.

And revelation is best focused and most comforting in suffering and persecution where there is always Someone to welcome you.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evil Review

No this is not a newspaper, but going by much of the MSM....that could be titled such.

Right out of the gate, there is no arbiter or fine arbitration of evil needed.
Evil is blatantly obvious and is not neutral. It is of course, the opposite of good and is the lie against the logic and Truth of Christ.

People who are totally enamoured and succumb completely to evil are starkly obvious. The medium of evil lurks freely through 'feelings' which has many aspects. Feelings of pride, (the falling of the Dark Angel) feelings of power, feelings centred on self, or personal 'feelings' to the detriment of all others... Narcissism.

Of course, there is also 'feelings' of envy, jealousy in hand with self pity, illicit lust and so on, (less that there is a 'holy anger' allotted to evil itself, the only justification for war)

However, there is in addition,feelings of 'misplaced' sympathy or beyond the duty of mercy to the detriment of good, i.e. the caveat of truth from Christ "Go and sin,no more".

'Trekies' will remember that 'Spock' was often ridiculed for being too logical when in fact, true logic does incorporate mercy, is love' and still upholds the greater or ultimate, good. Whereas misplaced feelings of sympathy ultimately forgives the sin itself, through feelings for the sinner. Feelings,that may be initially compassionate or perversely romantic, but ultimately detrimental, harmful, even deadly to many many others.

There are key groups in society that are most susceptible to evil. Why wouldn't there be? Those that have and hold power and control over others and who can and do limit societies freedoms.

Christianity for instance is 'all' about free divine given choice up to and including to be 'in' or to be 'out' when governance is the opposite, and in fact is excused for the minimum amount of law and order obviously needed for societal well-being and for the common 'good'.."Give unto Caesar" precisely meaning what is least 'detrimental' to the most "Give unto God".

Unlike, the overly kind, overly generous, overly politically correct Canadian Catholic Bishops to the point of limpness and abandonment of direction and guidance.

My letter to Catholics would be to not vote for political parties that have embraced evil and who allow bureaucracies do likewise. And if evil is all that is around as in the case of all mainstream Canadian parties, don't vote at all, as all that is accomplished is that support is shown for evil, and evil is entrenched often over some hedonistic societal advancement, or individual minor often temporary (until debt is run up or very next election) temporal gain.

So what is evil and why is it so obvious?

Well, stating the obvious, evil has manifested itself in the obvious harm and or destruction it has inflicted on the Christian and Catholic faith. It has manifested itself in the willful harm it has done on children's (at large), 'innocence', emotional, and intellectual well being. It has robbed families of the delight of their own offspring and their own right to raise their children according to their morals.

Evil has unleashed open murder of babies anywhere in Canada, at any time in the pregnancy, and at no cost. Evil has entrenched that view and mindset not at the will of the people but at the,unchallenged, will of the 'activists'.

Evil has destroyed the family unit throughout North America and beyond, and placed millions dependant and at the mercy of the government, in deceit aka the village.

Evil is obsessions with the inanimate and the insignificant to the status of a secular definite religion to the detriment of worthy societal causes and to keep people occupied up to being consumed with the insignificant.

Evil is the attempt to control, through the total censor and suffocation of human thought and speech not allowing such to rightfully stand or to be rightly ridiculed on its own merit and manifestations.

Again, evil is not always measured successfully in it's analyse or by who on earth is doing the analyse. However, it is always unrefutable blatant in its end results if not its many failures along the way, i.e. socialism "By it's fruits you will know it"

Part 1

Sunday, September 13, 2009



Kennedy Family Feared Crazies ( They didn’t have to leave home) (Babies, tax payers and freedom lovers feared Ted who drove them crazy..Crazy is as Crazy Made)

Politician calls Politician ‘Liar’ ( yeah, and Politicians Named Patron Saints of Honesty)

Baltimore A.G. Mulling Charges Against Acorn Exposers (Gee, I wonder if they should first start with Baltimore City politicians and themselves on ill gotten Acorn gains, do ya think)

From Live Like A Celebrity (Give Like a Celebrity...not so much....glorious narcistic bastards)

From WND....... Obama’s Inner Team, Socialists with Former Communist Ties ( no poop!)

Human ‘Yikes’ Commission Sites Catholic School Bd. for not Hiring Non- Catholic Teach.
(How about Secular Ontario Governments Okay to Not Hire English- Only Speaking Taxpayers)

Tiller Killed (unborn greatly relieved, but news treated as ‘man bites dog’, that he was, story, up to Presidential statement)

Pro-lifer Killed (treated as dog bites man...with no hate crime, or story here, everyone go home and and go about your business. Don’t forget he’s the guy that doesn’t murder babies)

Obama to Work on More Terrorist Prisoner’s Rights ( That’s right friends, I said, Obama and that ends with ama and that rhymes with Osama and that stands for misunderstood freedom fighters and music men trumpeting from the wrong end...not of the instrument)

Blahhahgoovitch Affair Witness Found Dead..OD-ed On Aspirin
(wanted a long goodbye?.. Blahhhahgoovitch not considered ‘bold’ enough to have anything to do with it.

MSM Counts Thousands Who Attend Washington Tea Party Protest
(MSM Proof Counts and Backs All Obama's Health Care and Economic Figures)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When Did Christ Show 'Respect' For Evil!

There is something intrinsic about logic and the 'Truth of Christ' that people who try to come across as Holier than Christ, can't seem to wrap their heads around.

Love thy neighbour...Love thy enemy, do not equate to love or have 'respect' for.. evil.

They believe in 'strategic' respect. (There's that strategy of trying to out-think evil again,when Truth is the only route to go). It goes somewhat like this, if you show humble respect and private criticism for public figures whose narcissistic food and popularity depends on embracing evil you will accomplish the good fight, and not tarnish the `whole movement` in the process and it is totally wrong.

Respect for evil ingratiates evil! Respect for evil emboldens evil! Respect for evil prods opportunist narcissistic 'attention grabbers' who can't get attention other-wise to aspire to evil, particularly politicians and judges who ultimately are the gate keepers for societal evil and the media and Marxist academia are their cheer-leaders.

Respect for evil in brazen fact, fuels political correctness over Truth and Christianity.

Does evil not keep on top by disrespecting and marginalizing Christianity and morals in general?

Would Steyn and Levant have succeeded on the winning over a long run of a ridiculous string of 'free speech' crimes, (though like the Americans in WWII it would be nice if they came in a little earlier than when they became targets, themselves) by playing nice, and quiet and respectful of mad people.

