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Ding Dong Michael Jackson's Dead

Ding Dong Michael Jackson’s Dead

I can’t believe the extent of idolatry the media was so smitten by Michael Jackson with!
The man was a proven child abusing sick piece of evil work. He was every bit the lizard, his
giant ego turned him physically into.

But that’s okay...

He was excitement. He was talented.... He was the King!

Lawyers made it so, that he would never be convicted in a blatant court of different laws for
different people, of anything, therefore who are the greater unwashed, to presume the dear boy
was anything but a new community standard and harbinger angel of cooler things to come....not
the mere pioneer of old perversions... he factually put forth.

We all saw the picture of nose disguised Michael dangling his child upside-down by one foot
over the balcony for the bemusement of his adoring female fans. Nothing societal wrong with
that picture...nope!

That’s just Mikey, sillies...he didn’t mean anything by it..Sure he’s nuts but he was still cool.

I’m sure there are plenty of drug addicted moms, who managed to not go that far and still lose
legal custody of their children, not to mention do some time and ordered into rehab, for their
indiscretions but....c’mon this was Mikey don’t we have a sense of humour..or at least a sense of
compassion for a byproduct in every manner of Hollywood and the ‘music’ industry?

That’s right, our children have been conditioned to stand up, sing, dance, and applaud even the
shit Hollywood and the music industry excretes. We don’t even expect talent anymore, just give
us the newest politically correct (read envelope pushing) puke you’ve got. We can not only take
it..... we adore it. Whose next? Like the industry ‘business’...we can’t wait one minute longer.

And even if they commit what a minority might thing is wrong...(well, first off it’s not wrong,
because we are now a minority) but secondly, the poor boy was a product of his star cocooned
‘environment’. He was talented!

No one ever said he actually had a brain of his own, was schooled away from equally star
‘struck’ populist academia drunk with political unionism, or had the ability to ‘choose wisely’,
like whether to drink milk or urine with his lunch.

And if he did?....Well there goes the whole defence thingy....doesn’t it.

Gee, I don’t know about this whole paedophile thing. Let’s re-cap the facts around one trial that
went awry for daring to try and go through.

Michael is brought to court, in a civil court law suit that has criminal, (apparently meaningless,
anyway) repercussions, if lost. Young ‘sleep-over’ boy recalls many yellow flag/ red flag let
Michael come over game details of eventful, assuredly non-heterosexual nights, with no female
elephants in the room.

The clincher is an apparently pretty good description of the physical unique appearance of action
Jackson’s penis. Don’t tell me....more plastic surgery?

Wham bam... the case is settled out of court and Jackson’s financial worth is considerable cut
back in a private settlement that rung in the start of Jackson’s financial troubles.

A long sobering hour passes and all is forgiven...Michael is good with the media, again...core
female groupees with absolutely serious mental issues beyond mania, like fantasy vs. reality,
never leave his side.

I know personally of these man/boy sleep-overs and they start invariably with a predator being a
little too much on a companionship and relating level with boys of not his co- making. What
follows...(and this simple two step abuser ‘victory’...time-line is sometimes switched) is that the
predator then makes friendship of said boys’ parents or parent.

In our case, he, one Leon W....(real name) came over more and more frequently with his
mechanic greasy clothes and chatted and laughed up the parents. Then he did more favours,
including teaching mum to drive up and down the small neighbourhood street.

We were artificially poor as my dad was addicted to donating his paycheck to the Ontario
government via the express government- pimped horse racing way, so who knows what other
favours ol’ Leon did, but it was enough to entrust their eight or nine year-old son with an adult
male, for a Jackson sleep-over in his above garage secret slimy lair, (like his parents thought
nothing of Leon taking the neighbourhood boys up to his mattress in a garage attic under the
exposed joists filled with fibre-glass insulation?)

So under the pre-text of mattress guy wrestling, Leon made his first grope with me on-top facing upwards with one of Leon’s arms clamped around my chest. I’m proud to say it was his only brief grope and for a young lad who knew nothing of sex at the time and didn’t need to be taught from kindergarten, church, parents or anyone else, that I was instinctively revolted that a man would have such a bazaar need to fondle my penis and I had an impending sense or vale of fear for what perverted violence may ensue.

This came to me instinctively for what it was, urgent warning for serious harm being done, not
fun and games with other little boys.

I immediately fled before Leon had a second chance for a grope and that would be the end of
sleep-overs for males in our family, unfortunately...that was the only consequence that was dealt Leon as far as I know, though I would hope my father at least had ‘words’ with him.

I say ‘unfortunately’ because as it turned out some thirty years later, Leon’s path of destruction
came to light as the rock he found refuse under for so long, was at least flipped over before he
exited the scene. Unknown to me, Leon the mechanic, who later worked in the Durham Regional
Police garage had did much much worse to some other neighbourhood small boys of the time.

As adults, Leon’s victims were living through a mental Hell perpetrated by our neighbourhood
cool Michael Jackson, and they brought him to, what purports to imitate a justice system. I was
asked to give a statement myself, which I did, and which I agree was nothing that bothered me,
except that it would sure never be forgotten, or was of use for the court in comparison to what
Leon, King of the neighbourhood, did to those poor other boys.

I’m not even giving all the details I am aware of.

I believe that like war criminals, criminals who destroy, happiness, lives and souls of children
should have no reprieve, and need be tracked down and exposed as long as they live. Victims of paedophiles are often given to suicidal thoughts later in life and many do kill themselves. There is no logical or reasonable excuse why their original paedophile(s) offender(s), should not be tried for murder in such cases.

I don’t believe paedophiles can be ‘cured’ and no one has yet to suggest that they can be ‘cured’
or has held up the model paedophile who was cured. Therefore they should never ever be trusted.

Jesus Christ warned us of those who would harm children and what was in store for them.

At the bare minimum, homosexual or heterosexual paedophiles should never be allowed to
‘assimilate anonymously’ back into society and be granted any societal freedoms or rights.

As a Catholic, I say there is no worse homosexual paedophile than one who has ‘made it’ into the
priesthood and they should be treated more harshly, for what they have done in a position of trust
and in increasingly appreciated, irreparable harm to the Church.

The Church indeed has every logical and moral right to screen out homosexuals from the Church
Sensibly, how is allowing heterosexual priests to marry women going to solve the problem of
homosexual paedophiles?

No apologies.......Paul Gordon

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