Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda's Death: A Father's Day Must View

Neda’s Death: A U-Tube Father’s Day, Must See

I know as little about Neda the mere girl who died from chest wounds, inflicted by the cowardly
inhuman soldiers of tyrannic Iran, as most fathers in the free world.

But, if you view the video of her last moments of life, recorded and brought to the free world by
mainstream media, not, you can’t help but feel for this girl as a father of girls and young women.

What it means to individuals, what it says about freedoms worth dying for, what it says about
the power and out of touch, disenfranchising grip of politicised supposedly impartial media
establishments, what it contrasts with ‘free’ world narcissistic and ambivalent youth and
politicians who have nothing to fight for, but the right to be as perverse on as many levels as they want to be... I leave with the viewer.

A lasting impression though it will indubitably make and as one of the very few things that
escape the power and abilities of choice granted man, or that man can be blamed for not being a
good caretaker, I pray for the soul of this crushed frightened flower.

Paul Gordon

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