Neville Chamberlain was 'respectful' of Hitler...thought everyone else should be, and was immediately run over by a Panzer tank.

The Catholic Church of Canada was extremely respectful of Turdeau and countless liberal Marxist politicians.. including self-called conservatives. So now as a world leader in political correctness,(no garbage please we're Canadian) we have failed socialist policies, no choice except on killing babies at any time-anywhere, pervert respect and parades to celebrate sex.. the more perverse the better, same sex marriages itching to stand at Catholic altars and assisted, wanted or not, suicide.

What a war tool respect and coyness,(read cowardice) make!

Of course, I am not talking about private people with their private sins and demons that they would prefer to keep private and non-public. They know what they have done is evil and in most cases, one would hope they have the sense to be sorry for what they have done and to repent...much sooner than later.

This is where Christ wanted us to have compassion and to aid these people as our-selves, our neighbours, our enemies.

Ted Kennedy rode evil to the hilt and he checked out with no reservations about the public evil he profited by on all fronts. He sent a 'letter' to the Pope asking him to pray for him, when he had months to publicly repent and disrespect the evil he perpetrated on the American people in so many ways.

Kennedy's larger than anyones's life, ego and embracing of evil completely devoured his soul and the Catholic Church had no business in participating in this 'public' funeral while the whole freakin world watched and the media took 'careful' notes.

The Boston Cardinal, Father Rosica and Lifesite for a few are all tragically and stratigicly baby-dead wrong about respect for evil.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Get It On Then: Homeschool Persecution N.H.

Worldnetdaily is running articles on a Christian home-schooled ten year old girl in New Hampshere being treated like a home-schooler in modern socialist Germany under Merkel the iron lady to Christians and school kids.

A socialist-righteous court official, Michael Gardner, titled a Marital Master (talk about communism) decided an admittedly brilliant, happy, well-adjusted social butterfly 'must' attend officially atheist state-unionized pollutedly-correct school, in order to decide what faith she might personally adopt.

Gee I wonder what religion Gardner is really routing for and manipulating?

The only real concern about religion here is that the ten year old is a Christian. The only religion feared by the leftist establishment and only natural enemy the present state recognizes.

Judge Lucy decides this is more than a reasonable strike against's an order!

Well, okeedokee, by logical extrapolation (or nothing socialist justice likes to go by) and the State's own Constitutional read-ins and add-ons, Muslim children must be removed from their orthodox extreme, (think Sharia law and rampant abuse on females) parents wearing the garb. Don't they get the opportunity to be state atheist troopers to?

What about Jewish private schools and all those elitist private schools politicians send their own kids to and feed our kids to the unions for votes and support rallies?

Jewish children can't be getting a lot of what the state schools have to push either?

Why is the girl ordered to attend only state school?

And why the Hell, do Catholics and Christians keep falling down in the face of obvious persecution and for trying to prevent the total collapse of their nations for humanist orgies on all levels and aspects of society?

We're not going to obey stupid laws anymore, and we're not even going to acknowledge so called Human Rights dictations. We will take them to real court every time and publicly expose them all the way.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy Funeral: No Excuses

Just a reminder to the various Catholics who will be attending the planting of a super-sized, deep-sixed socialist and yet another Kennedy abortion enabler. (Eunice, being one of the few Kennedy exceptions in that really inglorious bastard department)

In Quebec apparently a priest didn’t know he was not supposed to give Holy Communion to Stephen Harper, the only Prime Minister who had never been to a Catholic funeral before, and even the priest’s Bishop stated, everyone gets communion on special occasions anyway...sweet!

So to the number of Massachusetts bishops and priests and those well beyond that state, (including that infamous Jesuit priest lap dog to all famous democrats), who will be attending with bated breath, and Chris Matthew necro- estrogen tingles, just to say, “You were there” some day to nobody who cares, try to remember the Catholic funeral basics will ya?

We Canadians went thru this Catholic Kangaroo funeral stuff, including a son’s Caesar’s, Friends Romans Countrymen speech (no poop) when Pierre Turdeau sailed to a sudden sub- turf grounding a few years back Hey, it was the only time Castro visited Canada or much of anywhere else..Top that Obumer.

All the priests and bishops in Quebec attended this anti-Catholic, Catholic’s funeral and about half of the priests west of Quibeck made the ‘special’ effort as well.

Hey, the Sisters of St. Joseph’s invited Clinton (the one with actual political power) to speak and raise money for their hospital in Ontario, and claimed, ‘they don’t get out much’ to actually have known Clinton sordid details. We laugh in mordant disgust.

Kennedy was like millions of other Catholic quintessential liberals in North America so he will be missed by all the MSM and millions of his ilk. There is one difference between Ted Kennedy and those as shallow as he was though.

Kennedy was a prince, and a king maker in a marginal shorter group of ‘governing’ liberals in power who could actually effect change, but alas, in choosing the dark side for greased ego summits and for forgiveness in not being expected to go beyond low- personal life expectation a la BJ Clinton.

Kill babies if they are inconvenient, right up to birth, (just like in Canada eh, paid for on demand)
Keep the poor, poor...add to their roles.
Reward sloth... punish initiative.
Keep the ignorant, ignorant for a number of reasons, not the least, to keep them dependant and to pay off national teacher unions for votes and campaigning (just like McGuinty in Ontario eh)

To the souless politicians attending in loving company of misery who trade morals and scruplesfor votes and attack their own (supposed) faith as a modern mandatory add-on of accepted and applauded state what you want. We couldn’t possibly think any less of you anyway.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Wrong or Right! Two Ominous Lines Forming?

Take a look around at all the Internet bloggers for the right and the left and the uncensored comments (previously unheard of) being posted on some of the MSM opinion pieces
and news items and massaged news items.

For no wrong or right or good and bad, in the way of spirituality, morality, opinion, philosophy and consequence of actions, there sure are two solid lines forming of polar opposites that just 'coincidentally' share the same thoughts and hold the same beliefs or lack thereof, right down the line.

Of course, monopoly Marxists and their inductee victims have had the state full backing, in academia and employment (so consequently the news media too), for decades now and were able to miraculously impart the absurd wisdom that there is no wrong answers to anything as long as you agree with the teacher.

Well, the Internet has wrestled the domination of opinion and more importantly 'free' speech from the lock-step media which was actually dominated and owned by a relative fewer and fewer players as local newspapers were bought up by national chains.

