Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Duke, Conservative Blog Call To Action

Prominent White Homosexual 'Couple' Caught Abusing Adopted Black Child

This is a request for as many conservative blogs as possible to at least make 'mention' of Frank Lombard, white associate director for Duke University's Study for Health Policy.

It' important to mention that Lombard is white, because the liberals who own the news media establishment have a big issue with white/black issues.

The problem is that the news establishment is not reporting this story anywhere.

Lombard and his homosexual partner adopted a little black child a few years back. Lombard was caught in a police sting putting the young boy up for sexual sale on some paedophile underground Internet network. He also bragged in his communications how he raped the little boy himself. His Internet handle was perv fun loving dad.

How many similar stories not uncovered by conservatives, were not covered by the liberal media, as they fail to report 'against' (as facts present themselves) on any of their pet causes and pet special interest groups?

If liberal infestation can make 'one' case or incident precedent to pass illogical stupid pervert laws why can't conservatives make one case precedent to repeal pervert laws loaded with predispositions for abuse and societal moral breakdown?

Paul Gordon

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