It was in fact national captured audiences when all the opinion one could obtain was from newspapers and national columnists, and socialist broadcasters like Cronkite unless one was in State school where of course, it was even less likely to hear varied opinions.

Now, there is abundant, (not to mention totally free, if you already have a computer and Internet service and can still afford electricity if you live in Ontario) honest alternative thinking and hard held opionion to the standard 'like-think' free societies were subjected to untill now.

Now, the State taken over by the leftist establishment can try the 'fairness doctrine' (read shut down dissenting opinion) and other schemes to keep free speech chained, but in sheer irony, as with so many of the left's successes, the cat is pretty much out of the bag...the ship has sailed, Baby, and it ain't looking back. The leftist establishment censor in Canada disguised under Human Rights Halos have met their match in Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn.

The Internet media will now ultimately be the whip of correction that will snap back at big unions and academia.

Most importantly though, youth will eventually learn, that yes there is right and wrong and good and evil and that the state, government and the hallowed tainted halls of academia are all the wrong places to look for leadership and certainly not for happiness.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mission Impossible: Ahead of It's Time

Or, How Can A Man With No Past Write An Honest Book About His Life?

The TV series Mission Impossible was a popular show for its time that had a good run as TV series go. The spy team was sent on secret missions in defence of U.S. interests and every mission was premised that the government would not acknowledge their existence should they ever be caught.

Kind of like J.F.K (-ed everyone), and his Cuba liberation squad that he abandoned, and disavowed any knowledge of. Kennedy didn’t want any political failures, any failures period for that matter, being pinned on him.

Anyway, if there was a real life Mission Impossible squad available now that had its nation's best interests at heart, over the interests of a socialist media won election of a guy with no official records of a past, they would have more missions than you could swing a rolled up O magazine at.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to stop Obama from bringing a failed Universal Health Care into policy and practice in the U.S.A.

Check that, Jim, your first mission is to uncover Obama’s real birthplace, and all the missing years and records of his young life (of which he has quoted numerous ages for,) that he is the first president to be so secretive of.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to stop Major O’bummers team from making all recent military secrets and strategies (aside from, Never be outflanked) wallpaper for all the liberal and terrorist bathroom stalls and caves in the world.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to invent an adding machine and send knock-offs as gifts to all MSM types to grant them the miracle of addition on all the money to be spent on health care and ‘make it on the fly’ politically advantageous stimulus packages. Apparently,
there are no adding machines in the possession of half of all Americans at least.

Jim, after breakfast, your mission should you decide to accept it, is to expose all the contradictions Obama’s teleprompter so brazenly spits out, sometimes in the same speech
not realizing readers go more to bloggers now than the old socialist standby days of lapdog socialist media, socialist academia and the Hollywood elite to connect the dots and get the real scoop.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to expose the plentiful and mysterious ways of accounting and studies, that will at the same time, not pay for public abortions and pay for public abortions, and at the same time create great economic growth and create phenomenal national debt.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it is to point out which swastikas plastered over public sourpuss faces means the target is a Nazi or the graffiti guy is the Nazi. It’s getting harder to follow without a program or subscript.

Jim, your mission should you decide to accept it, is to find out who is really behind the Obama economic, military, foreign affair, health care, educational, media, culture, censorship, and town hall stacking, (to name a few) of the O’bummer five year, four year, three year, one week, overnight and hourly plans, because no single man could have scattered so much B.S. over so many people, in so little amount of time as Obama did for a relative rooky politician.

Jim, when you get a free moment, could you do something with those two clowns in Iran, and the North Korean and mutual sleaze admirer of Bill and his exploits, Kim Jong Choc Ful O Dung.

You could also send big Willy to take a ‘no rules’ slugfest round out of Putin the Smirkin just for what he’s been thinking.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

End The Government Insanity

Mark Steyn, for one, cleared up the mystery of how Canada’s economy is booming when all else around are dying in Untangling the Spaghetti. Sometimes, things just don’t make a lick of sense,as in the former booming increase in housing costs and sales.

Real estate costs and sales went dramatically up while annual average incomes could in no way sustain the national phenomena in the United States and Canada. I was even taken to task on a former blog I wrote for Sierra Times by a reader who said my piece on the failing economy was sensible except for one thing,"Housing sales were booming in the U.S."

Of course, to accommodate these ‘dream come true’ booming sales it was not widely known at the time that the American Democrats had put in a economic poison pill in the form of making financial institutions give high mortgages to people who could not afford them by any stretch of the imagination.

In Canada’s case, families and investors came to their senses and just acted on ‘enough is enough’ and high is too high. If socialists were really pro-family they wouldn’t allow the investment community to play with family homes like Mr. Potter a la “It’s a Wonderful Life” and limit their monopoly moves to commercial real estate.

Socialism of course, was never about seriously helping society, it was about the people’s ‘heroes’ and about controlling and keeping power, thru dis-empowering societal freedoms including financial freedoms, and making citizens dependant on government. No one is allowed ‘ahead of the class’ on any level except those who talk the talk of liberalism and socialism, regardless of how they made their own fortunes.

Mark Steyn mused as only Mark Steyn can, on how Canada based it’s ‘recovery’ on the creationof 56,100 new jobs. The only problem with that Mark points out is that 43,000of those jobs were government jobs which do nothing to create real money until the day that taxes exceed salaries or communism in a word, where the government gives you your allowance.

In Canada, conservative parties are about as conservative as liberal parties are not pure Marxist so there should be no surprise in Stephen Harper’s ‘do’ anything to keep in power, reflex including the old smoke and mirror manipulations of economic stats.

I wonder if Stephen remains a respected father of his own children by telling them he supports,and to a great extent, is directly responsible for the killing of thousands of Canadian babies, on the smoke and mirrors of why society should make killing babies at any stage free and easy as you please, because of political gyrations of feminist baby and man hating special interest groups.

When will all these mainstream political guys and gals learn there is no separation of state and soul?

And when will voters vote for real pro-family pro-life PARTIES?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bataan Death March/ Women's Reproductive Rights

Bataan Death March/ Women’s Reproductive Rights

In a relatively recently released DVD, The Great Raid, there is a stunning scene during an interview with an actual participant soldier of the infamous Bataan Death March.

It is stunning in that the one horrible memory, of many horrible scenes this man of honour and bravery witnessed and mercilessly had to endure, that made him fail to hold back emotion and tears was seeing how the Japanese occupiers treated the Philippine people.

In particular, Philippine small and helpless babies.

Apparently, Japanese soldiers of this heinous era were not even to be considered as real soldiers until they could prove they had totally bought into the politically correct brain washing that all enemy peoples, Asian or otherwise, were less than human and to be treated and discarded as such.

The way to prove this to the Japanese Imperial Army if not the nation, was to kill one or more women and one or more child(ren) of the Philippino people- (in this case).... unflinchingly.

What this soldier witnessed, is that along the route not meant for anyone to complete alive..there were Philippino women with babies who would try and discretely slip and toss small amounts of food bites wrapped in leaves to the unfed Philippino and American soldiers.

As with any evil regime any one caught aiding the prisoners is to be treated worse than the actual prisoners.

When the Japanese soldiers would catch sight of a woman trying to give food to the prisoners, they would kill the woman, and as the American soldier witnessed, if she had a baby they would laughingly toss the baby between them on their bayonets!

You can’t but help compare this atrocity against woman and child against today’s feminist’s elitist calls for reproductive ‘rights’ of women to kill their OWN babies and the rights of men to enable and be well financially compensated for such killings.

It’s also very sad that watching a war movie can leave one less disgusted or agitated than the actual narcissistic realities of today and the screamed demands for such unnatural sick societal-suicidal freedoms amongst intrinsic moral and ethical freedoms and real basic human rights fought and maintained by men like the above soldier.

Many thanks for real enlightenment from soldiers of the free world and the makers of this excellent movie, The Great Raid. Please give generously to Veteran benefited, funds and causes.

Paul Gordon

Hands-Up America, Hand-Over Your Purse,..........

We Did

Socialism costs Ontario Canadian taxpayers... dearly!


Going by current government figures easily obtained off the Net, 45 cents of every provincial tax dollar alone, is spent on health care. This does not count federal transfer funds if, as, and when granted, and of course, funded by the same taxpayers.

This equates to a current level of 43 billion dollars to maintain a socialist health care system, that is showing signs of failure with even that amount of tax dollars up front. Presumably, this 45 cent figure includes Premier Mcguinty’s new healthcare surtaxes payable annually and self- tabulated on tax returns that can average as much as $500 per individual or family.

Crunching the numbers in population comparison, (13 million in Ont./ 306 million in the U.S.) Ontario’s less than stellar healthcare (in bang for bucks) if applied broadly to the U.S. would cost one trillion dollars.

Keep in mind, Ontario’s expenses are from an annual `operational` budget of a socialist scheme, fifty plus years on. The U.S. will have tremendous start up costs as well. I wouldn`t be surprised if start-up costs would be more than double of annual operational budget and much more if new infrastructure was deemed essential.

Here is how socialized energy cost Ontario, Canada`s manufacturing equivalent of Detroit.

First off, electricity in Ontario is typically referred to as Hydro and our electricity provider Ontario Hydro. My guess is that this is probably due to the fact that most of Ontario`s electricity once originated from Niagra Falls hydro electric generators.

When electricity is controlled by socialist dogged politicians, politicians who want to get re-elected keep costs artificially low and bow to politically-correct illogical green ideology.

The artificially low costs controlled by Ontario politicians produced a debt which had to start to be paid down at some time. Hence, in the last few years all electricity users now have a pay-down-the-debt-charge in one of many earmarked tax collections..not called tax increases.

Whereas funds are earmarked to be spent on specified limited projects and programs, now ostensibly at least, special taxes are `earmarked for collection` and they can be called fees or non criminal fines, for that matter.

The fact that the Ontario Government lent a politically correct ear to energy environmentalists who drew the line at all major electricity generation, (essential to major electricity `consumption`) that included nuclear energy, left Ontario in a current socialist- typical huge deficit.

Ontario`s openly activist homosexual/ Energy Minister, George Smitherman was recently moved from the Health Ministry and is infamous for saying he doesn’t think seniors should be uncomfortable in adult diapers for extended periods of time without a change, because he personally tried adult diapers, and presumably said such, in an attempt to keep down a major long term ‘free’ health cost. Can the U.S. expect the same from the non-girly man, Governor of California when it comes to government savings to be deferred to latest sexy socialist causes.

Mr. Smitherman just recently found out that Nuclear Electric Generation is now triple the costs it used to be only a few years ago, and along with Premier McGuinty, decided they won’t be going ahead with any new Nuclear Generator development without offering any alternatives, like buying all future electric needs from Quebec which had the foresight not only to produce enough for their own electricity needs, but damned the environmentalists with a mega giant hydro electric dam and make billions in selling electricity out of province.

Let it also not be forgot that upon election time, McGuinty promised ‘green’ groups he would shut down coal and oil fired generating stations as well.

So here is my latest hydro bill of a property in a ‘Southern’ Ontario rural property (primarily vacant while I rent elsewhere), where patients must drive a minimum of an hour to get to an emergency room and much farther to get on a waiting list for a family doctor.

$54 dollars in sixty day, actual metre- read electricity usage, (the actual only charge consumers used to get) in a total bill of $195.00 that’s balanced out with pay-back the debt charges, delivery charges, and taxes on something socialist provided electricity used to collect taxes for, to subsidize with.

As it now stands, I will have to sell, rent-out or get off the grid ( propane operational costs must be cheaper than this, if one could afford the initial equipment outlay). I don’t earn the kind of living environmentalists do, whoever they are and wherever they work, perhaps downtown Toronto or Ottawa.

These are only two of the socialist costs to Ontarians. The next largest cost is government controlled, and teacher- union supplied, education.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bishop! Your Question is Demonstrative of The Problem

Apparently, it’s Weisgerber’s tour of duty to be head of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, seemingly a ‘job’of dread for the Veggie Tale Bishops, Who Don’t Do Anything...and as it presents itself...the better off the Church is for it.

Weisgerber, hails as Archbishop of the Western World’s mecca of mosquitoes and socialism, Winnipeg. (the four Ws of wiser than the Kaiser)

Like some funny Rodney Dangerfield schtick, Archbishop Wuss-Gerber stands up to questions about the long suffering socialist Development & Peace group. (Read communist hugging pro-abortionist anti-capitalist, ‘60s retread chattering class) with another question, albeit dripping in rhetorical irony.

"Who are you going to listen to, web sites or the CCCB?"

Or as Rodney put it in his, what’s in a name, routine, "Hey, who ya gonna listen to, me, or your friend, Shakespear"

The Marxist elephant in the Canadian Catholic has always been, D&P.. that is, when the Canadian Church isn’t leading the charge on ‘social justice’ and the environment. The ‘World’ led by Canada on many fronts makes an ass of itself, sufficiently well without the CCCB joining the party.

Now Wussgerber hopes Catholics didn’t embarrass Prime One, Stephen Harper, by not pointing out to him that a) He is not a Catholic and b) One doesn’t take the Body of Christ for a stroll, just to have some observant little minion claim, only he saw Harper consume It.

Who would of thunk it..a politician who became Prime Minister going to a Catholic funeral Mass for the very first time?

(By the way, Harper, how long are Canadian soldiers going to be politically blown up (PBU) by Iranian funded and material provided improvised road side explosive devices IEDs in another Churchill/ Dieppe, send the Canadians, experiment before you and Obumr call for, and support a green light to Israel to clear out Mutt and I A Tol Ya Who Meanie duo, murderer’s, of their own
people. Like the bloody riots for freedom might have been a good ya think? Will the United Nations World Court... Whatever, be sending Iran’s pair o' nuts to trial for crimes against their own people anytime soon?)

The Canadian celebrity media pundits had a field day with telling the Canadian public that the Body of Christ, is just a silly game and that wafers are just wafers..Thank you for your input and advise Ryerson School of Journalism and Perverts alumni, we’ll take it under advisement..when Hell freezes over.

Back to the CCCB... Lifesite has ‘just’ discovered that little man syndrome afflicted, Bishop and tabloid contributor, Fred Henry is a Marxist with his staunch defence of the D&P complete with demands of parish extorted donations to said cause. Gee, Lifesite maybe you need to read my blogs more. The man stood on union picket lines and publicly fought with 'capitalist pigs'.

You would have found this out a long time ago, not to mention Harper was a phoney opportunist right out of the gate and that we should not be voting for pro abortion ‘PARTIES’ and expect pro-life results. We’ve only been pushed farther in the hole for fifty years now, with political ‘strategies’.

By the way, CLC/Lifesite if you want the media to actually acknowledge there is a Canadian pro-life contingent in existence to their readers, go with the truth on how pro-lifers feel about Canada’s baby kill, friendly policies. Block traffic in Ottawa at Fr. DeValk’s annual Ottawa pro-life March, and set up union inspired ‘information pickets’ and bonfires at Ottawa’s Citizen and Sun printing shops that just might slow down deadline printing.

Do you want to save babies or look pretty, act indignant when an abortionist is put down, act Holier than the Lord in hippie grade pacifism, salute the maple leaf, and bow to the beaver?

How sad that CCCBs and paid media groups have to be constricted by political correctness and with not offending lobyist-like financial contributors and abortion enablers.

The CCCB Who Don’t Do Anything is now finding out that shit happens when you don’t do anything... like challenge homosexual man/ boy prom injunctions as in non-compliance, not as in appeals. When you don’t do anything, like allow militant (actually anti-)Catholic teacher’s unions and ambitious politically correct Trustees to have their way with Catholic youth’s souls and minds.

When you don’t do anything and end up as the most willing cowering target for Human Rights social control freaks to with the two ‘non-practising’ homosexual, live -in partner/ Altar servers, demanding they serve at Mass with the questionable Priest who wanted them in the first place.

When you don’t do anything your pews remain devoid of youth, and half filled with dying liberals of the Marxist top- end era.

Gee, CCCB how about taking responsibility, ownership and action. No wonder the Vatican holds dear its least respect for the CCCB.

Lastly and only somewhat unrelated in the grand scheme of things (if you consider who is the only group charged and disposed to defend, and uphold Christian morality and the Father's House), a last comment on Michael Jackson.

The too young, beautiful and talented, drug addicted pedophile (whose death is supposed to be the fault of doctors, now) was finished... washed up..finito. There was no mention of the freak in years except in jest. His comeback was not going to happen except maybe as a time burp in nutso enlightened Europe.

Yet, the media alone, generated the necro-mania hero worship frenzy to try and resurrect the dead pervert. The idol worshippers didn’t materialize anywhere near the numbers they fore-casted themselves at the funeral. Apparently, frenzied dead-man Jackson fans abide by the police when they are told to stay home, and play nice unlike sports fans...or at least that’s the media’s story.

Come back sometime and I’ll tell you what I really think.

Paul Gordon

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Will I Ever Celebrate Canada Day? Depends

Will I Ever Celebrate Canada Day? Depends

Is it safe to take off our observation and logical intellectual blinders now?

In a ‘free’ country, that your own family fought and were wounded for, is it okay to have an opinion different from msn and the politico leftist establishment or Marxists, that secretly began to take control of your nation, while your family was defending freedom?

Here is my opinion that is not based on feelings or political correctness.

Let’s walk through this whole celebrated (depending on whether the criminal is a celebrity) homosexual paedophile phenomenon, one step at a time.

Step one, sex between two or more males is homosexuality, right or wrong?
Homosexuality is not heterosexuality and it involves acts personally repugnant to the ‘majority’ of heterosexuals, right or wrong? (Admittedly, neither here nor there, in a slow formed immoral world, except that the natural order of life is that left to their own ‘devices’ only heterosexuals can perpetuate life.)

Step two, regardless of the age of one (willing or not) male participant sex, between two or more males still involves homosexuality, right or wrong?

Step three, regardless of the word that arbitrarily sets an (advancing) margin on youthful males as criminal vs. legal, there would be no homosexual men molesting young men or boys were homosexuals not entrusted in a place, or in a situation where young males, boys would find it difficult to escape.

(Considering the size of the minority homosexual population, young boys are much more at risk for abuse and murder compared to young girls being molested and murdered by heterosexual men. My opinion ironically backed by msn, is that sexual deviancy and perversions embolden themselves to push envelopes farther.)

Step four, regardless, if one male is a priest, bishop, school teacher, sports coach, cop, lawyer, judge, other professional or celebrity, homosexuality still involves people who have to be homosexual first, right or wrong.

Homosexuals ‘calling out’ homosexual priests and bishops to disparage Catholicism is a ‘little’ odd, True or False

A child raised by two homosexual ‘partners’ is more likely to be raised to believe homosexuality is healthy and normal than not. More likely or Less Likely?

Step five, Frank Lombard, prominent openly homosexual associate director for Health Services at Duke University is a perfect example of what can be ‘expected’ to go wrong with homosexual extreme social experimenting. True or False.

Pride week celebrations held throughout Toronto did not have a homosexual child predator in the bunch who himself, didn’t feel celebrated, or emboldened to carry on. Likely, or not likely.

What a go Toronto!!

My opinion also has the benefit of the default of the safety of children at heart not the narcissistic sexual gratifications or celebrations thereof, of political or entertainment celebrities.

Paul Gordon

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Duke, Conservative Blog Call To Action

Prominent White Homosexual 'Couple' Caught Abusing Adopted Black Child

This is a request for as many conservative blogs as possible to at least make 'mention' of Frank Lombard, white associate director for Duke University's Study for Health Policy.

It' important to mention that Lombard is white, because the liberals who own the news media establishment have a big issue with white/black issues.

The problem is that the news establishment is not reporting this story anywhere.

Lombard and his homosexual partner adopted a little black child a few years back. Lombard was caught in a police sting putting the young boy up for sexual sale on some paedophile underground Internet network. He also bragged in his communications how he raped the little boy himself. His Internet handle was perv fun loving dad.

How many similar stories not uncovered by conservatives, were not covered by the liberal media, as they fail to report 'against' (as facts present themselves) on any of their pet causes and pet special interest groups?

If liberal infestation can make 'one' case or incident precedent to pass illogical stupid pervert laws why can't conservatives make one case precedent to repeal pervert laws loaded with predispositions for abuse and societal moral breakdown?

Paul Gordon

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ding Dong Michael Jackson's Dead

Ding Dong Michael Jackson’s Dead

I can’t believe the extent of idolatry the media was so smitten by Michael Jackson with!
The man was a proven child abusing sick piece of evil work. He was every bit the lizard, his
giant ego turned him physically into.

But that’s okay...

He was excitement. He was talented.... He was the King!

Lawyers made it so, that he would never be convicted in a blatant court of different laws for
different people, of anything, therefore who are the greater unwashed, to presume the dear boy
was anything but a new community standard and harbinger angel of cooler things to come....not
the mere pioneer of old perversions... he factually put forth.

We all saw the picture of nose disguised Michael dangling his child upside-down by one foot
over the balcony for the bemusement of his adoring female fans. Nothing societal wrong with
that picture...nope!

That’s just Mikey, sillies...he didn’t mean anything by it..Sure he’s nuts but he was still cool.

I’m sure there are plenty of drug addicted moms, who managed to not go that far and still lose
legal custody of their children, not to mention do some time and ordered into rehab, for their
indiscretions but....c’mon this was Mikey don’t we have a sense of humour..or at least a sense of
compassion for a byproduct in every manner of Hollywood and the ‘music’ industry?

That’s right, our children have been conditioned to stand up, sing, dance, and applaud even the
shit Hollywood and the music industry excretes. We don’t even expect talent anymore, just give
us the newest politically correct (read envelope pushing) puke you’ve got. We can not only take
it..... we adore it. Whose next? Like the industry ‘business’...we can’t wait one minute longer.

And even if they commit what a minority might thing is wrong...(well, first off it’s not wrong,
because we are now a minority) but secondly, the poor boy was a product of his star cocooned
‘environment’. He was talented!

No one ever said he actually had a brain of his own, was schooled away from equally star
‘struck’ populist academia drunk with political unionism, or had the ability to ‘choose wisely’,
like whether to drink milk or urine with his lunch.

And if he did?....Well there goes the whole defence thingy....doesn’t it.

Gee, I don’t know about this whole paedophile thing. Let’s re-cap the facts around one trial that
went awry for daring to try and go through.

Michael is brought to court, in a civil court law suit that has criminal, (apparently meaningless,
anyway) repercussions, if lost. Young ‘sleep-over’ boy recalls many yellow flag/ red flag let
Michael come over game details of eventful, assuredly non-heterosexual nights, with no female
elephants in the room.

The clincher is an apparently pretty good description of the physical unique appearance of action
Jackson’s penis. Don’t tell me....more plastic surgery?

Wham bam... the case is settled out of court and Jackson’s financial worth is considerable cut
back in a private settlement that rung in the start of Jackson’s financial troubles.

A long sobering hour passes and all is forgiven...Michael is good with the media, again...core
female groupees with absolutely serious mental issues beyond mania, like fantasy vs. reality,
never leave his side.

I know personally of these man/boy sleep-overs and they start invariably with a predator being a
little too much on a companionship and relating level with boys of not his co- making. What
follows...(and this simple two step abuser ‘victory’...time-line is sometimes switched) is that the
predator then makes friendship of said boys’ parents or parent.

In our case, he, one Leon W....(real name) came over more and more frequently with his
mechanic greasy clothes and chatted and laughed up the parents. Then he did more favours,
including teaching mum to drive up and down the small neighbourhood street.

We were artificially poor as my dad was addicted to donating his paycheck to the Ontario
government via the express government- pimped horse racing way, so who knows what other
favours ol’ Leon did, but it was enough to entrust their eight or nine year-old son with an adult
male, for a Jackson sleep-over in his above garage secret slimy lair, (like his parents thought
nothing of Leon taking the neighbourhood boys up to his mattress in a garage attic under the
exposed joists filled with fibre-glass insulation?)

So under the pre-text of mattress guy wrestling, Leon made his first grope with me on-top facing upwards with one of Leon’s arms clamped around my chest. I’m proud to say it was his only brief grope and for a young lad who knew nothing of sex at the time and didn’t need to be taught from kindergarten, church, parents or anyone else, that I was instinctively revolted that a man would have such a bazaar need to fondle my penis and I had an impending sense or vale of fear for what perverted violence may ensue.

This came to me instinctively for what it was, urgent warning for serious harm being done, not
fun and games with other little boys.

I immediately fled before Leon had a second chance for a grope and that would be the end of
sleep-overs for males in our family, unfortunately...that was the only consequence that was dealt Leon as far as I know, though I would hope my father at least had ‘words’ with him.

I say ‘unfortunately’ because as it turned out some thirty years later, Leon’s path of destruction
came to light as the rock he found refuse under for so long, was at least flipped over before he
exited the scene. Unknown to me, Leon the mechanic, who later worked in the Durham Regional
Police garage had did much much worse to some other neighbourhood small boys of the time.

As adults, Leon’s victims were living through a mental Hell perpetrated by our neighbourhood
cool Michael Jackson, and they brought him to, what purports to imitate a justice system. I was
asked to give a statement myself, which I did, and which I agree was nothing that bothered me,
except that it would sure never be forgotten, or was of use for the court in comparison to what
Leon, King of the neighbourhood, did to those poor other boys.

I’m not even giving all the details I am aware of.

I believe that like war criminals, criminals who destroy, happiness, lives and souls of children
should have no reprieve, and need be tracked down and exposed as long as they live. Victims of paedophiles are often given to suicidal thoughts later in life and many do kill themselves. There is no logical or reasonable excuse why their original paedophile(s) offender(s), should not be tried for murder in such cases.

I don’t believe paedophiles can be ‘cured’ and no one has yet to suggest that they can be ‘cured’
or has held up the model paedophile who was cured. Therefore they should never ever be trusted.

Jesus Christ warned us of those who would harm children and what was in store for them.

At the bare minimum, homosexual or heterosexual paedophiles should never be allowed to
‘assimilate anonymously’ back into society and be granted any societal freedoms or rights.

As a Catholic, I say there is no worse homosexual paedophile than one who has ‘made it’ into the
priesthood and they should be treated more harshly, for what they have done in a position of trust
and in increasingly appreciated, irreparable harm to the Church.

The Church indeed has every logical and moral right to screen out homosexuals from the Church
Sensibly, how is allowing heterosexual priests to marry women going to solve the problem of
homosexual paedophiles?

No apologies.......Paul Gordon

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ode To The Righteous Soldier

Fear not young Lad wherever you tread, your Mission is not one to dread,

God does not serve at the pleasure of Caesar, and His domain is for no person to be there

For such a domain He is not a God of thunder, no, there is no Being in love, more humbler

You won't find Him in blustery prose, but through His blood-drained Lamb, He a-Rose

At the end of our time there is nothing more clear in the power of Truth,

That Love of Life is from what meaning, has sprouted from root,

For are we not told by Christ that this Truth will set us Free,

There is no love greater than thine own life, to lay down for Thee

As we at home to His Crown sharpen His Thorns,

It is really, You, Closest to His Heart, and narely Alone,

And if Caesar tells you to leave Christ back at home, then lay down your gun

And onto home don't bemoan, for it is only for man the seeds of such wars are sown

It is for soldiers that this, I am able to write, but it is for Life you need to save all your might

For all other freedoms we have abused and forgotten, that society has fallen to rotting

We have no God no love for life, and in the East soldiers kill in such strife

But for Caesar, for What god he may claim, the Truth will always bare him all shame

May God speed you young Soldier, there is no one left for the Truth to Shoulder

At home and abroad Satan is so much stronger,

The Battle Hymn doth lead thy path It is for the love of God to use thy wrath

What army is more righteous in armour, than the love of God and his domain to honour.

When we pray for you soldier, let this be for you, for God to love and guide you

And for you to hold true,

The ashes of man's truths lay dead, perils of war, but the victors of Truth defend

ever more.

God Bless You and Rest Your Soul at His Gathering

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda's Death: A Father's Day Must View

Neda’s Death: A U-Tube Father’s Day, Must See

I know as little about Neda the mere girl who died from chest wounds, inflicted by the cowardly
inhuman soldiers of tyrannic Iran, as most fathers in the free world.

But, if you view the video of her last moments of life, recorded and brought to the free world by
mainstream media, not, you can’t help but feel for this girl as a father of girls and young women.

What it means to individuals, what it says about freedoms worth dying for, what it says about
the power and out of touch, disenfranchising grip of politicised supposedly impartial media
establishments, what it contrasts with ‘free’ world narcissistic and ambivalent youth and
politicians who have nothing to fight for, but the right to be as perverse on as many levels as they want to be... I leave with the viewer.

A lasting impression though it will indubitably make and as one of the very few things that
escape the power and abilities of choice granted man, or that man can be blamed for not being a
good caretaker, I pray for the soul of this crushed frightened flower.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What the Church Doesn't Need is Strategy

The Church Doesn’t Need Strategy

There is no one on earth that should understand Truth more than the Catholic Church.

Here is the only strategy the Church has ever needed and it remains unmatched in logic, beauty
and love to anything of the world. Proclaim, and go with, the Truth of Christ.

Don’t try to improve, take away, or add to the Truth or the exact opposite is the result.

Christ was not a Marxist, and of course, neither did he proclaim the virtues of greed. He
instructed His flock to work hard, gladly sacrifice, and to gladly share. He told no one to obsess
about their own ‘fair share’ to envy others, or to resort to, punishment, theft, extortion or
violence to take from those who possessed more.

He also proclaimed that anyone who dies in the world hoarding their wealth will not enter

If this was just one ‘applied’ aspect of Truth it would give all the poor all they would require in
temporal needs including the removal of hunger and go a long way on medicinal health.

Through St. Paul, Christ freed the slaves and proclaimed the value of all persons, for anyone with
ears to hear the message, or eyes to read the Gospel’s since they were written. No matter how
they were treated, ‘slaves’ were forever set free in spirit as they could be comforted in knowing
they were equally loved by God... a point understood well by those who needed to hear it, and as
celebrated throughout the history of Gospel music...the Spiritual Truth that sets one free.

Christ did not tell anyone to be an extreme pacifist and neither did he instruct anyone to eagerly
go to war for political ends. He instructed people to love their enemies, not to love evil, which he
constantly fought off and cast out through His Mission.

In fact, He proclaimed, there is no ‘greater’ love than to lay one’s life down for another...the
supreme sacrifice.... Hence there are, and have been, ‘Just’ Wars in defence of the helpless and
the innocent.

Within love, especially of children (bring the children unto me) and personal sacrifice, it is a
logical Truth that the killing of others for shallow Narcissistic reasons to fantastic to rationalize
such as, and less, to further one’s career, or to aid science in finding cures for oneself is way out

To kill any unborn child is to kill the unborn Christ Child...and Christ was an unborn Child
precisely because there is no life, love or achievement of reason in the world created for life
without first and utmost, the unborn child. It is not enough to respect the unborn, it is to cherish
the life and innocence of the beginning of all human life.

No one can presume what or who any child will be destined to be, within the womb, but God as
seen in the countless miracles brought forth and worked by the least of us.

The obsessive need to destroy the innocence of children can be considered the worst evil
perpetrated by evil in the world, and probably more acutely prevalent in the free world.

In logic, this is the worst thing to do in society unless your aim is to destroy society and its
logical priority is demonstrated in Christ’s dire warning to those who choose to bizarrely take on
this sinister mission personally or to blindly, or obediently move it along for those who do.

Give onto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s which is taxes, period.

What belongs to God regardless of laws of ‘any’ nation, is life, uncontaminated innocence of
youth, and basic morality...all matters of the soul... and no laws of the world which transgress
what intrinsically belongs wholly to God and known to all, throughout the ages, need be
ethically or morally obliged to be obeyed.

There are times for prudence but there are simply no ‘strategies’ to either deny nor detour from
the Truth as a means to get back to, or improve on Truth. And when people will sacrifice
everything if need be...even die to not detract or disown the Truth, it is more than just faith it is
absolute faith.

When you think logically of the powers, respect, and obedience Truth must have and does have
in it’s makeup in reality, Whom else could possibly take ownership, or what human or world
ideology (philosophy) would you want to have ownership of.... Truth, than the one God.

Christ granted obedient obligation of His Church to the Chair of St. Peter and he did not make
any disciple an equal in that regard or enshrine philosophic experimenting, or independent
interpretive, Shepherding. As everything Christ did, He did for good reason it is neither up to the
Bishops or the secular world to challenge it.

Anything enshrined by Christ is not just or merely, tradition.

The Church need meditate on, and believe in, Christ the Truth more intensely than it does in
these modern times of Hell, when we all need Him most.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Sex of' Politics Just Got Sexier

Read Seamier. Since when does one’s sexual peccadillos make one a ‘visible’ minority in need
of special protection? Since public perversion became legal?

One better, since when does one’s sexual peccadillos give one ‘special’ marriage, adoption,
guardian of the state, privileges, and legal immunity and right to public displays and parades of
decadence and perversion?

Well, mostly since the world of professional psychologists of a pseudo- science of opinion at best
became unhinged activists, and accomplices to societal suicide by validating and christening,
(un-curable were told) mental deviants to go out, be free and proud in the name of hedonistic

Hey live and let live. Give them an island, their own state or province and form their own nation
and laws of anything goes, anytime. See who remains and how long that nation lasts.

Today, a prominent sympathetic psychologist in Belgium came out with the best honest no-poop
statement this ‘science’ has made in a long time. Referencing the fact that a young female claims
to now feel like a circus freak since she had half of her face amateurishly tattooed with 56
various sizes and kinds of black stars by a tattoo dude, whose own self inflicted face you’ll never
have worse nightmares about, Jules stated, “Why wouldn’t she feel like a circus freak, she looks
like one”.

And sending (why is it always) tall, men into grocery stores sporting hairy legs, long hair, Captain Hook beards and second- hand store dresses from the fifties, isn’t freakish?

‘Sympathetic’ is the cue here and too many psychologists, (‘apparently’) will go against their
own sensibilities in sincere or otherwise, aid to make mentally ill people ‘feel good’ artificially
and otherwise, about themselves.

Lots of people have fleeting fantasies, or obsessions for that matter I’m sure they would like to
indulge in, and damn anyone else it may take in reality to make it come true and legal, but they
manage to somehow always restrain themselves.

And if they didn’t, what would happen to anyone’s happiness, indeed, what would happen to
civil and prosperous societies were everyone legally allowed to dip into civil sexual anarchy, and
physically harmful deviant sexual experimentation. anytime they darn well felt the need, (read
desire) to. Do condoms make hedonistic immorality all right then?

An old prominent, no doubt, long suffering mentally ill actor just died by misadventure of sexual
deviance in hanging a rope around his neck and attaching it to his genitals. With such a fact
obviously front, centre, back-dropped, inside out, you name it, to wrap the public’s head around,
the man’s life is ‘celebrated’ by the entertainment industry...whoa!

The man hung his penis... in a closet... in Thailand! Did we even have to hear of it? Apparently,
the media sure thought so. On the same page front page as impending world doom the media also thinks we also need- to- know every move of Sasha Baron whatever.. the A..h...

-Very public message given to young, along with the old... oh hum, what else is new and not
wrong. Why next, you'll be complaining about what your recently released neighbourhood secret santa, pedophile is in to?

So now society has a four ingredient recipe for its own suicide by making more and more sexual
deviancies legal, normalized and lust 'celebrated'. By legislating and enforcing politically correct,
‘thought laws’ to punish ‘wrong-thinking’ people...workers... students and families. By raising
the legal age of ‘children’ who can take part, be trained to celebrate, and be coerced into, sexual
deviancies. And by forcing sexual deviant agendas onto students from JK on up.

One prime example of all aspects of the sexiness of political sex of course, was the AIDS

Plain and simple, AIDS was a sexual transmitted disease of homosexual men no different, no
more ‘glorious’, and no less immorally contracted than syphilis (now making a resistant strain
comeback) through promiscuous heterosexuals.

Hospital wards in North America were never ‘filled’ with women and children dying from AIDS,
but had many homosexual men self-inflicted de facto with AIDS. Even people in Africa don't get AIDS without the voluntary aid of promiscuous sex being prominent in the AIDS cycle.

Widely publicised at the time, it even went as far as an avant garde thing to do for young
homosexual experimenters to play a sick sort of Russian Roulette to have unprotected (like
there’s protected) homosexual sex, with anonymous partners, at least that is how they framed
their otherwise not un- common behaviour, anyway.

In a world that has poured millions of public and private donations that have not seen cures, yet... old people still die of heart and strokes, young people still don’t, people of all ages but mostly the old still die of all cancers despite new (apparently not) weekly break-throughs, no cures for MD, MS, etc. etc...the government left the vault open only for a cure for AIDS, well, a cure for AIDS and trillions for banks, socialist take-overs, and for unions to take government refinanced possession of big auto companies.

(Side Bar) How many other diseases could the government have cured with the money spent in
less than a year on banks and unions, and will spend on proven failed tax payer insured health
care, Marxist ideology? How many kids could have went to the private non-unionized schools,
politicians send their kids to? How many single mothers could have found something to do with
that kind of money? Point being, if you’re going to put your kids into suffocating debt, how
about a more elevating or productive cause to do it for?

...Note to Obama. ‘Unions’ did not make Communist China financially successful. A sick,
hardly- likely- to- last, unholy marriage of communism and free reigned capitalism including a
pass on the ideology of extreme environmentalism did. (end of side bar)

What is left for a poor misunderstood sexual deviant with bruised feelings, devoid of a sense of non-hedonistic reality to politically and legally desire in North America?

Paul Gordon